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Issue - 9 Shawaal 1433 September- 2012 Pages - 8 Monthly Price : Rs. 10/Annual Subscription : Rs. 120/Akni, District Police Chief , District Majistrate, District Thasildar and the District Revenue Officer and urged them to take adequate steps to heal the wounds of the affected people. MEETING WITH CHIEF MINISTER. On August 24,2012 the Delegartion met the Chief Minister of Assam Taurn Geogi , briefed him the sufferings of the Muslims in the camps and appealed him to rehabilitate the Muslims in their homes. The Delegation explained

Volume : 2

IUML Delegation Meets Assam C.M. provides aids to Assam refugees

Bodo Militants with the connivance of the Hindutva forces in the Bodo land Territorial Autonomous Districts in Assam forced hundred thousands of Muslims to flee their homes and landed them in refugee camps. These Muslim refugees were sheltered in the camps which lack the basic necessity of life, food, drinking water and sanitary provision. The life in the camps is so miserable that the situation in the camps cries out for urgent emergency reliefs. Arson, looting, murder and rape have become the order of the day and the presence of heavy police and security forces could not make any change in the well planned act of annihilation of minority community.Suffice it to say that innocent children women, old and disabled were gunned down by the militant outfits in the very presence of the security forces. The present scenario in the Assam speaks aloud of an execution of a master plan of ethnic cleanising. IUML the sole representative political party of Muslim minority community has despatched a delegation headed by its National President and the Minister of state for Foreign Affairs and HRD to Assam to asses the damages

The riot that was triggered by the

to the Chief Minister the various measures to be undertaken by the IUML in the State. The Chief Minister assured the Delegation that the necessary measures would be taken to address the problems of the refugees. IUML Relief Committee headed by the party National Secretary Kurram Anees stayed back and distributed relief materials to the refugees in the camps. The Committee worked in full swing day and night to wipe out the tears of the affected people.

caused to and help the Muslim refugees in Assam.E.T.Basheer M.P.,from Kerala, M.Abdul Rahman M.P. from Tamil Nadu, P.V.Abdul Wahab former M.P., Kurrem Anees ummer national secretary, Dastagir Ibrahim Agah National Treasure, K.P.A.Majeed Kerala State General Secretary, Dr.Mathin

U.P.State President, C.H.Abdul Rahman Mumbai District Secretary accompanied Mr.E.Ahamed. The delegation visited the various camps , met the affected people , listened their bloodcurling

narrations of the riots and assured them to take necessary steps to address their grievances. The Delegation met the Durbi District Collector Kumanth Saran Kalitha, Gawahathi District Collector Aswin

In Tamil Nadu the IUML Relief Committee headed by the party National Secretary appealed the people through public meetings and media to contribute money to the Assam Relief Fund. More than one million rupees was collected and contributed to the Assam Relief Fund.

September - 2012


THE TIMES Hearts Monthly OF LEAGUE A Harmony of

Volume : 2 Issue - 9 Shaawal 1433 September - 2012 Pages - 8 Price : Rs. 10/-


The Communal flame lit by the Anti National Elements in Bodo Land Territorial atonomous Districts has been swiftly spreading to other districts of Assam. Inspite of heavy presence of the state Police and the Security Forces, murder, arson, loot and Kidnap go unchecked. No. day passes without killing of the inocence children, men, women and the burning and looting of the houses belonging to the Muslim minority Community. The Exodus of the North East People added fuel to the fire. The Communal Forces like The Bajrangdal, R.S.S. and VHP have contributed their share to the Assam carnage. Meanwhile the separaties forces Ulfa has threaterned retalitary violence if Assamies youth are targeted in other parts of the country. Inspite of the state governments claim that sizeable number of refugees are gradually returning home the ground reality is entirely different. The situation in the camps is very grim and the refugees have not been provided with adequate food, drinking water and sanitary provision. Those who dare to go back to their villages fall prey to the Bodo Militants bullets. The Millitans are heavily armed with modern weapons and they have bent upon terrorising the minorities. The Big question is How the state and the centre permit the Millitans to possess the arms and allow them wander freely in the state? What will happen, if the affected people also go for arming themselves to face the bodo millitans? Where will it lead to? Will it not endanger the security of our conutry? One good news - in this regard is that the State Government has ordered the troops to go after the armed cadres of the Bodo Millitans and other miscreants. The total disarmament of Bodo militant out fit, will go a long way in restoring peace and normalcy in Assam. It is better late than never.

Holy Quran Speaks

And (remember) when your Lord said to the angles Verily, I am going to place (mankind) generations after generations on earth. They said Will you place therein those who will make mischief therin and shed blood, while we glorify. You with praises and thanks and sanctify you He (Allah) said I Know that which you do not know. Al-Baqarah 30.

