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Freedom of the press cannot be limited without being lost.

Thomas Jefferson
Thursday, August 30, 2012 Published every Thursday in Danish, Swedish, English and German English edition


Denmarks tight immigration policies have had no effect, Sweden close to 600,000 Muslims
As practically all Muslims have Muslim first names, it is a simple albeit lengthy operation to count the number of Muslim males and, with the assumption that there is an equal BY INGRID CARLQVIST AND number of Muslim females, one may calcuLARS HEDEGAARD late the total Muslim population. This is the method by which Dispatch has Despite the fact that Muslims tend to exhib- reached its figures. it behavior that clearly distinguishes them When there has been doubt whether a from both the European host populations name is Muslim, we have not taken it into and other immigrant groups, there are no account. In addition, a number of Swedes official figures to indicate how many Mus- and Danes have converted to Islam. In many lims live in Sweden and Denmark. Danes cases converts have exchanged their Nordic and Swedes have had to rely on wildly di- names for Muslim ones, but not always. verging estimates because the authorities These factors explain why Dispatch oprefuse to publish statistics on religion or erates with a statistical uncertainty. As a culture. result we may have underestimated the In Denmark estimates ranging from number of Muslims that can be identified 200,000 to through a name 700,000 have been count, but probcirculated. ably not by more Dispatch is now The number of Muslims in than 20,000 able to reveal the Sweden is undoubtedly higher in Sweden and true figures based than indicated by Dispatch 10,000 in Denon our own reInternationals count. mark. search: 574,000 It goes without Muslims in Sweden saying that Disand 256,000 in Denmark. The statistical patchs survey does not include people that uncertainty is roughly +/- 20,000 in Swe- are here illegally. den and +/- 10,000 in Denmark. In the case of Sweden, we have only done This means that Muslims make up 6.05% name counts for 1998 and 2011. For Denof Swedens population and 4.59% of Den- mark, Lars Hedegaard has calculated the marks. figures relating to 1998, 2004, 2008 and In 1998 there were 284,000 Muslims in 2012. The Danish figures are as of January Sweden and they made up 3.21% of the to- 1 whereas the Swedish ones relate to Detal population. In other words, the number cember 31, 1998 and 2011. of Muslims has roughly doubled over the Our calculations reveal an interesting period 1998-2011. development. Between 1998 and 2004, During the same period, Muslim immi- Denmarks Muslim population grew by an gration and natural increase among Swed- average of 4.26% a year. During the period ish Muslims have accounted for slightly 2004-2008, the average yearly growth deover 41% of Swedens total population creased slightly to 3.52%. growth. After 2008 this trend has been reversed The Muslim share of Denmarks total and the yearly growth is now higher than at population growth 1998-2012 is markedly any time since 1998, namely 4.29% lower and accounts for a bit over 33% This reversal has taken place while DenIn 1998 Denmarks Muslim population marks former center-right government was was 153,000 and made up 2.88% of the in power with the parliamentary support total population. of the immigration-critical Danish Peoples As mentioned, neither Statistics Den- Party. This government was heavily critimark nor its Swedish equivalent, Statistiska cized for being xenophobic and IslamoCentralbyrn, keep records of how many phobic due to its supposedly restrictive Muslims live in the two countries. They do, immigration policies. But the actual figures however, register how many people bear show that the center-right governments that particular first names. were in power from 2001 till 2011 hardly By January 1, 2012, e.g., 50,697 Danish made a dent in the Muslim growth rate. men and boys were named Jens and 43,258 Over the entire period 1998-2012, the avwere called Henrik. Ali was a name shared erage yearly increase in Denmarks Muslim by 3,776 and Mohammad by 3,717. It population was 4.27% whereas Sweden, should be kept in mind that the bearers of with its much more welcoming immigravariations on the Mohammad name such tion policy, experienced an average growth as Muhamad, Ahmed and Mahmoud are rate of 7.85% registered separately. There are several indications that the Swedens name statistic follows roughly Muslim growth rate is set to rise in both the same principle when it comes to name Denmark and Sweden. As one of its first registration as Statistics Danmark. There actions the Social Democratic-led governis, however, a difference in that Sweden ment that came to power in 2011 reversed does not register names of persons that some of the restrictions on immigration imintend to stay less than 12 months in the posed by the former cabinet. country nor the names of asylum seekers As for Sweden, the immigration authoriwhile their application is being processed. ties (Migrationsverket) estimate an influx For this reason the number of Muslims in of 174,500 new immigrants over the comSweden is undoubtedly higher than indicat- ing two years. ed by Dispatch Internationals count. Most of these arrivals will probably be The two most popular Swedish names Muslims, as the largest groups of immiregistered by December 31, 2011 were Lars grants are likely to come from Somalia and (98,435 persons) and Anders (81,562). The Afghanistan. most common Muslim names were Ali (9,062) and Mohamed (5,056). Additional research: Roger Sahlstrm

In both Sweden and Denmark the Muslim share of the population grows much faster than the total population. Photo: Steen Raaschou

Left extremism: The sure way to get ahead in Denmark

Chief of Danish Security Police labels Che Guevara a revolutionary hero BY KIM MLLER
AARHUS. Henrik Sass Larsens remarks on Monday July 9 came as a shock even to Denmarks right-of-center newspaper readers. On that day no less than the leader of the governing Social Democratic partys parliamentary group, which is what Henrik Sass Larsen is, castigated the Unity List, the farleft party that constitutes part of the Social Democratic governments parliamentary base, as an extremist, left-wing party that wants a classless, communist society. Of course, Mr Sass Larsen had his reasons. The Unity List had just threatened not to vote for the annual budget later in the year, which would bring the government down. It was time to give these troublesome allies their comeuppance and something else to worry about. And his tactics succeeded brilliantly. All of sudden the mainstream Continued on p. 2

UN Climate Panel in big trouble

World temperature stable despite CO2 BY OLE HUMLUM
OSLO. It is a paradox: We are constantly bombarded with frightening reports on rising world temperatures due to our use of fossil fuels. Nevertheless, the news that the world has not been heating up for the past 10-15 years is received with incredulity and dismay. One would have expected this piece of information to be welcome. The explanation is that climate research is ruled by political considerations, amply assisted by many scientists, bureaucrats and journalists. In the past, scientists and universities could rely on public gratitude because of the new knowledge they provided. Think of what Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein did for physics, or think of penicillin. Societys reward for the scientists was to give them a free hand in choosing new research in directions they themselves decided. Society acted out of an assurance that pure research would inevitably produce new knowledge, some of which would be of immediate practical use. Continued on p. 5

Israel stronger than ever

Surrounded by enemies and constantly reviled many believe that Israel is on its hind legs. But the little superpower has a few aces up its sleeve: a strong economy, a growing population and vast oil deposits. Davis Gress concludes that the Arab ability to wage war on the Jewish State is slipping away. Given the disruptions caused by Islamist movements, Israel will be the Middle Easts only power in just a few decades. Page 6
Photo: Pete Souza

Muhammad the vanishing warlord

Islamic texts portray their prophet as a feared warlord who brought the entire Arabian Peninsula under his heel. Amazingly, there is zero contemporary evidence that Muhammad ever existed. Not a single coin, not one inscription. According to Dutch professor Hans Jansen, the historical facts surrounding Islams prophet are more uncertain than ever. Page 8

So who is Obama really?

45% of Americans dont believe or doubt that their president was born in the U.S. The media have suppressed the news of Barack Obamas forged birth certificate, nevertheless the story is making headway among ordinary Americans. From Washington, Diana West recounts the Obama mystery. Page 5

Swedes have had enough

The inhabitants of Grums in Sweden are fed up with anti-Swedish discrimination. When the municipality decided to evict Swedish families from their homes to make room for asylum seekers, they took to the streets. Protest organizers are planning for a countrywide protest movement. Page 2

Denmarks rotten economy

Denmark has fallen asleep and its economy is doing worse than in any other country it likes to compare itself to. With time Danes will become relatively poorer. Torben Mark Pedersen draws a grim picture. Page 3

The newspaper you are holding in your hand or reading on your screen is a test issue. We believe the time is ripe indeed overdue for a real newspaper that tells it like it is. For far too long, citizens in many parts of the Western World have had to make do with media that treat the public like naughty children who have to be brought up, manipulated and molded to meet the expectations of a politically correct elite. We are fast approaching a nightmare where people who insist on their right to get the real news and form their own opinions are persecuted for what George Orwell labeled thoughtcrime. Help us fight back. You can do it by taking out a subscription to our weekly Dispatch International that will begin regular publication on January 3, 2013. Click on to our website, www.dispatch-international. com, and get Dispatch International in the language of your choice. Our website also gives you the details on how you can invest in our new venture by buying one or more of our Honest Press Certificates. The sale of these certificates is aimed to ensure that we have sufficient capital to put out the kind of quality newspaper that is more needed than ever. The press was supposed to act as an independent eye on the legislative, judicial and executive powers but has in fact become a part of the ruling elite. It no longer considers it its duty to criticize or expose the lies and crimes of this elite, given that so doing would also expose its own. One survey after another shows that the vast majority of Western journalists suffer from politically correct groupthink, a set of attitudes and beliefs that dictate their approach to their work. Vast swathes of reality are brushed under the carpet because the mainstream media consider them antithetical to the multiculturalist, cultural relativist, green and anti-Judean-Christian ideologies they strive to impose on the public. This cannot be allowed to stand. Our test issue is published as both an epaper and a print paper in Danish, Swedish and English and as an e-paper in German. More languages will be added as the clamor rises. It is our intention to publish Dispatch International as a regular print paper, for which we believe there is still a market. If the response to our test issue and what we shall be publishing on our website during the rest of 2012 proves us wrong, we will go for a fully laid-out and easy to read electronic paper. Our Chief Editors are Ingrid Carlqvist, former News Editor of the Swedish daily Kvllsposten, and Lars Hedegaard, former Editor-in-Chief of the Copenhagen daily Information. Ingrid is Chair of the Swedish Free Press Society and Lars of the Danish Free Press Society. Together with free speech advocate and Board Member of the International Free Press Society Bjorn Larsen, we have set up a company that is protected from outside pressure and any attempt at a hostile take-over. We can neither be bought, nor will we be dependent on public subsidies or advertising income. Until now, we and our fellow fighters for the cause have devoted most of our efforts to the defense of free speech. Now is the time to go one step further and start speaking freely. Dispatch International, then, will in no way be the mouthpiece of elites. It is your paper. We have no other purpose than to keep you informed of all the news. Not just the news that the mainstream media deem fit to print, but rather all the news that is vitally important to print but rarely is. Let us make this a success.

Immigrants behind 78% of Swedish rapes
Swedens frequency of reported rapes is the next highest in the world. The usual explanation is that a change in the law dating from 2005 expanded the definition of rape and that women are increasingly willing to report such crimes. The most controversial explanation, however, is immigration. Two surveys carried out in 1996 and 2005 indicated that immigrants were already overrepresented back in the 1980s, i.e., before the law was changed. 61% of rape suspects were of foreign extraction. A new survey was done in 2005 but results were covered up and it has not been repeated. Based on the 1996 and the 2005 figures, Affes Statistics Blog has estimated the current rape frequency of immigrants (see figure). It shows that out of 6,532 reported rapes last year, men with a foreign background are likely to have committed 78% or 5,070 rapes.

Freedom of the press cannot be limited without being lost. Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Swedes tired of discrimination

The Grums rebellion steams ahead; organizers look forward to nationwide upsurge BY BIRGER SILFVERSTRHM
GRUMS. For the first time in known history, Swedes have taken to the streets to protest against positive special treatment of immigrants. In the small community of Grums in rural Sweden, 80 people recently dared show their anger towards the local authorities favoring of so-called unaccompanied refugee children. We hope this is the start of a new grass roots-movement, says Victoria Wrmler, organizer of the protest. On this Saturday in July, the people of Grums defied their fear of being called racist and took to the streets to demonstrate. One sign read: Discrimination = segregation. The protest was directed at the dictatorial ways in which local politicians operate. What broke the camels back was the decision to forcibly move tenants and turn their apartments into refugee lodgings. One family had lived in the same apartment for 43 years when they got the call telling them they had to move. This is yet more proof that the local politicians consider their own constituents second- rate citizens, says Victoria Wrmler. We wont stand for this anymore. Weve been quiet for too long, for fear of being called racist. Some 80 people protested against the discrimination of Swedes in Grums. Organizers hope this is a budding grass roots movement. At 2 pm about 80 people kids, adults and Photo: Birger Silfverstrhm elderly assembled at the village hotel. Most were locals, but some had driven hundreds With home-made signs and catch words, Victoria Wrmler hoped the demonstra- in the community. Because one staff perof miles to participate. A large police force the march moved towards the Grums mu- tion would give more Swedes the courage son per refugee is required, this hospitality was also present, nicipality build- to protest. Grums municipality is so short costs the tax-paying citizen a great deal. since the leftist radiShe asked if all people of Grums ing, where Ve- of money that local politicians have closed And it was to make room for these refucal organization Anwere of equal worth, and answered ronica Eklund schools, forcing kids to be bussed around gees that families were forced out. tifascistisk Aktion her own question with a no. made a speech. and severely cutting funds for the care of the A lot of us feel that the politicians are (Anti Fascist Action, She asked if all elderly. forgetting their own children to benefit the or Antifa) had threatened to show up. people of Grums were of equal worth, In spite of this, politicians invite unac- refugee children. But as soon as you ask That, however, turned out to be an empty and answered her own question with a companied refugee children in reality of- questions about priorities, you are labeled threat. no. ten young men 18-20 years of age to live a racist. Thats how they shut the debate up they always use the same method, says Victoria Wrmler. Grums, which is governed by the Social Democrats, is gripped by fear of offending politicians and of the political correctness they represent, says Wrmler. She should know. After being elected for office to serve the immigration-critical party Sverigedemokraterna (Sweden Democrats), work dried up. Her values were not consistent with workplace ethics, she was told. I keep protesting, but a lot of people are afraid to speak their minds and tell us that todays demonstration was labeled right wing radical. Despite the fact that there were participants from diverse political camps. The eviction of Swedish families led to a wave of protests 128 letters and e-mails were sent to local politicians. In the media, the politicians stated that these were all hateful and racist comments. After reviewing the letters, Victoria Wrmler discovered that this was quite an exaggeration. Out of the 128 letters, four could be described as racist or xenophobic. The local government also forgot to mention a letter from the refugee children stating that they did not want to move in at the expense of Swedes being evicted from their homes. According to Victoria Wrmler, Grums is far from the only municipality in Sweden where politicians refuse to listen to their constituents. After the protest was announced on Facebook, she received encouragement from several other regions where people wish to protest. We hope this is the start of a new grassroots movement where we can help each other all across the country. Very few people dare defy the politicians in their own community, so well quite simply trade demonstrators with each other. When there are enough of us, theyll have to listen and they cant hurt us like they do today.

