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#TEXTUREDGIRL an easy & quick natural hair reference guide

e i s a w e s o m Natural Hair
get on track with your natural hair!

lking... ere ta W
1. Avoid Dry Hair
Prevent dryness
a naturals biggest foe!

2. Maintenance
What do you need
to maintain what youve grown?

urally doing it nat

3. Diet & Exercise

Vitamins, diet and exercise
play a huge part in our hair care journey.

A quick and easy 15 step guide on getting length and maintaining your natural hair. By Sasha-Shae of AfroniquelyYou.com
Di d Y ou Kn ow ?
ur hair grows roughly .25 to .5 inches each month. If you arent in the habit of retaining that, then youre not maximizing your growth potential.

4. All about Water

Getting enough water?
water is very important to health and hair.

The purpose of this e-book is to provide you with 15 easy and approachable tips that you can implement today to start seeing maximum results! And best of all, this is FREE!!! My gift to you all as a thank you for your continued support. Read on and enjoy! {feel "ee to share, just do not alter the book! Thanks}

5. Rest & Positivity

Adequate sleep and
positive thinking play a great part in this journey.

6. Season Awareness
Pay attention to the climate
around you.

The woman with the long gorgeous textured tresses has simply learned how to retain length and the secrets to keeping all she has grown. Everyone can grow their hair long! Dont believe the myth about black girls cannot grow longer hair, its a lie!! Its possible and with the help of this quick reference guide, you too will learn how to achieve it.

7-15. More in this guide:

7. Scalp Massages 8. Research and Knowledge 9. Journaling 10. Know your hair! 11. One Size Doesnt Fit All! 12. Dust and Trim 13. Useful Tools 14. Know your Staples 15. C.P.T.

xoxo, Sasha-Shae
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1. Avoiding Dry Hair

reat hair is sometimes hard to come by in the natural world, thanks to a culprit called dryness. As texturedgirls, its key to avoid dryness. Our hair simply isnt designed to remain dry, as that causes breakage.

Avoiding dryness is sometimes a chore, but it doesnt have to be! Moisturizing often ensure that your hair isnt dry and crunchy. As well, you dont want to play in dry hair because that leads to breakage, and breakage doesnt assist our mission of healthy and growing hair. A secret many women with longer hair know, is to avoid combing dry natural hair! Our hair is too fragile and the quickest way to lose your hair is to comb it while dry! Maintain moisture by using a spritz of water, aloe vera juice and some light oil such as jojoba or olive oils. You can choose to seal it all in with a butter or cream of your liking. Overall, just make sure you are keeping those tresses moist and tangle free. No one likes a wet head, but no one will like dealing with tangled crunchy hair either!

#TexturedGirl is a term coined by Sasha-Shae to refer to afro-textured hair women who choose to rock it natural! seeing growth. You also can not neglect your hair and expect it to thrive. A big tip is to keep it consistent and Maintaining a stable regimen, that is low maintain your regimen. Too often manipulation often proves very successful for us women with textured women are busy switching it up and hair. Over-maintenance can hinder your trying out new things every week. progress, so keeping it simple is always Keeping it simple and sticking to something that works plays a big part in best!

2. Maintenance is Key!

3. Diet and Exercise

Are you eating healthy? If you arent, you are hindering your growth potential. Women with longer hair usually eat healthy, or take vitamins and exercise! Why? This promotes blood circulation, gives the hair and scalp needed nutrients and is benecial to the body overall and to your hair journey. Foods great to eat include salmon, eggs, carrots, greens, beans, nuts and whole grains get adequate amounts of Vitamins A, C, B12, Zinc, Protein, Biotin, Iron and Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Make a commitment to eat better, do exercise and get adequate vitamins. Your body will thank you, and youll notice your hair thrive as a result.

Exercise regularly to keep the blood flowing. This keeps your body limber and your scalp well circulated with blood flow, which is great for the follicles.

4. Drink Water!!

ater is such an important factor. So many women sleep on this simple secret!

Drinking 8 glasses a day not only leaves you quenched, your body also gets enough uid to keep your blood owing, keep your body regulated, and nourish/moisturize your tresses from the inside out! Drink your glasses and dont sleep on this simple but benecial tip. {your body comprises of mostly water, so the more you drink, the better overall!}

Getting enough sleep at night rejuvenates the body and allows it to recuperate. Staying positive about life goals and your hair journey helps you avoid stress and unnecessary shedding brought on by an increase in stress. Sleep is one of the ways the body balances out all the activities we put it through, and adequate rest (8 hours each night) really leaves you relaxed, focused and charged the next morning! of protective styling. Keeping the hair up and o of the shoulders and collars of the clothing is recommended. In the winter, this is a must! The air is way too dry to allowing your hair to be free, updos, pinned and tucked away styles are key. Wearing hats lined with silk/ satin helps, and keeping moisturized tresses put away and protected will save you from headache and tears in the future!