Saying of Prophet Muhammed (Sal)

Purity is half of faith. alhamdu-lillah [Praise be to Allah] fills the scales, and subhana-Allah [How far is Allah from every imperfection] and alhamdu-lillah [Praise be to Allah] fill that which is between heaven and earth. Prayer is light; charity is a proof; patience is illumination; and the Quran is an argument for or against you. Everyone starts his day and is a vendor of his soul, either freeing it or bringing about its ruin.-

A man asked the Messenger

of Allah,(saw) :Do you think that if I perform the obligatory prayers, fast in Ramadhan, treat as lawful that which is lawful and treat as forbidden that which is forbidden, and do nothing further, I shall enter Paradise ? He said: Yes.
- Muslim


Pl read The Times of League - E- Paper www.indianunionmuslimleague.in www.muslimleaguetn.com

September - 2012

310 Indian Languages are near Extinction

than 80 years after the first Linguistic Survey of India was conducted by British officerGeorge Grierson, six volumes of the Peoples Linguistic Survey of India (PLSI) were released at the Bhasha Vasudha global languages conference in Vadodara on January 7. Ganesh Devy, who chaired PLSI, tells Robin David that about 20% of Indian languages are now missing How many languages has India lost so far? Have we gained any in the last few years? The 1961 Census had listed 1,652 mother tongues. The 1971 Census listed only 109 mother tongues. It is important to note that every mother tongue claimed by a person reporting it may not be what linguists consider a language. In 1971, the linguistic data offered in the Census was distributed in two categories - the officially-listed languages of the eighth Schedule of the Constitution, and the other languages with a minimum of 10,000 speakers each. All other languages spoken by less than 10,000 speakers were lumped together in a single entry Others. That practice continued in subsequent enumerations. Considering how complicated



census operations are in countries with large migratory populations, and particularly how much the accuracy in census operations is dependent on literacy levels, it is not surprising that the data collected remains insufficiently definitive. What is surprising, however, is that as many as 310 languages, including all those 263 claimed by less than 5 speakers, and 47 claimed by less than a 1,000 speakers, are nearing extinction. These 310 endangered languages were included in the 1,652 mother tongues of 1961. Only ten of these appear to be around at present. In other words, a fifth part of Indias linguistic heritage has reached the stage of extinction over the last half-century. What is the rate at which we are losing languages? There is no scientific measure to decide the rate of language loss. But in recent years, the language gap between the older generation (60 to 80 years) and the younger generation (10 to 30 years) has increased as never before. Todays 20-year-olds cant string together a single sentence in the same language. They will mix Gujarati with English, Marathi with Hindi and so on. This is alarming.

What are the main findings of PLSI? The PLSI is not fully complete. We have so far completed the work in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka,Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Orissa, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. However,the trend we have noticed in the states where the first LSI was carried out indicates that about 20% of the languages assumed to be around are missing. One aim of the PLSI is to examine the sociological composition of multilingual spaces. From that perspective, large cities in the country no longer match the character of the linguistic states. Thus Maharashtra is Marathispeaking, but Bombay needs to be seen as a multi-lingual city, and therefore linguistically a national city rather than a state capital. Have the languages that we have lost totally disappeared or do traces remain? Often, when gaining livelihood becomes impossible within a given language, large-scale language migrations happen and whole communities take to speaking some other language. These communities carry traces from

their earlier language to the new language zone. For instance, Indian migrants to English have brought to it ki and hai na (example: I told her ki I am glad; This is not correct, hai na?). Words from ancient times and languages that are no longer in use keep circulating in new languages. Which state has maximum languages? the

The northern and the eastern states in India have generally greater language diversity. Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are perhaps the states that come at the tail end of the language diversity graph. Can you briefly explain the methodology? This is a survey of languages by persons belonging to the language community. We have used a minimum format for the non-scheduled languages. It includes features like name, location and local history of the languages; some samples of songs and stories, kinship terms and nominal grammar. For the scheduled languages the entries are very elaborate - almost a book length for every language. The 12 volumes that are ready run into about 6,000 pages. The completed work in 42 volumes will have about 20,000 printed pages. The work is done with the help of a large team of nearly 1,800 persons and a large multi-disciplinary National Editorial Collective of scholars. You have planned a global survey of languages too. How many countries will be covered? All countries eventually, but to begin with Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Nigeria, Cameroon, Brazil, Congo and Australia -- the countries with the largest number of languages. Scholars, cultural activists and literary persons will be the collaborators. We have created an International Bhasha Presidium for this purpose. I will function as the international secretary general for this loose federation. We hope to give a snapshot of the languages that exist around the world.