Rapes, incl. aggravated, 2011

Distribution of 6532 reported cases Estimated from over-representation 1985-1989 and 1997-2001*

6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0 1462 22,4%

Swedish background




3752 665

Foreign background**

Not in national register Over-representation Normal distribution***

* Br Report 1996:2 & 2005:17 ** Foreign born, born in Sweden with at least one parent born abroad, not in national register ***Proportion of criminality if people with a foreign background had not been over-represented

More information here: www.dispatch-international.com


Man of surprises
Kristian Thulesen Dahl, who is expected to be elected Chairman of the Danish Peoples Party at its annual convention on September 15-16, is normally regarded as a somewhat dry and highly competent numbers cruncher something that friends and foes alike have learned at their cost. But according to highly placed sources in the party, we are up for a surprise once the new Chairman has settled in. They tell Dispatch that Mr Dahl is as focused on moral and cultural issues as was his predecessor, Pia Kjrsgaard. Issues such as Islam, Danish values, immigration and EU-policy will be high on his agenda. How he will manage to combine his EU skepticism with the party leaderships long-held wish to join a government after the next election is quite another matter.


media started reading the Unity Lists party platform and there it was: revolution, an end to private property, dissolution of the armed forces and the police and much more. The reason nobody had noticed what the governments bedfellows had been up to was that since its start in 1989, the Unity List has enjoyed a free ride in the Danish media. That is no coincidence. Many members of the Danish elite used to belong to the far left and dont want any discussion of socialism or communism. Nor will they listen to any talk that there may be anything wrong with the far left, where they themselves have their origin. Three ministers in the Danish government have a Communist past. Best known among them is Minister for Business and Growth Ole Sohn, who was Chairman of the Danish Communist Party from 1987 to 1991 before joining the Socialist Peoples Party. The SPP is now a part of Denmarks Social Democrat-led coalition government. The Minister of Culture is Uffe Elbk, who represents the Social-Liberal partner in the governing coalition. He used to be a member of the Communist Party youth organization and other far-left groups. Even Denmarks Social Democratic Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt used to be associated with Communist causes. In her youth she subscribed to the Communist Party daily and at various elections she voted for Communist or Left Socialist parties. In all probability she was still a Communist at the time the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. She was almost 23 at the time. A great many Danish journalists also have a past or in some cases a present on the extreme left. Earlier this year a Norwegian poll of Danish journalism students indicated that the Unity List and the Social-Liberals, which between them hold 29 out of Parliaments 179 seats, could almost form a government if the budding journalists were to decide the legislatures composition. As his first action after taking office, Minister of Foreign Affairs Villy Svndal hired Thomas Shl Srensen as his personal adviser. Mr Srensen writes the Foreign Ministers speeches and, as rumors will have it, the two enjoy a farther-son relationship. Mr Shl Srensen was active during the riots in the Nrrebro district of Copenhagen following the Danish referendum on the EUs Maastricht Treaty on May 18, 1993. Leading the rioters was the openly militant and violent Anti-Fascist Action (AFA) and, as planned, the outcome was widespread street battles. Srensen was arrested on suspicion of throwing rocks. At the time Mr Srensen was active in the revolutionary youth organization Rebel, which was dissolved in 2001 and replaced by the Socialist Youth Front, the Unity Lists unofficial youth organization. Before he teamed up with the Foreign Minister, he had a career as a journalist working for among others Radio Denmark, a media outlet that every Dane who owns a radio, a TV set or a computer is forced to subscribe to and thus pay for. During the 1990s Mr Srensen wrote for Rebels magazine Muldvarpen (The Mole). He was the editor of several issues and the leader of a so-called propaganda group. Pelle Dragsted is another successful extremist on the far left and the ideologue behind the Unity Lists front figure, Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen. For a number of years he was a centrally placed member of Anti-Fascist Action. However, the Danish asylum policy has always been at the center of his political activities, and several times the asylum center at Sandholm north of Copenhagen has been the target of illegal actions. Back in 2002 this happened under the auspices of Globale Rdder (Global Toughs), which was in reality a mediafriendly sidekick of AFA. The adjacent photo shows Pelle Dragsted together with, among others, the left extremist Lars Grenaa. A few months after the picture was taken, Lars Grenaa participated in an assault on then-Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen. It took place inside the Parliament building, Christiansborg Castle, to which Lars Grenaa said that he had gained access through the aid of the Unity Lists then-crown princess, Pernille RosenkrantzTheil. Subsequently she refused to distance herself from the attack. Upon her exit from Parliament due to the Unity Lists eight-year term limit for its elected members, she changed over to the Social Democratic party, and during the parliamentary election in 2011 she became her new partys vote-getter on the island of Funen. Back in 1997 she took part in an AFA bus trip to Amsterdam and was awarded a compensation for unlawful arrest. She gave half of the money to AFA. The revolutionary ideals of these young and not so young people gain support from unexpected quarters. No less than Jakob Scharf, the Chief of Denmarks Security and Intelligence Service (a department of the national police usually abbreviated PET), considers the Stalinist henchman Che Guevara a revolutionary hero with fundamentally correct ideals. He made these remarks on July 19, 2012 during a radio program on Radio Denmarks P1. At the request of the PET Chief, the radio host played a tribute Hasta Siempre, Comandante a song dedicated to Che Guevara, who was put in command of La Cabana prison after the victory of the Cuban Revolution in 1959. As prison commander he ordered the summary execution of hundreds of prisoners. (Read Alvaro Vargas Llosas The Killing Machine in The New Republic, July 11, 2005.) This is a song that means something to me, said Jakob Scharf. And it is also a song that to me symbolizes some things that are really important. It is important to have ideals about how you can ensure a society based on freedom, equality and justice. And it is important to work for those ideals. Mr Scharf had to admit that, unfortunately, the Cuban Revolution had not quite developed as one might have hoped. Nevertheless there was nothing wrong with its ideals. When one of Denmarks few real Nazis puts a swastika sticker on a public building, the media will report that right-wing extremism is a problem for the entire political right. If a revolutionary proudly displays a hammer and sickle, that will not reach the media unless firebombs are found. But even in that case, the media will only characterize the perpetrators as activists who have gone a bit too far. When a supposed right-winger glued a sticker with Kurt Westergaards drawing of Muhammad onto the facade of a local newspaper in the provincial town of Herning last year, the police conducted a DNAtest at the crime scene.

Global Toughs occupy Sandholm asylum center, September 12, 2002. On the far right: Pelle Dragsted; to his left: Nikolai Heltoft and Thomas Bugge. Dragsted, Heltoft and Bugge later found employment with the Unity List. Directly in front of Dragsted: Lars Grenaa.
Photo: Johnny Frederiksen/POLFOTO

JULY 23rd , 2012

Wilders is coming to Malmo

Geert Wilders, the leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom, PVV, will be coming to Sweden this fall following an invitation from the Swedish Free Press Society. He has never before visited Sweden. Wilders gained fame as a hard-hitting challenger of Dutch Islamists and he has often compared Islam with Nazism. He has equated the Koran with Mein Kampf and wants to ban the sale of Islams holy book because it is Fascist and encourages hate and murder. Pronouncements such as this led to his indictment and prosecution for racism and hate speech but the court eventually acquitted him in the summer of 2011. His appearance in Malmo is scheduled for October 27. Time and placed will be announced later. For more information: www.tryckfrihet.com

Dear King, allow me the privilege during these days ambiance of religious receptivity and tolerance to present to Your Majesty this invitation for Dialogue Proceeding from the agreement with the Republic of Austria and the Kingdom of Spain which pronounced Your Majestys commitment to the freedom of religion in establishing the King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz center for dialogue. I invite you, Your Majesty to come by and sit at the Dialogue Table to discuss building the first Church in Saudi Arabia. I am inviting you for this Dialogue at the center that is built upon your own initiative. I invite you for this Dialogue on the neutral ground of Vienna. To prepare this event at the center I will deposit a formal request with the Austrian embassy in Riyadh to be delivered to judge Claudia Bandion-Ortner, deputy secretary general of the center, to set the date on Monday the 26 of November 2012 the opening day of the center. I hope that this invitation for a historic Dialogue will be accepted by Your Majesty. Joseph ALORAYNI Saudi citizen, Passport No. G732159

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Freedom of the press cannot be limited without being lost. Thomas Jefferson


Swedens constitution changed in secret

Swedish politicians dont take their constitution seriously, says Professor Bo Rothstein
about during the electoral campaign. However, in September 2010 a new party that was opposed to the new constitution entered Parliament. BY INGRID CARLQVIST With just 20 out of Parliaments 349 seats, the Sweden Democrats had no way In November 2010 the Swedish constitu- of stopping the constitutional revision. tion was changed. Without people know- The partys member of the Constitutioning about it, the legislature ganged up to al Committee, Jonas kerlund, refused pass new wording that will prevent Swe- to support the proposal, primarily due den from leaving the European Union to the EU membership that would now without violating its own constitution. be inscribed. In his dissenting opinion he The constitutional revision also guaran- wrote: The EUs detailed interference tees that all ethnic groups have the right and its demands for uniformity constito keep and develop their own culture tute a threat to our countrys cultural and social identity. character. He This means that also pointed out Sweden is no longer An Afghan citizen may be that the Union is Swedish but mul- appointed commander-in-chief developing into ticultural some- while Sweden has combat troops in a superstate that thing that would Afghanistan. will undermine the require many years ability of Swedes to change. to influence their own lives. There are good reasons why is must be Swedens Green Party, which has long difficult to change a constitution; other- advocated the countrys exit from the EU, wise, politicians might make strange deci- expressed no reservations. The only worry sions based on fleeting emotions. In both Green MP Peter Ericsson mentioned was Denmark and Sweden changes to the con- the lack of interest among the media. Annstitution require two votes in parliament Marie Plsson from the Moderates agreed. with an election in between. In Denmark, To an almost empty Parliament she made however, there must also be a referendum, this comment: and if the voters say no, there will be no Madam Chairman, today as Parliament change. debates Swedish democracy, the chamber is In Sweden there may be a referendum if empty. I share Peter Erikssons frustration at least one tenth of MPs demand it and at at this fact. How may we interpret this? Is least one third of the parliamentarians vote there no interest? Do the members of this for it. But as all seven parties represented in Parliament not think that Swedish democParliament were agreed, there was no de- racy should concern them? That it is somemand for a referendum. thing the party elites alone should decide? If it had come to a referendum, the poli- Or should we conclude that MPs consider ticians might have risked a serious setback Swedish democracy to be so complete that because such referendums are the final it no longer merits debate? I dont know, word as opposed to other plebiscites, which I can only observe that the issue appears to are only advisory. have a low priority here in the heart of our The Swedish people were completely una- democracy. ware that in June 2010, Parliament passed On November 24, 2010, by 308 votes to the most massive changes to the constitu- 20 (all MPs from the Sweden Democrats) tion since 1974. Nothing was said about it the Swedish Parliament decided, among in the Swedish media and it wasnt talked other things: One only needs to have been a Swedish citizen for a few weeks to become a government minister. Before the revision it required ten years citizenship The old rule that only Swedish citizens may become supreme commander of the Swedish armed forces is now revoked. An Afghan citizen may be appointed chief of the military at the same time as Sweden has combat troops in Afghanistan. Sweden can no longer leave the EU no matter if the Union is taken over by Nazis or Islamists. Previously it was at least theoretically possible to leave. Nobody who has acquired Swedish citizenship can ever lose it regardless of what terrorist acts he may have committed. Previously Swedish citizenship could be revoked if a person had dual citizenship. It now requires 10% of a municipalitys inhabitants to hold a referendum before it was 5%. One man who is not surprised at the constitutional changes and the way they were passed is political science professor Bo Rothstein from Gothenburg University. As opposed to countries such as the United States, Germany, Denmark and Norway, where the constitution plays an important role, he doesnt think that it has ever been taken seriously in Sweden. One example is that Sweden became a democracy when it still had an anti-democratic constitution. When Sweden introduced general suffrage in the beginning of the twentieth century, its 1809 constitution still stated that the King alone owns and rules the Realm. That was not changed until 1974. Bo Rothstein thinks that we should have had a comprehensive debate on the changes to our constitution, but he is not overly worried: Nobody takes the constitution seriously. The politicians consider it a set of house rules for the politically active.