6. Seasonal Awareness
Most will notice in the winter climate, their edges and nape areas are often aected thanks to the wool jacket. This is a great tip! Be aware of the seasons! Summer brings fros, wash and goes and pus, Spring brings lots of twist and braid outs, Fall thanks to the weather getting colder usually begins the season

5. Rest and Positivity

This is a simple secret that many women who retain and keep their length know! Rest and positive thinking makes all the dierence!!

7 . S c al p Ma ss age s

Tre at Yo ur Sc al p R ig h t
Grab your favorite oil and scented candle!

A good scalp massage

never hurt anybody! Love your scalp and your hair will follow...scalp health is one of the founding principles for healthy hair growth!
Sasha-Shae Shaw AfroniquelyYou.com

This is the top secre t tip everyone ought to know! Arom a-therapy and a good scalp massag e is ultra benecial for those wanting long hair. Grab your favorite oil, a scented candle and nd a rel axing area. Light your candle, and be gin to pour the oil to your nger tips. Massage your scalp for at least 15 minutes. It relaxes you and ke eps you stress free!

Many in the Ayurved ic world practice this, and their result s: triumphant! Treat yourself to a scalp massage today, and everyda y, youll love it!

Ot he r Imp o r ta nt Ti p s ! 8. Research
Too often people just arent doing their research! You want healthy long hair? You need to know what to use and not to use! Avoid sulfates as they dry your hair out, avoid shampooing every day!! Simple research into what is recommended for you to gain optimal growth is necessary. So grab a few hair books, check out blogs including AfroniquelyYou.com and youll be amazed what you can learn. Youtube is also your friend!

TexturedGirl Tips

9. Journal Your Progress
Keeping track of what you use, the results, what you liked and didnt like typically benets those wanting to retain length. It allows you to see what works and doesnt, how your progress measures up against previous months and years, and is the easiest way to let you see visibly your hair growth over a period of time. Grab a book, start a blog or video channel, and document!

& Such Trims

TexturedGirls often face the dreaded single strand knot! As such a key factor in retaining length is a regular but well planned trim. Do not over trim (that is, trim every month) and expect to see length. On the other hand, not trimming often enough can really mess you up. Try to stick to dusting your ends whenever you notice a knot, and trimming it every three months. On the plus side, if you maintain a great regimen, youll notice your ends in tip top shape and wont need to trim as much!

10. Know your Hair!!

Too often women wonder why their hair is simply not growing when they follow Miss Jills regimen. Truth is, you need to know your own hair! Yes guidance from others prove helpful, but in the end, know your own hair. Also, avoid falling into hair-typing frenzy. At the end of the day, it doesnt

help you much, so just know you own head of hair instead of depending on a specic type sheet to tell you xyz will work, but then it doesnt for you!

13. Useful Tools

Wide Tooth Comb & Fingers works great for detangling textured natural hair! Using your ngers not only help minimize damage, but you can feel the tangle! Buttery clips and Stocking Legs great for sectioning and keeping hair away on wash days. The stocking leg makes a great pony pu holder! There are many other tools that are great for curly hair like a spray bottle for water mixes, claw clips to section, goody ouchless bands and so forth!

11. One Size = Fit All

Yeah following the last point. What works for one, doesnt work for all!! Too many women lose length because they failed to get this. Do what works for you!

15. C.P.T.
In this journey consistency, patience, and time are key! Utilize them and youll see tremendous growth as a result! This journey as a TexturedGirl will require patience to deal with our afro-textured hair, consistency in what we do, and time for good tlc! It pays o as your hair will surely grow!

14. Staple Products

Product Junkyism is real! If youre just starting or even a seasoned natural, avoid changing your products every day or every week. Figure out products {and techniques} that works best for you, and keep them in rotation. Too much can be exhausting not only to you, but to your hair too! K.I.S.S.: Keep it simple sisters!

F i na l Wo r ds I hope youve enjoyed this handy e-book lled with tips on how to maintain and retain length in your natural hair benecial! Enjoy being a TexturedGirl! Love your hair and it will love you right back! Ive been natural since 2007, and since that time Ive learned so much about my hair. Ive had pit-falls and triumphant successes! And I wouldnt change it at all. Its a constant learning process, but these 15 tips are key in my hair game. I blog to help those wanting to care for their natural hair and maintain a fun and fab lifestyle!
Sasha-Shae Shaw AfroniquelyYou.com

Having done a second big chop in Nov 2011, here I am 10 months later in Sept 2012 with my progress.

Thanks for reading!!

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