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From the Editor

With the world sitting precariously upon an abyss of nuclear confrontation, driven by the disintegration of the financial system, we have one last opportunity to return to our senses. This means bringing an awareness of the true nature of the crisis to the forefront of understanding within the general population at large, and policy makers most specifically. This issue of the Canadian Patriot is designed around two segments. The first segment presents the consequence of failing to comprehend the inherently self destructive nature of closed system thinking which is driving western governments into a suicidal collision course with those nations which are rejecting such thinking.

Editorial Board
Matthew Ehret-Kump Jean-Philippe Lebleu

This means that it is necessary to understand the role of the British Empire in organizing Canadas recent foreign and internal policy measures and striking upon the remedy in each report. Our revue begins with a top down overview by EIR editors Nancy Spannaus and Rachel Douglas on the war buildup underway in Russia and the USA which define the context of the many spark plugs spread all over the world which could spill over into global confrontation and chaos. The following 3 reports feature Canadas largely misunderstood role as an instrument in the British Empires global arsenal which is now being used actively to conduct dirty economic warfare as well as promote actual warfare against those nations such as Russia and China (among others) which are now boldly resisting the imperial demands for world government and depopulation. The second half of the Patriot is defined by a focus upon the principle of creative reason as it manifests itself in mankinds ever changing relationship to nature, and how the realization of this fact must forever throw off the shackles of closed system thinking. The re-defined role of human economic planning must be based on this creative principle and measured according to the standard elaborated by Lyndon LaRouche since the 1960s known as increasing energy flux density. This transition is made with the report entitled Mackinders Geopolitics vs LaRouches Landbridge. We then proceed to an investigation of the incompatibility of the principle of the general welfare and environmentalism which then introduces the article Is Quebec Committing Scientific Suicide? This report by CRC member Pascal Chevrier elaborates upon Quebecs foolish decision to shut down its remaining nuclear reactor Gentilly-2. Juxtaposed with this is a case study of Chinas frontier program to develop advanced fourth generation Thorium reactors by 2020 written by Karel Vereyken editor of Frances Nouvelle Solidarite newspaper. To this is added a report on Russian and Argentinian collaboration for large scale development of energy resources, science and infrastructure. We end the Patriot with a transcript of the first of Lyndon LaRouches Friday Project webcasts that serves to recapitulate the real reasons true patriots must now take reality seriously and fight for those policies which will ensure humanitys successful survival.

Avneet Thapar Pascal Chevrier David Gosselin Frdric Joly-Cayla Franois Lpine Robert Hux, Ph.D. Ilko Dimov Birgit Henker

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Matthew Ehret-Kump

The Canadian Patriot

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Its Not Just Words: Russian, U.S. Militaries in Action

By Rachel Douglas and Nancy Spannaus

EIR- Those who choose to ignore the grim warnings of Lyndon LaRouche, Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey, and the Russian leadership, about the imminent danger of a thermonuclear confrontation between Russia and the United States coming from the current U.S.-NATO regime-change efforts in the Middle East, need only look at the actual military deployments over the past month to see that danger. The escalation of outright military moves on both the U.S. and Russian sides, since the fateful murder of Libyan head of state Muammar Qaddafi, a little more than a year ago, has put the world on a pathway to destruction which must be derailed immediately, if mankind is to survive. The Sept. 23 Sunday evening prime-time review of the week's news on Channel One, Russia's biggest TV network, provides a useful glimpse of this reality, from the Russian angle, and reveals its global implications. The show featured a seven -minute segment on the looming threat of war, focused on a threatened Israeli or U.S. attack on Iran, and included footage and maps of the Persian Gulf. Here are excerpts: "This week preparations were under way in the Persian Gulf for the possible use of force. Judging by the concentration of military equipment, we may turn out to be just one step away from war. These exercises are taking place in the Strait of Hormuz, off the coast of Iran. A record number of warships, in the region's entire history, has assembled therefrom over 30 countries, including the USA, Britain, and Saudi Arabia. Battleships, submarines, aircraft carriers, including Nimitzclass vessels with up to 70 fighter aircraft on board. The participants in these maneuvers do not conceal the fact that this show of force is addressed to Iran.... Maneuvers on such a scale have

never before been conducted here.... Muscleflexing is in full swing, heated up by bellicose rhetoric". At this point, Channel One showed the video clip of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, saying that the United States "must stop Iran" from getting nuclear weapons, by drawing a "red line." "True, Washington replied that it will decide for itself whether to draw any red lines. But Israel is insisting, and hurrying them up," the commentator said. After discussing various contingencies, such as Israel not wanting to start a war without the United States while Obama has electoral considerations, Channel One interviewed Alexei Arbatov of the IMEMO Center for International Security, a Russian establishment thinktank run by the Academy of Sciences, who said: "The situation is extremely explosive. I would say that it is the most acute that it has been in the past 20 years." While noting that leading U.S. military officers are arguing against getting into a new war, nonetheless, Russian TV said correctly, "Wars can begin through a provocation."

U.S.-NATO on the Move

The Russian TV description of the Strait of Hormuz maneuvers, the International Mine Countermeasures Exercise which began Sept. 16 and run through Sept. 27, is accurate. U.S. thinktank spokesmen, as well, have noted the extraordinary firepower being deployed in this maneuver.

point for the Southwest Asia region, as Russia has repeatedly pointed out, and Col. Lawrence Wilkerson (ret.) elaborated in his answer to a question on the danger of World War III, in Rep. Walter Jones' press conference on Sept. 21 (see Feature). Israel itself, which cannot afford to take military action against Iran without American guarantees and backup, held surprise maneuvers on the border with Syria just last week. And then there's the Asia-Pacific region, where the recent trip by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta Russian media coverage described large-scale naval exercises in the Strait resulted in an escalation of tensions of Hormuz (shown here), aimed at Iran, as on a scale never before con- with China and Russia, over his ducted there: Muscle-flexing is in full swing, heated up by bellicose rheto- announcement of an agreement with Japan on stationing another missile ric, noted Channel One. defense station in that nation. Allegedly, such "defense" stations are While the minesweeping maneuver deliberately is aimed at "rogue states," in this case North Korea, not entering the Strait, an extremely crowded bobut, as Russian and Chinese commentaries have dy of water where accidental encounter with the pointed out, Japan is in no danger from North Iranians could well occur, that is no guarantee Korea's capability. The only conceivable reason against such a conflict. An opinion piece by Wasfor such a deployment is to further the encirclehington Post senior columnist David Ignatius, ment of China, and, as in the case of the encircle"Lessons from an Iranian war game," underscored ment of Russia, render that nation's defenses that point. Ignatius was permitted to observe the against a first strike impotent. It is for that reason game, held in Washington, and including former that, in an unsigned Global Times editorial March top U.S. officials and prominent Iranian29, Beijing warned that "an overarching missile American experts, and his conclusion, undoubtedefense system would force China to change its dly shared by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was stark: long-held nuclear policy" of no first use of nuclear weapons. "The game showed how easy it was for each side to misread the other's signals." There are also moves "on the ground" in Asia that, while they seem to be merely local skirmisFor one thing, Ignatius puts President Obama, hes, could prove to be provocations for larger whom he assumes has been re-elected, directly on confrontations in the current superheated international climate, specifically, the conflict between the side of war. But he leaves it to the reader to Japan and China over the Diaoyu/Senkaku fill in the next step: that a U.S. strike on Iran's nuclear facility, be it conventional or nuclear, will Islands. inevitably bring in Iran's ally and northern neighbor, Russia. Now, let's look at the Russian military preparations to deal with U.S./NATO moves. U.S. and allied military deployments are not simply occurring around Iran, obviously. The move for regime change in Syria also represents a flash5


U.S./NATO Military Deployments Around Russia and China

There are indications of Russian attention to the global scope of U.S. BMD planning, that is aimed against both Russia and China, as can be seen in this map.

Russia Practices Response to 'External Attack' Addressing Russian troops on Sept. 17, President Vladimir Putin spoke as commander-in-chief. "You have had excellent training and are literate people," he told them. "You see what is going on in the world and how, unfortunately, the use of force in international affairs is increasing. All of this means that we must keep our powder dry. We must increase Russia's defense capabilities." The occasion was the Kavkaz-2012 (Caucasus2012) military maneuvers in southern Russia, which Putin had just observed. In addition to such statements, the very nature of these and other military exercises being held this Autumn, as well as the President's focus on the defense sector during current intense federal budget deliberations, also make clear that the Russian leadership assu6

mes that its country is threatened, and could be involved in serious combat at any moment. Meeting on Sept. 21 with Defense Minister Anatoli Serdyukov and Chief of the Armed Forces General Staff Gen. Nikolai Makarov, to review the just-concluded Kavkaz-2012 program, Putin termed it "a massive undertaking," which produced good results in testing command and control, as well as weapons systems. Serdyukov detailed that four different firing ranges in southern Russia were used, as well as sea and coastal areas on the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. Most incisive was General Makarov's characterization of the exercises as having "two very serious challenges," one of them explicitly related to the tense situation in the region.

One part of the scenario involved the potential deployment of the Armed Forces in conflicts within Russia, while the other was "resolving the problem of responding to an external attack." Kavkaz-2012 was preceded, earlier in the month, by command-staff exercises of the Strategic Missile Forces. Taking place Sept. 4-7, they involved 150 command points and 300 individual weapons and other military equipment. The official news agency Itar-TASS reported, based on a press announcement made Sept. 4 by Ministry of Defense spokesman Vadim Koval, that the participants would "hone their nuclear deterrence objectives for the event of an armed conflict with the participation of Russia." The term "nuclear deterrence objectives" refers to the ability of Russia's Strategic Missile Forces to "deter" a possible U.S. nuclear first strike against Russia, by their ability to inflict a retaliatory nuclear strike against the United States. Koval said that the scenarios involved "nuclear deterrence in the setting of a threatened armed conflict with Russia's participation, or during such a conflict." The purpose of this training, he added, "is to improve coordination among Strategic Missile Forces command agencies, as well as the practical skills of the command staff and operational groups in directing the military command agencies, units, and troops subordinate to them, including through the use of modern automated command-and-control systems."

Long-Range Planning
The Russian decision to upgrade the particulars of these two, related sets of exercisesKavkaz-2012 and the Strategic Missile Forces training evidently followed close on the heels on two events in late 2011: the murder of Libyan leader Qaddafi in October; and then-President Dmitri Medvedev's public announcement in December, that diplomatic efforts to halt the U.S./NATO unilateral European Ballistic Missile Defense (Euro BMD) system from going ahead had been unsuccessful, that the Euro BMD was a strategic threat to Russia, and that it would be countered militarily. By January 2012, Russian military sources were making it known that the September 2012 schedule of military exercises would feature complete, combined-arms integration. In particular, Nezavisimaya Gazeta's well-informed military analyst reported Jan. 17 that the Russian General Staff was mapping out "large-scale staff exercises based on a possible U.S.-Israeli attack on Iran"; this would happen in September, and would involve the Strategic Missile Forces. Furthermore, it was reported then, the script for Kavkaz-2012 would "differ from last year's exercises in this series, by being larger-scale and more closely approximating actual current military and political conditions," including a scenario of "a possible war by the U.S.A. and several other countries against Iran, as well as other possible conflicts in the Caspian and Southern Caucasus region." Throughout preparations for Kavkaz-2012, Russian defense sources described these exercises as "strategic." Russian and Georgian press reported that Russia had shifted the physical location of the training out of the Chechen Republic, in order to avoid giving Georgia's President Michael Saakashvili a pretext for any wild actions. On Sept. 5, RIA Novosti reported the announcement by another Russian Ministry of Defense spokesman, Alexander Kucherenko, that Russian airborne forces would be involved in 10 different exercises during the month, including Kavkaz-2012, and international maneuvers with Belarus and with the Collective Security Treaty Organization.

