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Who was your

Will you be a Catalyst?

In middle school, kids begin to crave real-world experiences that allow them to explore, experiment, and make their own discoveries. They are ready to uncover new interests that ignite their passions. Adults with a passion of their own can help to make the spark of discovery catch fire. In low-income neighborhoods, too many students are moving into high school without ever experiencing that moment of discovery. Without that spark of interest, and mentors to help make science and math come alive, students are less likely to develop the skills they need to be successful in the coming decades. Its time for a new model of teaching and learning science, technology, engineering, and math. You can be a Catalyst.

Be a Catalyst partner.
By partnering with Citizen Schools, your company becomes a Catalyst. Your employees inspire and motivate young people to become lifelong learners, setting them on the path to high school, college, and career success. Volunteering with Citizen Schools is a powerful professional development opportunity for employeesbuilding critical skills and reinforcing their commitment to their profession and company. Together, we can enable struggling public schools to close the opportunity gap.


Be a Catalyst for E N G AG E ME NT!

Citizen Schools students have 43% less absenteeism and twice as much interest in pursuing STEM careers.

Be a Catalyst for ACHIE V E ME NT!

Citizen Schools students rapidly increase their grades and test scores, closing the achievement gap.

Be a Catalyst for GR AD UAT IoN!

Citizen Schools students have a 20% higher high school graduation rateyears after they experienced the program.


Bringing moments of discovery to schools

Through Catalyst, Citizen Schools connects the inspiration of science and technology professionals directly with schools by integrating them into an expanded learning day. Our model, honed and tested since 1995, breaks through the classroom walls and shows students how science and technology apply in the adult world.

Teams of volunteers inspire groups of middle-school students to discover something together, handson. They learn real-world skills from financial professionals, programmers, biochemists, engineers, researchers, designers, astronomers, doctors, and more. They meet role models who have taken pathways to careers they never knew existed. C o L L E G E T o C A R E E R C o N N E C TIo NS
Students take field trips to colleges and workplaces, meet professional engineers and scientists, and experience special events that make their career trajectories come alive.

Citizen Schools staff lead Math Leagues to reinforce classwork with activities designed to be fun and relevant.

INVEST to raise $10 million by 2015 and mobilize 7,500 volunteers. IMPLEMENT to deliver 2,500 apprenticeships and provide 33,000 hands-on learning experiences to students. EVALUATE & REFINE to prove a new way to educate children.

SHARE & SCALE to create a movement across the country.

California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, and Texas.


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Nicole Quinlan nicolequinlan@citizenschools.org

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