Allah is great in Copenhagens central square. Photo: Lars Helsinghof Bk/Scanpix

Sharia is already here

You cant combine sharia with democracy its either-or, says Islamic spokesman BY INGEBORG OLSSON
STOCKHOLM. In Iran homosexuals are sentenced to death. In Saudi Arabia thieves get their hands chopped off. In Nigeria adulterous women are stoned to death. All in accordance with Sharia law. But Sharia is also practiced here. In Copenhagen, non-Muslims flee neighborhoods where theyre threatened by selfappointed Sharia police. And in the Swedish parliament sits Somali-born Abdirizak Waberi, who has stated in interviews that he dreams of implementing Sharia law in the country that has given him asylum. Conservative MP Waberi has since been forced to recant and apologize, explaining he didnt mean what he said. But in other European countries, where the Muslim population is larger than in Sweden and Denmark, Muslim leaders are not ashamed to demand Sharia and an end to democracy. The demands for judicial independence for Muslims come from the very highest authority. Muslim Brotherhood chief ideologist Yusuf al-Qaradawi has stated that all Muslims should strive to build up their own communities and refuse to be integrated, lest they melt like salt in water. A common misconception in the West is that Sharia has to exist as written law to make Muslims abide by it. Sharia is not for men to implement and enforce, it has been implemented by God and to disregard it is blasphemy. Good Muslims always follow Sharia law and impose penalties accordingly as long as the authorities in the country they live in allow it. Hence, we have no stonings in the West, but every day thousands of decisions regarding divorce, custody of children and inheritance are made. Somali writer and ex-Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali explains: When it comes to Islamic law, the administration of justice is in the hands of each individual Muslim. It is every Muslims duty to promote virtue and prohibit vice. A person who loses faith, the worst possible sin for a Muslim, should be punished by death. The punishment doesnt have to be executed by a government, but can be carried out by any Muslim. (My view of Islam, American Enterprise Institute, 2007.) Groups such as Sharia4Belgium and Sharia4Holland make no secret of their desires. In a story recently aired on the TV channel Russia Today, Abu Qasim, leader of Sharia4Holland, says: Democracy and Sharia are incompatible. Its either one or the other. Abu Qasim is of Moroccan descent, but born and raised in the Netherlands. He speaks Dutch and English fluently, but wants nothing to do with the traditions of the country where he grew up. He follows the Koran to the letter and likes to pray in city streets, something he also regards an action of protest against non-Muslims. That Sharia is incompatible with democracy is a conclusion also drawn by the Center for Security Policy, an American think tank. Their report Sharia: The Threat to America, written in 2010, is an extensive document compiled from conclusions by former heads of intelligence, Army and U.S. Attorneys office. The main thesis is that terror is not the greatest threat against Western democracy Sharia is. The goal for terrorists and so-called moderate Islamists alike, however, is to replace democratic constitutions with Islamist theology and Sharia law. A totalitarian project in complete opposition to democratic ideals. In Sweden and Denmark its still unusual for Muslims to make demands for Sharia. In 2003, the veil-wearing lawyer Cherin Awad revealed on Swedish public television that she wanted to implement Sharia and was positive towards the concept of stoning women, causing quite a stir. This is her explanation for why adulterous women should be stoned to death: Punishment is harsh because God shows us that it is totally abominable to act in this way. Stoning, the death penalty and dismemberment are not met with enthusiasm by Western politicians, but many of them are positively inclined to the concept of Muslims handling their own custody battles and inheritance disputes. And while Western courts traditionally favor the mother in custody matters, Sharia as a rule always awards custody to the father. A womans testimony is only worth half that of a mans within Sharia, since women are ruled by emotion. The situation regarding Sharia in a handful of European countries: Greece has had federal Sharia courts ever since the peace treaty with the Turks in 1923, a system concerning some 100000 Muslims in the region of Trachea. Amongst other things, men have been allowed multiple wives and women asking for divorce have been forced to compensate their husbands financially. The system was discarded in 2011. England has gone the opposite way. In 2008, the possibility for Muslims to decide civil cases in Sharia court was opened up. Already there are about 90 Sharia courts, and they are allowed to decide family and business disputes in an advisory capacity. The sentences, however, have legitimate status among Muslims in the West as well as in their native country. A woman granted a divorce in a British court, but not according to Sharia, is therefore still regarded as married among Muslims and cannot remarry. The organization One Law For All, campaigning against all religious special laws, calls it a scandal that a modern Western society would allow Sharia courts. Especially troublesome, they feel, is the fact that these courts allow marriage for girls as young as nine years of age. Belgium has had a Sharia court in Antwerp since 2011. The radical Muslim group Sharia4Belgium want to create a nationwide parallel Islamic judicial system. It is their expressed goal to prevent Muslims from integrating into Belgian society. In The Netherlands, Sharia4Holland campaign very visibly to replace secular laws with Sharia, which they consider a better option than the corrupt law instituted by man. The leader of the Freedom Party, PVV, Geert Wilders, has seriously challenged the countrys Muslims. He was prosecuted for drawing parallels between the Koran and Mein Kampf, but was ultimately cleared of all charges in 2011. The leader of Sharia4Holland, Abu Qasim, was arrested in May after threatening to kill Wilders as soon as The Netherlands become an Islamic state, and urging him to think about film maker Theo van Gogh, who was murdered for criticizing Islam. In Germany, the Social Democrat minister of justice in the region of RheinlandPfalz, Jochen Hartloff, stated a while back that he wants to incorporate Muslim legal practices into the German constitution in civil cases. Hartloff was heavily criticized by womens rights groups, but rebuffed the criticism thus: We wont tolerate a return to the stone age. To stone somebody is a violation of human rights. In Norway, Tor Langbach, head of the Administration of Courts, said in September of 2011 that Sharia courts should be given a formal place in the Norwegian legal system. Muslim conflicts councils should have power and official status, Langbach opined, and demanded an inquiry into the matter. Sharia is associated with the chopping off of hands, but thats hardly the form were looking at here, he explained. Minister of justice Knut Storberget later rejected the idea and established that Norwegian law should be practiced in all cases. In Denmark, there are several vocal advocates for Sharia. During the election of 2011 they tried to stop Muslims from voting, since this was said to be against Sharia. According to integration advisor Mohammad Rafiq many boroughs in major Danish cities are already governed by Sharia. We have a huge problem in that various fundamentalists are given the opportunity to seize power locally and the system has no means of intervention. Denmark as we know it may be obliterated in 10-15 years, said Rafiq to the daily Ekstra Bladet last year. In Sweden, there are no sanctioned Sharia courts, but Swedish courts have settled several cases involving mahr, the Muslim dowry. In her 2010 doctoral thesis Islamic law of inheritance in multicultural Sweden, Mosa Sayed proposes instituting Sharia in Muslim inheritance disputes. The TV program Uppdrag Granskning showed last spring, through use of hidden cameras, that many Swedish mosques already function as Sharia courts, preventing women from pressing charges against abusive husbands.

Danish economy flunking out

Upswing markedly weaker than in other countries BY TORBEN MARK PEDERSEN
It is as if the Danish economy has fallen asleep. Nothing is moving. Economic growth has stalled and in the first quarter of 2012, GDP stands at precisely the same level as in the third quarter of 2010. We are not in a recession, for the economy has not been shrinking. On the other hand there has been no growth. This is very unusual. Often a deep recession will be followed by a relatively strong upswing driven by a turnaround in private investments and consumption. Only this has not happened in Denmark. At first the upswing was very weak followed by a brief surge, but then everything stalled. The economic crisis that hit Denmark in 2007-2008 started as an international financial crisis, and practically every country in the world was affected at the same time and by the same international factors. This means that for economists the crisis is an interesting object of study as it enables them to compare how various national economies react to outside influence. This comparison does not speak well of Denmark. If one compares Denmark to the United States, where the financial crisis had its origin, the two countries economic development looked very much alike up until the turn of the year 2007-2008. Denmark, however, was much harder hit by the financial crisis than the United States. Danish GDP fell by 8.1% from the second quarter of 2008 to the second quarter of 2009, compared to a drop of only 5.1% in the United States. Unemployment, on the other hand, grew more in the United States than in Denmark, where in particular an increase in public employment put a lid on the unemployment figures. However, when one studies the upswing phase after the crisis, huge discrepancies emerge.

The American economy has grown by 6.7% since the second quarter of 2009 against Denmarks 2.8%, and American GDP is now 1.25% higher than before the crisis, whereas Denmarks GDP is 5.5% lower. This goes to show how much more dynamic the American economy is. Unemployment has also been falling in the U.S. but has been constantly, albeit slightly, on the increase in Denmark. In six months U.S. unemployment will be lower than in Denmark. There are vast differences between the United States and Denmark, so perhaps it would better to compare our economic performance to that of other countries. But almost regardless of which countries we choose, whether it be the EU-27, the average of the 17 countries in the Euro Zone, Sweden, Norway, Germany, England, the Netherlands, Belgium or France, an approximately similar pattern emerges: The Danish economy was harder hit by the crisis, the upswing after the crisis has been weaker and Denmark is further from the level before the crisis than the other countries. Finland belongs to a small group of coun-

tries that were harder hit by the economic crisis. From the second quarter of 2008 to the second quarter of 2009, Finnish GDP dropped by 10.5%. Since then it has grown by 8.5% as compared to a Danish growth of only 2.8%, meaning that by the beginning of 2012 Finland was only 3% below the level before the crisis whereas the Danish economy was 5.5% below. Swedens economy took a hit that was almost as hard as the blow to Denmark. Its GDP fell by 7.4% but has since increased by 11.1% so that today it is 2.9% higher than before the crisis. The comparison between Denmark, the United States and other European countries reveals that the Danish economys ability to recuperate after a crisis and create growth and prosperity is significantly lower than in countries we like to compare ourselves to. Within just a short time span, this means that the Danish economy will lag behind, and that we will become relatively poorer even in comparison to regions of the world that already suffer from a lower growth than in North America and most of the countries in Asia and South America.

Publisher Dispatch ApS, P.O. Box 37, DK-2000 Frederiksberg editors in chief Lars Hedegaard (danish, english and german editions) Ingrid Carlqvist (swedish edition) Webmaster: Henrik Raeder Clausen Print: Sjaellandske Medier, Ringsted, Denmark Contact Dispatch: kontakt@dispatch-international.com Subscription: www.dispatch-international.com

Freedom of the press cannot be limited without being lost. Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Genocidal multiculturalism
Thou Shalt Not Criticise or else



The Truth and nothing but

Lets take this head on. It is the ambition of Dispatch International to bring you the news and analyses that you need to make sense of our times, and which are either neglected or played down by the mainstream media. And if any of them happen to surface on occasion, they are rarely put into a meaningful context. We consider Islam the most dangerous challenge to the Nordic countries and the entire West since the democracies succeeded in crushing Nazism and Fascism and beat back the third totalitarian ideology of the 20th Century, Communism. That is why we will write a lot about Islam and Muslim immigration. Similarly, the politicians and authorities whose obligation it was to defend democracy and our Western civil liberties, but who chose to close their eyes to Islamization, are going to hear from us. Dispatch International will be accused of hysteria and of being overly concerned with a problem that most journalists, politicians and experts consider trivial. During the 1930s the same accusation was leveled at the few newspapers that provided systematic coverage of Nazism and Nazi Germanys aggressive plans. So we are in good company. We must also expect to be accused of Islamophobia a mysterious concept that the UN and the OIC (The Organization of Islamic Co-operation) are eagerly working to have accepted as a criminal offense. They want us to regard the defense of Western freedom, democracy and equality before the law as an illness. Even a selfinflicted illness, because there is nothing dangerous about Islam and therefore nothing to fear. We do not accept this premise. Islam is dangerous, and has caused untold disasters and suffering wherever it has advanced. Consequently, resistance to this warlord ideology is a sign of health and a simple duty for every freedom-loving and democratic man or woman. Besides, the noisy agitation against Islamophobia is duplicitous. Time and again the Koran encourages the believers to spread terror among anyone who refuses to obey Allahs orders, e.g., in Sura 8.12: I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them. But when the infidels are actually overcome with the kind of fear (Islamophobia) that the Islamic ideologues try to instill, these same holy men demand that infidels make this fear a crime. Dispatch International refuses to participate in this farce. In this newspaper we will tell the truth come what may.