Contrary to popular belief, Russian military capabilities are not to be likened to a rust-bucket

Countering Euro BMD

In an interview with Russia Today television, broadcast Sept. 6, Putin addressed an array of strategic matters, including the situation in Syria and in Southwest Asia as a whole. A recurring polemic in the interview was that people pushing various scenarios in crisis areas are hell-bent on their short-term schemes, "and hardly ever think of the consequences that will follow." On strategic military relations, Putin said that the U.S. missile defense system now being deployed, particularly in Europe, "is surely one of the key issues on today's agenda, because it involves Russia's vital interests." He forcefully presented the Russian understanding that the Euro BMD system's "ambition is to upset the strategic balance, which is a very dangerous thing to do, as any party involved will always strive to maintain its defensive capabilities, and the entire thing could simply trigger an arms race." As for negotiations on alternatives to the unilateral U.S./NATO Euro BMD system, Putin said: "We did what we could," citing the Russian offers of a joint missile defense program. "Our partners are so far refusing to go along. What else can we do?" Russia unquestionably is doing a number of things in response, militarily. Strategic Missile Forces chief Gen. Sergey Karakayev, who commanded the earlySeptember command-staff exercises, told RIA Novosti on Sept. 3 that Russia will have a new intercontinental ballistic missile deployed by 2018, which is capable of penetrating the Euro BMD system. "It is necessary to note the new missiles' ability to be invulnerable before launch, thanks to their mobility, as well as their ability to tackle the task of defeating any possible missile defense system within the next 1520 years, should such a need arise," General Karakayev stated. An article on the Russia Today website noted that Karakayev's comments show that Russia "is preparing an asymmetrical response by developing weapons capable of breaching the system."

There are also official and unofficial indications of Russian attention to the global scope of U.S. BMD planning, as being aimed against both Russia and China (while it is claimed that this is geared to Iran and North Korea).

Now, the Arctic

The issue of Asian, and even possible Arctic BMD deployments, came up in the Russian media, too, in connection with a naval deployment that jumped into the news Sept. 20, when a helicopter based on the nuclear-powered cruiser Pyotr Veliky, the flagship of the Northern Fleet, was totalled in a hard landing. What put the accident in the headlines was where it happened: in the Kara Sea along Russia's Arctic Coast, near Kotelny Island in the Novosibirsk Archipelago. The incident touched off intense public discussion, during which one retired military officer drew out the world-war implications of U.S. shipbased anti-missile deployments to Russia's north.

A dark, gruesome, but wholly true depiction of the threat of thermonuclear war, its consequences, and Obamas deployment of a major portion of the U.S. thermonuclear capabilities in multiple theaters threatening both Russia and China.



Ring Around Russia: Threats to a Great Power That Wont Back Down

President Putin told a conference on Strategic Nuclear that nuclear arms remain a truly important guarantee of Russias sovereignty and territorial integrity, and play a key role in supporting global and regional equilibrium and stability

In the past, large surface ships have ventured into this region only if accompanied by an icebreaker, but lower Arctic ice levels have allowed the Northern Sea Route to be used more freely. For decades, surface ships of the Northern Fleet have left Murmansk only to the west, into the Atlantic, never sailing eastward along the Arctic coast. According to an article by Victor Savenkov for Svpressa.ru, the last time a large battleship was in the Kara Sea region was August 1942, when a German heavy cruiser sank the Soviet icebreaker Alexander Sibiryakov. Svpressa.ru interviewed Russian naval experts on what the Pyotr Veliky's mission might be in the Kara Sea, given that it is not an antisubmarine warfare platform, and the type of surface ships it would potentially engage do not frequent the Arctic coast. Adm. Valentin Selivanov (ret.), former commander of Russia's Mediterranean Squadron, said that, besi-

des taking advantage of the weather to reach relatively nearby training areas that were not previously so accessible, a major factor was "to demonstrate that we are prepared to defend our interests in the Arctic militarily." Col. Anatoli Tsyganok, director of the Center for Military Forecasting, told Svpressa.ru that another reason might be the deployment of U.S. Aegisequipped ships in the Arctic, which would position them within striking distance of "the shortest trajectories of our ICBMs to the USA." The Aegis radar/ anti-missile system is the main component of the U.S. Euro BMD program, which Moscow identifies as a threat to its strategic nuclear deterrent. "It is not to be excluded," said Tsyganok, that the Pyotr Veliky's cruise is related to such concerns.

"The Americans are developing their BMD system in the north, just as in the south. Aegis-equipped ships regularly enter the Bering Strait," he asserted. "This is a threat to our security. Because it's one thing if BMD-equipped vessels appear along our southern borders and in the Mediterranean, but in the event of war, Russian missiles will fly to the USA across the North Pole. So it's another matter altogether, when such ships show up to the north of our country, and seek the ability to shoot down our missiles in the most vulnerable, boost phrase." Prioritizing Military Industry

In July, Putin held meetings at his Summer residence in Sochi, and took tours to key military areas, for discussions on putting the Russian military-industrial complex into shape. On July 26, he met with officers and officials in charge of Russia's Strategic Nuclear Forces and Aerospace Defense Troops. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozin, Minister of Industry Denis Manturov, Roscosmos head Gen. Vladimir Popovkin (ret.), and the director of the nuclear agency Rosatom, Sergei Kiriyenko, were in attendance, along with Ministry of Defense representatives. The Kremlin's announcement called it a "Meeting on Implementation of the State Armaments Program for Nuclear Deterrence," a reference to the thermonuclear weapons that would be fired at the United States and its allies in the event of an attack on Russia.

Russian President Putin, addressing troops Sept. 17, on the occasion of the Kazkav-2012 military exercises, noted somberly, You see what is going on in the world and how, unfortunately, the use of force in international affairs is increasing. . . . We must increase Russias defense capabilities. Putin is shown here (center), observing the exercises.

lop them. Russia, he said, has no plans to engage in an arms race, "but there should be no doubt as to the reliability and efficacy of our nuclear potential, as well as our aerospace defence system." He said that "a significant part of financial resources within the state armament program" will be allocated to upgrading the Strategic Nuclear and Aerospace Defense Forces. "By 2020 the share of modern weapons in our Strategic Nuclear Forces should be at 75-80%, and for Aerospace Defence Troops this figure should be no less than 70%." On July 30, Putin traveled to the northern city of Severodvinsk in the Arkhangelsk Region, to speak at a ceremony marking the beginning of construction of Russia's fourth Borey-class nuclear ballisticmissile submarine, and to preside over a meeting on the future Navy construction program. In his remarks, Putin mentioned both the naval component of Russia's strategic nuclear forces, and the rebuilding of other components of the Navy to defend areas such as the Arctic.

Earlier, Putin held conferences on implementing the government's Ground Forces and Air Force programs. The session on the Strategic Nuclear Forces was highlighted on national TV, including Putin's statement that "nuclear arms ... remain a truly important guarantee of Russia's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and play a key role in supporting global and regional equilibrium and stability." Citing the need for the aerospace defense system to be "in a constant state of combat readiness, taking into account potential enemies' plans for developing offensive measures," Putin noted that "nearly all the nations that possess nuclear weapons and aerospace assault weapons are working to improve and deve10

The program calls for investing about 4.5 trillion rubles (nearly $150 billion) over the next several years, for the construction of 51 modern surface warships, 16 nuclear attack submarines, and 8 nuclear ballistic missile submarines by 2020 (2 of which are now undergoing trials). This will allow the share of modern vessels and equipment in the Navy to be brought to 70% by 2020, Putin said. "Resuming the serial construction of new-generation ships," he added, "should go hand-in-hand with modernizing shipbuilding enterprises and other defense industry companies." After these sessions devoted to each of the branches of the Russian Armed Forces, Putin on Aug. 31 held a pair of conferences on the strategic dimensions of economic policy. With Russian government and State Duma deliberations set to resume in September on the 2013 budget, under enormous monetarist pressures for budget-cutting because of the world economic crisis, Putin focused on the absolute priority of restoring Russia's military-industrial sector. Thus, these sessions on military-economic policy also served to underscore the tense international military-strategic situation. Addressing an expanded session of the Russian Security Council, Putin presented the military modernization plans as "ambitious," and cited the "record amounts of money" to be invested in defense procurement and modernization: 23 trillion rubles ($750 billion) over ten years. He acknowledged that "many of our companies are still in the past century, technologically speaking," and that in the course of more than three decades, the defense production plants "have missed out on several modernization cycles." Later in the day, Putin met with Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin and Roscosmos head Popovkin to discuss personnel changes to address the recent rocketlaunch failures. At the Security Council meeting, Putin also emphasized the idea, often stated by Rogozin, that the military-industrial sector should function as a locomotive to pull the whole economy alongor, at the very least, serve as a safe haven, where engineering and other skilled personnel might be preserved, even as domestic industry as a whole comes under new pressures such as competition from foreign imports, now that Russia has joined the WTO, and budget cuts in the so-called "state order" (government contracts). Regarding this potential interface between the defen-

se industry and the economy as a whole, the problem that bedeviled Soviet planners throughout the Cold War, Putin said: "Our position is that by creating a modernized and effective defense industry we can ensure a big growth potential for the entire national economy. The bulk of our advanced technology is in the defense industry, and civilian goods account for more than 30% of the sector's total output. There is steady demand for these goods in the energy, metals, machinebuilding, communications, and other industries. This is not some discovery we have made in this country, but is the way things work all around the world. The defense industry has always been an engine pulling the other manufacturing sectors along behind it. Of course, a stable and effective defense industry is also crucial for the prosperity and prospects in life for thousands of skilled workers, engineers, and designers. The defense industry brings together 1,353 organizations and companies in 64 regions of the country, and employs more than 2 million people. Just think how many that makes if you add their families and the people working in related sectors and so on." Summarizing, Putin made a startling comparison with the period of the Soviet Union's first Five-Year Plans: "In short, we will have to modernize the entire defense industry and the way it works, and carry out the same kind of comprehensive and powerful modernization drive that was achieved in the 1930s." The implications were not drawn out in this presentation, but such a "mobilization economy" is very different from the nostrums about privatization and "improving the investment climate," which are otherwise being repeated constantly by Russian officials, including Putin. Putin said Russia should not hesitate to imitate foreign defense technologies, but having only assembly plants using imported components would be a "dead end," so Russia "should develop complete production cycles, from development through to mass production and spare parts supply, here in Russia. This is the guarantee of our national, technological, and defense security."


