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How to hear your angels?

Nekoliko korisnih savjeta o tome kako razlikovati obraanje Boga i njegovih anela, od obraanja Zloga i njegovih poslunika.
The difference between hearing a true Divine voice, heeding the imagination, or having a hallucination is clear and distinct. Heaven may speak to us through a loud, disembodied voice outside our head; a quiet inner voice inside our head; a conversation that we happen to overhear; or by hearing music in our minds or over and over again on the radio.

A True Angelic Experience Involving Hearing:

Sentences usually begin with the words you or we. Theres a sense that someone else is talking to you, even if it sounds like your own voice. Its readily apparent how the message relates to your immediate concerns or questions. The voice is to the point and blunt. The sound is loving and positive, even if its warning you of danger. It asks you to take immediate action, including changing your thoughts or attitude to be more loving. You may hear a voice call your name upon awakening. You could be aware of strains of beautiful, disembodied celestial music. You might receive a message about self-improvement or helping others.

Imagination or False Guidance Involving Hearing:

Sentences usually being with the word I. It feels like youre talking to yourself. The message is muddy, cryptic, or unclear. The voice is wordy and vague. Its taunting, alarming, or cruel. Theres gossip and speculation about others. You hear abusive words. You experience loud, unpleasant noises or discordant music. Theres a message to hurt yourself and others. Hearing the voice of Spirit is called clairaudience, or clear hearing.

Common Ways in Which You Hear Heavens Voice

Chances are excellent that youve heard your angels and other spiritual beings speak to you throughout your life. Have any of the following situations happened to you? Upon awakening, you hear your name called by a disembodied voice. Out of nowhere, you detect a strain of beautiful, celestial-sounding music. You hear a song repeatedly, either in your head or on the radio. Theres a loud, shrill ringing noise in one ear. You overhear a conversation in which a stranger says the exact thing that you need to hear. You just happen to turn on the television or radio at the precise moment when a relevant discussion is occurring. You hear a deceased loved ones voice in your mind, in a dream, or outside of your head. You pick up on a living loved ones call for help, and it turns out that he or she needed assistance just then. A telephone or doorbell ringsno one is there, but you can sense that your deceased loved one is trying to get your attention. A disembodied voice gives you a warning or a life-enhancing message. Youre looking for a lost item, your pray for assistance, and then you hear a voice tell you where to locate it.