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Your Name: Jabari Edwards Course #: 1101-059 Date: 9.04.


Project #1: Multi-Modal Literacy Narrative Part 2: Cultural Domain Analysis

Instructions (Part 1 Domain Analysis Chart): When introducing the Multi-Modal Literacy Narrative project, we established that your mind is influenced by different cultural/social systems that work both separately and together to shape your ideas, beliefs, and practices as a reader and writer. To analyze these systems, your first task is to complete the domain analysis chart in which you must reflect on each of the four domains listed below and identify as many practices, ideas/values/beliefs, objects, or significant details from each cultural/social system that you think has influenced your literacy and composition skills.



Parents believed school and good First Job, Tenders restaurant grades were the key to success School wasnt exactly valued Encouraged to get good grades, not too More of a social environment much discipline Treated like crap, made me wish I had a Always reminded of how much potential different job that I have or had Decent natured people Brothers encouraged me to do well, Second Job, Harris teeter learn from their mistakes some coworkers my age are students Many of them never stayed with the as well school path Different colleges, some go to the same Both Mom and Dad had degrees from school as me. school Used abbreviations to ease the learning Spoke good english with the family. process of our job Had a speech impediment and a big Refrain from curse words at work, puts tongue when I was young;unable to com- a bad image on the work if used. municate my feelings First witness of people that didnt go to Oldest brother was very talented in school and had no plan to go to school reading, the other 2, not so much. Oldest brother seldom gave me tips in reading in writing, never picked up the ambition like he was able to. Most memorable tip in case I couldnt think of anything Just free write man, write anything thats on your mind at the moment, and review it after a few moments


Neighborhood / Community / Peers

Went to Grace covenant church Neighbors are generally successful us Engineer, another one going for masSome teachers eventually gave up due ters in business to disruptions Prospering environment, caused envy Was tough to learn since you would get and the want to own the same stuff they do. teased on grades Considered cool if you used curse words Volunteering requirement from school or not Realizing those that had less than me usually didnt have a choice High School: 2 years North Mecklenburg, 2 years Pine Lake preparatory was a motivator Higher value of education from stuUsually dealt with pastors and others dents when referring to volunteering. Civics and economics book in 10th Friends were from different walks of life, grade, first start of Hard english classes some from the hood, others from nice First difficult book, The Last of the Mo- parts of life hicans Witnessing my friends talk to their parBook was old english, parents had trou- ents and being introduced, friendly styles and proper syntax and pronunciation ble getting me started for the book First book made it difficult to keep up or used. catch up in class, ended up with a D in that class English classes struggled from 10th grade to 12th grade most English classes would take finished work, not exactly quality work, and grade according.

Middle school, Ranson middle Grades werent valued by students Teachers always attempted to stretch

Instructions (Part 2 Domain Analysis Narrative): Now that you have completed the chart and generated some ideas about the cultural/social systems you engage with, it is time to flesh out those ideas, and analyze/explain how you think each domain has influenced your literacy and composition. For each of the systems listed below, write between 75 and 100 words to explain the major details of each cultural/social system and how the qualities of each system have influenced your literacy and composition (this means you will compose four short analyses total). You may complete your essays below. Simply type your essay next to each of the headers.

1. Home: My home domain was a positive benefit to my life. Many of the values that come from home, I would consider them to be motivators. It helped to instill discipline in my writing, and make me just free write sometimes, in order to pick out the parts. My oldest brother was very articulate and was able to assist me in writing for poems and papers, with just a few tips.

2. Work: Reflecting on the work environment gave me a rebellious attitude towards some of my hated assignments, however it did give me a feeling of freedom. There were times at work where I just absolutely hated being there, and just wanted to do something else. It pushes me to move forward in my current assignments. Many of my co-workers though felt that school wasnt for them, and that they would rather do their own thing. 3. School: School was a mix of a rebellious and warm community. It varied mainly between the students and teachers, with students not wanting to do well in middle school, and eager young students wanting to do well in high school. The teachers were always trying to get us to perform better in our work, and the student influence made me more apathetic, since I was trying to jump into the social aspect of school. 4. Neighborhood / Community / Peers: My church played a big part in my understanding of myself and my strengths. Since I volunteered there, I was always recognized by older people that wanted to know more about myself, and always wanted to discuss details of stuff.