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AD 1.methods of compass er.....amplitute in detail!!! 2.cardinal marks 3.

which vessel is RAM but does not show RAM lights 4.handing over and taking over watch details...(if u rattle out few points..he changes the 5.nuc card 6.situation: vsl on ur port quater....ACTION.. 7.what will u do if u have a cock head(that triangle)..or cockeyed! 8.vsl on ur port bow rv action.. 9.how u will chk of a particular light from ALL fulll procedure. 10.symbol diamond with b written inside. 11.aneroid barometre correction. 12.what is round about in tss 13.diff betn raster and vector charts. 14.hunting gear 15.nominal range and geographical range 16.transfer of PL line 17.turning circle for a vessel at full ahead,half ahead and dead slow ahead 18.takeover of watch as a 3rd mate 19.normal situation 20.limiting lat wat factors u will take into account 21.magnetic anamoly .. 22.equipments inoperational at higher lat 23.exmeridian limits 24.from wer u get the weather info 25.SAT C setting up procedure.. question)

AGRAWAL 1.ror cards, 2.cbd crssing in tss from stbd side, 3.magnetic compass errors n its corrections.. 4.gyro compass errors and its correction by amplitude. 5.ex meridian & long by chron steps..whn they r taken ? 6.noon sight steps.. 7.chart correction, 8.passage planning from kolkata to ko si chang, 9. chart folio and its uses.. 10.gyro priciple.. 11.radar and ecdis and echosounder principle and working. types of ecdis? 12.right hand propeller goin astern wre the sturn swing,.... 13.principle of echo sounder,... 14.cards,.... 15.what is a trawler and pair trawler,..... 16.wch rule is head on and crossing quote the rule and wht actn u ll take,..... 17.for wch vsl head on ull alter to port,... 18.factors affecting maneuvering and squat its effect,......etc 19.flag j,z,g answering pandent,tackline etc 2 vslls are at pilot boarding u need pilot wch flag ull 20.hoist etc etc etc 21.ror cards, 22.situations, 23.annex 1 in detail, rule no 2,5,6,13,18,19, 24.maneuvering characteristics, 25.turning circle and all, 26.fir in pump room and c/o is gone ashore and master is sleeping and drunk ... action, 27.prepare a emergency party and lead it and send it in pump room fire, 28.mersar, 29.difference b/w mersar and iamsar, 30.noon position w/o plotting, o'cast sky and u have to take compass error, 31.Ror cards fishing trawling ram Nuc 32.Compass error in cloudy sky without any bearing! I mean open sea! 33.Echo sounder errors and radar principle and limitations. 34.Barometer error 35.Ship handling squat effect. 36.Right hand radar port 10 deg dead slow ahead. 37.Where ships head and stern will move? 38.Tactical diameter? 39.ror day signal cards trawler shooting net,hauling net,pilot vsl, pair trawlling 40.cardinal marks n,e,s,w, on ur right ahead .....action 41.s and x band radar, limitation, requirment 42principle of echosounder and radar fun 1: ror cards -day & night signals, iala buoys , barometer correction, passage planning, noon posn without plotting, sextant, radar, procedure to change over emergency steering, take over watch in pilotage,

CALCLATION FROM PREVIOUS YEAR ALMANAC for calculation of GHA and declination , take the same date but take 5hours and 48mins before than the required time and add 87deg in GHA of sun. for star take the same time and date but just subtract 15.5deg from the given GHA of nautical almanac. HAUNTING GEAR In simplicity, the hunting gear is a control system to keep the Rudders set at the desired angle. If a wave pushes the rudder over a bit then the hunting gear will correct this. On the same hand, when you give a helm order on the bridge, the Telemotor sends a signal to the hunting gear which then sets the rudders to the angle required

1.situation ,rv , one vsl on port side.5 nm abaft beam ,cpa .5 nm from astern,another vsl .5 nm fwd of beam on stbd side,cpa .5 nm ahead ,own speed 6 kts safe speed. one radar operational action? 2.fishing vsl card ahead? action ?wt light if same sl aground and whn at anchor? ... 3. ....... w w w .... r light towing vsl card? lights of vsl being towed? why no lights visible for vsl being towed? becoz vsl being towed smaller than towing vsl and on the stbd side.(sengupta's answer) 4. 2 min after assuming watch, gyro fails.action?how will you go about for altering course by magnetic compass. 5.naigating in coastal waters.no radar. how to fix positions. 6.can u overtake FV in TSS? How and whose responsibility? 7.rv narrow channel u have to overtake 8.u r on cbd vesl and ram crossing from port side 9.rv vsl cmn from stbd quarter and port quarter action and is she overtaking...... 10.ecdis 11.gyro errors and magnetic errors

1) lmt merpas given in almanac is for which longitude ? dose it differ for every longitude. 2) various correction for moon 3)reasons for not taking amplitude of moon ? 4) equation of time ? 5) 3 balls in vertical line right ahead ..action ? 6) port side light and both masthead light 3 to 4 point on ur port bow ???action 7) various ror day /night cards with action including IALA buoyage system ?? 8) methods of posn fixing nd calcualting compass error ?? 9) charts symbols. 10) vsl coming up from port quarter but taking no action to keep clear.action? 11)which rule says about signals to attract attention? 12) what is a short blast? 13)Situations on rule 7,8,13 14)When u cm 2 know risk of collision exists.. 15)When u ll take amplitude? 16)What s paloras? 17)Hw u ll use nautical almnac for upcoming next year?

