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One Nation, Under God, Indivisible. Only Indivisible as a Nation Under God. If We Separate Church from State, our Republic becomes Divisible. One Duty to God and Country is to Advocate and Advance, Learn and Love ~ Prayer Pilgrimage in a.d. 2000 5 months over 30,000 miles! GW Journeys with Jesus from Sea to Shining Sea all across America -- this Land of Washington

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Literary power and statesmanship were combined in George Washington, the greatest political leader of his time and also the greatest intellectual and moral force of the Revolutionary period. Noah Webster, a.d. 1828

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at boyhood home, Ferry Farm, Fredericksburg, Virginia

31 August in the Year of Our Lord Jesus 2012

Mr. John D. Gilbody, Assistant Attorney General Mr. Peter R. Messitt, Senior Assistant Attorney General Mr. Wesley G. Russell, Jr., Deputy Attorney General Mr. Kenneth T. Cuccinelli, II, Attorney General Ofce of the Attorney General 900 East Main Street Richmond, Virginia 23219

Amos 5:15 ~ Hate evil and love the good. Remodel your Courts into True halls of Justice.

Dear Public Servants for Citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia (not just legal counsel for employees): As a victim of Federal bureaucrats of the Veterans Administration who have ignored the repeated requests of Congressman Wittman on my behalf, I have had my Disabled Veteran income interrupted and reduced to ZERO since November 2011. As a result, I have become a Homeless Veteran. Why do I tell you this? Because my legal address of 203 N. Fairfax St., Alexandria, is with a friend who is also a volunteer with the Civil Air Patrol. Like Jesus, I have no home so I have never been served by the Alexandria Deputy, though I called him with my address. By your documents of Petition for Writ of Quo Warranto and Writ of Quo Warranto, I am again a victim of bureaucrats, this time in state government. Some jurists (using the meaning of legal scholars, some who are not, and some who are law school graduates and NOT members of any Bar, others who are Bar members, in Virginia or other jurisdictions) who have advised me in the days since I received your documents, the legal Questions are So What?, or Who is hurt? by any actions I have taken to assist victims of corrupt Courts in the Amos 5:15 Ministry as a J.D.* = Jesus Disciple, or disciple of Jesus, who was an Advocate and Counselor ? Recently, I saw that Commonwealth Attorney for Henry County was in the news about the Coach Sandusky Mandatory Reporter of Child Abuse law passed by the Virginia General Assembly. By both being a Chaplain, and being an Adult Mentor in Boy Scouts and Civil Air Patrol, I am a Mandatory Reporter. I was EYEWITNESS to the BLOODY ASSAULT of 12 year old Ashlie Mae OBrien on 7 December a.d. 2011 by Arlington Deputy Sheriff Neptuno Mendez-Ventura, so the very next day I REPORTED the CHILD ABUSE. Arlington County is COVERING UP that Child Abuse, and by this, you four men are aiding and assisting Arlington. Your threatening action came 16 days after my ling (your Exhibit I) that exposed retired judge Ben Kendrick for his abysmal conduct on the bench allowing witness tampering by CPS employees using text messaging in and out of the courtroom during the trial. Understand that Kendrick has FAILED since 18 April 2011 to perform the ORDER of Chief Justice Kinser to preside over a Rehearing of a Special Grand Jury presentment by me (relates to your Exhibit B), where Hitler judge Wetsel did Perjury and Jury Tampering of the Grand Jury. From my reading of the law, I need to write to you a letter asking for you to withdraw your action as a prelude to a Demurrer. Consider this letter in that light, and return the Light of Truth and Justice to our Virginia Courts.
James Renwick Manship, Sr. Chaplain and Minister for Justice