Indian Muslims need think tank and lobby group

Syed Khalil started his professional life as a chartered accountant. He has lived in Dubai for more than 30 years and currently a Director of Jashanmal Group of companies. He is a man of many interests- a collection of hundreds of perfumes in bottles of different shapes and sizes hang in specially designed cabinets. But it may be a while before he agrees to show his amazing collection of limited-edition pens. Syed Khalil with his collection of perfumes Mr. Khalil, unlike other people who just tend to their hobbies, is heavily involved in social and educational endeavors affecting Indians in general and Muslims in particular. He is closely associated with a number of social and education organizations back in


India and also a member of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board. TwoCircles.net editor Kashif-ulHuda interviewed him recently in Dubai. On challenges faced by Muslims of India We have only one united forum of Muslims of India today and that is All India Muslim Personal Law Board. This is one body that contains representatives from every section of Muslims of India. We should strengthen this body and take it to the next level. To make this body more effective will require two things a think tank and a lobbying group. Think tank will give direction to the Muslims while the lobby group can pursue issues concerning Muslims. We will also need to have a better communication with non-

By Kashif-ul-Huda
Muslim communities of India. On Dubai We have all the amenities of the West while we still keep the eastern culture here. Dubai is just two and a half hours away from India so we are near our home land. So we dont miss anything of our country and we still get best things that the world has to offer. On success of Indian Muslims in Dubai compared to back home No tax-regime and freedom to do business have helped us grow here. In India we suffer from discrimination by government officials. But things are changing in India many Dubai businesses are now establishing presence in India.

September - 2012


Turkish Delegation visit to Myanmar

Myanmar allowed an official delegation to enter Arakan region for the first time in the world history. A deputy from the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party, among Turkish delegation Ahmet Davutolu will travel to Myanmars Arakan province on Wednesday to deliver aid to Rohingya Muslims who have been forced to flee their homes on account of the violence there and who now face hunger, thirst and disease. Erdoan announced the plans during a TV program on Sunday night, stating that a delegation, including his wife Emine and daughter Smeyye, will pay a visit to Arakan on Wednesday. Foreign Minister Davutolu will also join the delegation. The Prime Ministry has also recently launched an aid campaign for Rohingya Muslims. Releasing a notice that was published in the Official Gazette on Sunday, the Prime Ministry said thousands of Muslims from Arakan are seeking shelter as refugees in neighboring countries and that they are facing lifethreatening conditions. Turkey will provide all possible assistance and support for the Muslims of Myanmar during the holy month of Ramadan, when feelings of social solidarity and cooperation are strong, in line with the peoples expectations. Therefore, an aid campaign has been launched by the Prime Ministry to this end, the notice reads.

Excessive Emotions: Indian Muslims must exercise restraint, shun needless passion

Turkey Prime Ministers wife Emine Erdogan consoles Myanmar refugees

who visited Arakan region in Myanmar, said that visit to Myanmar showed that Turkey was a very prestigious, powerful and influential country in the world. Myanmar allowed an official delegation to enter Arakan region for the first time in the world history, AK Party Sanliurfa Deputy Zeynep Karahan Uslu told AA correspondent. 2 million Muslims in Arakan were trying to live under very difficult circum stances, she said. AK Party government aimed to help anyone who needed assistance not only in Islamic world but also in any region in the world, Uslu added. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoans wife and Foreign Minister