Lord Conrad Black Declares:

The British Commonwealth Will Rise Again

By Matthew Ehret-Kump
With the recent announcement by UK and Canadian

foreign Ministers that many of the embassies of both countries shall be melded into single missions, Canadian based British agent and media mogul Conrad Black, unable to control his enthusiasm, has voiced a revealing op-ed in the right wing mouthpiece The National Post. The title of the op-ed reads: "The British Commonwealth Will Rise Again". After rewriting history by making FDR appear to be an imperialist, and asserting that China's new imperialism is meeting resistance with all of its neighbors, and predicting the breakup of Europe into two teams (winner and loser countries), Black writes: "There will be regional powers like Brazil and Turkey, but the only other coherent force that could arise and occupy a role somewhat analogous to a great power of old would be some cohesive bloc of Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, India, New Zealand, Singapore and perhaps a few other Commonwealth countries. The talented Australian foreign minister, Bob Carr, is capable of advancing along these lines, and Stephen Harper and John Baird would do well to explore these possibilities also". It is worthwhile to note that while born in Montreal, Conrad Black is not a Canadian citizen, but rather 100% British. Having received dual citizenship in Canada and UK in 2002 when the Queen of England granted him peerage in the British House of Lords as a reward for his outstanding services to the interests of the British Empire. Black was confronted with an ultimatum by then Prime Minster Jean Chretien who had intervened with a citation of a 1919 resolution barring Canadians from being members of the House of Lords. After a short legal battle which Black lost, Black renounced his Canadian citizenship becoming Lord Black of Crossharbour.

Since his release from US Federal Prison in May 2012 after serving 36 months of a 48 month sentence for fraud and obstruction of justice, an unrepentant Black has found himself re-rising to prominence within the Canadian establishment quicker than one could say "Hail Britannia". Having been granted an unprecedented Temporary Resident Permit from the Minister of Immigration, Jason Kenney, who is part of the Harper conservative apparatus installed largely through the direction of the Canadian Neo-con Sun Media that had been run by Black as part of his Hollinger media empire (1). Black has also been granted the use of all of his former Hollinger-Sun -Times media outlets to continue to mould public Lord Black cannot conopinion among Canadas tain his exhuberance upon right wing in line with smelling the re-emergence of the New British Empire. his masters interests.

The context of Blacks Fall from power

It appears that Conrad Blacks fall from power in 2006 occurred in the context of a faction fight that had broken out within the Canadian establishment between the Liberal Party faction on the one side and Conservative Party faction on the other.

(1) British Crown Assaults Canadian Wheat Board in Grab for World Grain Control www.larouchepub.com/eiw/ public/2007/eirv34n04-20070126/28-33_704_grain.pdf

Where the Liberal establishment was more interested in maintaining its local interests and local control outside of British foreign policy intentions, (witnessed by the Chretien Governments decision to not participate in the Iraq war of 2002 and Paul Martins 1998 successful blocking of the attempted mergers of four of Canadas five largest banks(1)), the Mulroney-Harper anglophile interests in the Conservative Party had been much more intent to do the obedient bidding of the City of London and British Foreign office. This faction fight led up to a collapse of the Liberal leadership of Paul Martin, and purging of relevant Liberal party controllers from power with the Sponsorship scandal of 2005-06. By 2012, the Federal presence of the Liberal Party has become almost non-existent, having been hammered by the 2011 elections that brought Harpers Conservatives their majority.

Columbia, just like the PQ of Quebec are in favour of those resource grabbing policies which are expedient to the British Empires geopolitical interests (echoing the free market logic of the fur trade), yet push the green agenda of renewable energies (except nuclear), and cap and trade. It is indicative to note that NDP leader Thomas Mulcair has just been made a Privy Councillor to the Queen on September 18 2012, possibly in preparation to replace the Harper regime in 2014. During this past year Stephen Harper (Privy Councillor since 2005) has stepped up the use of the broad power granted to him via his partys majority government, to push through every British policy demanded of him in short order, rebranding the Canadian Military with the term Royal, melding many Canadian and British Embassies around the world, converting Canada into an official fist of the Monarchy in the execution of wars with Libya, promoting wars with Iran and Syria, and falsely accusing Russia of trying to steal Canadas arctic sovereignty. Canadas role as a chess piece in this Great Game involves returning Canada to its roots as an aggressive weapon in the Empires arsenal, not seen since the days of the Boer Wars. This colonial function demands Canada act as a subversive agency to the intentions of nations aspiring sovereign development. The accomplishment of this task involves 1) serving as canon fodder for imperial wars abroad, and 2) trapping unwitting nations into reliance upon its abundant cheap resources via the logic of the fur trade aka free trade. The question now worth asking is: will China and India fall prey to the seductive fly trap of Canadas natural gas and resources in the context of Lord Blacks nightmarish vision? Or will they tighten their bonds of survival with Russia and help usher in a new age of development and peace? A third question arises: In the context of an alliance for progress and peace among nations, will Canada finally throw off the yoke of our imperial traditions and become a mature republic once and for all?

The Fall of the Liberals

The Liberal slaughter continues on the Provincial level, witnessed by the loss of one of its last beachheads with the Quebec election of September 2012 that brought Pauline Marois separatist Parti Quebecois (PQ) to power. The PQ is infamous for their intention to separate from Canada, their anti-nuclear stance, and Cap and Trade policy. Of the two remaining provincial Liberal power holds left, British Columbia has found Liberal support at an all time low due largely to the failed HST debacle in 2011. The Liberals under current BC premier Christie Clark are preparing to be swept away in favour of the New Democratic Party (NDP) during the upcoming elections in May 2013. The challenging NDP of British

(1) On December 14, 1998, then Finance Minster Paul Martin rejected the major bank mergers of Royal Bank of Canada with the Bank of Montreal, and CIBC with Toronto Dominion, citing too much concentration of economic power in Canada in the hands of too few financial institutions. Neither Martins role in Canadian policy, nor the Chretien government he then operated under should be assumed to be a force for good. The sense of self-interest, and nationalist tendency within the partys elders (while pragmatic more than principled) should not be missed when evaluating the anomalies which mark the changes in behaviour of Canadian policy.


Embassies Unite:

The British Consolidate their Property

By Matthew Ehret-Kump

While Canadian foreign policy has always followed the British lead, there have been brief instances of resistance. The cases of the 1970s sanctions of apartheid South Africa and Canadas nonparticipation in the precursor of the British Responsibility to Protect (R2P) Iraq War in 2002 spring immediately to mind. However, under Prime Minister Stephen Harper who took power in 2006 and now leads a majority government with those near unchallenged powers enjoyed with such majorities, the unquestioned obedience to British endgame geopolitics has never been so strong. Though Canadas cooperation in the defence and cultivation of the Heroin production of Afghanistans Helmand province had already been underway from the beginning of the Afghan war, this overt military policy became significantly more aggressive with the Arab Spring in 2011. It was at this time that Canada committed its military to provide 10% of the air support and logistics during the UK-France-USA led Regime Change program that illegally killed Muamar Qadaffi under the umbrella of NATO. In hindsight, it was discovered that the greatest atrocities of this war were not to have been committed by the disposed head of state, but rather, by those moralizing forces who conducted the humanitarian intervention, armed radical Islamists and killed 70 000 innocent Libyan civilians. The official legal precedent for this war was the anti-nation state doctrine of R2P. This program was continued with expelling Syrian diplomats and shutting down the Syrian embassy in March 2012, merely weeks after the Annan Peace Plan was begun (and later sabotaged), to the effect that all illusions of Canadian peacemaking and diplomacy was exposed as an illusion. Before Canada, the only nation to shut down Syrian diplomatic missions was the UK. This aggressive policy was repeated with Canadas shutdown of the Iranian embassy in early September 2012 modelled again after the British precedent. Since Canadas actions so obediently followed

British geopolitical doctrine from 2006-2012, an overt branding as British property has been called for.

The Re-Branding of Canada

In April 2011, the British makeover officially began with the re-naming of the Canadian military. This policy saw Harper pass a law which reinserted the Royal into all branches of the Canadian Military. Controversy briefly erupted as Constitutional Lawyers and Defence Specialists pointed out that Section 15 of the British North American Act of 1867 states that the command of the Canadian military is not vested in Parliament, but rather in the Crown. This mandate was reaffirmed with Section 14 of the National Defence Act of 1985 with the words: The Canadian Forces are the armed forces of Her Majesty raised by Canada and consist of one Service called the Canadian Armed Forces. University of Ottawa Defence specialist Philippe Lagasse argued during this time that while the military is answerable to the Parliament, it is accountable and obedient only to ministers of the Crown. Any lingering denial of this control of the Canadian Military by Ministers of the crown was highly shaken.

Up until recently, Harpers rabid anglophilia was considered little more than a bizarre fetish for onlookers, but has now blossomed into a global security threat.

This was followed immediately by Harpers renaming the main wall in the Canadian Foreign Office Head Quarters the Sovereign Wall, deriving its name from the gigantic mural sized portrait of Queen Elisabeth. Not only was this unsightly portrait forced into public display in one Ottawa building, but an accompanying order was passed forcing portraits of the Queen to be mounted upon the walls of every Canadian embassy in the world. While many onlookers watched in bewilderment, the fanatic anglophile could still be heard shouting but the Monarchy is only a symbol! The British Empire carries no real power!

Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair: Agents of the British Empire.

For those who still believe that the Privy Council of Canada is merely a relic of old traditions long dead exercising no more control than the Queen, they would do well to re-consider that view as it is not the people, or parliament who hold the allegiance of those who are introduced into its roster, but rather the Queen of England. I, [name], do solemnly and sincerely swear that I shall be a true and faithful servant to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, as a member of Her Majesty's Privy Council for Canada. I will in all things to be treated, debated and resolved in Privy Council, faithfully, honestly and truly declare my mind and my opinion. I shall keep secret all matters committed and revealed to me in this capacity, or that shall be secretly treated of in Council. Generally, in all things I shall do as a faithful and true servant ought to do for Her Majesty. That both Stephen Harper, as well as NDP leader Thomas Mulcair have taken this oath of allegiance and secrecy should send alarm bells in the minds of any thinking citizen. This also means that these illustrious men have joined the ranks with such national disasters and foreign agents of influence as Maurice Strong, Paul Desmarais of Powercorp, Lord Conrad Black, Prince Phillip of Edinburg, and the current head of the powerful Canadian Council of Chief Executives (CCCE) John Manley. Being a member of this select group does not immediately prove an individual is engaged in treason anymore than someones participation in a Bilderberger meeting or freemasonic society. It does however speak volumes if the person in question is actively carrying out the intentions of a financial oligarchy which has explicitly stated their intention to reduce the world population from the current 7 billion to less than one (see Environmentalism and the General Welfare Make Poor Bedfellows on page 21).

Embassies Unite
As of September 23 2012, many Canadian embassies the world over will no longer simply have Canadian flags hanging from their flag poles, but rather the Canadian ambassadors and their respective staff within and the Canadian Maple leaf flag without will now be joined with British ambassadors and the Union Jack. Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the UK and Canada (John Baird and William Hague) have officially announced the melding of the embassies of both nations! Ostensibly, this measure is being undertaken to save money, but the true motive for such overt consolidation of the British Empires Baird and Hague anpossessions can only nounce joint embasbe addressed if one lets sies in Ottawa. go of all popular illusions regarding the true workings of the shadow empire maintained by the London Centered oligarchy. This process is made the more dangerous as the Empire is not unawareness of the demise of its own monetary system. During the context of the collapse of the British run world monetary system, these policies are intended to do nothing less then set fire to the entire African and Middle Eastern worlds, by fuelling what Samuel P Huntington dubbed the Clash of Civilizations doctrine, to the point of risking thermonuclear warfare with Russia and China.


