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Arlen Spector Mark R.

Kravitz { U>2|c|<U }
Let us be clear. Everyone has their own beliefs independent of everyone else. To me, this is where the law comes in at. It is there, within the laws governing the common community that individual ideologies should submit. In this submission to the law, men and women no matter their personal views, people are Honorable, or accountable to something other than themselves. Having the opportunity to be in Philadelphia during one of Arlen Spectors campaign, I had a chance to opinion him as a political figure. Having had a case before Mark R. Kravits, I had the opportunity first hand to view his work. He hailed from Philadelphia, which to me is not laughing matter or coincidence. Both men are said to have battled health problems in their latter years. Both men had an opportunity to correct any misdeeds committed prior to their passing. I would describe Senator Spectors political background as neither here nor there. Not that he was independent from the law, he was non conforming to a political party. While Judge Kravitz was labeled as a conservative republican. This became more evident in his final years as he returned to the democratic party from which he started his career. As we can see the Judges conservative view in my case before the court. However, I never viewed either from their actions as someone who can be trusted so to speak, referring to the Warren Commission Report, and the Writ of Mandamus motion. It is this report that endeared him most of all to the republican party, and it is this report where it can be said, he made his bones. Likewise the conservative moniker regarding minorities and entitlements supports the republican views embodied by the other. Although not an attorney, but having researched the meaning of individual versus official capacity as it relates to public officials I became skeptical of Judge Kravitz bias beliefs. As I recount the suggestion made in his recommendation, it was taken as an attempt to influence the outcome of the case, in favor of the defendants in the case. Haven asked the question as to the different affects such a decision between individual and official capacity and its impact on a ruling, it became evident that the conservatism of the judge was the same embodied by the conservative views of those against the president in regards to his policy, and that is to decide against him no matter the issue before the congress. To me, republican conservatism as it has to do with African descendants equates to racism. It does not embrace the notion of equality. As mentioned before, the law should be the standard barer and not personal ideologies. In the instant case that was before the judge, the law is clear and concise. However, conservatives seldom if ever side with the African descendant, even if the law favors the African descendant. The prolonging of the issues, and to a certain extent not transferring my case for a quicker adjudication reflects the encumbrances that conservatism places before the ability for African descendants to gain equal treatment in this society. It wasnt until after the death of the judge that it was noted that he was not participating in civil procedures. This I find is a shortcoming of the justice system as a whole, and not simply a reflection

of one individual. However, this writing is about the ability of one to change, as Senator Spector did when he realized that the republicans were going to vote on every issue to ruin the presidency of the first modern day African descendant president, rather than voting in accordance with what is best for the country. In this aspect, I think the two former public officials differ. The turning away from an Agenda that one participates in rather than continuing to violate laws and conscience requires a great deal of courage and strength which is not a prerequisite of public appointments. I find that ones belief in creation has a place in the duty a person performs. Those that dont have the conscience of what creation is are not in fact suited for public servitude as conservatism is not about servitude it is about elitism. It is about the separation of one sect from the other and not the community of humanity as a whole. As it relates to the Connecticut public officials in Hartford, Connecticut that participate in this agenda driven politics versus that of community, I hope that the month of October has brought about a higher level of consciousness. One can never be too old to reconsider and change from the position ruin and destruction to one of healing. A public figure must most importantly learn to rely on both extrinsic and intrinsic values when deciding to perform duties surrendered to the laws of community. It is the same balance required in the equation that both of these souls are now subject to whether they believe so or not in their religious ideology. They are now subject to the equation, and so to one day will the Hartford Officials, always sooner than one hopes. The one thing about death, they cannot come back and tell you of wrongful misdeeds. The idea of war as in Iraq with Senator Spector or the destruction of lives, property and privileges referring to Judge Kravitz opinions relating to conservatism. It is all on the balance. Governor, Lt. Governor, Comptroller, Treasurer, State Senator, State Representative, Judge, Commissioner, Attorney, no matter, they will all be placed on the balance just as the mortality of mankind is a certainty. We are all a Fractal of creation. It is only a matter of whether you are the Light or the Dark, the continuum is just that, a voyage on the same plane. What is extraordinary is, how can man deny the truth that they are present? Is that presence not a creation? How can man deny the necessity to evolve into what should be in this process of life,? Those especially, believing in evolution, even if you consider that you evolved from eternity, death supplies the knowledge. You will evolve back to eternity. The equation requires such. So, no matter the adherence to the philosophy of creation or evolution, the balance will be met. So, meet it.