1 what is RULE no.4? 2 a vsl of 100m length, which ran aground in RV ,you hv 2 go fwd for the ringing of bell, what will you do ? how to start? 3 what are all the additional precautions you will take into account for determining the safe speed of ur vsl with operational RADAR? 4 show fog signal of a vessel aground by banging on the table? 5.crd's 10 , 6.ais purpos nd frequncy , 7.bouy's nd noon sight calculation with nd without plotng , 8.flag's-w,y,a,o,p , 9.content of interco , 10.what is complimentry table in interco , c 11.ontent's of medical guide in itnerco , 12.why interco is use 13. Which all ships req radar 14.arpa reqirement 15.what is frequency of x band radar 16.chartsymbols pagoda,sbm,lanby,mooring buoy 17.what is isophase occulting flashing 18.what is GC sailing 19.what is composite sailing when it is done 20.how will you go by while preparing passage plan from mumbai to norway 21.how many sections in ror & list all rules in ror . 23.which rules are not applied in RV some situations 24.Coast line in chart is taken from which level and also height of light house 25.how will u know u are dangerous semi circle or navigable semicircle in TRS 26.Avoiding actions in TRS when in dangerous and navigable semi circleSee More

27.how u take compass error all method..... i reply to him by amplitude...azimuth..and by leading lights... after that he asked my where sun supposed to be during amplitude... and many more in deep for amplitude.. 28.diffearnce between wig and sea plane 29.symbols of mosque temple. 30.drawn light house....... if its height is 100m then from where u will calculate its height (water level) 31.what is chart datum

Jordar Senior
1.passage plng...wat relevnt docmnt u will refer for that..? 2.svrl qstns frm ROR...lyk which rule is OVERTKNG,rule 33,37. 3.wat ds rule 33 says abt..? 4.how mny parts for chptr 1.? 5.hw mny annexes in ROR? 6.wat is IAMSAR nd its volms? 7.WAT IS ANNEXE III and wen nd y we use two whistles..? 8.ROR crds fot TRWLERS,MINE CLRNCE,NUC VLS.... 9.wat is SQUAT AND ITS EFFECTS..? 10.In modrn ships wat do we hv to get WEATHER INFORMTN...? 11.from were u will get ROUTING INFORMATION..? 12.do we hv any mention of WIG CRAFT in ROR..? 13.wat is TIDE,SPRNG TIDE,NEAT TIDE,EBB TIDE..? 14.RANGE OF WHISTLE..?

1 .situation- RV two vessels observing on radar alone, one finds other on the the port quarter. take action on both the vessels.! 2. Difference between underway and making way? 3.how many volumes of tide tables are there? name all? 4. lights of vessels aground , trawler, other fishing vessels? 5. how to differentiate a vessel aground from a NUC vessel? 6 .read RULE 19 and its meaning 7 .what do you understand by precession of equinoxes? 8 .are the tide curve graph for all port same or different.? which volume has different? 9 .what do you understand by GHA, SHA and first point of aries 10.from noon to next day noon what will happen to the gha of the sun> will it inc or dec and y? 11.what is lat and gat? 12. what is the diff between apparent time and mean time.. and y do we use mean time and not app time? 13.2 cards 13.3 situations

Capt. MKD
1.Drying height wid symbol 2.fishing v/l at anchor lenght 120m what all light she will shows, 3.two white mast light horizontal dist b/w them, 4.in sextant types of mirror & differences b/w them, 5.why we take wet & dey bulb temp & its uses on container ship( since i hv sailed on container), 6.why always minus sign correction in std port while calculating tide , 7.ror cards red light, 8.in almanac wt is mean by rectangular shape n 4 slash , 9.fishing vls 120m at anchor wt all the lights to be shown, 10.ror annex 1 etc etc .. 11.heeling error &hw to correct on ship,he wants practical method 12.trs in a deep 13.why dangerous quadrant is dangerous. 14.fishing vessel &sailing vessel lights 15.which vessel dont show masthead lts. 16.more questions on magnetism. 17.Tabulated tidal stream chart smbl. 18. What checks do u make on new recd bell for anchor signal. 19.Cond. for sun never set. 20.Amplitude. 21.Distress signals 22. Situation:V/l showing cone downwards crossing frm port side. Close quartr situation exist. Actn.