The New Canada Imperial Arctic Makeover:

Will Increased Canadian Arctic Territory be used to Provoke War with Russia?
By Matthew Ehret-Kump

In 2007, headlines across Canada echoed the spirit of the Cold war, as Canadian Defense Minister Peter Mackay screamed that Canadas arctic sovereignty was threatened and that a greedy resource grab of valuable Canadian territory had occurred. Stephen Harper immediately announced plans to purchase three arctic patrol ships, (later confirming three unmanned drones) to defend Canadas true north strong and free. The Russian aggressors had to be put in their place. What had provoked this unbalanced response from a Canada that had demonstrated no active interest in the Arctic or its development for decades? As it turned out, a Russian submarine had placed a Russian flag near the North Pole along a disputed territory known as the Lomonosov Ridge. As facts would later reveal, the Russian submarine was on nothing more than a scientific study. While large components of the abrupt militarization

of the Arctic announced by Harper in 2007, were put on hold due to the economic crisis that spiked in 2009, it had not at all disappeared, as we now find the seeds of this orchestrated tension springing up yet again. This is evidenced by the October 5th announcement of the Canadian Geological Survey and Natural Resources Canada that 1.75 million square kilometres of seabed in the Arctic and North Atlantic oceans are definitively the sole property of Canada. These claims are the substance of a multithousand page submission of 25 studies submitted in October to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) which had adopted a new formula for determining national coastal boundaries in 2003. Nations had been given 10 years to conduct studies and submit claims for expanded territory beyond the current 12 nautical miles (22.2 km) off coastal land. If these claims are approved, then Canadas current area of 9.9 million square kilometres will increase by 20% (or the size of Quebec). Two of the most important territorial claims involve the Alpha Ridge mountain extending past the North Pole, and the other is the Lomonosov Ridge.

The Seeds of World War Begin to Grow

Today, as tense hotspots have been built up in Syria and Iran, which could easily unfold into a nuclear showdown between Russia and China pitted against NATO countries, a less understood component to the orchestration of general war exists in the domain of territorial conflicts around the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. This strategy cannot be understood unless the reader comprehend that the only opposition to a new British Empire (one world government) is to be found in the coalition of Russia, China and Argentina.

These three nations have made their full national policy commitments center on the right to national sovereignty, international cooperation, technological progress, and have committed to effective war avoidance measures ever since the assassination of Libyas President Gaddafi. Nations of the nonaligned movement representing over two thirds of the world population have rallied strongly around these three pillars. In the Pacific Ocean, Japans brash nationalization of the five uninhabited islets (known by Japan as Senkaku and by China as Diaoyu) has resulted in an international crisis pitting China against Japan. China faces the danger of another territorial conflict sparked by the the President of the Philippines who decided late in 2011 that the South China Sea should be re-named the East Philippines Sea. What most media reports leave out when discussing these hot spots, is that both the Philippine President Benigno Aquino III, as well as the Japan President Noda, have both agreed recently to host U.S. military bases as part of the new Air-Sea battle plan designed around the containment of China and documented in LaRouchePACs recent feature film Unsurvivable (1). This military strategy has seen two U.S Ohio class submarines deployed to the Pacific theatre, each packing Trident nuclear warheads. Other more official British colonies such as Australia are being used to contain China within the new Air-Sea Battle Plan, as Australian PM Julia Gillard has agreed to host two US military bases on its territory which Chinese military officials have identified as representing direct strategic threats. Due to the new UNCLOS measures, Australia has recently expanded its undersea territory by 2.5 million square kilometres (or 1/3 its total land area) in 2008. As small minded (often unwitting) pawns of the British Empire do the Matriarchs dirty work on the Pacific theatre, the British military has sprung into aggressive direct action in the Atlantic as a response to Argentinas recent re-affirmation that the Malvinas Islands are (and have always been) a part of Argentina. Indeed, the Islands were in fact stolen by the British Empire during the early 1833 war with Argentina, and have been maintained as
(1) www.larouchepac.com/unsurvivable

a British colony ever since. The British response to Argentinas claim has been to 1) reject all Argentine offers of dialogue and 2) deploy a Destroyer battleship and one of its four HMS Vanguard nuclear armed submarines to the coast of the Malvinas (which they continue to call the Falklands). The irony in this instance is that Britains basis for its military deployment is centered on its accusation that Argentina is acting like a colonialist. This absurd accusation persists, despite Argentine President Christina Kirchners insistence of the fact that Britains continued claim of the Falklands remains illegitimate according to the UN Special Committee on Decolonization.

The Consequences of Ignoring Reality

One year after Russia was scorned by Peter Mackay and Harper for trying to steal Canadas arctic sovereignty, Russia had found itself the subject of an attack by Soros Georgian puppet president Mikheil Russian tanks in Georgia durSaakashvili in 2008. Saakashvilis attack ing the five day war in 2008. on Russias protectorate in South Ossetia resulted in a brief war that ended five days after having begun. Saakashvili attempted to illegally claim South Ossetia as Georgian territory. At that time, Georgia was not a part of NATO, and had it been, all relevant NATO members would have been drawn into that conflict in Georgias defence. Today, Saakashvili has been replaced by yet another billionaire puppet that has made Georgias admission to NATO a primary objective. With literally dozens of explosive powder kegs placed all around the world which couldnt exist as detonators for war were it not for the belief in resource scarcity and monetary rules to which our behaviour and thoughts must conform, the world is sitting on the edge of a self-imposed extinction.


Mackinders Geopolitics versus LaRouches World Landbridge

By Jonathon Ludwig American economist Lyndon LaRouches proposals for a Eurasian Landbridge and Russias current proposal for the Bering Strait Rail Tunnel connection from Vladivostok through 100 km of water to Alaska and into Canada are not new. These visionary proposals are a long time in the making and have represented a tormenting nightmare to several generations of imperial geopoliticians. By the turn of the 20th century, Russian Transport Minister Count Sergei Witte working in tandem with American System leaders and engineers in Siberia were completing the final stretch of the Trans-Siberian Railway. This development followed 1) hot on the heels of Lincolns victorious suppression, with the help of Russias Czar Alexander II, of the British financed Confederate uprising in 1865, 2) the 1867 United States purchase of Alaska from Russia, and 3) the near annexation of British Columbia into America in 1870 (1). The feasibility studies to connect the two continents were first presented by the Trans-Siberian Railway Company in 1905 (2). The British Empire at the
(1) Were it not for Britains offer to bribe BC merchants during a heated period of 1867-1870, all onlookers from Canada and the USA alike believed that this British colony was nearly about to incorporate into America, as this provided the only economically viable options available for the bankrupt colony. The Transcontinental railway had just been built into San Francisco and an active ferry system connected the BC merchants to the USA. The British had to move fast and did so by 1) paying off British Columbias massive debt, and 2) then purchasing the massive territory separating its eastern and western colonies also known as Ruperts Land and owned by the Hudsons Bay Company in 1868 and 3) finally promising to build a railway connecting BC to Eastern Canada which was accomplished in 1885. The only condition was that British Columbia join the Confederation and not choose the American option.

time was known as the old man of Europe and in all intents and purposes was on the verge of extinction.

Mackinders geopolitics demands a closed system

In 1904, as a response to these developments, British Fabian Society member and director of the London School of Economics Sir Halford Mackinder, formulated a school of thought known as Geopolitics. This study has influenced all Sir Halford Mackinder summarized imperial strate- his theory: Who rules East Europe gists w h o commands the Heartland; Who rules emerged from the Heartland commands the World the 20th century Island; Who rules the World Island from Rhodes commands the World." scholar William Yandell Elliot, his Harvard students Sir Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Bernard Lewis as well as Samuel P. Huntington to name a few. It was also the foundation for the Heartland theory extolled by Nazi geopolitician Karl Haushofer and adopted by Hitler. Mackinders program was little more than a reformulated divide to conquer policy already practiced for centuries by the British Empire, and arose entirely as a response which the threat Lincolns American System program of rail development posed to the continued existence of the failing British Empire as mentioned above.

(2) Funds totalling six million dollars were raised privately, concluding the project could be done for $300 million. An editorial in the New York Times of October 24th, 1905, observed that the Bering Strait Tunnel is a project which at some time in the future is likely to command a great deal of very purposeful consideration.


Not only did rail pose a threat to the Empire, but the advent of the new energy dense fuel source known as petroleum was threatening to replace the largely monopolized (and less energy dense) coal for industrial production. From Japans Meiji Restoration, to Chancellor von Bismarcks Berlin to Baghdad Rail initiative, to Russias TransSiberian Railway, inter -continental development driven by American System rail programs were initiating new dynamics of cooperation and development amongst all nations of North America, Europe, Russia and Asia. Most importantly, these prodevelopment approaches to national economies were founded on the conLincoln admirer von Bismarck certed rejection of all was among the many world British Free Trade statesmen importing the Ameri- dogma and the vigorcan System by the end of the ous adoption of the 19th century. His ouster would protective tariff, prolead to the unleashing of World ductive credit and long Wars 1 and 2. See the film 1932 term planning, all actfor the full story. ing under the principle of the general welfare. To their horror, the British Empire was witnessing a worldwide emergence of the American System. After successful expeditions to the South and North Pole had been accomplished by 1909, Mackinder declared, like Malthus before him that all that could be discovered on the Earth had been discovered, and that human society was now officially locked within an absolutely closed system. All that remained was for leading monopolies to map out finite resources, and get victim nations to slaughter each other in territorial disputes that would necessarily occur as the outcome of each striving to possess as many of these finite resources as possible before they ran out. This would be achieved by getting nations to look at the future not from the American System standpoint of their creative potentials to change

those limits for the better, but rather from the monetarist free market filter of pleasure-pain and momentary profit. Were the bestial dynamic of each against all not adopted, all hope for world domination would be lost. Mackinders theory was expressed most clearly in his observation: "Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland; Who rules the Heartland commands the World Island; Who rules the World Island commands the World."

Reality is an Open System

In the logic of empire, nations must be kept fighting each other in a closed system of absolute scarcity. Rather than creatively moving outside of those limits by discovering new principles of the universe, and creating new energy sources such as nuclear fission, thermonuclear fusion power, or desalinating ocean water to green deserts, nations have been told, rather arbitrarily, that scarcity has to be respected and, like beasts, adapted to in a survival of the fittest paradigm.

For a full documentation of the American System and the British Empires orchestration of World War one, then check out:


LaRouches World Landbridge is already becoming a reality in Eastern Russia and Asia. Will the rest of the world wake up in time to get on board?

This logic has been used to manipulate idiots with political power into initiating almost every single un-necessary war during this past century, and governs the geopolitical thinking that is resulting in potential territorial conflict the world over today. According the BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2011, this past year has witnessed the greatest drop of nuclear energy use on record (with a 4.3% fall) while coal has become the worlds fastest growing fuel (totalling 30.3% of global use). While green energies such as wind and solar power have risen by 25.8% and 86.6% respectively, their combined total contribution to global energy consumption is a measly 2.1%. The energy required to produce renewable energies far outweigh their output while the wasted land area required to sustain them is not only bad economics, but it is more importantly, the sickly effects of a community of nations turning their backs on 600 years of progress and embracing an ideology which will permit no more than one billion humans living in political, mental and physical conditions not terribly different from feudalism.