Two recent incidents that include protest over discovering the Akbarabadi Mosque in Delhi, and then the agitation at Azad Maidan in Mumbai which turned violent, must serve as wake up call for all Indian Muslims. Ill come back to them but just a recall: In the late 70s and even up to early 80s, Urdu newspapers like Nida-e-Millat and Nasheman, in India would spend tonnes of ink on the plight of Palestinians, perennially. This was not just an interest but an obsession. With the decline of Urdu press for a phase in eighties, there was a marked decline in Indian Muslims interest towards the faraway territory. It was the era when Muslim here faced the heat due to Ayodhya movement. Thereon, either it was Babri Masjid demolition or major communal riots, we never heard any foreign Muslim country or people in other lands, shedding tears for Indian Muslims or issuing any statement for them. Was there any strong voice over Gujarat from a foreign power? There was no need either for any outsider to speak for us. We are a democratic country. Like most nations and societies, we will have our issues, and then we will sort them out ourselves. There is no need for intervention. Mostly our Hindu brethren are fighting the cases for justice with minorities. Still, whenever there is an issue in a faraway country, Indian Muslims are the first to hit streets. Of course, not when Muslims kill Muslims in an African country, or when Ahmadiyyas or [even Shias] are blown to pieces in supposedly Muslim nations on a regular basis. Some of us unfortunately might look at Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries as model states, despite the fact that they are monarchies. Despite, their rigid and regressive attitudes when it comes to treating women, minorities and even Muslim settlers from other countries, who are not given equal treatment or citizenship and kept below par with even American and other white races.
Muslims offered Eid prayers at Gurudwara
and hatred for other religion is on the increase,there is a welcome of change in this phenomenon. It only shows that there are quite a few persons to whom national integration and religious tolerance is of utmost importance. Usually its 800-odd Muslim residents offer namaaz at the towns Gandhi Maidan, a public ground. Due to heavy downpour in Uttarakhand, the Gandhi Maidan turned into a marshy ground. Muslims used to offer Eid prayer every year there. This year, it almost became impossible for the Muslims to offer Eid prayer at that place. There is no mosque in Joshimath area of Uttarkhand. Sardar Buta Singh, head priest of Gurudwara came to the rescue of the local Muslims. Exhibiting the high degree of religious tolerance,he invited the local Muslims to offer Eid prayer in Gurudwara. It may be noted that Islam and Sikhism have many common points to share. The religious treatise of the Sikhs, Granth Saheb contains many couplets of Hazrath Baba Fareeduddin, ganj-e-Shakar.

IUML National General Secretary and State President Prof. K.M. Kader Mohideen invites the DMK Chief Dr. Kalignar Karunanithi to release the Silver Jublee Souvenier of Manichudar on 4.10.2012. State General Secretary K.A.M Abubacker and the State Secretary Kamudhi Basheer are in the picture.

At a time when religious intolerance

September - 2012


their beauty except what appear from their beauty with the face and feet, the most prominent among them are Tafsir-e-Jalalain, included in the syllabus of Deoband and Tafseer-e- Usman I, written by Shabbir Usmani of Deoband. This interpretation of the veil is supported by the statement of the Prophet which was narrated by Aisha, his brilliant wife. According to her, once her sister Asma visited her at the Prophets home in transparent clothes from which her body shined. When the Prophet saw her, he turned his face to another side and said: O Asma, when a lady reaches her adulthood, she should cover her body except face and feet. (Ibn Majaa) In short, the face is not required to be covered in the hijaab; it was included in the hijaab under the patriarchal interpretation of the Islamic text in the fourth century preventing women from performing their duties. In fact, the society of the Prophet was a combined society in which men and women were partners in their routine works on the field, on the battlefield, offering prayers together in a mosque, acquiring education and presenting their valuable contribution to education and knowledge. When Islam does not demand from us to cover the face, then why are we so rigid about it?

The veil was not meant for the face

I agree with Nazia Jassim that the oppressor is man, not Islam (The Hindu, Open Page, May 27, 2012). In fact, it is Islam which liberated women from the brutality of patriarchal society and the shackles of cruel customs that had usurped their basic and fundamental rights of living. It is Islam which provided them several rights right of inheritance, right to own property, right to education, right to trade and business, right of selection of the husband by free will and right of remarriage in case of his demise and right of divorce. It is Islam which elevated women while they were degraded to the status of property and buried alive in the grave at the time of birth. It is Islam which regarded them as a blessing of God and made them equal partners of men in the form of wives and kept the heaven beneath the feet of mothers and commanded them to wear hijaab without covering the face in order to protect their dignity and chastity and commanded men to respect and treat them well. As Prophet Muhammad clearly declared, the best man among you is he who treats well the female members of his family and a bad man among you is he who misbehaves with the female members of his family. (Bukhari) However, the sad part is that a section of Muslims has deprived women of their basic By and fundamental rights, including the right to education and the selection of a husband by free will and usurped their liberties and rights which were granted to them by Islam and

Mahmood Alam Siddiqui

This type of patriarchal ideology has resulted a distorted version of Islamic teaching of veil of which Nazia Jassim herself became a victim and advocated the veil (for covering the face) to encourage men to enslave women. This precisely made me write this brief clarification. In fact, the face is not included in the veil, as there are a number of Koranic verses and statements of the Prophet which clearly prove that covering the face is not required in Islam. As the Koran says: Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty: that will make for greater purity for them, and God is well acquainted with all that they do and say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty, that should not display their beauty except what appear from their beauty. (S: XXIV: Verse, No: 30, 31). This verse clearly indicates that the face is not required to be covered under the veil, otherwise what is the use of lowering the gaze? Secondly, and importantly, most of the authentic commentators of the Koran of the medieval and modern periods interpreted the portion of the verse that should not display

that too under the pretext of Islamic veil or hijaab. These sections of Muslims first deprived their women of discovering their face under patriarchal, skewed interpretations of the Islamic veil; then usurped their basic rights; they were even prevented from offering prayers. Nowadays, Islam is the only religion on earth with its patriarchal skewed interpretation, which bars its women believers from the mosque. Despite the fact that Prophet Muhammad not only encouraged Muslim women to attend the mosque but also commended Muslim men that they should not prevent their wives from attending them to mosque for their prayer. (Bukhari)

