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SHRINIWAS KASHALIKAR The root cause of global recession is the overpowering dominance of petty and tu bular perspective over holistic perspective; in different fields. In other words ; mean selfishness has overpowered the holistic aspirations of global welfare. W e must appreciate that the very nature of petty perspective; is to enhance antag onism and suppress the holistic perspective that consolidates complementarity, i nclusive growth and harmony. This conflict is not new. But it has crossed the regional and national boundarie s and hence its impact has become global. How does petty perspective cause global recession? Petty perspective is born out of slavery of incessant inner cravings for physica l, monetary, political, cultural and other kinds of supremacy and control; beyon d physiological needs. It results in unscrupulous pursuits towards gratification of these cravings. Thus the industrialists prefer to nurture, encourage, enhance and promote such b asal and morbid cravings and thrive on them by producing in excess and selling; weapons of mass destruction, cosmetics, sexual stimulants; and so on. The politi cal leaders prefer to encourage such industries and we due to our obliviousness of the reality; prefer to support such political leaders. If we take the example of medical business; it excessively emphasizes on individ ual fitness (as against holistic health) profitable to sell their products in th e form tonics, exorbitant spas, so called fitness clubs and so on. The political leaders obsessed with petty gains encourage this in exchange for party funds an d bribe. The medical experts drowned in petty pursuits support such industries f avoring the hegemony of respective different systems of medicine (as against hol istic medicine). We; due to our own pettiness support such industries and polici es. As a result of this; the economic activities in different fields of life revolve around the petty perspective and lead to exorbitant growth of utilities and ser vices for the benefit of few! Thus in poor countries also we find; markets of je welry, five star and seven star hotels and hospitals, unproductive glamour, wast eful glitter, petty luxuriousness and vulgar yet expensive entertainment. These economic activities make few of us rich, glamorous, arrogant, but hollow, weak and sick. As a result of petty perspective these few are glorified by most major players of mass communication and most of us worship such petty achievemen ts! But since a majority of us do not have money to avail these five star services; the sale begins to fall. Then the rabid competition begins. This is often called free market economy, free competition etc. This involves frantic and unscrupulo us efforts to market these useless and/or counterproductive commodities and serv ices, through mutually exploitative ways of promotion; involving colossal waste! The sickeningly rich amidst us; sustain the sale of such commodities and service s for some time. In fact the economy appears to be strong and booming; due to th e show; of glamour and glitter! But soon these industries begin to slow down due to lack of customers. They are still sustained by the political leadership thro ugh loans, subsidies and waving of loans. In other words; public funds are pumpe d in these dying ventures and most of us; tax payers; are further throttled! The sham industrial growth due to its petty perspective and mutually antagonisti c and wasteful activities; and throttling deprivation of billions of us, whose b uying power gets desiccated/atrophied; races towards decay! The industrial profi ts begin to fall and the share prices plunge. Since the money pumped in these businesses, whether by governments or investors , is essentially our money (which would have been potentially useful for the global development); we the common people all over the world suffer maximum, the invest ors with buffering power suffer less and the business houses with much greater b uffering power; suffer least; as the loans are often waved!! Many of us suffer miserably and try to find solutions through movements against exploitation and corruption; but it can succeed only if we internalize holistic perspective, which embodies sublimation of inner cravings in realizing complemen

tarity, inclusive growth and harmony; i.e. holistic renaissance. How can this be done? 1. The children have to be introduced to the measures of inner blossoming (to ev olve holistic perspective and realize holistic renaissance); such as hymns, pray ers, jikra and NAMASMARAN; right from the beginning. 2. The productive domain must be nurtured and the epidemic of wasteful learning of unproductive activities leading to scarcity of jobs and subsequent evils should be eradicated on war footing urgently and seriously. 3. The concept and practice of holistic medicine has to be evolved. 4. The concept of holistic health has to be evolved and practiced in all the fie lds of life; so as to make them complementary and synergistic and NOT petty, mut ually antagonistic and detrimental to the mankind. Thus; the industrial, agricul tural, horticultural and other productions and services; must subserve the fulfi llment of physiological needs of all; and not the morbid interests, whims and fa ncies of few. 5. The further details however; can be worked out and evolved by the experts wit h holistic perspective in the different fields.