would suggest the divisive ideology of multiculturalism has been a wonderful success ngela Merkel, David Cameron and in the eyes of the liberal/left political class. Nicolas Sarkozy have all bitten the Multiculturalism claims all cultures are Politically Correct (PC) bullet and of equal validity and that no one religion declared multiculturalism to be a failure. can claim superiority over another. Any Hot on their heels comes Britains Labour dissident who objects to this ideology runs Party leader Ed Miliband who, although the risk of losing his/her livelihood or even not quite denouncing multiculturalism, has being prosecuted for thought-crime, at least accepted that his partys immigra- which has been renamed today as Hate tion policy whilst in power was wrong. Crime. Mr Miliband, however, failed to adThis is all well and good if applied to all dress certain aspects of mass immigration. people regardless of their skin colour or Rather than focusing on third world immi- religion, but sadly it is not. Native Europegration he chose to highlight the problem ans are constantly encouraged to think of of EU immigration only. Red Ed is clearly themselves and their history with guilt and concerned that those pesky Poles will bring only guilt. We were slave traders, racists, unacceptable levels of ideological baggage murderers, imperialists and oppressors. If into Britain, courour present-day attesy of their historititudes fail to concally valid suspicion Of the possible drawbacks of mass form to the varied of Socialism; their Islamic immigration we heard not doctrines of PC enviable work ethic a word. multiculturalism, and their deep bethen we are labelled lief in Christianity. bigots, xenophobes, Of the possible drawbacks of mass Islam- Islamophobes and fascists. ic immigration we heard not a word. This For the non-indigenous newcomers to the deafening silence is also notable from An- West, multiculturalism is completely differgela Merkel et al. Having been told multi- ent. Their traditions, cultures and religions culturalism had failed, Europes respective are emphasised in a positive light only. electorates were subsequently glued to their Their present day contribution enriches media outlets to hear a natural expansion our otherwise stale societies; their diversity on this, but rather predictably no further is celebrated and historys most violent, elucidation came. anti-Semitic, supremacist and misogynistic I rather suspect the initial denouncement ideology which is both political as well of multiculturalism was simply done to as religious is fanatically promoted as a curry favour with a disillusioned and wa- female-friendly religion of peace which vering electorate drifting toward the per- Thou Shalt Not Criticise. ceived far-right parties that are gaining There are two ways of looking at multiground all over Europe. I further suspect culturalism. The first is the charitable view, our liberal elites dont actually think mul- where the ideology is deemed a necessary ticulturalism has failed at all. In fact, I precondition in order to advance the lib-

eral/left vision of peaceful and harmonious the traitor class who actively promotes communities co-existing in some sort of mass immigration and multiculturalism. multi-ethnic nirvana. Unfortunately for us, he is also the United The second and somewhat less charitable Nations Special Representative for Miview is that multiculturalism is a state- gration and Development. His words are sanctioned tool used to encourage division therefore quite capable of being backed up to an extent that amounts to Apartheid; to by deeds, and his words are very troubling destroy the Nation State; to politically and indeed. mentally disarm the Mr Sutherland native and indigbelieves the Naenous populations Multiculturalism is both sinister tion States of Euand to ensure the and evil. rope must be detotal breakdown of homogenised in civil society. Such order for the EU an inevitable and anarchic situation could to realise its political ambitions. He fully only then be countered by more and more understands that the combination of mass rules and regulations, leading eventually to immigration and multiculturalism cannot full totalitarian rule of a socialist bent a fail to achieve this aim. What Mr Sutherslow-motion revolution as it were. land chooses to disregard is that Europes I take the less charitable viewpoint, a po- indigenous peoples will be destroyed as sition adopted not because of some innate well. I believe this contravenes several artiprejudice, but more of an aprs-judice cles within the UNs definition of genocide. if you will. In other words, I have closely Under the edicts of multiculturalism, studied the ideology and the people who native Europeans are rendered shameful, promote it, before coming to the only guilty, faithless, disunited and weak, whilst conclusion possible which is that multi- Muslims are made to feel proud, united, culturalism is both sinister and evil, and faithful and strong. If demographics and unless rapidly thwarted is quite capable of multicultural apartheid continue along utterly destroying the people of the West- their present paths then there will inevitaern world. bly come a day when comparable numbers Ed Milibands Labour Party, for exam- of the proud, fanatical and strong will conple, hates traditional Britain, what with front the guilty, faithless and weak. all those indigenous, semi-Christian, There can only be one outcome if this conservative capitalists going about their happens. We can do little about the demoloathsome business of wealth creation and graphics, but we can certainly expose mulnon-dependence on the Socialist State. An- ticulturalism as a totalitarian ideology of drew Neather, who was a speech writer for racial and cultural genocide. Only once this Tony Blair, actually admitted the reason is accepted by the electoral majority can we for promoting mass immigration and mul- begin to reclaim Western Civilisation. ticulturalism was to rub the noses of the right in diversity. Paul Weston is Chairman of the British Peter Sutherland is another member of Freedom Party.

Heres how you defend free speech

Discourse is prepared, ready and eager to do battle



Blue skies over Sweden

Many Swedes will be shocked by what we write in Dispatch International. For those who are not neighbors to multiculturalism, whose kids do not attend the worst schools and only read the mainstream media, the old Sweden still exists. Some of these Swedes will refuse to believe us when we write about the other side of reality, the New Sweden that we who live in Malm meet close up every single day. Some will become so enraged at what they read that they will turn their anger at us and not at those responsible for the dangerous times we live in. Others will be confirmed in what they have long suspected that our country is undergoing such massive changes that we have to act before it becomes too late. The latter group grows by the day. Opinion surveys document that journalists have become the least trusted profession. Just 24% of Swedes believe what they read in the newspapers or is reported by television and radio. In the editorial rooms they dismiss such surveys. Most journalists despise their readers, who they consider to be stupid and racist. They have assumed the role of educators and decided that it is best not to tell Swedes about the dark side of reality but instead continue singing the praise of multicultural society in every key. The very society they themselves stay well away from. Journalists have become the storytellers of our time. Do not believe their fairytales. Reality is worse than you think. Swedes are nice and naive. Whatever transpires around us murder, rape, robbery and grievous bodily harm we look to the sky and hum with Ted Grdestad that it is innocently blue. But the undertone in Ted Grdestads magnificent song is that although the sky is innocently blue, danger always lurks even for those who refuse to acknowledge it.
Glued to a beach We flew our kites while time drifted ashore. We were children that no evil could reach The sky was so blue

eekly in the UK people are prosecuted and imprisoned for exercising their right to free speech. The only effective solution to this crisis would be to somehow make Britain a nation in which this happened less and less. How? Campaigning might work, if one had years in which to do it. Politics could effect change if one could motivate millions to the cause. Taking action in the courts, though, would be the quickest route, and the one with the most favourable probability profile; but doing so would be a sizeable task and cost a great deal of money. Time is the one thing people defending free speech do not have in their favour. Accordingly, I specifically established Discourse (Britains Institute for Free Speech) as an organization aimed at countering this challenge in an acutely time-conscious manner. The knee-jerk psychological assumption that those passionate about protecting freedom of speech might be using the issue as a cloak for validating bigotry has

inescapable roots in Europes tragic past. This obstacle must be tackled if prominent individuals are to be encouraged to voice their own fears of the menacing referee that now polices every public conversation. Freedom of speech is a natural right. The state should only have a limited rigorously-defined jurisdiction to interfere with it. Yet over the decades our states have increasingly thought that it is their business to do so at will. For us at Discourse the crux of the problem is not supra-national organizations or a clash of civilizations, but the fact that prosecuting a person for saying an unguarded thing on a bus, or a drunken word on Twitter, is normalizing the exercise of a power that, when possessed by the state, it finds irresistible to use. In Britain mothers whose children are being adopted by force are jailed for telling their kids that they love them, anticorruption activists are prosecuted for calling politicians rude words online, and Olympic corporatism has led to the criminalization of everyday speech with judges encouraged to deal harshly with transgressors.

Discourse is rigorously apolitical, which means being ruthlessly adversarial, and this has secured us support in mainstream politics and academia. We investigate cases of Islamists prosecuted for violating speech codes just as enthusiastically as we do those faced by their opponents. We dont pick and choose sides. Thus we sidestep the entire debate on justifying free speech restrictions with reference to social cohesion, simply by arguing that no sane or free society should be using its prison system to punish speech crimes. We also counter the falsehood that it is possible to decouple the benefits of our society from the fundamental freedoms that underpin it. Europes economic model, upon which the financial solvency of all social programmes depend, is contingent on our capacity for innovation, which is in turn premised on the free exchange of ideas. Such truisms prove that many of the laws we are grappling with are slapdash and ill thought-out. The mass of contradictions that such legislation faces with respect to international treaty commitments have made them ripe for attack. Every one of the small number of such

prosecutions that have gone to jury trial in Britain have been thrown out. Crucially, defendants rarely have the financial stamina to persist this far; and we now want to help such people to do exactly that: as after two years Discourse has now grown into a legal network prepared, ready and eager to create precisely such a powerful counter-momentum of case law. But we can only do so with the help of a fundraising initiative which will allow us to tap into the financial resources needed to underwrite major legal challenges, while also demonstrating our ability to act as an international template. The future belongs to those who prepare for it, and the current skirmishes for free speech are nothing compared to the battles to come. The potential effectiveness of a truly international community of legal practitioners, dedicated to the protection of this keystone of our liberties, can no longer be ignored. George Igler, MA (Cantab.), MBA (Sorbonne), is a consulting political analyst. On Discourse: www.discourseinstitute. org

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Gota Medias cover up in Kalmar

The Sweden Democrats in Kalmar have launched a vehement protest against Gota Media ABs plan to build a media center at Kvarnholmen. The building will encroach on a protected coastal area and a unique park created in the nineteenth century. As if that wasnt enough, the ground is classified as a national heritage site. Gota Media owns all the local newspapers, Barometern, stran and landsbladet. Consequently they are not keen on allowing any public discussion of the new media center location. All their readers hear about is Gota Medias own embellished version of reality. Letters to the editor go unpublished, and claiming proprietary rights, Gota Media has even forbidden the Sweden Democrats from using documentation it has sent to Kalmar municipality relating to the building project. Thanks to Gota Media, most of Kalmars citizens are unaware of what is about to hit a large part of Kvarnholmen. The only hope is that the county authorities will support the complaint launched by the Sweden Democrats and thus put a stop to Gota Medias rape of a unique site. Thoralf Alfsson (SD), Kalmar, Sweden

Niels Thomsen

It is time to punish rapists

Once a week a Danish woman is raped by a persons unknown to her and the perpetrators are clearly becoming more violent. According to Statistics Denmark, every second rapist is a foreigner and most often from Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Somalia, i.e., from countries with a vastly different view on women than in Denmark and where the blame is routinely put on the victim. Karin Helweg-Larsen, senior researcher with the Danish Institute for Public Health, has tried to belittle these facts: Danish girls must learn to behave differently towards people from different cultures, is her answer to the problem. It is about time that Denmark introduces consistent punishments for all types of rape, including group rape. Jette Plesner Dali, Frederiksberg, Denmark

We are living in a time of great upheaval. Either we follow the example of the Danish resistance during the German occupation and fight for our country and culture. Or we bend to those who want to force us to live under their violent and uncompromising ideology. Im often asked the question: Why do you do this, Ingrid? Why dont you just be quiet and nice and conform like the rest of us? Every time I cite Jonathan in Astrid Lindgrens The Brothers Lionheart. In response to Karls despairing question why his big brother Jonathan must leave to fight the dragon Katla, Jonathan replies: But there are things you have to do, otherwise youre not a human being but just a bit of filth.

After changes to the Swedish constitution, foreign citizens may become supreme commander of the armed forces.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Freedom of the press cannot be limited without being lost. Thomas Jefferson