[The writer is an Assistant Professor (Guest), Centre of Arabic and African studies, JNU, New Delhi. He can be contacted at siddiquimahmood51@ gmail.com] (Courtesy: The Hindu)

IUML Karnataka State Gulbarga District Committee distributes 2.75 Lakh worth Ramzan food items to the poor. Corporator Moulana Noohu, Hidayathullah, Hafiz Iqbal, Hasanali, Ejaz, Mohammed Minadeen and other office bearers participate in the function.
September - 2012


Gheebah (Backbiting)
Allah Tala says in the Holy Quran:
O you who have believed, avoid much suspicion, for some suspicions are sins. Do not spy, nor should any one backbite the other. Is there any among you who would like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? Nay, you yourselves abhor it. Fear Allah, for Allah is Acceptor of repentance and AllMerciful. (49:12) Gheebat (back-biting) has been defined thus: It is saying on the back of a person something which would hurt him if he came to know of it. This definition has been reported from the Holy Prophet himself. According to a tradition which Muslim, Abu Daud, Tirmidhi, Nasai and others have related on the authority of Hadrat Abu Hurairah, the Holy Prophet defined Gheebat as follows: It is talking of your brother in a way irksome to him. It was asked: What, if the defect being talked of is present in my brother ? The Holy Prophet replied: If it is present in him, it would be Gheebat; if it is not there, it would be slandering him. In another tradition which Imam Malik has related in Muwatta, on the authority of Hadrat Muttalib bin `Abdullah, A person asked the Holy Prophet: What is Gheebat? The Holy Prophet replied: It is talking of your brother in a way irksome to him. He asked: Even if it is true, O Messenger of Allah? He replied: If what you said was false, it would then be a calumny. These traditions make it plain that uttering a false accusation against a person in his absence is calumny and describing a real defect in him Gheebat; whether this is done in express words or by reference and allusion, in every case it is forbidden. Likewise, whether this is done in the lifetime of a person, or after his death, it is forbidden in both cases. According to Abu Daud, when Ma`iz bin Malik Aslami had been stoned to death for committing adultery, the Holy Prophet on his way back heard a man saying to his companion: Look at this man: Allah had concealed his secret, but he did not leave himself alone till he was killed like a dog! A little further on the way there was the dead body of a donkey lying rotting. The Holy Prophet stopped, called the two men and said: lady, Fatimah bint Qais. She came to the Holy Prophet and asked for his advice. He said: Mu`awiyah is a poor man and Abu Jahm beats his wives much. (Bukhari, Muslim). In this case, as there was the question of the ladys future and she had consulted the Holy Prophet for his advice, he deemed it necessary to inform her of the two mens weaknesses. One day when the Holy Prophet was present in the apartment of Hadrat Aishah, a man came and sought permission to see him. The Holy Prophet remarked that he was a very bad man of his tribe. Then he went out and talked to him politely. When he came back into the house, Hadrat `Aishah asked: You have talked to him politely, whereas when you went out you said something different about him. The Holy Prophet said, On the day of Resurrection the worst abode in the sight of Allah will be of the person whom the people start avoiding because of his abusive language. (Bukhari, Muslim). A study of this incident will show that the Holy Prophet in spite of having a bad opinion about the person talked to him politely because that was the demand of his morals; but he had the apprehension lest the people of his house should consider the person to be his friend when they would see him treating him kindly, and then the person might use this impression to his own advantage later. Therefore, the Holy Prophet warned Hadrat `Aishah telling her that he was a bad man of his tribe. Once Hind bint Utbah, wife of Hadrat Abu Sufyan, came to the Holy Prophet and said: Abu Sufyan is a miserly person: he does not provide enough for me and my childrens needs. (Bukhari, Muslim). Although this complaint from the wife in the absence of the husband was backbiting, the Holy Prophet pemitted it, for the oppressed has a right that he or she may take the complaint of injustice to a person who has the power to get it removed. From these precedents of the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet, the jurists and traditionists have deduced this principle: Gheebat (backbiting) is permissible only in case it is needed for a real and genuine (genuine from the Shariah point of view) necessity and the necessity may not be satisfied without having resort to it. Then on the basis of the same principle the scholars have declared that Gheebat is permissible in the following cases: (1) Complaining by an oppressed person against the oppressor before every such person who he thinks can do something to save him from the injustice. (2) To make mention of the evils of a person (or persons) with the intention of reform before those who can do expected to help remove the evils. (3) To state the facts of a case before a legal expert for the purpose of seeking a religious or legal ruling regarding an unlawful act committed by a person. (4) To warn the people of the mischiefs of a person (or persons) so that they may ward off the evil, e g. it is not only permissible but obligatory to mention the weaknesses of the reporters, witnesses and writers, for without it, it is not possible to safeguard the Shariah against the propagation of false reports, the courts against injustices and the common people or the students against errors and misunderstandings. Or, for instance, if a person wants to have the relationship of marriage with somebody, or wishes to rent a house in the neighborhood of somebody, or wants to give something into the custody of somebody, and consults another person, it is obligatory for him to apprise him of all aspects so that he is not deceived because of ignorance. (5) To raise voice against and criticise the evils of the people who may be spreading sin and immorality and error, or corrupting the peoples faith and persecuting them. (6) To use nicknames for the people who may have become well known by those names, but this should be done for the purpose of their recognition and not with a view to condemn them. (For details, see Fat-h al-Bari, vol. X, p. 362; Sharah Muslim by An-Nawawi; Riyad us-Salihin; alJassas, Ahkam al-Qur an; Ruh alMaani commentary on verse wa a yaghtab ba dukum ba dan). Apart from these exceptions it is absolutely forbidden to speak ill of a person behind his back. If what is spoken is true, it is