Today, new energy sources await the political will to overcome those boundary limits met by our current addiction to fossil fuels and inefficient green renewables. On top of the prospect of connecting Eurasian countries in a New Silk Road known as the World Landbridge and Bering Strail Tunnel, the new frontier defining Mackinders fraud is located in the prospect of unbounded space exploration, lunar and Mars industrialization and asteroid defence. None of these are utopian fantasies, but rather active policies either already being applied by leading nations such as China and Russia, or being offered by leaders among those nations such as Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozins offer for Strategic Defense of Earth (SDE), and Russian Transport Minister Yakunins Bering Strait proposal. The effect of continuing to tolerate the limits we find imposed upon ourselves as a species, will entail not only undoing the industrial revolution, but also ushering in new wars with the use of thermonuclear weapons, risking the extermination of humanity.

Environmentalism and the General Welfare Make Poor Bedfellows

By Matthew Ehret-Kump

When the consequences of a gambling addiction catch up to the addict, were his immediate response not to seek help, but to sell his children, the future for that family would become bleak indeed. This response is pitifully tragic when committed by any individual, but criminally insane when committed by the leadership of national governments entrusted by the people with the care of the common good. Although criminally insane, it is specifically this mindset which is the driving force behind Fed Chairman Ben Bernankes recent unleashing of another (QE3) bailout, Obamas calls for gutting Social Security and Medicare in order to raise the debt ceiling, and the similar behavior of bailouts and fascist cuts being demanded by the IMF and ECB in Europe. In the midst of this torrent of insanity, the voice of the people is increasingly calling for the abolishment of speculative monopoly money and returning to national banking programs under a global Glass-Steagall reform (1). To exacerbate this crisis even more, we find that a global policy is being implemented on the behalf of the British empires Inter Alpha group (2) through their control of the Green movement to crush those last remnants of frontier science which humanity still has at its disposal, and which, under a new system could be mobilized to build our way out of this multi-generational crisis. It has long been understood by the empire and its opponents, that it is functionally in the domain of

science and technology that mankinds true role as a unique species of unbounded potential expresses itself, and in that fact, so too melts away any sophistical justification for the existence of the parasitical system of oligarchy, which rather seeks to keep humanity enslaved as cattle in fixed systems of zero growth. This anti-science (and antihuman) intention expressed by controllers of the Green movement such as Prince Philip, involve bringing humankinds population to levels acceptable to a governing elite according to mathematical models known as carrying capacity. As Plato once warned, it is the desire for one`s shackles that maintains a slave more effectively than forcing shackles upon him. Hence, it has also been that long term intention to bring societys behaviour and values into conformity with an oligarchical model that is the underlying cause of Germanys suicidal decision to exit from Nuclear by 2020, Harpers selloff of AECL and Obamas abolishment of the manned space program. The causal intention is nothing less than those genocidal effects which will result due to such policies.

The Green-Blue Paradox

This context must be kept in mind when considering the new phenomenon sweeping the Canadian political landscape between two irreconcilable movements. That is, the marriage of labour and environmentalism which is manifesting itself most clearly within the New Democratic Party (NDP) and Quebecs Parti Quebecois (PQ) as of this writing. The argument for a green-blue marriage is based not on science but rather on the fallacious assumption that manmade activities and CO2 emissions are the primary drivers for Global Warming and must be halted at all cost. The only solution to this non-existent problem proposed by those powers attempting to orchestrate the marriage involve the drastic elimination of those means of sustaining advanced civilization via:

(1) For an overview of the full separation of speculative from productive banking activities visit our Glass-Steagall website at www.larouchepac.com/glass-steagall (2) See the Lpac video: The Inter Alpha Group www.larouchepac.com/node/16537 (3) In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.- Prince Philip, co-founder of World Wildlife Fund for Nature, quoted in Deutsche Press Agentur (DPA), August, 1988


1) Reduction of high energy density technologies such as nuclear power 2) The elimination of CO2 emissions via new speculative cap and trade programs and 3) The advancement of low energy dense power systems such as wind, solar, geothermal and tidal power which lack the power density to sustain the industrial needs of a technologically advanced, population dense mode of society. All three factors are designed to have one common objective: The reduction of the world population from the current 7 billion to less than 1 billion. This policy was outlined in blood curdling detail in the recent report by the Scientific Advisory Council of the Federal Government of Germany on Global Environmental Changes (WBGU)(4)whose director Hans Joachim Schellnhuber was recently quoted as saying: ``In a cynical way, it's a triumph for science because at last we have stabilized something-namely the estimates for the carrying capacity of the planet, namely below 1 billion people. What a triumph. On the other hand, do we want this alternative? I think we can do much, much better.'' It is no wonder that Schellnhuber was awared Commander of the British Empire by Queen Elisabeth in 2004. To any humanist, the contradiction in the attempted marriage of labour movements which support the general welfare and anti humanist environmentalism is blatant. The awareness of this contradiction was made evident in the heated fight during the 2011 Vancouver NDP convention, between the true labour and green factions, who fiercely battled over the attempted greening of the Party constitution, replacing principles of social justice to conservation. While that amalgamation of green-blue was successfully resisted then, a new wave has begun, with the same desired effect. The arguments which attempt to justify the unnatural alliance are not merely fallacies, but actually reflect a moral disease festering in the minds of the Canadian people which must be overcome quickly. The reality is that the entire world system is in the last throws of a general collapse whose causes are largely to be found in the unwillingness of the politi(4) World in Transition : A Social Contract for Sustainability. Read the whole misanthropic report on www.wbgu.de

cal leadership to confront the Inter-Alpha Group`s immense stranglehold over our national economies. As Lyndon Larouche has been saying for decades; nothing within the monetarist logic will solve this type of physical crisis. Nothing short of a fundamental abolishment of the artificial rules of monetarism in favour of a return to clean Hamiltonian banking practices on a global level will open any pathway to a future worth living in. That means that no opinions justifying budget cuts, hyperinflationary bailout, or green population reduction as solutions to this crisis shall be respected as legitimate.

A Lesson from Physical Economics

In the science of physical economics, we learn that it is mankinds increasing power within and over the universe which is the invariant metric of value. Not money. Interestingly, it is not only a characteristic of human life which expresses this potential of creative anti-entropy, but contrary to the popular delusion now taught in schools, the universe as a whole exhibits this same power of constant self development. Moving from energy sources of lower flux density to higher flux density as we see with the leaps of wood to coal, coal to uranium, and beyond in human society represents the same function expressed in lower orders of life developing new technologies such as chlorophyll, and permitting for greater metabolic activity of life on earth (see figure1 on next page). This increase of powers of energy to accomplish increased work is known as energy flux density in physical economics. The truth of this power unique to the human condition is one which necessitates our total abolishment of all forms of energy policy which have the effect of: 1) Reducing our power to act on the universe through forcing a decrease of energy flux density 2) Reducing human population growth 3) Reducing our intensive expansion of global investments into all anti-inflationary (and antientropic) activities of the type outlined on the www.larouchepac.com/infrastructure page.


Figure 1

In fact, the only power source with the energy flux density adequate to support the perpetual growth of these three factors at once, is to be found in the domain of third and fourth generation nuclear energy, thermonuclear fusion, and eventual Matter-Antimatter processes. Each increase of power upward must be subsumed within a higher Moon to Mars (and beyond) colonization outlook. Windmills, and solar panels offer only self destruction (5). It is this optimistic outlook and it is not only a characteristic of human life which expresses this potential of creative antithe associated means of actual- entropy, the universe as a whole exhibits this same power of constant self development. izing its aims, that not only Here , the nested conic functions demonstrate the increasing rates of energy flux density built the best aspects of our increases in the abiotic, biotic and noetic (aka: cognitive) aspects of our universe. civilization (which are now suffering from neglect, privatization, and cuts), but occur with the understanding that it is the creative which will again be the efficient Power behind our powers of human cognition which permit for the still possible survival. The participation of a re- increase of humanity`s power over the universe and formed Canada in an alliance of sovereign nation is expressed formally as a measure of our potential states for the passage of a Global Glass-Steagall, relative population density. followed by a return to fixed exchange rates as described under LaRouches New Bretton Woods re- Today, no source of energy existent aside from Numains a possible third option beyond that of chaos, clear fission and thermonuclear Fusion will ever permit for the equitable increase of those material stanand despotism now being offered to the credulous. dards of life to levels high enough to supply the digMarket forces be damned, humanity nity and freedom so necessary for those creative powers of our species to express themselves, and comes first. with them, the necessary and moral precondition for The means thus established for a Hamiltonian credit self-governance. system usher in the next question: If we succumb through ignorance, or inaction, to the How can labour return to its roots as an uncompro- monetarist and environmentalist propaganda by remising defender of social justice, and scientific and jecting those frontiers of nuclear energy and space technological progress which have defined our na- exploration, it is not merely the financial oligarchy, tions best character for generations? How can Cana- but ourselves that will be judged guilty for the genodian labour help kick start the re-industrialization of cide that will be unleashed. ourselves and our neighbours abroad, using the most advanced science and technology for the common interests of all? This bold change in paradigm could not be done for monetary profit, nor to appease market forces, and not possibly to make jobs. This change could only
(5) The Fraud of Free Energy: www.larouchepac.com/ node/9296
For a full dossier of video material and extensive exposes of the fascist roots of the Green movement, visit the following website: www.larouchepac.com/greenfascism


Is Qubec Committing Scientific Suicide?

(or why buying gold wont change a thing)
By Pascal Chevrier
The use of nuclear power is neither a political nor an ideological issue; it is the most powerful scientific-economic breakthrough that occurred during the 20th Century. The scientific and physical economic aspects of nuclear power have not been acknowledged by any of Qubecs political leadership. The political parties have shown no understanding of these attributes whatsoever. Our concern is that ignorance on this important matter is not confined to the political class. This is why we submit the present article to the scrutiny of all our fellow citizens. As humanity is confronted with the biggest financial-economic crisis it has ever experienced and a set-up for potential world war in the Middle-East cockpit, we citizens must choose to either sink with this dying system into a new global dark age or affect an evolutionary change that is lawfully crafted on the anti-entropic behaviour of our universe. The latter would assure our common survival, but meanwhile, contradictory decisions are being made by our political leaders plant; they were doing so for the wrong smallminded reasons. The closing was made official as of October 3rd by Hydro-Qubecs CEO Thierry Vandal and will take effect at the end of 2012. Obviously, distrust and anger has been growing especially from the families of the 800 specialized employees that will be losing their jobs due to the shutting down of the power plant. With the intention of panicking the public into acquiescing to the shut down of Gentilly-2, a documentary was aired on September 17th on Chanel Tl-Qubec entitled Gentilly or not to be(2). Nothing grandiose has to be said about the documentary, which began with footage of nuclear bomb explosions, as the intent was clear: who could trust an energy source of that type? Then paranoia sets in with a barrage of frightening reports on the dangers of radiation, possible catastrophes that could happen in the future, the complications of waste disposal, environmental contamination, stillbirths, etc Once upon a time, Qubec could have been a leader in nuclear technology. Hydro-Qubecs plan in the 1970s was to build about 30 nuclear reactors along the St Lawrence River- an opportunity missed when the PQ government of the time voted to indefinitely halt the construction of new nuclear plants.

Case Study: The Shutdown of Gentilly-2

The recent statement by Parti Qubcois (PQ) leaders calling for closing the Gentilly-2 nuclear reactor comes as no real surprise as it was already a known intention of the party, specified in their latest electoral platform (1). The official declaration was made two weeks after the September 4th election of a PQminority government, without a rational explanation of the decision other than the green ideological fad of so-called renewable energies and some tax money-saving rhetoric. In fact, the majority (three out of five) of Quebecs political parties running for the last provincial elections had already written nuclear energy out of Quebecs future. While both the Liberals and the Coalition Avenir Qubec (CAQ) were advocating the refurbishment of the nuclear
(1) Agir en toute libert, Programme Parti Qubcois, p. 23, (# 5.3 g).

