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Assignment 1 ECE-354 Communication System II Part 1

1) A bandpass signal has a spectral range that extends from 20 to 82KHz. Find the acceptable range of sampling frequency Fs. 2) A bandpass signal has a center frequency fo and extends from fo-5 KHz to fo+5 KHz. The signal is sampled at a rate fs=25KHz. As the center frequency fo varies from fo= 5Khz to fo=50 kHz .find the ranges of fo for which the sampling rate is adequate. 3) Three signals m1,m2 and m3 are to be multiplexed .m1 and m2 have a 5KHz bandwidth , and m3 has a 10KHz bandwidth. Design a commutator switching system so that each signal is sampled at its nyquist rate.

Part 2
4) The input to a DM is m(t) = 0.01t. The DM operates at a sampling frequency of 20 Hz and has a step size of 2mV. Sketch the delta modulator output,(t), and m(t)tilde. 5) If the step size is S, the sampling frequency is fs and m(t) =Msinwt, explain what happens to m(t) tilde if 2M<S . This is called step-size limiting. 6) An analog signal m(t) has a probability density function F(x) =1-|x| for -1x1 The signal is applied to a quantizer with two quantization levels at 0.5 volts. Calculate the mean square quantization error.