Come down and eat this dead donkey. They submitted: Who will eat it, O Messenger of Allah? The Holy Prophet said: A little before this you were attacking the honor of your brother: that was much worse than eating this dead donkey. The only exceptions to this prohibition are the cases in which there may be a genuine need of speaking in of a person on his back, or after his death, and this may not be fulfilled without resort to backbiting, and if it was not resorted to, a greater evil might result than backbiting itself. The Holy Prophet has described this exception as a principle, thus: The worst excess is to attack the honour of a Muslim unjustly. (Abu Daud). In this saying the condition of unjustly points out that doing so with justice is permissible. Then, in the practice of the Holy Prophet himself we find some precedents which show what is implied by justice and in what conditions and cases backbiting may be lawful to the extent as necessary. Once a desert Arab came and offered his Prayer under the leadership of the Holy Prophet, and as soon as the Prayer was concluded, walked away saying: O God, have mercy on me and on Muhammad, and make no one else a partner in this mercy beside the two of us. The Holy Prophet said to the Companions: `What do you say: who is more ignorant: this person or his camel? Didnt you hear what he said? (Abu Da`ud). The Holy Prophet had to say this in his absence, for he had left soon after the Prayer was over. Since he had uttered a wrong thing in the presence of the Holy Prophet, his remaining quiet at it could cause the misunderstanding that saying such a thing might in some degree be lawful; therefore, it was necessary that he should contradict it. Two of the Companions, Hadrat Mu`awiyah and Hadrat Abu Jahm, sent the proposal of marriage to a

September - 2012


Indias north-eastern Naga groups in evict Muslims call

By Subir Bhaumik Calcutta
will evict Muslim Bangladeshi migrants illegally settled on our lands. Tensions have been rising in the north-east following clashes between indigenous Bodos and Muslims in neighbouring Assam state in July. Thousands of people from the north-east have also fled many Indian cities after threats of revenge attacks by Muslims. Over the years, the Bengali Muslim population in Nagaland has grown. Dire consequences We have nothing against anybodys religion but we cannot tolerate illegal settlers who are encroaching on our land and resources, said Joel Kath of the Naga Council, whose group has said it will identify the illegal Bangladeshis and push them out of Nagaland. Nagalands Chief Secretary Pu Lalthara warned the Naga Council of