1.Action when Manoverboard 2.Difference between underway and making way? 3.Sart requirement. What does Sart give? 4.Types of EPIRB. 5.Azimuth and Amplitude 6.ROR cards: towing, trawler, fishing vol, mineclearance vol, cardinal marks, isolated danger 7.marks 8.Amplitude nd Azimuth, manoverboard, Iamsar 9.Lights for sailing vsl & p/d vsl aground 10.ror cards, azimuth & amplitude ( he wants to hear dat azimuth can b taken at any tym bt 11.amplitude can b taken only at rising and seting) 12.while coasting echo sounder is nt showing anything ? (range scale in use ) 13.contents of BPG & IAMSAR help mariner 14.ECDIS, posn fixing methods, 15.cards pilot,tow,fv.ram..etc. 16.Wy long by chron preferd,cbd define,gyro error finding method. 17.Azimuth n amp method explain.rv take ovr watch 18.Flags identify,use of answrng pandnt,total no of flag,many vsl @ anchor u want to comunicte 1 n u dnt knw d cal sign. By light n flag hw wld u 19.cards tow,f.v, s.v,mine clearance,s.v, trawler 20.how to calculate compass error on ship, 21.gha, lha 22.Cards towing vessel, mineclearance vsl, pilot vsl engaged in piloatage duty n lights during anchor, region B port hand bouy, dredger, aground vsl. 23. flag F,D,X,Z,W,K,M n der meaning, purpose of answering pendant......

1)rrw lights seen right ahead while entering TSS and 2 more vessel stern of u action.shallow depth stbd 2). different cards (lot of them) nd cross ques... 3) vertical and horizontal sextant in detail 4) light verticale nd horr spacing... 1 . red red white light right ahead identify the vessel and initial action ? ( in intial action he wants to listen about that we will acqiure the vessel and from the data we will determine whether it is a nuc or aground and then action as per the case ) 5)white green white light right ahead identify the vessel ? 6) correction to aneroid barometer?

1 u r a vlcc , another vsl 1nm rt ahead reciprocal course, take action? 2 nuc vsl rt ahead of u wt action, why wl u go to stbd nd nt port? 3 how wl u take star sight, why do u use intercept n not long by chron? 4 4-5 cards on towing vsl ram, nuc vsl, vsl aground etc. 5 passage planning in north atlantic from english channel to us east coast? 6 showed some buoys safe water mark, cardinal marks their top marks lights etc. 7 damping error intercardinal rolling error? gyro maintenance? 8.wt is trangulation point? 9.Can SHA of sun decrease/increase fm today noon to tomorrow noon? 10. u r in TSS bt pd is coming fm ur stbd bow,r u standon/giveway? same situation bt a CBD is coming fm stbd bow.r u standon /giveway? 11.In open sea u nd other vsl r proceeding parally at a range of 0.5nm bt p/d is coming at a range of 8nm fm ur port bow(roc exists)?action(spd redctn nt req). 12.noon psn without plloting 13.rock awash and surface to nav symbol 14.passage planing [excuition] 15.ror card...dredger having obstruction on port side 16.execution in passage planning........ 17.chart symbol for rock awash at chart datu and hash and wreck 18.how u will take gyro error........ 19.amplitude in detail....... 20.rv situation crossing 21.rv fog signal heard fwd of beam func 1 ror card fv,cbd,trawler,dredger and situation in rv 19d and 19 e .passage plan execution ,noon posn without plotting,aplitude def and whn to take

TK 1.Card prefered channel to stbd region B, Right ahead take action (alter course to stbd). 2. West cardinal mark draw nd hw u will identify it in night. 3.Gyro error hw to calculate,when u cn tk amplitude of the sun. 4.Compasses compared nd courses checked, what do u mean by this ? 5.1015 mb barometer reading on bridge 30 m.what u will log down in log book? 6.How to correct bubbles in magnetic compass? 7.What all correction for true altitude of the sun ? 8.Racon & Remark ? 9.Bore tide ? 10. Chart symbols ? 11.Situation two red ball in verticall in urs v/L port bow/quarter. what will be ur answer ?( i answered him alter course to stbd nd well clr of that vessel, then he told me ur action wrong). 11.Card trawler ,frequency of its soundal signal,audible range ? 12.positioning of mastheadlights from annex 1 13.ror cards nuc,aground n sailing vessels..buoy-preferred channel to port region A, 14.how u will find gyro error, 15.u r in hoogly river and ukc shown by echo sounder is 3mtrs so is that reading correct and if not from where u will get the correction, 16.what do u mean by compasses compared and courses checked from deck logbook 17.what is the current legal status of ECDIS, 19.chart symbols- rock awash and wreck dangerous to 20.light show by vessel drifting surface navigation