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Transaction Code: ADD/AL / MOADM/EUR500M/14.5.12.

The undersigned below: Name Position Passport Number : PROF.IR.DJATINURSUHUD, MSME. : Collateral ASSET OWNER / CREDITOR :

In this case acts as collateral ASSET OWNER / CREDITOR guarantor and, further on in the cooperative agreement is referred to as the FIRST PARTY Name Position Passport Number : ARSONO LUKITO : AUTHORIZED MANDATE COLLATERAL ASSET / CREDITOR :

In this case acts as an AUTHORIZATION / AUTHORIZED ASSET further collateral in the cooperative agreement is referred to as the SECOND PARTY Name Position Passport Number : : PRESIDENT DIRECTOR :

In this case acts as a PROJECT OWNER and on behalf of the Company's next in the cooperative agreement is referred to as A THIRD PARTY. On Monday, 14th May, 2012, according to the Transaction Code: ADD/AL/MOADM/EUR500M/ 14.5.12.D made an agreement and is effective at binding after THE PARTIES THE PARTIES agree and sign the Cooperation Agreement is to implementation of the Cooperation Project Development and Management of the Hospital at ........... with the terms and conditions as follows: Article I THE BASICS OF TEAMWORK 1. FIRST PARTY is as ASSET OWNER collateral / guarantor willing to work with THIRD PARTIES Guarantee and Development Fund Project THIRD PARTIES in accordance with the procedures applicable legislation. --------------2. Authorise the SECOND PARTY is the Full mandate of the Collateral Asset Owner fully authorized by the FIRST PARTY to work with THIRD PARTIES. -------------------3. SECOND PARTY on the point (1) above is willing to work with THIRD PARTIES in Project Financing and Management of EUR.500.000, 000, - (five hundred million Euro) in the form of OPERATION JOINT PROJECT is. ------- -------------------------------4. THIRD PARTY venture project in question is the development and management of the Hospital in the city ---------------------- ................ -------------------------------------------------

5. Executing the SECOND PARTY by Bank Asset Collateral owned by FIRST PARTY will issue a Bank Guarantee by a period of 1 year one day worth EUR 2000,000,000, - (Two Million Euro) to be transferred to the FUNDER by disconto by 15% (fifteen percent) of value Bank Guarantee.-6. Funders in question is a financier who will give to the FIRST PARTY LOAN FUND on bail is the responsibility of the Bank Instrument THIRD PARTY. ---------------

Article II FORM OF BANK INSTRUMENT Instrument Bank which will be published as follows:

1. BANK OF INSTRUMENT: BANK GUARANTEE 2. ISSUING BANK : HSBC LONDON 3. BANK ADDRESS : 8 Canada Square, London E14, 5HQ United Kingdom 4. NOMINAL : EUR 2000,000,000, - (Two Million Euro) 5. ON BEHALF OF : PROF.IR.DJATINURSUHUD, MSME. 6. PASSPORT NUMBER : V882527 7. BANK GUARANTEE to be issued with conditions: ORIGIN OF NON CRIME, TERRORISM NON, CLEAR, FULL AND CLEAN, Transferable, unconditionally and irrevocably, according to ICC Standard 500/600.--------------- -----------------------Article III FORMS OF COOPERATION 1. THE PARTIES agree in this partnership for the distribution of results which agreed to place BEP (Break Even Point) its composition is as follows: Net Profit-Sharing FIRST PARTY 60% (sixty percent) Net Profit-Sharing THIRD PARTIES 40% (forty percent) FIRST-PARTY Stock Companies 51% (fifty one percent) THIRD-PARTY Stock Companies 49% (forty nine percent) 2. Net profit is revenue minus operating and maintenance expenses, depreciation, taxes and 3. After the BEP is the case then for the results to the composition of the above changes to: Net Profit-Sharing FIRST PARTY 40% (forty percent) Net Profit-Sharing THIRD PARTIES 60% (sixty percent) FIRST-PARTY Stock Companies 30% (thirty percent) THIRD-PARTY Stock Companies 70% (seventy percent) 4. Shares Results of Operations division of the above will run until 10 years after the BEP. If one party dies, it can be continued by the designated heir THE PARTIES. ----------------5. After the partnership ended the FIRST PARTY is entitled to 30% (thirty percent) stock companies. THIRD PARTY entitled to 70% (seventy percent) Shares of the Company and for all. 6. Prior to BEP then all assets will be vested built the FIRST PARTY. After the BEP then all assets are transferred into the name THIRD PARTY. ----------------------------------------------

7. THE PARTIES entitled to appoint heirs of each party is entitled to receive stock and profit sharing if THE PARTIES died ---------------------------- ---------------------


1. For a period of Cooperation with the results of the above composition as of the construction project was completed as a whole and begin to operate until 10 (ten) year after the BEP.-----2. After this venture, THE PARTIES achieve the BEP may renew the Cooperation Agreement in accordance with the options to be agreed by both parties in accordance with Article III point 3 and cooperation can be continued in accordance with the agreement. -----------------3. THE PARTIES agree that the period BEP (Break Event Point) is ....... years commencing from the hospital operates. -------------------------- -----------------