Tribal groups in Indias north-eastern Nagaland state have said they

dire consequences if they took the law into their own hands as it is the governments job to deal with anyone who is in the state illegally. But the Naga Council has now got support from two other powerful local groups, the Naga Hoho and the Naga Students Federation (NSF). Correspondents say tension is running high in Dimapur, Nagalands commercial hub and Muslims who are mostly small traders and wageearning labourers, are staying indoors fearing assault. Since mid-July, more than 80 people have died in clashes between Bodo tribespeople and Muslims of Bengali origin in Assam. More than a half-a-million people have been displaced from their homes and are now living in more than 300 makeshift camps. The situation in the north-east has been exacerbated when thousands hailing from these states had to flee from Bangalore and other Indian cities in the last two weeks after messages threatening violence against them were circulated through mobile networks and the social media. The state BJP president Kishen Reddy who is a business partner of local MP gave statements of Jehadi threats from Hyderabad to north eastern people and these news were given importance by National TV channels. The RSS is fishing in troubled waters once again and expecting to gain a lot of sympathy from Christian community after their success in Goa elections where Christian community had ditched Congress for BJP in just concluded elections. According to sources within the RSS, the plan is twofold: to expand the RSS base in the north- eastern states, an area where its influence has been limited so far, and to foster a communal polarization in the rest of the country. BJP took 3rd position in UP elections where they were using the Ram Mandir issue has failed miserably in consolidating Hindu votes but ASSAM ISSUE can get them rich dividends in 2014 election. The task of exploiting the issue has been assigned to the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad , the students wing of the BJP. We have asked the ABVP to protect people from the North- East, Sushma Swaraj had said last week. The ABVP has already setup 34 helpline numbers for north- eastern students in various parts of the country. However, the ABVPs efforts arent entirely targeted at people from the North- East but are also aimed at a show of strength in Muslim- dominated areas. In the verse, Allah by likening backbiting to eating a dead brothers flesh has given the idea of its being an abomination. Eating the dead flesh is by itself abhorrent; and when the flesh is not of an animal, but of a man, and that too of ones own dead brother, abomination would be added to abomination. Then, by presenting the simile in the interrogative tone it has been made all the more impressive, so that every person may ask his own conscience and decide whether he would like to eat the flesh of his dead brother. If he would not, and he abhors it by nature, how he would like that he should attack the honour of his brother-in-faith in his absence, when he cannot defend himself and when he is wholly unaware that he is being disgraced. This shows that the basic reason of forbidding backbiting is not that the person being backbitten is being hurt but speaking ill of a person in his absence is by itself unlawful and forbidden whether he is aware of it, or not, and whether he feels hurt by it or not. Obviously, eating the flesh of a dead man is not forbidden because it hurts the dead man; the dead person is wholly unaware that somebody is eating of his body, but because this act by itself is an abomination. Likewise, if the person who is backbitten also does not come to know of it through any means, he will remain unaware throughout his life that somebody had attacked his honour at a particular time before some particular people and on that account he had stood disgraced in the eyes of those people. Because of this unawareness he will not feel at all hurt by this backbiting, but his honour would in any case be sullied. Therefore, this act in its nature is not any different from eating the flesh of a dead brother.

Assam and Sangh Pariwar game plan

other Hindu outfits are now fishing in the troubled waters of Assam . Sensing an opportunity to expand its influence, the RSS has instructed its cadres across the country to use the ethnic strife in Assam and the threats to people from the North- East in other parts of the country to mobilze public opinion. It seems that Sangh pariwar has now got a Golden chance on Assam issue after the Babri Masjid. No one talks about the role played by Assam TV Channels which were high lightning the JEHADI threat to NE people from unknown Hyderabadi Jehadi organization. Assam TV Channels were tom toming about the 20 August deadline given to NE people by these non-existing Jehadi organisation from Bangalore and Hyderabad to go back . The main reason for these widespread migration of students and service sector employees was the pressure from their family members who were helplessly watching this TAMASHA on the TV screens in Assam and asking their dear ones to come back. Living in Hyderabad it unbelievable that how Media can spread false and wrong rumors for their own TRP rating .I have talked to lot of Assamese journalist and they were shell shocked that nothing is at the ground level in Hyderabad. Gheebat; if it is false, it is calumny; and if it is meant to make two persons quarrel, it is slander. The Shariah has declared all these as forbidden. In the Islamic society it is incumbent on every Muslim to refute a false charge made against a person in his presence and not to listen to it quietly, and to tell those who are speaking ill of somebody, without a genuine religious need, to fear God and desist from the sin. The Holy Prophet has said: If a person does not support and help a Muslim when he is being disgraced and his honour being attacked, Allah also does not support and help him when he stands in need of His help; and if a person helps and supports a Muslim when his honour is being attacked and he is being disgraced, Allah Almighty also helps him when he wants that AIlah should help him. (Abu Daud). As for the backbiter, as soon as he realizes that he is committing this sin, or has committed it, his first duty is to offer repentance before Allah and restrain himself from this forbidden act. His second duty is that he should compensate for it as far as possible. If he has backbitten a dead person, he should ask Allahs forgiveness for the person as often as he can. If he has backbitten a living person, and what he said was also false, he should refute it before the people before whom he had made the calumny. And if what he said was true, he should never speak ill of him in future, and should ask pardon of the person whom he had backbitten. A section of the scholars has expressed the opinion that pardon should be asked only in case the other person has come to know of it; otherwise one should only offer repentance, for if the person concerned is unaware and the backbiter in order to ask pardon goes and tells him that he had backbitten him, he would certainly feel hurt.