Instead of putting windmills close to their plants, the nuclear industry should fight to educate people on the principle of energy flux density.

(2) http://www.nuclearsafety.gc.ca/eng/mediacentre/ updates/2012/September-18-2012-Gentilly-or-not-to-be.cfm to set the record straight the Canadian Nuclear Security Commission (CNSC) wrote the short report on every falsehood in the documentary.


Both succumbing to, and encouraging the hysterical fear promoted by the environmentalist lobby surrounding the dangers of nuclear technology, it was arranged that dams were to be built in James Bay and Manicouagan region instead. Quebec then became a world leader in hydro-powered systems although the dream of having a nuclear powered Quebec was dropped and forgotten. It is important to note that the arguments for exiting nuclear, and replacing it with lower grade energy sources such as wind and solar are founded upon the unscientific fallacy that energy must only meet household electricity needs. But Nuclear technology is not only about providing electricity. It has many other purposes. Carbon-14 is used to date archaeological findings; medical isotopes are used for either imaging and/or therapy. Recall the crisis of shortages which occurred when Ontarios Chalk River reactor (which produced more than 50% of the worlds medical isotope needs) had to be shutdown for over a year. Nuclear is a denser form of power that can be used to desalinate water, to procure new isotopes, and power heavy industries which could never exist under lower renewable energy sources.

and turned into an anti-human religion as the world economic system was transformed with the 1971 destruction of the Bretton Woods System into a clash of two mutually contradictory polarities. Short-term financial profits under a monetarist ideology were set up on one side and an anti-science population reduction ideology on the other. These assassinations, of the political and moral leadership of the 1960s, were meant to usher in a new paradigm of cultural pessimism. The Club of Rome and other think tanks have published books like The Population Bomb, Global 2000 and Limits to Growth to warn of impending doom if the worlds population is not culled rapidly. Today, in 2012, Prince Philip, the Queens consort, and his financiers acolytes still promote a maximum carrying capacity of the Earth of less then 2 billion people. The most important tool this oligarchy has, is our uneducated fear. This ignorant fear can lead not only to the denial of the necessary technologies for third world countries to develop, but also a destruction of those similar advanced technologies so necessary to our own survival. Since the shift into postindustrial consumerism that followed the counterculture revolt of 1968, western culture has almost entirely lost the idea of producing for the needs of the future, choosing instead the immoral path to hell founded on the baby boomer motto of live for today.

The Empire: making a bloodless killing

Since the end of World War II, many organizations have been founded by individuals formerly associated with the eugenics societys leadership, many of them crown-bearing. They decided that their Empire Martin Luther King and Rowould prevail through bert F. Kennedy represented new ways of making a vision of optimism that had population reduction acto be destroyed to save the ceptable to their dumbed system of empire. down subjects. Their choice of re-introducing eugenics thinking back into society was wildlife conservation or if you prefer, environmentalism. After years of propaganda that has shaped popular opinion into believing that mankind is the environments top enemy, this ideology has now become a new Malthusian dogma whose mantra has become dont feed the poor/ save the environment! The prodevelopment and anti-war policies of two Kennedy brothers and Martin Luther King Jr. were sabotaged

The insane fear of radiation

The illustrious physicist Edward Teller used to joke that a man would get more radiation from sleeping with two women than living next to a nuclear plant. Though you may or may not find this image offensive, it is still nonetheless true. Radioactivity permeates every inch of our universe. It is in the food we eat, in the soil we step on, it is emitted from the Sun that shines upon us and even originates from the cells in our own body! The doses of radiations we receive from artificial sources such as nuclear plants- are infinitesimal in comparison. For example: Every year, Canadians are exposed on average of about 1.8 millisieverts (mSv) from natural background radiation. This means that in one year, residents living in Trois-Rivires and Bcancour get 900 times more radiation from natural background radiation than from the man-made radiation of Gentilly-2 (3).
(3) Ibid. 25

Some might ask the question What is the dose of radiation thats normal for a human being? There is no satisfying answer that anyone can give beyond a certain minimum and maximum bracket. Some argue, supporting their statement with LNT (4), that any exposure to radiation is harmful, regardless of what the doses may be, and therefore such people will develop a sophistry that will conclude that, half the dose of radiation will cause half the amount of cancers. These are clearly simplistic views that reflect a profound ignorance on the part of the interlocutors. Not only is a certain amount of radiation necessary for life, but low dose radiation within certain bandwidths has been proven to both extend longevity and combat cancer!

the power of tool-making? What is behind the bronze and iron ages,? What made them possible? It is important to get this question right, since these new tools were more valuable to our ancestors and to human civilization than any precious mineral or metal. What is the underlying principle that carried out these discoveries? Creativity is our human gift, and the concepts applied and enhanced every time a fundamental discovery is made is what we call the concept of energy flux density (5) , or otherwise the principle of fire developed at length by Lyndon LaRouche in many of his economic papers (6) for over 50 years. Energy flux density is the standard by which energy production must be studied and must define which form of energy among a given spectrum of choices is selected by society. Physical economics, the modern science founded by Gottfried Leibniz in the 17th century, was developed around the concept of steam-powered machines applied to enhance the work of mankind while alleviating the need for capital intensive human or animal labour. The per capita and per square kilometre output of energy is the valid measure to understand which energy production will be able to power cities of two thousand or two million citizens. The readers should look at a very good study on the subject for more extended data (7). Using this criteria we must come to recognize that nuclear fission power is an unbeatable option in todays world, as it is orders of magnitude higher in output than wind, solar and fossil fuel-powered plants. Modern society necessitates a shift towards an atomic renaissance.

Radiation is an integral part of life. It is used here to preserve dental health

Dont buy gold Increase energyflux density!

An elementary question that must be asked is: What gives value to anything? Whether we are looking at gold, wood or even uranium, from where and to what end does its value arise? Think of our old relative, the caveman. What did he value? What was useful to his survival? Some tools, yes, but what is the principle permitting for
(4) The linear no-threshold model (LNT) is a model used in radiation protection to estimate the long term, biological damage caused by ionizing radiation. It assumes that this damage is directly proportional to the dose at all dose levels. (5) Enqute sur la densit de flux dnergie par Benot Chalifoux, http://www.solidariteetprogres.org/Enquete-sur-la-densite-de-flux-denergie_06942 (6) Prometheus And Europe by Lyndon LaRouche: http:// www.schillerinstitute.org/fid_97-01/001_lar_prometheus.html

(7) Ibid, Chalifoux.


A fuel bundle 500 mm long, 100 mm in diameter and weighing 22 kg could be carried in an overnight bag. When put in a CANDU reactor, it can produce as much energy as burning about 400 tons of coal or 2000 barrels of oil (8). wind and solar energy are not calculable under these metrics (9), but in terms of power potential, are orders of magnitude inferior. Quebecs energy makeup is Hydro: 94.8 %, fossil fuel: 2.6 %, nuclear: 2.1 %, wind: 0.3 %, biomass/wastes: 0.2 %. That is to say, that 1 nuclear power plant (Gentilly-2) generates almost ten times more power then 393 windmills! How much land(10) is wasted on a technology that will only fuel a new dark age? Speeding up the Renaissance While this article is being written, Japan has announced that it is not only reopening closed nuclear plants (40% capacity was shut down in the wake of the Fukushima hysteria in 2011), but is also launching the construction of new ones. The nuclear renaissance is also on its way in Russia, China, Argentina and India as their governments have declared war on the short-term, anti-science thinking so popular in the west. Advances in new technologies such as thorium-based fission reactors, fourth generation systems and advances on thermonuclear fusion are being made by nations which possess an intention to assure stable sources of energy production, and durable growth for the coming centuries. Every society, in order to prosper, needs to increase its energy input/output without any absolute upper limit in order to survive durably. That is not an ideological statement. It is simply the science of development and a fact proven by the experience of human history. We, in the west, have to decide if we shall partake in this Renaissance and help it ignite faster or at(8) www.thecanadianencyclopedia.com/articles/nuclear-power -plants (9) Ibid, Chalifoux. (10) According to General Electrics specifications, a 1,5 Mw windmill to achieve maximum output needs 81235 m2

tempt to throw sand on the embers. Already some promising projects are underway such as Belgiums Myrrha (11) , which could eliminate the term nuclear waste by transmuting the radioactive elements into new non radioactive material. Canadas CANDU reactor technology is already found in 6 other countries around the world. Canada was among the first to advance the science of the atom, and we need to save this legacy. The new isotope economy lies before us. Any questions? Lets do it !

Useful links
The Beauty of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle : www.larouchepac.com/node/14721 Fusion Torch Can Create New Raw Materials : www.larouchepac.com/node/14726
We Need to Expand Medical Isotope Production! : www.21stcenturysciencetech.com/ Articles_2010/Winter_2009/ Beauregard_Interview.pdf

(11) K. Vereycken : Le projet Myrrha : Lavenir de lhumanit passe par la transmutation des dchets nuclaires: Belgiums Myrrha reactor is a step towards reducing nuclear www.solidariteetprogres.org/spip.php? wastes to none. Instead of shutting down nuclear facilities, our page=forum&id_article=5909&id_forum=2935 nation should develop these technological skills and more.


The Paradoxical Case of Britains Attack on its own Green Movement in Canada
By Jonathon Ludwig
Many onlookers who understand that the core of the British Empires program for depopulation and the subversion of the nation state leans upon its control of the environmentalist movement, have found it somewhat paradoxical that British puppet Stephen Harper of Canada has made headlines this summer by passing sweeping reforms under the C-38 omnibus bill, which has overturned decades of environmentalist legislation designed to stop development in the name of wildlife conservation. This reform has thus opened up new corridors for streamlined resource extraction across the board. British sponsored environmental groups have been abandoned, and have been screaming all across Canada, but with very little resistance from the opposition NDP party which has up until now represented the voice of Green in Canada. In fact, in the weeks before and after being sworn in to the Queens Privy Council on September 18 2012, NDP leader Thomas Mulcair has uncharacteristically come out Privy Council member defending both the Alberta oil Thomas Mulcair has sands, as well as the new Enbridge pipeline to the pacific.
begun his unlikely defense of the oil sands and Ensbridge pipeline.

ambassador to Australias new job as ambassador to Canada provides one clue. The additional hype surrounding Canadas comparative advantage relative to Australias in exporting natural gas published in the KPMG 2012 Competitive Alternatives report is another. The proposal by state owned China National Offshore Oil Co (CNOOC) to purchase Canadas Nexen gas company for $15.1 billion should be viewed within this greater context. If this deal, now held up in court due to the fact that CNOOC is a state owned company, should pass, a flurry of other state owned energy companies primarily from Asia and the Middle East promise to follow with similar purchases with Korea, Kuwait, India and Malaysia already topping the list. According to BPs Statistical Review of World Energy Report of June 2012, of all remaining private global (not state controlled) oil reserves, 62% are found in Canadas oil sands. 10.6% of overall world oil reserves are in Canada. It is appropriate to here point out, that were it not for the demand from Asias markets, the Plan of the North set in motion by the now fallen Quebec Liberal Party of Jean Charest never would have begun. Quebec is now engaged in applying the Alberta oil sand model of resource extraction under the $80 billion PPP investment into opening up Quebecs resource rich north. Just like the Alberta oil sand model, the Quebec model entails zero nation building, but is based entirely upon the logic of converting minerals into money as fast as possible within the closedsystem logic of market theory. Were the Three Power Alliance of Russia, China, and the USA adopted in the short term however, coinciding with a Global Glass-Steagall re-organization of the financial system, would not only stymy the threat of World War, but usher in a nuclear renaissance as well. If Canadas thorium rich soils were tapped and an advanced liquid salt nuclear crash program following Chinas lead were adopted, Geopolitical manipulation around humanitys reliance on finite fossil fuels would no longer be used to the advantage of the British Empire as it is now, but rather an unbounded potential for growth would be realized and the creation of new resources in the benefit of all would be the result.

