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Introduction Of Dairy Farm Business Source of idea Company Profile Of Natural Milk Scope For Dairy Farming And Its National Importance Objectives Of Our NATURAL MILK Business Plan Mission PRODUCTION Department Finance Department Marketing Department SWOT Analysis Of Our Natural Milk Business Plan Conclusion

In the present era there is a wide market of dairy farm product and also very high demand of it. In our NATURAL MILK business plan we have to produce the milk with high fat and pure natural milk. And we should used the wastage and produce the electricity and save in the inventor. And we sell our milk to potential customer with reasonable price so we penetrate the market in local areas and also to sell supplier who produce various milk product. In our NATURAL MILK BUSINESS to simply analysis how to marketing our business and also to given our finance plans which area to expense or invest our finance. Our main motives are milk is essential element of human and want to be a strong supplier in the local market. In our NATURAL MILK BUSINESS plan only produce the natural milk and sell to

customer with better services to personally meet the customer.

Dairying is an important source of subsidiary income to small/marginal farmers and agricultural laborers. The manure from animals provides a good source of organic matter for improving soil fertility and crop yields. The goober gas from the dung is used as fuel for domestic purposes as also for running engines for drawing water from well. The surplus fodder and agricultural by-products are gainfully utilized for feeding the animals. Almost all draught power for farm operations and transportation is supplied by bullocks. Since agriculture is mostly seasonal, there is a possibility of finding employment throughout the year for many persons through dairy farming. Thus, dairy also provides employment throughout the year. The main beneficiaries of dairy programmers are small/marginal farmers and landless laborers.

Sources of idea
Our father main business is agriculture and 35 years ago they started a very small business of milk. He is providing milk to the urban people, in a first year only 3 liters is transform to the customer, they have providing a good qualitative milk so that now a day he is success in to the market. Our father idea is very good but they do not have enough capital or labor for expansion of the business. Our future planning is expansion of the business and creating new innovation in business like producing electricity.


Type Industry Founded at Phone no. Email id Founder(s)

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Private Dairy Farm Ishwariya ,Amreli, (02792)211203

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Ravi Vamja Bharat Vaghasiya Pradip Desai


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Amreli, Gujarat, India Ravi Vamja (Executive Chairman) Bharat Vaghasiya (CEO & MD)

Key people

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Scope for Dairy Farming and its National Importance

The total milk production in the country for the year 2008-09 was estimated at 108.5 million metric tons and the demand is expected to be 180 million tons by 2020. To achieve this demand annual growth rate in milk production has to be increased from the present 2.5 % to 5%. Thus, there is a tremendous scope/potential for increasing the milk production through profitable dairy farming.

Objectives of our NATURAL MILK business plan:

To produced milk at minimum cost with high fat. To satisfied customer need and wants for pure and qualitative milk. To Home delivery facility should be provided.

MISSION: To Maintain the Top Position In the local Milk Market. To provide maximum satisfaction to the customers.


A dairy farm production plan should address all relevant issue around land, building and equipment, feed and milk production, heard management expansion and constriction it will emphasize those areas most important to the dairy farm for the period being planned.


The renovation to milk house and parlous must meet current day milk industry regulation site aspect are very important sufficient land manure storage and water supply are all critical factors. Generally, substantial renovation may require updating facility to meet present day municipal and provincial codes.
The scheme should include information on land, livestock markets, availability of

water, feeds, fodder, veterinary aid, breeding facilities, marketing aspects, training facilities, experience of the farmer and the type of assistance available from State Government, dairy society/union/federation.

Loan from banks with refinance facility from NABARD is available for starting dairy farming.
For obtaining bank loan, the farmers should apply to the nearest branch of a commercial bank, regional rural bank or co-operative bank in their area in the prescribed application form which is available in the branches of financing banks.

Technology Horsepower Steam Engine:

Horsepower Steam Engine:

Close-up views of our steam engine parts

This steam engine is capable of putting out enough power to drive a 500-watt generator, depending on the pressure from your boiler. When the neighbors run out of gasoline and diesel fuel you will still have power from wood, trash, coal or whatever else is available.