After failing miserably in raising anti Muslims sentiments the RSS and

September - 2012

Discovery of God through the footprint of God particle?

Scientists are claiming now that they have discovered the footprint of God particle known as Higgs Boson after having read the mind of God who is beyond the reach of human perception. Here is my take on the contention of the scientists regarding their discovery of God a never ending process which is like a wild goose chase. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had warned 1400 years ago that satanic forces would seek to introduce doubts in the hearts of believers by raising unanswerable questions about Allah. Allahs Messenger had said, Satan will come to everyone of you and ask: who created this and that until he questions who created your Lord? When he comes to that, one should seek refuge in Allah and say I affirm my faith in Allah and His prophets and avoid such thoughts. Such unanswerable questions about Allah are still asked by the atheists - men of little understanding who refuse to admit the 8truth of Allahs existence in nature which is a portent for men of understanding. For example, the quixotic questions they raise about the existence of Allah are: if Allah created the universe where was He before creating it? If He was not in space, where did He localise the universe? How could a formless or immaterial substance like Allah create a world of matter? If the material is to be taken as existing, why not suppose the world to be itself self-existing? Is Allah self-sufficient? If He is, He need not have created the world. all things in the heavens and on earth, and has made His bounties flow to you in exceeding measure, (both) seen and unseen? (Quran 31:20) (Quran - 31:20; also 14:32-33). Allahs creation is independent of man. But Allah in His infinite mercy has given man the faculty to subdue the If He is not like an ordinary potter, forces of nature and to penetrate He would be incapable of the task through high mysteries with his since by hypothesis, only a perfect powers of reason and insight. But being could produce it. If Allah this is not merely a question of created the world as a mere play power. For in His universal plan, all of His will, it would be making Allah are safeguarded. But mans destiny childish. If Allah is benevolent and as far as we can see is noble to the if He has created the world out highest degree. Allahs Grace and of His grace, He would not have Bounties work for us at all times. brought into existence misery as Sometimes we see them and well as felicity. Such hair splitting sometimes we do not see them. arguments about Allah have led In things which we can apprehend the seekers of truth to ruination. with our senses, we can see Allahs Hence Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Grace but even in them sometimes said Reflect on the creation of it works beyond the sphere of our Allah but do not reflect on Allah. knowledge. In the inner or spiritual To reflect on the reality of Allah world, sometimes, when our vision is to reflect on the infinite.TIMES OF LEAGUE can see it working THE As the is clear, we mind boggles when it reflects on the limits of the finite universe and the galaxies and stars within it, it will be more confounded when it attempts to understand the uncreated. Here we have to convince ourselves concerning the nature of Allah in the Quran: Say: He is Allah, The One; Allah, The Eternal, Absolute; He begets not, nor is He begotten; and there is none like unto Him. (Quran - 112:1-4). Do you not see that Allah has subjected to your (use) and often we are not conscious of it. But it works all the same. But men who dispute about Allah lack knowledge as they make no use of their intellects. They are, instead, swayed by their passions; they lack guidance, as they are impatient of control; and the fruits of revelation or spiritual insight do not reach them as they reject Faith and Revelation. Thus Allah the unimaginable Supreme Being is known only through reason because He is beyond the reach of human perceptions. Whatever happens, I will follow the command of Allah. He has revealed Himself and I know that He is One Supreme over all creatures. Him alone will I serve. Is there any so ignorant as to seek anyone else? Let him do it and see the result. The loss will be his own. For he falls from grace into evil, said Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) (page 1398, Holy Quran English translation of the meanings and commentary by Abdullah Yusuf Ali).

Media and Muslims

media presents Indian Muslims as terrorists and blasters of bombs while the fact is that 99 percent of Hindus, Muslims, Christians and followers of other religion are gentle and law-abiding people. He rightly observes that the news about bomb blasts as presented on TV channels and in newspapers give this impression that all Muslims are terrorists and bad people. He rightly laments that a large section of print and electronic media are engaged in disintegrating the social fabric of Indian society. Justice Katju has really done a national service by advising the media to give up their anti-Muslim bias and maintain principles of honest and fair journalism by not indulging in anti-Muslim baiting.

Justice Markande Katju is cent per cent correct for saying that the

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