Why the anomalies?

Conservative Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver, speaking to a group of Asian businessmen has promised that Canada hopes to build infrastructure to liquefy and export nine billion cubic feet per day of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to Asia through five proposed coastal plans. With the building of new pipelines from Alberta and BC to the Pacific starting with Ensbridge, and Chinas existential need for fossil fuels for its survival, the risk of China falling prey to the addiction of Canadas cheap resources is very real. The British of course, are intent on loosening the bonds of survival which have thus far held Russia and China together against the British drive for World War and are deploying every asset available to do so. This fact is especially pertinent as the schism deepens between China and Australia due to Australias hosting two U.S. Military bases antagonistic to China. As China currently imports a vast portion of its natural gas needs from Australia, we must ask: Is Canada being set up to replace Australias role as supplier of Chinas natural gas needs? Surely, the Chinese

What does the Empire have planned for Poor Justin Trudeau?
As of October 2, Member of Parliament Justin Trudeau has announced his candidacy for the leadership of the Liberal Party. With his press release announcing his inner circle of advisors, it must be said here and now that Justin is off to a very bad start. The first of the two advisors that send off alarm bells is none other than Ted Johnson, who was not only his fathers executive assistant, but also served as Vice President of Paul Desmarais Power Corp. in the 1990s, handling the damage control during the disastrous UN Food for Oil program. Joining Johnson is Justin Trudeaus old McGill University debate partner Gerald Butts, who is returning from his former role as Ontario Premier Dalton McGuintys principal Secretary, having overseen the disastrous Green energy initiatives of McGuintys government, to handle his young protg. Butts qualifications for his Ontario job rested heavily on the fact that he was and remains President and CEO of the World Wildlife Fund Canada (WWFC). The Malthusian WWF was founded by Prince Philip, Sir Julian Huxley and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands in 1961 as part of the British Empires policy of making the unthinkable once again become thinkable as Sir Huxley wrote in his 1946 founding document of UNESCO(1). The unthinkable of course, is the important science of Eugenics, which, in the eyes of these oligarchs, was given terrible publicity when their Hitler project (begun and controlled largely as a British-Wall Street initiative until 1937) failed them. It is no coincidence that former Nazi SS officer Prince Bernhard is also the founder of the infamous Bilderberg conferences which began in 1954 to advance the cause of one world government and depopulation. Both Ted Johnson and Gerald Butts were participants in those very conferences (1983 and 2007 respectively). The WWF Canada was given new powers to influence national policy as part of Pierre Elliot Trudeaus revolution in greening Canada from 1968-1984. These reforms, which included the creation of Environment Canada, a mass of green legislation, and new financing support systems for NGOs such as WWF, Nature Trust, and Conservation International, have had a devastating impact in arresting all serious development projects in
(1) UNESCO: Its Purpose and Its Philosophy by Julian Huxley, 1946 http://unesdoc.unesco.org/ images/0006/000681/068197eo.pdf 29 Justins Trudeau at his leadership rally

Canada as well as representing a frontal attack on the universalizing sense of optimism that NASAs Apollo landing on the Moon represented, especially for Canadians who took great pride that their newly founded Canadian Space Agency partook of this great endeavour. These Pierre Trudeau-era programs have served to stunt Canadas development as a sovereign nation-state on the one side, and keep Canada locked into the Power Corp.-enforced trap of the free trade (aka: fur trade) exploitation of resources for prices that often fall below the cost of production, demonstrated by such monstrous policies as NAFTA. Power Corp. has been directly linked to every major leader of the Liberal Party since Pierre Trudeau, and that includes Conservative Brian Mulroney who recently helped found the Asia Power Corp. to attempt to control the energy program of Asia. This roster of recent Liberal leaders include Jean Chrtien , Paul Martin, as well as current interim leader of the Liberal Party Bob Rae, whose brother John Rae currently serves as the Executive Vice-President of Power Corp. as Paul Desmarais right-hand man. Paul Demarais is also a Privy Councillor to her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II. In light of these revelations, perhaps the Liberal Party would do well to not be seduced by the star power of young Justin and arrange for a competent leader with more substance to take on the important role of leading Canada into the future.

Is China on the road to becoming the world leader in the nuclear energy of the future?
By Karel Vereyken, Nouvelle Solidarit, France While recent Announcements by French Ministers Arnaud Montebourg and Delphine Batho loudly proclaimed that nuclear power will remain a sector with a future, President Francois Hollande just confirmed that in the name of ecological and energetic transition, France would be closing the Fessenheim nuclear power plant. He also repeated his commitment to cutting French generated nuclear energy from 75 to 50%, following Germanys lead to exit the field by 2020. Having produced the likes of Marie Curie, Paul Langevin, Pierre Mends-France and Charles De Gaulle, France has always played a pioneering role in this domain. It is therefore ever more tragic that this great world leader in nuclear science has fallen to such a low that its politicians are trying to sell the idea that France could become a world nuclear leader in plant dismantling! In parallel with the ASTRID demonstrator (Advanced Sodium Technological Reactor for Industrial Demonstration) steered by the Commissary for Atomic Energy (CAE) of France, a team from the National Center for Scientific Research in Grenoble (NCSR) have reworked the concept of the Molten Salt Fast Reactor (MSFR) associated with thorium, one of six research options retained in the context of the Generation IV forum. Thorium 232, a metal three times more abundant in nature than uranium, when exposed to a source of neutrons, for example in the core of a European Pressurized Reactor (EPR), can be fertilized. It is then transformed into uranium 233 and will become in turn, a fissile fuel. While India intends on using it as a solid fuel, MSFRs are based on the use of a molten salt (lithium or beryllium fluorides), serving simultaneously as a coolant, a fuel and a first barrier of containment. Molten salts are also used in solar panels and fuel cells. kit: a high-temperature reactor whose efficiency is superior to most of todays reactors and its heat allows for seawater desalination. As a regenerator, it allows for the multiplication of the fuel while crushing waste accumulated by the civilian and military nuclear sectors. The reactor is easy to interrupt, thanks to a passive security system and operating at ambient pressure, it could never turn into a new Chernobyl. Better yet, with the MSFR, half lives of waste are scaled down to 300 - 500 years, far from the todays waste half lives reaching millions of years. This concept, developed and tested in the 1960s in Oak Ridge, USA, was abandoned by President Richard Nixon for reasons which we would ironically consider a benefit today. For one, it didnt produce enough military-quality plutonium. To this, was added the fact that the U.S. Marines had chosen water-pressurized reactors for all their nuclear submarines, an option also taken by Westinghouse for the vast majority of its reactors built throughout the world for the civilian sector.

The Chinese offensive

While nations of the west spread doubts and fears of this vital technology while chopping their budgets, China is patiently getting ready to move forward in giant leaps and bounds. For China, the aim is not simply to have about one hundred classic reactors produced between now and 2030, but to become a world leader in the cutting edge nuclear of the future, efficient, ecological and much safer than anything yet created. To this must be added the aim of gaining a large degree of energy independence. It is ironic to note that in 2010, 95% of uranium consumed in China came from imports, while due to the abundance of rare earths in its soil, the country is blessed with considerable reserves of thorium.

The Ideal Reactor

But there is more. The MSFR is a real all-in-one

Leading advocate for the Thorium cycle and international collaboration Jiang Mianheng.

could welcome 500 researchers, engineers and technicians, which currently operates molten salts loops. The first reactor will be studied in detail in 2013. Built in 2014, it will reach criticality by the end of 2015. This first 2 MW reactor which will use thorium in a solid fuel form will be cooled by molten salts. The second reactor, also 2 MW, will reach criticality in 2017. It will use a molten salt liquid fuel. For now, many details are still to be worked out. In any case, according to the success of those prototypes, China will then develop a steering program with a reactor of approximately 10 MW, followed by a demonstration program with a reactor of approximately 100 MW.

In January 2011, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) had announced that it would launch a vast project of R&D for thorium-associated MSFR. Three months ago, in June 2012, the American Department of Energy (DOE) signed an agreement of cooperation on this matter with CAS. It is Chinese academician Jiang Mianheng (son of former Prime Minister Jiang Zhemin) who is co-director of the steering committee. He also led the CAS delegation that came to Oak Ridge to discuss the MSFR with former American researchers.

Chinas objective is not simply to produce those reactors, but to guarantee itself the intellectual property rights linked to the implementation of this technology. Commercially, China is moving to outpace everyone else. Although in the United States, Canada, England and France, a modest awareness is gradually taking shape among researchers, to this day, the Chinese program is the most important national initiative concerning an industry that will permit, not only the creation of medical isotopes but also the production of hydrogen for fuel cells and the mass desalination of water.

Of utmost importance, the development of these advanced reactors will ensure that a condition outside of the current logic of diminishing resource On August 6th, 2012, Ken Chun from CAS, gave returns is created. In this thorium driven econa presentation at Berkeley University in California omy China will not be forced to rely upon those about the Chinas MSFR program. In short, Mr scarce fossil fuels now monopolized by a handful Chun revealed that China has invested 350 million of cartels steered by the London centered financial dollars (some estimates assert billion) in the conoligarchy. As nations allied with China such as struction of two experimental reactors. Although Russia, India and Argentina are also realizing that CAS has hundreds of research centers, the main their mutual survival depends upon vigorous nucontributor is the Shanghai Institute of applied clear programs in order to become fully energy Physics (SIAP). China already built a facility that self sufficient, it can only be hoped that other nations of the west learn their lesson, drop the genocidal practice of green economics, and de(1) Criticality refers to the point at which the nuclear nuclearization and return to the highly dense energy sources such as Thorium which a modern refission reaction becomes self-sustaining, with the numindustrialized society requires.

One Billion Invested

ber of neutrons generated through fission becoming equal to the number of neutrons absorbed or which escape the reactor.