Legal action against Chaplain Manship by Ofce of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli prepared and led by Assistant Attorney General John D. Gilbody, in date sequence (Has this been cleared by Sr. Asst. AG Messitt, Dep. AG Russell, or AG Cuccinelli ?) >! Document Description! <! ! ! ! ! ! >! Pages Cover Letter to Alexandria Clerk Ed Semonian by John D. Gilbody, Asst. AG (7/6/2012)! 1 PETITION FOR WRIT OF QUO WARRANTO! ! ! ! ! ! 6 WRIT OF QUO WARRANTO (blank, unsigned)! ! ! ! ! ! 2 A! Manship Court Reporter Amos 5:15 Business Card (enlarged) (12/??/2010)! 1
! (given to Arlington Bar member Karen Grane, who commits Expense Voucher FRAUD)

B! !

As in 2008 Broken Gavel Judge Convictions, Violations of the Racketeer Inuenced Corrupt Organizations Act 18 USC $1962 c
(led in U. S. District Court, Western District of Virginia, Harrisonburg)

(2/28/2011)! 22

C! ! D! !

Power of Attorney (Delores OBrien Heffernan), Notarized, Certied (3/28/2011)! 4

(led in Arlington Circuit Court and JDR District Court)

FAX to Warren County Clerk Jennifer Sims for Bob Conley (cover)! (5/26/2011)! 1 Notice of Appeal or Motion to Vacate Void Judgement (signed by Bob Conley)! 5
(faxed to Warren County Circuit Court Clerk)

E! Complaint of Violation of Virginia Law by Arlington Public Servants! (6/1/2011)! 3 ! (led in Arlington Circuit Court) F! Complaint and Emergency Motion for Restraining Order (9/16/2011) 26 ! (led in U. S. District Court, Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria) G! Appearance of Counsel (Note: Made clear NOT a Va. Bar member) (10/14/2011)!1 ! (led in Arlington Circuit Court and JDR District Court) H! Complaint of Malicious Prosecution by Arlington County ! ! (12/15/2011)!11 ! Against Grandmother D. OBrien Heffernan with 12/9/2011 ! Not Guilty Verdict Being Not Unfavorable to Plaintiff ! (signed by D. O. Heffernan) ! (led in U. S. District Court, Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria) I! Petition for Interlocutory Appeal / Denial of Motion to Quash /! (6/21/2012)! 18 ! Arlington County Attorney Subpoena on / Attorney-Client and ! Clergy-Client Privilege Basis! / ! ! - and - / ! Motion for Discovery of Arlington CPS Cell Phone Texts / ! That Would Reveal in Court Witness Tampering by / ! Arlington CPS Supervisor Sherri Brothers and Others ! (led in Virginia supreme Court, RIchmond) Some of MANY exculpatory items EXCLUDED by Bar member AAG John D. Gilbody I-1! 6/20/2012 3rd FOIA written request to Arlington Sheriff for Court house video of ! BLOODY ASSAULT on 12 year old Ashlie OBrien by Deputy Mendez-Ventura I-2! 20 to 26 June 2012 Court Transcript of Trial with CPS text Witness Tampering report I-3! 7/3/2012 Receipt of 3 Arlington CH Videos, EVIDENCE TAMPERING as analyzed by ! MIT engineer, key segments cut out, and by video compression, digitally degraded. ! I-4! 7/9/2012 Virginia supreme Court letter (suspicious delayed posting relating to Item I) E-1! 8/9/2011 Virginia State Bar (supreme Court agency) Investigator Interview results report B-1! 4/18/2011 ORDER of Chief Justice Kinser IGNORED BY retired Judge Ben Kendrick A-1! 11/29/2010, Fairfax County Circuit Court judge found Manship NOT GUILTY of ! ! UPL / Contempt of Court as charged by GDC judge Lisa Mayne (she did Perjury) A-2! Failure of Fairfax Commonwealth Attorney to investigate / prosecute Lisa Mayne ! for FELONY removal of Motion to Dismiss her false UPL charges of June 2010 ! I through A, many mitigating documents that reveal the Truth, are omitted by AG ofce