1. The Parties in the implementation and operation of the project agree that the SECOND PARTY the right to determine and set Its personnel as Managing Director in Corporate Finance THIRD PARTY for cooperation on the project runs until there is BEP. After the BEP is the case then THIRD PARTY reserves the right to transfer and sit as a Director of Finance Its personnel in the company.2.1 FIRST PARTY and SECOND PARTY in the implementation and operation of the project are entitled to directly monitor and supervise the management of project-related income and expenses for running the partnership. -------------------- ----------2.2 If there are deviations in the use of management by providing the THIRD PARTY to the SECOND PARTY the right to stop the Cooperation Project and to withdraw all cooperation funds mentioned above. --------------------- -----------------------3. THE PARTIES agree that the FIRST PARTY has the right to occupy positions in the Company's Commissioner THIRD PARTY. ----------------------------------- --------------------------4. FIRST PARTY and SECOND PARTY has the right to access correct information about the amount of revenue from the project at any time required THIRD PARTY after the project starts running .. -------------------- -------------------------------------5. The Parties are entitled to revenue sharing funds with a portion of the project in accordance with Article 2 above. ------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------

6. THIRD PARTY rights include, among others: 6.1 Using the FIRST PARTY funds to guarantee payment to the Main Project THIRD PARTIES The Contractor or for other projects as agreed with no barriers or demands from other parties about the legality of the source of funds. ------------6.2 With the seat in the FIRST PARTY OF THIRD PARTIES management operates according to the above Standard Operating in Indonesia. ------7. FIRST PARTY is entitled to the portion of revenue sharing in accordance with Article 2 above.-8. THIRD PARTY obligations are: 8.1 Carry out and complete the development projects on time. --------------8.2 Carry out and complete the project development standards and operational specifications in Indonesia. ------------------------------------ --------------------------------8.3 Implementing the project according to standards to ensure the continuity of the FIRST PARTY income until the period ending cooperation. --------------------------------- 8.4 Ensure that any portion of the FIRST PARTY partnership income that is rightfully the FIRST PARTY will always pay off each transaction and the payment on time each month on bank working days. ------------------ ---8.5 Submit A fee of EUR 250.000, - (two hundred fifty thousand Euro) as the operational costs to the SECOND PARTY on the day of signing of this Letter Agreement as per the requirements specified in the Agreement. ---------------- ----------8.6 The advance payment is for Operation Cost, cost of issuance, Swift. ----------9. Period of cooperation between the FIRST PARTY and THIRD PARTY will run until 10 years after the BEP, as from the Cooperation Fund is realized in accordance with the agreement. --10. Rights to use the THIRD PARTY PARTY FIRST funds to finance the Project THIRD PARTY. 11.THIRD PARTYshall provide periodic written reports per week and per month both on technical and financial terms to the SECOND PARTY. ------------12.The Cost Land Acquisition, Permitting and Development Consultant of the project costs over the responsibility of using a THIRD PARTY use Cooperation Fund mentioned above. ----13.THE PARTIES agree, THIRD-PARTY will provide fees / Fee for Representative Mediator / related Success Team at the Cooperation Fund for EUR.500.000, 000, - (five hundred million Euros) has entered into an account THIRD PARTY. The division of the 2% Success Fee: 50% for Team Success Asset Holder, 25% for the Success Team Owner Asset Collateral and 25% for the Success Team User. Success Fee is taken from the cooperation fund has been realized. ---Representative Broker/ Team Success is designated: 1.Representative Team's Success Fee ASSET HOLDER: Name: ID Number : Name of Bank: Account Number: Entitled to receive 1% (one percent) of the value of Bank Guarantee or equal to EUR 5,000.000, (five million Euros). ------------------------- ----------

2.Representative Team's Success OWNER ASSET COLLATERAL : Name: ID Number: Name of Bank: Account Number: Entitled to receive 0.5% (zero point five percent) of the value of Bank Guarantee or equal to EUR 2,500.000, - (two million five hundred thousand Euro). --------------------- -------------3. Representative Team's Success USER: Name: ID Number: Name of Bank: Account Number: Entitled to receive 0.5% (zero point five percent) of the value of Bank Guarantee or equal to EUR 2,500.000, - (two million five hundred thousand Euro). --------------------- --------------------15.Each Representative is obligated to hand out money that/Fee services to its members in a fair manner.