The mysterious case of Obamas identity

Why has the President spent millions to suppress his ID and who is he really? BY DIANA WEST
WASHINGTON, DC. As President Barack Obama completes four years in office and runs for re-election in November, a majority of Americans 55% believe he was born in the United States. However, 20% of Americans do not believe Obama was born in the US, while another 25% arent sure where he was born. Never before have so many Americans doubted the fundamental basis of their presidents identity. Why is this so? On one level, the answer is easy given the absence of verifiable bona fides attesting to Obamas life story, from every college record to every travel document, from every medical record to every legal writing to every law practice billing record to every record of his tenure as an Illinois state senator and more. But the story has had to penetrate the American psyche in spite of a deep freeze on the topic in conventional channels. The Obama identity story, burning at the grass-roots-level for more than four years now, is consistently snuffed out and ignored by American journalists and the political class, from elected leaders to party officials. This silence is strictly non-partisan, and spans the political spectrum. An investigation, undertaken by a so-called cold case posse working for Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Maricopa County, Arizona, has now concluded that not one but two Obama basic identity documents are, without a doubt, forgeries: 1) the computer file (pdf) of the 1961 birth certificate that appears on the White House website; and 2) the presidents 1980 military draft registration card released by the U.S. Selective Service Administration shortly before the 2008 election. These investigators maintain they can prove this in court. The story of how they might do so is verboten, too. But somehow the saga doesnt end up in George Orwells memory hole. This is due mainly to the irrepressible nature of the Internet. It is here, for example, and not in the mainstream media, where, following the White House online release of Obamas 1961 longform birth certificate on April 27, 2011, a small army of private individuals with varying degrees of technology expertise downloaded the document file and delved into the unexpectedly unflattened graphic composition layers. They submitted a series of computer forensics analyses to this online public square, arguing that the White House pdf had been fraudulently manipulated. Since that time, similar evidence has been methodically amassed and repeatedly tested under the auspices of Sheriff Arpaios cold case team. Sheriff Arpaio formed this cold case posse after 250 local citizens asked him to determine whether Obama was eligible to appear on the Arizona presidential ballot in 2012. On two occasions in 2012, the posse presented findings to the public. They concluded that the birth certificate on the White House website didnt originate on a piece of paper but rather was created, or, more precisely, forged as an electronic file on a computer. As one Adobe expert and posse consultant put it: The only time Obamas long-form birth certificate image exists as a paper document is when a computer user selects Print from the File menu. At this point, the posse would like to turn over all of its evidence to Congress for a formal investigation. Like a hand grenade that could go off at any moment, however, such an investigation has no takers. And so the fuse burns on not one, but two potential constitutional crises. One involves the biggest unsolved mystery in American history: If Arpaios findings are correct, who did it? The other potential crisis, while linked to the first, is much more transparent. The U.S. Constitution lays out three criteria for president and vice president. Article II, Section 1, requires that the president be at least 35 years of age, have lived 14 years in the United States, and be a natural-born citizen. Natural born citizens are distinct from citizens who are native-born (born in the country) or naturalized. While native-born or naturalized citizen may hold any other office, only natural born citizens are eligible for the presidency, the idea being that Americas founders wanted to ensure that the chief executive had allegiance only to the American republic. The Constitution doesnt define natural born, but according to common law at the time and, later, the 1875 U.S. Supreme Court case Minor v. Happersett, a natural born citizen is understood to be someone born in the U.S. to citizen parents (plural). Minor spelled out this definition and is thus the signal case. It is remarkable that in mid-2008, as Barack Obama was clinching the presidential nomination, references to the Minor case inexplicably disappeared from 25 related U.S. Supreme Court decisions archived at Justia.com, a leading legal search engine popular with journalists and legal bloggers. Coincidence? When attorney and blogger Leo Donofrio, whose Obama eligibility challenge went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court in December 2008 (dismissed), discovered this apparent tampering in 2011, Justia called it a programming error. The blogosphere called it Justiagate. The media, of course, said nothing at all. So where does this leave the president, the son of a white American teen mother and a black British subject from Kenya? (Kenya became independent in 1963.) According to his own story, Baby Obama came into the world with dual AmericanBritish citizenship. At the same time, however, there is, to date, zero verifiable evidence to be found of his Hawaiian birth; meanwhile there is circumstantial evidence of alternative nativities. For example, the personal biography Obamas former literary agent used to promote Obama described him as born in Kenya. This biography, written in 1991, remained on the agency website until April 2007 two months after then-Senator Obama announced his presidential run. Other oddities include a missing week of FROM PAGE 1

New Russian Shut-Up laws

Politicians with incorrect views threatened with impeachment BY TATJANA JENSEN
The Russian government is keeping busy this summer. The Duma, the Federation Council and the President have been working all-out to pass laws that will limit the right of free speech and assembly for citizens, non-state organizations and elected politicians. Often these new and far-reaching laws have been passed over the span of a couple of days. The laws and bills deal with slander, public meetings and foreign agents. According to the opposition, their aim is to shut up critical journalists, to prevent citizens from participating in public meetings and to sow discord between the active part of the population and common citizens. The governing party, United Russia, is now seriously considering a law that will make it possible to deprive elected politicians of their mandate if they utter something incorrect, discredit parliament or display an anti-state tendency. The law on public meetings, gatherings and demonstrations contains severe penalties for breaking the new rules on violating public order. For a juridical person, the penalty may come to 1 million rubles. This new law was passed three days before a planned protest demonstration in Moscow. President Putins press secretary has denied allegations that the laws purpose is to ban anti-government demonstrations like the ones this spring. The new bill on slander, which had not yet been passed into law as Dispatch International went to press, would also introduce Draconian penalties upwards of 3 million rubles for the dissemination of deliberately mendacious claims that might damage somebodys honor and dignity or undermine his reputation. A special section deals with slander directed at judges, jurors, prosecutors and investigators. The penalty for this could go as high as 5 million rubles or 480 hours of forced labor. The law on foreign agents requires all NGOs that receive foreign support and who are engaged in politics to register. It has

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Photo: Gage Skidmore

immigration cards tracking American arrivals into Hawaii from abroad that should be in the national archives. Obamas birthday in August 1961 falls in this missing week. In light of unexplained facts such as these, in light of the Obama documents that remain sealed, its really not so hard to see where a foreign nativity story comes from or at least why a number of Americans are confused. Many have heard about the two 1961 newspapers that published announcements of Obamas birth. Posse investigators discovered that foreign-born children were similarly announced as Hawaiian births in these same papers, while they also found a set of adopted twins who were several years old before their birth announcements appeared. Further complicating Obamas citizenship story is an undisputed school record from Jakarta which identifies young Obama as a citizen of Indonesia. With all of this in mind, its hard to stamp Obama naturalborn. Still, no challenger to date has managed to convince an American court of this. Of course, almost every single case has been dismissed before trial. Also worth noting is that almost every

single case sought the same thing: the release of the Obama birth long-form birth certificate. This is the very document the White House website put on display in April 2011. Obama spent an estimated one to three million dollars to fight previous attempts to compel him to release this same document. What happened to make the president change his mind? Two senior White House officials presided over the birth certificates unveiling at a penand-paper, off-camera, no audio-recording, press conference. One journalist in the pack pointed out, some people are going to remain unconvinced. He continued: Theyre going to say that this is just a photocopy of a piece of paper. You could have typed anything in there. Will the actual birth certificate be on display or viewable at any The White House transcript breaks off with the word: (laughter). Who will get the last laugh? Barack Obama? Sheriff Arpaio? The politicians who keep their heads down, or the citizens who take their Constitution seriously? Whoever laughs last, it seems safe to say that the Obama birth certificate is a very funny document.

Chained to a corpse
European Union: The blind leading the blind
Bild Zeitung. The paper asked Angela Merkel this question: Frau Chancellor, will we ever get out money back? Only this time BY JANNICH KOFOED it was not about Greece, but about Spain, which is next in line to falter and stumble BRUSSELS. The European Union is in the out of the Euro Zone. Greece is tiny commidst of a devastating crisis, but carries on pared to Spain, which is the European Units pomp and circumstance with stiff smiles. ions fifth largest economy. Should Spain fail On July 1 the EU Presidency was taken over and need the same kind of support Greece by Cyprus, an honorable country that has has been getting, it might theoretically need for decades been a safe haven for black bil- 650 billion euros. On top of Spains problions from Russia and Serbia. On the very lems come those of the countrys 17 largely day Cyprus held forth its hands begging for independent regions that have to repay debts money from Brussels, one of the EUs nu- of 35 billion euros before the end of the year merous agencies conducted a symposium in and are expected to be asking for bailouts Nicosia on womens participation in disa- from Madrid. bled sports. Like Spain, Italy has billions at risk in On the day it became known that Greece is Greece. But whereas the Spaniards are disin desperate need of an extra aid package to cussing painful reforms, most of the Italian the tune of 54 billion euros so as not to col- debate is concentrated on when and how the lapse before the end of August, EU Commis- Germans will come to their aid if one is to sioner Michel Barnier guaranteed that blind believe German press reports. EU citizens shall have the same right to read Ten large Italian cities are on the verge of books as the sighted. bankruptcy. Sicily owes more than 5 billion It has taken the EU 19 summits to reach euros. But at least the Italian regions are an unofficial conclusion, which more and not independent enough to disregard orders more people are now from Rome, and openly talking about: The Greeks are still painting Hitler recently Italian Greece must leave mustaches on Angela Merkel, while President Prodi the Euro Zone. That an increasing number of Germans made the Goverwhich Greek politi- think they have paid enough. nor of Sicily promcians thought they ise not to stand for might use as a threat, reelection they are now being asked to regard as a Next to Germany many consider the U.K. promise, and implement as soon as possi- to be the EUs meanest and most egotistical ble. member. But on the other side of the ChanThis year the Greek economy will contract nel, there is no charity on offer. A campaign by 7%, and not as previously calculated by in favor of a referendum on Britains EU 5%. Before the end of 2014 the countrys membership is gaining momentum within budget deficit must come down to 3% of all three major parties, while the anti-Union GDP and its debt must not exceed 120% of U.K. Independence Party is surging ahead GDP by 2020. But the Troika the EU, the in the polls. This has encouraged the British International Monetary Fund and the Eu- Government to stand up to the EU Commisropean Central Bank had to leave Greece sions provocative demands that the Union empty-handed after their latest inspection. budget be increased by 6.8% annually for Practically nothing had been achieved. the next seven years. London also wants the The Greeks are still painting Hitler mus- Unions legislation scoured with the aim of taches on Angela Merkel, while an increas- weeding out parts of it. ing number of Germans think they have In the past British voters have been intimipaid enough. According to a poll, upwards dated by threats of economic isolation and of 60% of Germans aged 18-24 have no con- destitution if they dared impede the Contifidence in the euros future and are hardly nents federal project, but scare tactics no prepared to throw good money after bad. longer work. Right now the British are disGermany would lose less on a bankrupt cussing a great number of alternatives to a Greece outside the Euro Zone than inside. construct a growing number of them considAdios Milliardos! was the title of a re- er to be dominated by France, anti-Anglocent story in the mass circulation German Saxon, and basically anti-business.


This win-win situation characterized the first 15-25 years after the Second World War, resulting in an explosion of knowledge that played a decisive role in the phenomenal economic growth of the Western world. Beginning in the late 1960s, the frequency of new and groundbreaking research results began to decrease. This coincided with a change in societys attitude towards science. The gratitude over new discoveries that had previously animated society to support universities and research was now replaced by politically correct fear. During the 1960s this fear was mainly caused by the Cold War. After the end of the East-West conflict, focus shifted to environmental problems. From there it was only a small step to become frightened by climate change, and particularly by changes that man was believed capable of influencing. CO2 became the big culprit. As a result, scientists shifted their focus from providing new and therefore often controversial knowledge. Instead they began producing data that might sustain the fear of man-made climate change. Soon the fear of a man-made rise in temperature became an effective weapon in the hands of politicians, scientists and bureaucrats in their scramble for money. After all, potential disasters sell better than factual news and the support of the press had a decisive impact. Politicians, media and scientists that were loyal to the UNs Climate Panel (IPCC) became adept at verbalizing reality out of a belief that reality is determined by the way one talks about it. Today society rewards scientists who support the politically correct assumption that CO2 has a great impact on climate. New knowledge that tends to cast doubt on this assumption is unwelcome. As a result, scientists who remain loyal to the IPCC will constantly repeat the mantra confirming CO2s dominant impact on our climate. Tragically, this has led the IPCC researchers into a blind alley where they are condemned to eternal worry and forced to endlessly repeat themselves. We are therefore bound to observe the IPCC-loyal climate researchers remaining in place with their legs solidly planted in thin air as long as politicians keep interfering with them. Their results will be tediously repeated expressions of worry over rising temperatures, melting glaciers, rising sea levels, cloudbursts, tornados, malaria, etc. However, the IPCC School does not reign supreme. There are a growing number of more realistic scientists who think that that major part of present climate change may be explained by natural variation, and these scientists represent a serious threat to the politicians and scientists who remain loyal to the IPCC. According to the IPCC School, more CO2 should lead to higher global temperatures. Consequently, it is a very serious problem for them that temperatures have not risen for the past 10-15 years, as anyone can observe from personal inspection. Time is slowly running out for the IPCC School of climate research. From time to time, this general retreat is met with small counterattacks. Recently, e.g., by means of news from NASA about a couple of days melting of the Greenland ice cap. This was big news in many newspapers around August 1. What the papers neglected to report was that similar bursts of melting take place approximately every 150 years. The latest incident took place in 1889 so the one in 2012 was right on time. Such deliberate omissions go to show that objective information is not what the newspapers aim for. The same may be said of Berkeley Professor Richard Mullers global temperature curve, which was also quoted in several media. Muller only used data from land measurements despite the fact that the oceans cover 71% of the planets surface. Additionally, by focusing on the entire period after 1753 he conceals recent developments. If one inspects Professor Mullers data, they also show a zero temperature increase over the last 10-15 years. One wonders why such facts have completely escaped the medias attention. Ole Humlum is Professor of Physical Geography, Oslo University.

Vladimir Putin

been welcomed by the Russian-Orthodox Church as a tool in the fight against forces that are contrary to the political culture, the morality and spirit of the Russian people. According to a political commentator, a number of foreign powers have decided to remove the Russian President with the help of NGOs. The Russian Supreme Court has recommended that the Duma revise the law, which contains subjective concepts with no legal content such as the term malicious. Like other terms in the law, politics is ill defined. Others have pointed out that the expression foreign agent has a negative connotation and may mean a spy. As is well known, President Putin worked as a spy for the Soviet secret service, the KGB, before entering politics. The leader of Moscows Helsinki Group and former Soviet dissident Ljudmila Alekseeva has characterized the law as disgusting. She wants its authors listed on the so-called Magnitsky List and warns politicians who have voted for it that they will soon come to pay a price for their support. We will remember all the names, says Ms Alekseeva. The Magnitsky List is named after a Russian lawyer who was tortured to death while in jail and refers to the fact that the American Congress has recently passed a law mandating the United States to sanction Russian officials who violate human rights. Tatjana Jensen holds a Doctorate in history from the Humanist University in Moscow. She resides in Denmark.

