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David Kwon Mrs. Eicher Period 1 October 18, 2012 Chapter 3 Assignment Part 2 5.) a.

b.) The explanatory variable in this case will be the squeakiness level of t he shoes during the test and the response variable will be the scored that the s tudents receive on their tests. c.) What I would do in order to test the experiment whether or not the squea ky shoes had affected the students who take the test is to split the students in to two separate groups. One of the two groups will be exposed to the horrid sque akiness which many of students blamed for the failure of the test. The other gro up will be in an environment that is squeaky shoe free where they will be both t ake the same test the same day and time. The two groups will be organized by the last digits of their student ID #, 0-4 will be placed in the squeaky room to ta ke the test while, ID# s 5-9 will be placed in the quieter class to take the same te st. d.) When all of the students are done, I will make two piles of tests and I will grade each accordingly to see whether or not the squeaky shoes had any effe ct upon the group. If I see that there is a dramatic difference in the scores of the squeaky shoe room to the non-squeaky shoe room, it will prove that the sque aky shoes are the explanatory variable. e/f.) In order to make sure that there is no bias, I will make sure that all o f the students receive the same calculator and the same amount of sleep. Along w ith the regulated sleep schedule and specific calculator I also plan to make the students take three versions of the test. The classes will be split in groups o f twenties to limit any random errors as well. 6.) My protocol is not a double blind experiment because the teacher is the one who would be giving the test and the teacher knows what the true intention o f the experiment is. 7.) I think I will receive better results from using real subjects because t his test is to simulate real human mental capabilities in a very annoying situat ion. 8.) Yes it did because I will make each group take three versions of the tes t and this is important because it limits the random error and gives the experim ent clearer details as to if the squeaky shoes effected the students or not. 9.) I will not need the help of the IRB to conduct this experiment because t here are no hazards or human rights which can possibly be stripped from the stud ents. Also this is a mock exam so it does not affect the student s class grade. 10.) If my study shows that the squeaky shoes made the results of the tests e xtremely lower than that of the non-squeaky shoes, I will be able to generalize this conclusions, however many lurking variables can be applied to the results o f the tests and this may cause this experiment to be less logically credible. Ge nerally, the human race is extremely inconsistent and it is not safe to make gen eralizations with such a small amount of subjects.