Article VI ISSUANCE MECHANISM OF INSTRUMENT BANK AND DISBURSEMENT OF FUNDS 1.THE PARTIES signed the Letter Agreement in Surabaya and registered at the Notary ------------2. THIRD PARTY grain implement Article V 8.5 by Cheque handed cash worth EUR 250.000, - (two hundred and fifty thousand Euros) to the SECOND PARTY as operating costs, issuance of Instrument and Swift. Cashier checks are first converted into IDR Rupiah. 3. After point 2 of Article VI Cashier Checks are carried out that the SECOND PARTY has cashed then in the 21 bank working days later through the SECOND PARTY BANK GUARANTEE ISSUING BANK will issue worth EUR 2 billion, - (two billion euros) from HSBC LONDON. ---4. After point 3 of Article VI is done within 7 working days later Bank, ISSUING BANK will make deliveries SWIFT MT799(Pre Advice) to the Bank coordinates FUNDER. ---------5. After point 4 of Article VI implemented SWIFT MT799 (Pre Advice) is received BANK FUNDER Confirmed then within no later than 3 working days then the bank will carry out the funders BANK SWIFT MT103/23 to Bank coordinates the FIRST PARTY by 85% (eighty five percent) of value Bank Guarantee. ----------------------------------------------- ----------6. After the Bank Coordinates MT103/23 SWIFT to PARTY FIRST BANK Coordinate Confirmed accepted then within 5 working days later the bank, then BANK FIRST PARTY to implement SWIFT MT760 to FUNDER's Bank Coordinate. --------------- 7. After the SWIFT MT760 to FUNDER's Bank Coordinate and funders received BANK Confirmed then within 3 working days later Bank MT 103/23 amount 85% of the value of Bank guarantee is automatically effective at the Bank realized Coordinates the FIRST PARTY. -------- ---------

8. FIRST PARTY will put the funds of EUR 500 million, - (five hundred million euros) into account to fund the Project THIRD PARTY THIRD PARTY mentioned above and provide a success fee of 2% (two percent) related to Team Success after item 7 of Article VI done / after the Loan Fund of the funders realized to the account of the FIRST PARTY. --------------------9. THIRD PARTY account in question is a Joint Account / Joint Account between FIRST PARTY and THIRD PARTY. -------------------------------- ---------------------------10.If THIRD PARTY not implement Article VI point 2 at the latest within 1x24 hours after the letter agreement was signed and registered on notary then able to compensate for the SECOND PARTY EUR.50.000, - (fifty thousand Euro ) no later than 1x24 hours after proven THIRD PARTY Letter Agreement in default and then is off by itself and does not bind THE PARTIES.------------11.SECOND PARTY able to return the funds that have been submitted by a THIRD PARTY to the SECOND PARTY of EUR250.000, - (two hundred fifty thousand Euro) no later than 5 working days after being found in default if the Bank SECOND PARTY fails to execute the contents of Article VI in the agreed. ---------------------------------------------- --12.Operational Fund that have been submitted by a THIRD PARTY to the SECOND PARTY of EUR 250.000, - (two hundred fifty thousand Euro) in accordance with Article VI point 2 will be forfeited and not have to be returned to the THIRD PARTY where: 12.1 THIRD PARTY funders can not implement appropriate SWIFT MT103/23 mutually agreed time. 12.2 MT103/23 SWIFT has been sent from Bank to Bank from Bank Coordinates THIRD PARTY is not valid. Article VII DISPUTES All the problems that give rise to a dispute between two parties, the settlement agreed to by both parties in the following way: 1. Familial deliberation to reach consensus by both parties. ---------2. If a family discussion there is no solution or resolution, then both parties agree and agree to take legal action through the local District Court Clerk's Office agreed to by both parties. --------Article VIII ADDENDUM ADDITIONAL Things that are not listed in the cooperative agreement will be governed and determined by consensus by both parties in a separate addendum and an integral part of this cooperation agreement. ---------------------------------------------------------

Article IX

LOSSES & CIRCUMSTANCES FORCE (FORCE MAJEURE) 1. The definition of Force Majeure are circumstances beyond the control out of the will or the two sides so the Parties can not perform duties such as: natural disasters, landslides, insurrection, civil commotion, sabotage and general strikes and other matters beyond the power and capabilities of both parties. ------------------------------------------2. In the event that circumstances force as referred to in Article IX of items 1 (one) then THE PARTIES may submit changes to the addendum agreement. -------------------3. If in the execution of the agreement for any loss due to errors / omissions THIRD PARTIES not because of Force Majeure then the losses will be borne by the THIRD PARTY. -------------4. FIRST PARTY to accept losses and put the loss into the cost of expenses if: 1) Small losses due to human error (human error). ---------------------2) Large losses beyond the ability THIRD PARTIES under Article IX due to a grain or other factors such as prices and market changes, changes in government regulation of natural disasters and riots. Article X MISCELLANEOUS AND FINAL 1. Thus Cooperation Letter Agreement is made by and for THE PARTIES, according to law and regulations in force in the Republic of Indonesia days since, is binding on both sides and consists of 8 pieces / pages are created original and 3 copies of each stamped sufficient / valid and signed by the parties. -----------------------------------2. THE PARTIES in signing the Letter of Cooperation Agreement is done in good health physically and mentally without any coercion or pressure from any other party. -----3. Whenever in the future any problems occur between THE PARTIES, THE PARTIES related then stated that all the mediator / facilitator / relevant witnesses were not involved and is free of all charges both Civil and Criminal. ------------------------------------------------------4. In the event of a problem then both parties agree to conduct deliberations to reach a consensus that does not harm each other mutually. But when word reached no consensus on this issue then both parties agree to be registered on the local Clerk of Court. -------------------Made and signed In the city of: Surabaya, INDONESIA At the date May 14, 2012 FIRST PARTY SECOND PARTY


(_____________________) NOTARY