Source: Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research and University of East Anglias Climatic Research Unit

Palestinians discriminated in Jordan
Stop discriminating Jordanians of Palestinian origin! In a daring move Jordanian politicians, academics, political activists and media figures have sent a letter to King Abdullah that serves as a warning one day the Palestinian majority will revolt against continued oppression and discrimination. Even though Queen Rania (photo) isa Palestinian from the West Bank, the Kings attitude towards Palestinians living in his kingdom has not been much different from that of other Arab countries. He is marginalizing them through a series of laws, royal decrees and security measures. He seems concerned by the demographic threat from the Palestinian population and the talk of turning Jordan into a Palestinian state something that would end the royal familys rule of the Hashemite kingdom.

Freedom of the press cannot be limited without being lost. Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, August 30, 2012

100 days of Franois Hollande: President of Undoing

closure with his bare hands before slipping into the background as President Hollande made reassuring noises about good relations between his government and French industrials. Determined to moralize political life, Franois Hollande appointed former Prime Minister Lionel Jospin to head a moralization commission. As for private life, the president wants neither moralization nor publicity. His companion Valerie Trierweiller committed a faux-pas tweet during the second round of the June legislative campaign, supporting a Socialist dissident who was running against Sgolne Royal, Hollandes former companion and mother of his four children. Royal, who lost miserably, complained bitterly of the lack of respect for the mother of children who see what is going on. Several weeks later the eldest son, Thomas Hollande, who had ostentatiously participated in his fathers presidential campaign, admitted in an interview that he was deeply hurt by the way his mother was slighted. First Girlfriend was sent to a cyber nunnery, told not to tweet out of turn, and kept out of sight until the July 14 Bastille Day festivities where she remained at a safe distance from the president. Hollandes speech at the July 16th commemoration of the 1942 roundup of Parisian Jews was internationally acclaimed. A few days later, Interior Minister Valls announced the repeal of measures established by the Sarkozy government to ensure that candidates for naturalization spoke French, knew something about French history, and were committed to respecting French values. Deploring that these measures had reduced naturalizations by one third, Valls promised friendly procedures that would bring the levels back to pre-Sarkozy times. French voters were led to believe that the two major issues that trouble them economic distress and Islamic encroachment would be magically resolved. Islamic encroachment by denial and economic distress by tried and failed socialist methods of taking from the rich and giving to the poor. When the nation emerges from the summer doldrums at the end of August, the promises will be a fading memory, the media narrative will flounder, and hopes for the future will have to be reformulated on the margins.

Dispatch donates 3 dollars to Obama

Barack Obama financed a great deal of his presidential campaign four years ago with donations from the public. Just before his 51st birthday on August 4, he sent out a new cry in his newsletter asking for 3 dollars so this would not be the last birthday he celebrated in The White House. Dispatch International seized the opportunity to send an e-mail to the American President: Dear Barack, Times are tough and after receiving your numerous requests for money, we understand that you are hard up. Dispatch International shares your predicament. Nevertheless we have scraped together3dollarsand will forward said amount to you. In return we hope that you will stand up for our Judeo-Christian civilization and never again bow to a Saudi king. Best wishes for your reelection The editors of Dispatch International P.S. And please get rid of all those Muslim Brothers and Sisters that have secured a foothold in your administration.
Franois Hollande. Photo: Matthieu Riegler

Socialist Restoration crashes on the shores of reality BY NIDRA POLLER

PARIS. Five years after Nicolas Sarkozy won a popular mandate for broad structural reforms in the hopes of pulling the French economy out of a 30-year slump, Franois Hollande has reaped the rewards of unrelenting personal hostility to his predecessor. Whatever the respective merits of these two men, their parties, and their governing style, the Socialist victory is the outcome of an ongoing media narrative that has replaced politics. Above and beyond the normal bias of French journalists over 90% declare themselves as Leftists this simplistic manipulative journalistic story-telling has left French citizens in the hands of the Socialists and their far left allies at every level of government municipal, regional, legislative, and presidential. The media narrative does not portray this unprecedented single party monopoly as a danger for democracy because the Left is equated with the People, and Power to the People is Good. Franois Hollande the Harmonious is righteously Undoing the works of Nicolas Sarkozy, designated as the cruel, divisive friend of the rich. Presentation of the rainbow cabinet was

Art competition for freedom of speech

In November the 4th edition of Passion for Freedom competition will take place in London. It is open to artists who are engaged in free speech. Passion for Freedom is an organization that got its inspiration from Maryam Namazis One Law for All-campaign, which exposes the discriminatory nature of Sharia tribunals in the UK. Last year 26 artists from 12 countries participated in the competition. The public award was given to photographer Steve Rosenthal for his picture No CALL FOR ENTRIES homosexuals showing two young men being IV PASSION FOR FREEDOM LONDON FESTIVAL 2012 hanged in Iran. The country where, according to 3/11 - 10/11/2012 President Ahmadinejad, there are no homosexuals. Artists who create works that encourage open discussion on subjects that may be skillfully omitted in politically correct circles are invited to submit their work before September 28. The exhibition will take place between November 3 and 10 at UNIT 24 Gallery in London.
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More information at www.passionforfreedom.co.uk

Israel closer to attack on Iran

a high point of Hollandes first days. Carefully dosed by sex, color, religion (though no points were given for the two Jewish members), ethnic origin, class, and style, cabinet members were subsequently shielded from criticism that might be considered offensive to their labels. The provocative, controversial, caustic Guadeloupian Minister of Justice, Christiane Taubira, is Undoing the minimum sentences for repeat offenders and other such medieval horrors imposed on juvenile delinquents, and restoring the innocence to minors no matter how violent their crimes. The appointment of Manuel Valls as Interior Minister was met with a sigh of relief from the battered Right. Known for his firm principles and policies, Valls was the only Socialist deputy who voted the anti-niqab law. But even he has not been immune from the Undoing principle. One by one the ministers popped up with pet projects, from the utterly fantastic to the deadly serious, before being sent back to their ministries to calculate implementation of stringent budget cuts, leaving the president and his Prime Minister free to deal with the deadly serious. Whatever his shortcomings, Sarkozy had tried to speak for the modern, industrious, self-reliant segment of French society. He defended the creation and accumulation of wealth and the right to keep at least

50% of what one had earned. Franois Hollande, a wealthy man, speaks to the Marxist crouched in the dark corners of the French mind interlaced with a moneyis-sinful Catholic. Rent controls have been applied in 38 hotspots, salaries of top executives in public and private companies will be capped where possible, and annual earnings above one million euros will be taxed at 75%. A total of 7.2 billion euros in tax hikes was voted in the final hours before recess. Inheritance taxes and the ISF (a sort of penalty for excess income) are increased. Nine million workers will lose their tax-free overtime income and the media narrative peddled by obscenely overpaid newspeakers is vindicated. No more goodies for the rich! Quietly, behind the scenes, another kind of Undoing is at work as the dream of a Socialist Restoration in the image of Franois Mitterrand crashes on the shores of reality. When PSA Peugeot confirmed the imminent layoff of 7 to 8,000 workers and the closing of its factory in the Parisian banlieue of Aulnay-sous-bois, the ideologically flamboyant Minister of Industrial Recovery, Arnaud Montebourg, rushed to the forefront. After blaming Sarkozy for tearing apart the industrial fabric and accusing PSA Peugeot of deliberately delaying the announcement until after the elections, he vowed to stop the


In 30 years the Jewish State will be the only power in the Middle East BY DAVID GRESS
When most Europeans think of Israel, they think of its conflict with the Palestinians. That is due to the medias slanted coverage inspired by the instinctive sympathy of most media for the Palestinians. This partiality, however, leads to a radically misleading picture of Israel and its inhabitants, presenting a country under extreme pressure, which will soon force it to give in and for all practical purposes face dissolution. The reality is different. By every calculation, Israel can look forward to an increasingly bright and more prosperous future. It was not an Israeli but a Chinese who named the country the little superpower. For the Chinese are very interested in Israel. In its pursuit of security and prosperity, Israel has three valuable assets at its disposal. The first is its economic strength, the second its demography and the third its strategic situation, which is far from being as hopeless as many wish to portray it. This article will mostly concentrate on the first asset, which is the most unrecognized. Israels economic strength has two sources. Firstly, Israel has succeeded in surviving the international financial crisis far better than most other countries. It went into the crisis under better conditions. During the precrisis years, Israel had enjoyed an annual growth surpassing 5%, a balanced growth that was not based on a credit-driven housing or financial bubble. Instead it was export-driven. The second factor behind Israels strong economy is technology, in particular IT. Since the middle of the 1990s this sector has been characterized by continuous innovation led by waves of small companies launched by venture capital. In most cases, these start-ups have been bought out by international corporations with the resources to benefit from Israeli inventions. Israel has at its disposal 140 scientists and technicians and 135 engineers per 10,000 inhabitants, which is the highest ratio in the world. It spends almost 5% of GDP on research and development, more than, for example, the United States 3.6%. In 2008 Israeli researchers took out 166.6 patents per million inhabitants, making the country fourth in the world for useful innovation. The economic picture is not without its challenges. The high tech sector is separate from the rest of the economy, where it does not create many jobs. The fast growth during the 2000s and the substantial share of technicians and engineers will be hard to maintain because both of these advantages, and in particular the latter, were in part caused by the huge immigration of Jews from Russia during the 1980s and 1990s. Most of the new arrivals were highly educated, often in physics or engineering. A further challenge to future economic growth is an increase among Israels Arab and Orthodox Jewish populations, which are growing faster the rest and keep apart from the surrounding society. They are exempt from military service and therefore not exposed to the thorough and effective socialization that other Israelis receive. In 2008, 28.4% of new school children were Arabs and 17.5% were Orthodox, i.e., 46% between them even though their combined share of the population is only 28%. Upwards of one quarter of Israels inhabitants live below the poverty line. Despite the many children born to Orthodox families usually seven to eight demography is decidedly to Israels advantage. Israel has the Western Worlds highest birth rate of almost three children per woman. This means that the population will increase to 24 million in this century. Israel will be the only country in the Middle East to have a growing population in 20 years. Apart from bearing witness to elementary optimism and joie de vivre, Israels population growth shows that the regions demographic bomb will not detonate among Palestinians but among the Israelis. In 30 years Israel will not only be the Middle Easts strongest but its only power. This brings us to Israels third source of strength, i.e., its strategic position. It is constantly improving. The so-called Arab Spring will lead to a period of instability in a number of countries. Their ability to wage war on Israel will diminish due to the enfeeblement brought on by developmenthampering and poverty-enhancing Islamist movements. As security policy analyst Barry Rubin has pointed out, the next great conflict in the Middle East will not be between Arabs and Israelis but between Muslim Sunnis and Shiites. Add to this that the Palestinians scored yet another of their own goals when they missed their greatest chance to drive a wedge between the United States and Israel. Barack Obamas administration was set to become the most pro-Palestinian ever but was met with a wall of arrogant resentment. The Washington-Jerusalem axis will make an inevitable comeback. For a while, the United States will remain Israels most important ally, but China is hard on its heels. The Chinese are well aware of the advantages of economic and strategic ties to Israel. Israel controls vast deposits of oil and gas (see the adjacent map) and China is not keen on becoming dependent on the Iranians and the Arabs. Furthermore, the Chinese and the Israelis share a number of interests, among others that the Islamists are not given more of a head start. There is already a significant amount of Chinese-Israeli cooperation on high tech and alternative energy not because Beijing is particularly green but because it is security conscious. These factors are ample reason to remain skeptical of doomsday prophets, who are smugly or worriedly predicting Israels impending downfall. This people has survived for 4000 years. Chances are that it will make it for a few more millennia.

After several months of silence, it now appears that Israel is closer to attacking Iran than ever. Its aim is to prevent the country from developing nuclear weapons. Perhaps the action will be launched before the American presidential election in November. Leaks to the Israeli media have become more frequent. One newspaper interviewed an anonymous decision maker believed to be the Defense Minister Ehud Barak (photo left). The article described a big black piano in the decision makers living room. The Defense Minister is known as a keen piano player. Ehud Barak has often maintained that the time for an Israeli attack is running out because Iran is in the process of moving parts its nuclear material to deep bunkers where it will be protected from air attacks.

Thumbs down for Hollande

Franois Hollandes honeymoon is over. After just 100 days, French voters have turned against their President. According to a recent poll published byLe Figaro, only 33% of the French trust his ability to bring down the public deficit and as many as 54% say that they are dissatisfied with his performance until now. The debate over the governments budget for 2013 starts in September and will be a touchy issue for the President. Before the election he promised not to cut public expenditures but the State Budget Office has already told him that he will be forced to save 33 billion euros if he wants to meet the 3% debt limit imposed by the European Union.

Obamas secret reelection plan

The August issue of the American Whistleblower magazine is entirely devoted to what it calls Obamas secret strategy aimed at stealing the November presidential election by any number of devious means. Among them: Not counting the military vote (which is usually heavily Republican). Counting votes from 2 million dead people. Allowing illegal immigrants to vote and preventing the cleansing of non-citizens from the rosters. Condoning a national campaign to encourage foreigners to vote. Prosecuting states that demand picture ID from voters. Hiring thousands of lawyers to go after election officials who refuse to tow the Obama line.