Dairy cattle are milked by machine. Milking machine design and function is critical for rapid and efficient removal of milk without damage to the teat or gland and with minimal risk for transmitting pathogenic microorganisms that might cause mastitis. The only way for mastitis-causing organisms to enter the teat is through the streak canal. This is the same route by which milk leaves the gland, therefore, anytime that the streak canal is opened to remove milk the gland is susceptible to potential intramammary infection. Much of the recommended process of milking relates directly or indirectly to control and prevention of mastitis. The physical and functional interface between the teat and the machine are carefully designed to minimize the chances of intramammary infection occurring as a result of milking. Although the milking machine may only account for 5-10% of mastitis cases, proper milking machine function must be maintained over time. Incorrect vacuum or pulsator settings or worn teat cup liners all can enhance the role of the milking machine in contributing to intramammary infection.

Model Unit Cost and Economics of a 10 Buffalo Unit

A. Project Cost Cost of milch animals including transportation cost Cost of construction of shed for adult animals Cost of construction of shed for calves Cost of equipment Horsepower Steam Engine Milking machine Other expanses Total cost or say Margin Bank Loan Owner capital

Rs. : 4,50,000 : 5,00,000 : 3,00,000 : 47,000 15,000 1,38,000 : 14,50,000 : 16,00,000 15% : 12,32,500 6,00,000

B. Techno economic parameters Type of Animal No. of Animals Cost of Animal (Rs./animal) Transportation Cost/Animal Average Milk Yield (liter/day) Floor space (sqft) per adult animal No. of laborers Salary of laborer per month (Rs.) Cost of electricity and water/animal/year (Rs.) Selling price of milk/liter (Rs./kg) : Buffalo : 10 : 44000 : 1000 : 14 : 60 : 2 : 6000 : NILL : 46


particular Depreciation on machine salary Transportation Other expanses Animal food Net profit total

RS 6200

particular Milk sailing

RS 23,95,680

1,44,000 15,000 50,000 10,26,000 12,41,200

Wastage Sailing Electricity(appx.)

52,000 60,000

25,07,680 total


The marketing plan will review the 4ps of marketing: product, price, place and promotion helping to ensure that you have a mix of products (EG: milk components, breeding stock, calf rearing services) most desire by consumers or farm customer which you can sell profitably.

Dairy product marketing

Now day natural milk is not available in easily. We are producing and providing good qualitative milk in market. We want to sell milk to various parties like. Potential customer maul dairy

Through the dairy farm business plan not only producing milk but also to produce electricity. This electricity to use in our business and also sale from the market and generate an income. Behind of electricity we reduced cost of goods sold and earning high return to this business.

Political and legal

Our business plan is dairy farm, now a day government is helpful to the new entrepreneur; government should providing subsidy, loan, and infrastructure facility and so on.

We are deciding price of milk to the response of customer preference and competitor price, we are producing natural milk and our price is high compare to other milk supplier.


STRENGTH milk are pure and natural Used The Wastage And Produce The Electricity

Weakness: Low Availability Of Raw Milk Less Number Of Buffalos

OPPORTUNITIES: Milk is an essential commodity used by everyone. There is no strong supplier in the market.

THREATS: There Is Always A Possibly Of A Competitor Entering The Market.

Finally We Can Say The Dairy Farm Product Is Essential Used In The Human Life And Never Ended Of Milk Demand Also In Future To Increase The Demand Of Milk Because Day By Day To Increase The Price Of Milk Pouch But Also Increase The Demand. In Our Business Plan Produced The Qualitative Milk For The General Public. And Sell To Local Market And Also To Sole Customer. Our Business Plan Has Not A Large Scale So Never Capture The Whole Market Because Day By Day To Increase The Competitor In The Market And Various Kind Of Product Provide With Services. In our Business Also Produce Electricity By Using The Wastage Of Material With Biogas Plant. Finally We Can Say Our Business Plan Is Good For Small And Local Market And First Motive Is To Capture The Local Customer.