Oil fields in Israeli and Cypriot waters

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Freedom of the press cannot be limited without being lost. Thomas Jefferson

Slandered molecule may heal MS
A molecule that may destroy your brain may also have beneficial properties. The sticky Amyloidbeta-protein, A-beta, which is found in the brains of patients suffering from Alzheimers, has been shown to alleviate paralysis in mice with symptoms of multiple sclerosis. This unexpected discovery may lead to new treatments for multiple sclerosis in humans. The brains and spinal cords of Alzheimers patients are penetrated by immune cells that attack the myelin, whose function it is to keep the nerve impulses flowing. This results in paralysis, numbness, impairment of sight and extreme fatigue. A-beta has also been found in the brains of people with MS but scientists dont know what effects it has there if any. When they injected A-beta into the stomachs of mice, they expected that it would aggravate their symptoms but instead their condition improved. The reason may be that A-beta calms the immune cells in the blood and prevents them from attacking the brain. According to biochemist Charles Glabe from the University of California at Irvine, it will require more studies to understand how A-beta interacts with the immune system. Source: www.sciencenews.org/

Jewish State goes back 3000 years

the skeptical scholars to readjust their position. Particularly important are the excavations carried out by Professor Yosef Garfinkel of The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. For a number of years he has been digging at a locality called Khirbet Qeiyafa in the Elah Valley southwest of Jerusalem and has found a fortress that has been interpreted as an Israeli border fortification against the Philistines. The fort seems to have been occupied for only 20 years, after which it appears to have been conquered by enemies (Philistines?) and demolished. This makes it easy to date the artifacts found there. The most important of them is an ostracon (a pottery shard with an inscription). According to Israeli archaeologists, it is among the earliest known Jewish texts and technical analyses date it to between 1026 and 975 BC, i.e., to the period where according to traditional history David was king of a Jewish State with Jerusalem as its center. As the reverend Carl Lomholt with Yosef Garfinkel as his source reported in the magazine of the Danish Priests (Prsteforeningens Blad:46, 2010), the writing on the shard is early Phoenician or Canaanite, but the language is Hebrew. It has been difficult to interpret the meaning of the text and till this day scholars are discussing it, but a few words were easily understandable from the start. One of them was king, melech in Hebrew. That is very interesting because many Biblical scholars have until now doubted that there was a Jewish kingdom at the time. Now, however, Yosef Garfinkel considers it proven that a Jewish kingdom was a reality as early as the tenth century BC. There is no doubt that the archaeologists have got something to speculate about. The same may said of the ideologues who have striven to deny the Jews any right to the land. It is now abundantly clear that there was a Jewish State in Palestine 1700 years before it was overrun by armies from the Arabian Peninsula.

The Elah Fortress (Khirbet Qeiyafa). Photo: Yoav Dothan

Children of lesbians are worst off

New archaeological finds give skeptics something to think about BY LARS HEDEGAARD
In Israel, which has been the object of centuries of embittered conflict over the historical right to the land, it is unavoidable that archaeology, apart from its historical significance, becomes political. For decades Israelis and Palestinians have fought a propaganda war the latter supported by Islamic ideologues, who have always claimed that the Jews are aliens without the slightest right to exercise political power west of the Jordan River. New archaeological discoveries, however, irre-

futably document that Jews have had a presence in the area for at least the past 3000 years. The new finds are likely to reignite the debate over the Old Testaments reliability as a historical source. Since the 1960s an influential school of Bible scholars have claimed that the Old Testaments stories about Saul, David and Solomon, traditionally dated to around 1000 BC, and everything reported on wars between Israelis and Philistines are pure fiction fairytales with no confirmation outside the Old Testament that was written down centuries after the occurrences it purports to report. Some scholars have even characterized the tra-

ditional story told by the Bible as entirely invented. It may have religious and literary significance but cannot be confirmed by anything outside holy Jewish scripture. A prominent spokesman for this point of view is Thomas L. Thompson, who until 2009 was professor of the Old Testament at Copenhagen University. In his book The Bible in History: How writers create a past (1999) he minces no words. It is a gross error to think of the Bible as history. It is pure fiction and Biblical archaeology has resolutely failed to provide the Bible with an historical context in which it might reasonably be understood. The recent Israeli discoveries may well force

The new face of Christianity

The faith is losing ground in the West and Middle East but growing by leaps and bounds in the Third World BY KARIN BENGTSDOTTER
In todays world there are about 2 billion Christians. A hundred years ago, more than 90% of Christians lived in Europe and the Americas as compared to just 63% today. At the same time, Christianity is gaining new support in the Third World. There are several reasons why this should be so. The most obvious is that Europes share of world population has shrunk dramatically. In 1900, Europeans accounted for 25% of world population and North America for 5%. By 2000, the figures were, respectively, 11% and 5%. Another explanation is that Western society is becoming increasingly secularized. Churches, Protestant as well as Catholic, are losing members and the number of Europeans declaring themselves atheists continues to rise. Sweden is among the Western Worlds most de-Christianized countries. According to a study from Lund University, barely 10% of Swedes describe themselves as believing Christian, whereas the same study shows that a large majority of 68% keep their membership in the Swedish Church and consider themselves Christian by tradition. Denmarks Lutheran-Evangelical Church which enjoys the support of the state in accordance with the Danish constitution is much stronger. 81% of the population are members even though 33% of them declare that they dont believe in God. A slightly larger number 36% of the church membership believe in the afterlife; 19% that they are destined for Paradise; 9% think there is a hell. All figures are from the semiofficial so-called Value Survey 2010 (Vrdiundersgelsen 2010). A further reason why European Christianity is in decline is massive Muslim immigration. Islam has long been the fastest-growing religion in Europe. Nobody knows the precise number, but figures between 20 and 40 million Muslims have been mentioned, depending on how much of geographical Europe one includes. A study published a few years ago by the French newspaper Le Monde documented that as the number of Muslims increases, so does their religious commitment. European Muslims are becoming more religious at the same time as European Christians are becoming less. The Middle East the very region where Christianity originated has seen its sharpest decline. According to a report by the BBC from October 2010, Christians have dropped from 20% of the Middle Eastern population a hundred years ago to just 5%, and the number keeps falling, primarily due to Muslim persecution. Radical Islamic groups have openly declared their intention to cleanse the Middle East of Christians, and they are well on their way to achieving their goal by means intimidation, terror and murder. A number of studies by among others the aid organization Open Door and the respected Pew Forum point out that Christianity is now the worlds most persecuted religion. At the present rate, the Middle Easts 12 million Christians will likely drop to 6 million in the year 2020. With time, Christians will effectively disappear from the region as a cultural and political force, reports the leading American Middle East scholar Daniel Pipes. In Sweden and in large parts of the EU, the cleansing of Christians from the Middle East and parts of North Africa is met with a deafening silence. Throughout Europe the belief that Muslims are powerless victims of Christian aggression is so deeply rooted that one rarely notices the fact that many of the worlds most persecuted religious minorities are Christian. It speaks volumes that in the wake of church massacres in Iraq and Egypt, the EU Council of Ministers refrained from mentioning the plight of Middle Eastern Christians in a 2011 protest against violence. It took the intervention of countries such as France and Italy to change the Councils mind. But perhaps the most significant news is that while Western and Middle Eastern Christianity are in decline, the number of Christians is growing explosively in Asia, the Pacific region and Sub-Saharan Africa. In Sub-Saharan Africa, Christians now make up more than 60% of the population, and in South Korea they are estimated to account for 30% up from only a few thousands a hundred years ago. Charismatic Christians account for the steepest increase. The Charismatics focus on the works of the Holy Spirit and the so-called gifts of grace (prophetic speech, speaking in tongues, healing the sick). Over the past hundred years, the number of Charismatics has grown into the hundreds of millions and many observers regard Charismatic Christianity as the worlds fastest-growing spiritual movement. A December 2011 survey from the Pew Centers Forum on Religion and Public Life shows that there are now 584 million Charismatic Christians, including Pentecostals, in the world. They make up 27% of all Christians and 8.5% of world population. The largest concentrations of Charismatics are in North America and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Murderers amd businessmen at work.

Vikings were clever businessmen

The Viking heritage makes Scandinavians and their brands successful BY INGRID CARLQVIST
Ikea, Lego, Absolut, Carlsberg, Ericsson and H&M are just some of the Scandinavian brands that have conquered the world. Despite the fact that only 0.3% of the worlds population lives here, our brands account for 3% of world exports. This fact caused the PR man Claes Andrasson (during the 1980s he was instrumental in creating Absolut Vodkas unparalleled success in America) to ponder what distinguishes us from the rest of the world. His answer was the Vikings. Our famous forefathers didnt play by the rules. Rather than attacking other countries with large armies, they came up with a cleverer and significantly simpler idea: sudden assaults and brutal plunder. Nowadays we have abandoned brutal plunder, but according to Claes Andrasson, Scandinavian businessmen still break the rules. Precisely like the Vikings, we are courageous, work well together in teams, have a sense of humor and dont shy away from inventing new methods that border on the blasphemous. Five years ago Claes Andrasson was talking about his theories to a British publisher, who became so enthralled that he commissioned a book on the spot. Together with brand consultant and writer Steve Strid, Andrasson wrote The Viking Manifesto: The Scandinavian Approach to Business and Blasphemy. The book became a phenomenal success. It has since been translated into 15 languages and has sold hundreds of thousands of copies all over the world. For whereas we Scandinavians hesitate when it comes to acknowledging our forefathers achievements, the rest of the world loves them. The Vikings left no monuments behind and few texts. Nevertheless they are just as famous as the Romans and the Greeks. Perhaps it is about time that we stop being ashamed of them and accept the Vikings for what they also were Europes bravest businessmen, who created trade routes from Scandinavia to Russia, the Middle East and Africa. They knew that the Earth was round 500 years before Columbus, established the worlds first functioning parliament, discovered North America and were in the forefront when it came to sexual equality. Viking women were free to marry whomever they wished, had the right of inheritance and took over their mens business when they were away on plunder. Foreign visitors were shocked to learn that women regarded themselves as equal to men and could demand a divorce. They could obtain divorce if their husband took a mistress without their consent, beat them, was a bad lover, was a coward or dressed in an unmanly fashion! Although they didnt think it important to write down their stories, their mythology lives on. Our days of the week still bear their names and English, German and French contain many old Nordic words. In England people busy themselves with DNA tests hoping that they may have Viking genes. It is high time that we take pride in our ancestry, says Claes Andrasson.

Children of homosexuals are doing considerably worse later in life than children of heterosexuals according to a new study conducted at the University of Texas in Austin. Sociology lecturer Mark Regnerus has interviewed 3000 individuals between 18 and 39, who have grown up in various family constellations: married and cohabiting heterosexuals, single parents, parents who are divorced, children adopted by heterosexuals, children with two lesbian mothers or two gay fathers. It turns out that children growing up with hetero couples are best off whereas children with lesbian mothers are worst off. The latter are overrepresented measured by unemployment, dependency on public welfare, thoughts of suicide, depression, crime and substance abuse and they are more likely to be victims of sexual abuse. Whereas only 2% of the hetero children reported that they had been sexually abused, the percentage for children with gay fathers was 6 and for children with lesbian mothers it was all of 23%. Children in homosexual families are more likely to become homosexuals themselves. 90% of the children in heterosexual families reported that they were 100% heterosexual. For children growing up with gay fathers, the figure was 71% and for children in lesbian families it was 61%. In addition, slightly more than 4% of children in lesbian families reported that they were entirely asexual, which is eight times as many as children in intact biological families. The new study contradicts surveys that have come out in recent years and which show that children from homosexual families do as well or better than others. Mark Regnerus directs sharp criticism against such studies. In his opinion they have either been anecdotal or they have been based on insufficient samples and in some cases the researchers have asked lesbian organizations to select people to be interviewed. Source: www.sciencedirect.com/

Secrets of Easter Island

In May it was reported that the giant statues on Easter Island actually have bodies and during a one-day seminar on September 22 at the Smithsonian in Washington, the excavators will talk about their findings. For hundreds of years, the moai, as the statues are called, have been surrounded by a mystical aura. Now the excavators are able to provide new insights into the people who created the moai and lived on the island, which is also called Rapa Nui. The findings shed light on the islands culture and its locally developed technical knowhow. Seemingly unrelated houses, fields, orchards, canoe ramps, roads and other structures indicate that the approximately 10,000 inhabitants succeeded in an optimal utilization of their resources. Marine archaeologists have detected interesting underwater land formations and excavations in the Rano Raraku quarry reveal ancient engineering techniques and ceremonies associated with the statues. More information at www.smithsonianassociates.org/

Volume 1, No. 1

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Muhammad in big trouble

Islams prophet was a warlord but no contemporary seems to have noticed BY HANS JANSEN
AMSTERDAM. Whether Jesus existed, and whether he was the Son of God, are two different questions that have to be resolved at different levels. Arguments for his existence as an historical figure have been summarized by the American scholar Bart Ehrman, Did Jesus Exist? (2012). The religious question, Was Jesus the Son of God?, is not discussed in Ehrmans book because this question is the domain not of historians but of the churches. Whether Muhammad existed, and whether he was the Messenger of God, are, similarly, two different questions that have to be resolved at different levels. Even if Muhammad existed, he may not have been the Messenger of God. But the American scholar and polemicist Robert Spencer has recently and effectively made the case that the standard stories about Muhammad have no historical basis, and that the standard account of his life is a history-like narrative that in fact did not happen. Robert Spencer and many others suspect that Muhammad was not a historical figure, like Emperor Constantine or Genghis Khan. Back in the 19th century scholars argued that the details of many of the stories about Muhammads life cannot have been historical. These biography-like stories about Muhammad can only be understood as sermons disguised as history. These sermons and the tenets preached in them were created from theological, social and military necessities: The Caliphs saw it as desirable that their armies believed they followed the example of the Messenger of God. Once the Messenger was there, he had to have a name, a wife, wives even, a place of birth, a childhood, etc. A messenger must have had a message revealed to him: the Koran. If Muhammad was literate, he could have plagiarized the Bible in order to fabricate his Koran. So he had to be presented as illiterate. But if he was illiterate, who wrote down the Koran? Once written down, how was it collected? How did Muhammad sign a peace treaty? Who wrote his correspondence? On each of these questions, elaborate stories evolved. If a Christian the Syrian monk Buhayra already recognized that Muhammad was a prophet, a spokesmen for God, how much more must Arab soldiers in the service of the Caliphs recognize him as such? But in order to recognize Muhammad as a prophet, the monk must have met him. So the storytellers make Muhammad travel to Syria as a child. How was such a journey possible and why did he go there? Well, Mecca must have been a commercial center. But if it was, could Muhammad have travelled again to Syria, perhaps as the agent of a fellow Meccan? His wife perhaps? How did he meet her? Etcetera. The sequels and prequels to the stories abound, and contradict each other. The first coherent biography of Muhammad (570-632?) was written ca. 750 AD by a certain Ibn Ishaq. It is preserved in an abridgement made by a certain Ibn Hisham almost exactly two centuries after the presumed date of Muhammads death. The English Arabist Alfred Guillaume translated this book into English. Everything ever written about Muhammads life is derived from Ibn Ishaqs book. Is it imaginable that this book is nothing but pious fiction? Some think so. Muhammads contemporaries do not mention him. If he had been a prophet only, this would say little about his historicity. However, according to the standard Islamic version of the events, Muhammad was not only a prophet, he was also a successful warlord, who was the undisputed ruler of most of the Arabian Peninsula when he died. Warlords are noticed by their neighbors. These neighbors were, moreover, literate: Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, and the East-Roman Empire. Warlords leave coins and inscriptions. In the case of Muhammad, the absence of contemporary testimonies is not good news. Early Islamic texts present a picture of the Arabian Peninsula that the scarce archeological material does not confirm. Sometimes what has been found even contradicts the standard story. Inscriptions, for instance, suggest that the ancient Arabs were not polytheists, but that they adhered to a form of vague and unspecified monotheism, if not Christianity. For example, on their tombstones they wrote May the Lord of the Heavens given him peace which gives some, though little, information about their religious affiliation. It, however, does not sound like what the Koran relates about the paganism of the ancient Arabs. The Koran contradicts Ibn Ishaqs book. According to the Koran, Muhammads only miracle was the revelation of the Koran. Ibn Ishaq, however, routinely portrays Muhammad as a miracle worker, who multiplies food, cures the sick, draws water from a rock, calls down the rain with prayers, and is able to tell where lost objects and lost animals are to be found. The Koran and Ibn Ishaq cannot both be right. To make things worse, the Arabic alphabet as we know it today did not exist in the beginning of the 7th century. At some point, dots where added to differentiate between different consonants. Many European languages that use the Latin alphabet did the same, and created new characters by adding dots, like o and in German. But if we remove the dots from the Arabic text of the Koran, the famous passage in which the Koran promises virgins to the dead, reads We gave them rest, a letter-perfect repetition of the inscriptions on the ancient Arab tombstones. Giving rest is more fitting than giving into marriage when the dead are concerned. There is much more: The Koran calls the son of Zakariah and Elisabeth Yahya but without dots he becomes again John, the Baptist. It is tempting to conclude that the present text of the Koran must have been preceded by a text in another alphabet without dots, but this is not in accordance with the generally accepted standard version of the history of early Islam. Several passages in the Koran are indecipherable when they are Arabic if the language were Syriac, however, they would be clear. There is no escape: the historicity of Muhammad is more uncertain than ever. Hans Jansen is Emeritus Professor of Modern Islamic Thought at trecht University and author of the book Mohammed: Eine Biographie.

1/9 It has been four months since the Swedish author and Internet veteran Oscar Swartz published his book A Brief History of Swedish Sex: How the Nation that Gave Us Free Love Redefined Rape and Declared War on Julian Assange. In Sweden it was met with complete silence, whereas Swartz has been on German and Russian TV, Australian radio and in newspapers in Mexico, the Czech Republic and Ecuador. The author thinks that the treatment of Assange is due to a change in Swedish sexual policy a fact that has been neglected by most. 27/9 The Danish author Mikael Jalvings book, Absolut Sverige: En rejse i tavshedens rige (Absolute Sweden: A journey in the Realm of Silence) appeared in Danish in 2011. Until now no mainstream Swedish publisher has wanted to touch this highly critical expose. Immediately before the Gothenburg fair, however, a Swedish translation will be ready. Its title is Absolut Sverige: Ett land i frndring and it to be published in October.

1-30/9 Last chance to see one of Berlins most noted exhibitions Panorama of the Ancient City at the Pergamon Museum. The antique city of Pergamon, located in what is now western Turkey, was known for its impressive buildings, its libraries and its philosophers. The kings of Pergamon ruled over Asia Minor and their power extended to the eastern Mediterranean. The artist Yadegar Asisi has created a 25-meter tall and 100-meter wide panorama of the city.


12/9 Premiere of Georg Friedrich Hndels oratorio The Messiah at the Opera in Copenhagen 14/9 Premiere of Andrew Lloyd Webber/ Tim Rices musical Evita with Charlotte Perelli in the title role at the Malm Opera.

FRANKLY Nicolas Bredefeldt, 38, is Art Director at Dispatch International and the man behind the novel Chapel Ten that will be serialized in the paper. How does it feel to be published simultaneously in four languages? Its really cool that it can be read in Swedish, Danish, English and German at the same time. And to have it serialized was what my sci-fi heroes did in the forties and fifties so that feels rather special. Whats the book about? I have planned is as a trilogy dealing with the principal character Johan Dahlman. It will describe European reality as I see it. You might say that I try to write the sort of books I myself would like to read. Will your readers get a chance to participate and influence what is going to happen? Yes. I certainly have a pretty good idea of the contents of all three volumes, but if my readers come up with good ideas, then Im prepared to do a Picasso and steal them. As he said: Good artists copy; great artists steal.

11/9 Pamela Gellers organization Stop Islamization of Nations, SION, is holding a conference in New York entitled International Freedom Defense Congress. A media workshop will be devoted to the struggle against Islamic encroachment on free speech. Among the speakers are the Swedish artist Lars Vilks and Dispatch Internationals Danish editor-in-chief, Lars Hedegaard. 27-30/9 Book fair in Gothenburg. This years focus is on the Nordic countries and Nordic literature, which is now among the hottest in the world. Many well-known authors are to appear, such as the Danes Suzanne Brgger, Hanne-Vibeke Holst and Jesper Juul, the Finns Claes Andersson, Linda Bondestam and Monika Fagerholm and the Norwegians Per Arne Dahl, Erlend Loe and Anne B. Ragde.

6-16/9 The Toronto International Film Festival. The Swedish director Jesper Ganslandts new movie, Blondie, with Carolina Gynning in the title role is among the films selected for the Vanguard section, which encompasses works that are provocative, sexy, possibly dangerous. There are also two Danish films: Nikolaj Arcels historical drama A royal affair and Thomas Vinterbergs Cannes winner The hunt (Jagten). Among interesting documentaries are films on cartoonists, dissidents and free speech advocates and on the Olympic 100 meter race in 1988 that was won by the Canadian Ben Johnson, who was disqualified for doping. 7/9 Swedish premiere of Hamilton 2: Men inte om det gller din dotter (Agent Hamilton: But not if it concerns your daughter). Mikael Persbrandt plays the title role in the movie version of Jan Guillous book from 2008. Hamiltons godchild, seven-year old Nathalie, is kidnapped by Islamists, who threaten to convert her to Islam by force as retribution for her mothers who is chief of the security police critical comments on holy warriors.

14/9 The Louisiana art museum north of Copenhagen opens its large fall exhibition entitled Self-portraits. Over a hundred important works by the twentieth centurys great artists can be enjoyed among others Matisse, Picasso, Bonnard, Dali, Mapplethorpe, Warhol and Basquiat. Open until 13/1 2013.

24/9 Premiere of Donizettis opera LElisir dAmore with Anna Netrebko and Matthew Polenzani in the leading roles and directed by Bartlett Sher at the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

CHAPTER ONE It was close to 10 pm when the doorbell rang. Johan, who had this Tuesday night off, got up from the couch in the sparsely furnished living room and headed for the hall. Coming, he shouted. He looked through the peephole but only saw the contours of the person standing outside. The lights were out in the stairwell. Johan opened the door cautiously, and just as he unhooked the safety chain, a man fell through the door. For a couple of seconds, Johan was stumped. In the soft light of the hall lamp, he saw the lifeless man lying half way over the threshold. Johan bent down, placing his hand over the mans carotid artery, and found a weak pulse. Moving swiftly, he got up, pulled his cell phone from his jeans pocket, and dialed the emergency number 112. As the signals went through, Johan felt his frustration and helplessness grow. 112, whats your emergency? I need an ambulance for 23C Ystadgatan, one

an exlusive serial for Dispatch International by Nicolas Bredefeldt

flight up. A man rang my doorbell and now hes bleeding out on my threshold. Johan heard himself shouting out the last part. He put his phone on speaker and focused on the man on the floor. Only now did he notice that the hall carpet was turning red from all the blood. The man was bleeding from his stomach area. Johan turned the body over and once again felt for a pulse. The blood stain on the lifeless mans shirt had grown and now Johan could see blood tracks on the floor as well as on the green and white walls of the stairwell a testimony to the mans staggering from the stairs towards Johans door. He felt panic growing inside at the sight of the blood, but buckled down and thought to himself: Focus Johan, youve been through this before, this is routine, focus! He ripped open the mans shirt to examine the wound, and tried to stop the bleeding with the aid of a nearby table cloth, but the blood seeped through the cloth in no time at all. After a while (A minute? An eternity? Who knew?) he felt someone grabbing his shoulders and gently pushing him aside. Only then did Johan register the arrival of the paramedics, and slowly collapsed against the wall. The paramedics worked quickly, getting the unconscious man up on a gurney. Being right in the middle of the situation, Johan had felt the adrenalin pumping through his body. Now he felt faint, and his pulse receded to a more normal level. He eyed the man on the gurney, there was something familiar about him. Where did he know him from? *** What happened? Try and recapture as many details as you can, said police inspector Karin Wahlin. Her office at police headquarters by the canal was decorated like thousands of offices in the hallways of Swedish bureaucracy. The desk and the ancient desktop computer. The grey keyboard that had to endure many hours of the forefinger roll through the years. Along one wall, a bookshelf filled with files, handbooks, regulations, gender equality plans and, of course, the mandatory book of the Swedish Law. The woman behind the desk, opposite Johan Dahlman, was in her thirties. Her blond hair was cut in some kind of page hairstyle that would definitely benefit from a trip to the hair salon. Her most striking feature, though, was her blue eyes, now intensely focused on Johan. Did you have any relation to the deceased? she asked. For a moment I thought I knew him, but I cant place him, said Johan. His name was Hussain Khademi and he came from Mazar-e Sharif in Afghanistan. Resident of Sweden now for two years. Khademi? Did he by any chance serve as a translator for ISAF before he came to Sweden? Johan asked. I dont have access to that information right now, Karin said. Lets return to the events at hand. Is there anything else you can recollect, something you forgot to mention to the on-scene officers? No. I remember watching the news on Channel Four and the doorbell ringing. When I opened the door he fell into the apartment. Thats all. Did he say anything to you? inspector Wahlin wondered. No. Nothing that I recall anyway. The questions kept coming for another good half hour until inspector Wahlin was, if not happy then at least done for the time being. She escorted Johan to the reception. It was closer to 3 am and he was exhausted. He asked Wahlin if he could use the restroom and got a short nod for an answer. I need to wait here to make sure they let you out, said Wahlin with thinly veiled annoyance. I promise Ill make it quick, Johan replied. In the bathroom he looked at himself in the mirror. His dark blond hair was tousled and the bags under his green eyes bore witness to his lack of sleep. His twelve oclock shade never would have made it past officers inspection in the draft, but would probably be considered ok at Camp Northern Lights, where the shape of your body armour and your AK5 were considered more important than an unshaven chin. Right now he felt at least ten years older than his actual 32 years. The three months gone by since his last tour he had neglected physical tarining as well as diet, and this night that had become abundantly clear. Johan rinsed his face with water and dried it with paper towels. Then he joined the waiting police inspector. Is there any chance of a lift home or do I have to take a taxi? he asked. He didnt really feel like walking home to Mllan in the middle of the night. Even if this was an ordinary Tuesday, there was no telling who youd run into in the area. Ill have one of our squad cars drop you off, Wahlin replied. It was close to 4 am when Johan was dropped at the corner of Ystadsgatan-Falkenbergsgatan. He squeezed the door handle unlocked. He realized this was the reason Khademi had gained access. As he ascended the stairs he saw the trail of blood Khademi had left behind on the walls and floor. In his minds eye he saw tonights events played in slow motion. Every detail of Khademis struggle was etched on his retina. Sounds, blocked out earlier as he focused on stopping the bleeding, were now becoming clear. The emergency call and the paramedics asking him to move. But also, something Khademi had tried to communicate before he lost consciousness: Chapel ten. The story continues at Dispatch-International.com.