Argentina and Russia Collaboration Advances

Putin and Cristina Fernndez Discussed Exciting Potential for Cooperation

During their Summer meeting at the G-20 summit in Mexico, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Argentine President Cristina Fernndez de Kirchner mapped out several strategically important areas in which the two governments want to broaden their cooperation which has driven the British Empire wild. Putin also invited Fernndez to use the occasion of the September 2013 G-20 meeting in Moscow Russia is now the President of the G-20to spend several days in Russia for a state visit to really get to know the country. Fernndez invited Putin to visit Argentina as well. According to yesterday's Russia Today, the two heads of state discussed hydrocarbons and nuclear energy, transportation and railroad development, and agriculture and agro-industry as key areas for greater cooperation. There are reportedly negotiations already going on in Moscow and Buenos Aires by relevant officials in each of these sectors. Officials from Russia's Gazprom announced from Moscow that they intend to contact the new leadership of Argentina's recently-renationalized YPF oil firm to discuss a specific work plan for cooperation in the exploration, exploitation, and distribution of natural gas in Argentina, with the goal also of collaborating with YPF throughout the Mercosur (Common Market of the South) region, which includes Brazil, Uruguay, and Paraguay. Gazprom is especially interested in working with Argentina to exploit the enormous Vaca Muerta shale gas deposit in the Patagonia, in offshore exploration of Argentina's continental shelf, and also in several joint oil projects inside Russia. Cooperation in nuclear energy is also a top agenda item. Officials from Rosatom, Russia's nuclear energy agency, are already in discussions with leaders of Argentina's NASA, the agency that oversees re32

actor construction, as well as with the state-run technology company INVAP, to evaluate Russian participation in the building of the two new fourthgeneration reactors that Argentina wants to build. Crucial also is the invitation that Argentine officials have extended to Russia's state railroad company to participate in the modernization Argentine President de Kirchner of Argentina's and Russian President Putin discuss railroads. A a broad spectrum of development delegation of prospects on energy and infrastrucRussian offi- ture cials from that agency is expected to visit Argentina shortly to begin negotiations both with public and private sector leaders. Projects include improving and upgrading certain specific lines with new technologies, as well as revitalizing the railroad machine shops that have been used historically to train and upgrade personnel. But large projects, such as a bi-oceanic railroad and construction of underground lines, are also on the agenda. Putin would like Argentina to provide the technology and know-how to help develop Russian agriculture and beef industries, including breeding animals and marketing. Argentine technical and agro experts are already planning trips to Riazan and Smolensk to begin work in these areas. Argentine assistance in the processing and marketing of soybeans is another area of cooperation that has been discussed among business groups in both countries. Argentina is a key supplier of soy to Russia and China.

International Reports
Saudis Officer Leading Syrian Rebels Killed in Idlib: Another Sign that the War is Already Regional
Oct. 14 (EIRNS)--Not only is the British Empire's Saudi Arabia arm building up and funding and supplying the neo-Salafi terrorists against Syria, the Saudis are directly on the ground fighting the war against Syria. The Arabic paper, Al Alam, reported that Syrian government troops have killed a Saudi military officer in the northwestern province of Idlib, about 73 kilometers south of Aleppo. Russia's RIA Novosti picked up the story on Oct. 14, and identified the Saudi officer as Mohammad Salem al-Harbi, saying he was killed in heavy fighting on Saturday. The direct involvement of a Saudi officer leading the Syrian rebels is just another indication of the spread of the war to a regional war that, with the action by NATO member Turkey, in bringing down a Syrian airliner on its way from Moscow, also directly confronted Russia. In a series of interviews and statements, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, following the airliner incident on Oct. 12, that Turkey had refused to allow Russian diplomats to speak to Russian citizens aboard the flight. Russia has proposed an emergency military-to-military channel of communication between Syria and Turkey to avoid any further hostile incidents that can lead to all-out war, to a NATO confrontation. While the Syrian government has welcomed this proposal, Turkey has not responded. Meanwhile, the London Telegraph has put out a story -- not confirmed -- that the UN Security Council's envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, is drawing up a plan for a force of 3,000 peacekeepers to ``enforce a truce'' in Syria. However, even the Telegraph notes that there are almost no possibilities for this plan to succeed: Major Arab countries are excluded because they are already supporting the rebels, and the British and U.S. would not be acceptable because of their role in Iraq and Afghanistan. The only sure way to stop the fighting is to force the SaudiTurkey-Qatar pipeline of weapons and fighters to be closed down immediately. But this pipeline of death is open courtesy of British agent Obama and the British Empire.

sable role in transport of supplies and people, the Putin government is making a point of principle: It is the UN which establishes the international rule of law, not NATO or particular countries. [NBS]

Russia Will Intensify Its War on Afghan Drugs, From Space

Oct. 13 (LPAC)--Russian scientists and engineers are developing new state-of-the-art Earth remote sensing technologies that can fly on its Resurs series of satellites, in order to pinpoint farms that are growing illegal crops. These high resolution hyper -spectrometer instruments would be able to identify drug crops to within one meter, Russia Today (RT) reported Oct. 11th. The spectrometers, with 196 channels, or spectral lines, that can be measured, would be able to effectively discriminate between different plant species. ``Plants, in composition, are slightly different, and, therefore, can be identified in different regions of the...[electromagnetic] spectrum,'' Andrei Shokol, director of the Russian Research Center for Earth Operative [Observation] Monitoring, told RT. U.S. technologies have focused on tracking the activities and infrastructure of Latin American drug cartels, to help interdiction. This system would zoom in on finding the crops in the fields. It is estimated, RT reports, that more than 30,000 people die every year in Russia due to illegal drugs. They estimate that Afghan farmers produce 90% of the world's heroin.

Tony Blair in Illinois on the Obama Campaign Trail

Oct. 13 (LPAC)--Earlier this week, Tony Blair, HMS Operative, was in Decatur, Illinois, "on the campaign trail for Obama," as reported by the London {Daily Mail} yesterday. Blair's advance schedule is being kept secret, per usual. But, as the {Mail} notes, in May this year, Blair was acknowledged as an official adviser to the Obama Presidential re-election drive, and would be campaigning for him. On October 11, Blair was at the Chicago City Hall, meeting with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a cohort since the 1990s, in imposing Trans-Atlantic imperial policies. Blair attended a meeting in Chicago of the Zurich Advisory group. In Decatur, Blair was photographed with two other Obama campaigners, the Desperate Housewives castmember, Eva Langoria (who spoke at the Democratic Convention in September), and Warren Buffett's son, Howard Buffett, who has been given the philanthropo-fascist franchise to appear as the friend-of-thefarmer. Blair was attired in down-on-the-farm denims and plaid. Last night, Lyndon LaRouche stated during his Friday Project webcast, when discussing Obama's British Empire pedigree as a "trained, controllable puppet," that, "First of all, if you are observant, you know that the British Queen controls Obama, totally! She created him, she controls him, she has her man, Tony Blair, sitting in Chicago making sure that the Obama machine is in conformity, and they control money. They also have British money, which comes from some places in Britain, where it's basically drug money...."

Russia Demands UN Mandate for Cooperation on Afghanistan

Oct. 11, 2012 (LPAC)--RUSSIA reacted immediately and sharply to the NATO decision, announced this week, to continue NATO's deployment in Afghanistan after the official withdrawal date of 2014. Nikolay Korchunov, Russia's acting ambassador to NATO, responding to written questions from Reuters, said that "an international mandate" was "a pre-condition both for carrying on the operation and for our cooperation with NATO on that issue post-2014." He specified, that "international mandate" meant a new Security Council resolution. While Russia has clearly been in support of the Afghan mission, to the extent it is aimed at controlling the devastating drugs and terror exported from the region, and has played an indispen-


U.S. Intel Denounces Obama's Effort To Place Blame on Intelligence Community

Oct. 12 (LPAC)--The Romney Presidential campaign has posted the following press release on its website, issued by former CIA director Michael Hayden and former Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff: "During the Vice Presidential debate, we were disappointed to see Vice President Biden blame the intelligence community for the inconsistent and shifting response of the Obama Administration to the terrorist attacks in Benghazi. Given what has emerged publicly about the intelligence available before, during, and after the September 11 attack, it is clear that any failure was not on the part of the intelligence community, but on the part of White House decision-makers who should have listened to, and acted on, available intelligence. Blaming those who put their lives on the line is not the kind of leadership this country needs."

today, Tatad quoted Helga on the danger of war driven by the collapse of the financial system: "Some worthies at Rhodes were genuinely concerned that having accurately predicted the transatlantic meltdown long before it occurred, they might again be proved right about their apprehensions of a Middle East war erupting not in some distant future, but in the short term. `The accelerating collapse of the transatlantic system is exerting such intense pressure on the dynamic driving the danger of war that humanity could crash into a brick wall,' the global activist Helga Zepp-LaRouche told the closing session of the Dialogue. "The US and European liquidity expansion measures have led to a hyper-inflationary printing of money, with its life-shortening effect upon millions of people in Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal. It threatens to plunge Europe into a firestorm of unprecedented proportions,' she said. "That may alarm," Sen. Tatad continued. "But it needs to be said and somebody has to say it, for the war drums are getting louder. Iran says it is committed to a policy of nuclear energy for all, and nuclear weapons for none. At Rhodes, support was expressed for a nuclear weapons-free zone. Yet at the 3rd Singapore Global Dialogue earlier in September, a coldblooded academic suggested the time to hit Iran was now, before it develops its own nuclear bomb. "It seems to me that no nation threatens the peace merely by its sheer war-making capacity. It becomes the enemy of peace when it begins to believe that war -- instead of dialogue and peaceful engagement -- is the best way to express its power, and solve its problems."

Media and Financial Vultures Launch New Assault on Argentina

Oct. 12 (LPAC)--The so-called Global Editors' Network (GEN), based in Paris, prominently backed by the vulture fund lobby group, American Task Force Argentina (ATFA), has just issued a fraudulent "alert" to world media to protest against President Cristina Fernndez de Kirchner for issuing an alleged "intolerable threat to press freedom," aimed at the Clarn media monopoly. In reality, the call is a ratcheting up of the international campaign by City of London-affiliated media outlets and financial predators such as ATFA, aimed at overthrowing the Argentine President to reverse an economic policy the City of London finds so offensive. Clarn, in league with the daily {La Nacion}, speaks for those same British-loving financial interests which have been whipping up opposition to the government, creating an environment of violence and threats targetting the President personally. The GEN argues that the Clarn media goup, which it absurdly calls "independent media," is under attack simply because it is a "critic" of the government. But, this "independent" Clarn not only owns 240 cable-TV stations, 10 radio stations, and four TV channels; it also owns the country's only newsprint company, Papel Prensa, which CEO Hector Magnetto, in collaboration with executives of {La Nacion}, reportedly took over from the Graiver family in 1976, by conspiring with members of the 1976 -83 military dictatorship. Graiver family members were subsequently jailed and tortured, and executives of both dailies still face trials for human rights violations. In keeping with the new national media law, Clarn has been given until Dec. 7 to break up its monopoly or face auctioningoff of its licenses to other media.

IMF Geeks that Financial Crisis Is Coming

Oct. 10, 2012 (EIRNS)--Even the International Monetary Fund cannot fail to see that a global financial blowout is upon us. The language of its semi-annual Global Financial (In)Stability Report, issued on the eve of the IMF Annual Meeting in Tokyo, is more honest than usual for a bunch of financier toadies. "Mounting Risks, Euro Area Worries Fuel Financial Instability," is the headline on the press release greeting visitors to the IMF website. "Risks to financial stability" have increased since our April 2012 report, they write. "Confidence in the global financial system has become very fragile," and "the euro area crisis remains the principal source of concern." Despite the ECB's exceptional liquidity operations at the beginning of the year, Draghi's big bazooka promise in July, and the ECB's September measures "to increase liquidity support, capital flight is "undermining the very foundations of the union." Fueling chaos ("market fragmentation") is the fear that countries may soon leave the Euro and return to their national currencies ("redenomination risks"). The report projects that the way things are heading, European banks could see asset shrinkage (capital flight, drop in valuations, etc.) of as much as $2.8 trillion to $4.5 trillion through the end of 2013. Their solution? "More speed is needed now" in implementing the policies which they admit have resolved nothing.

LaRouche Friend in Philippines Covers Helga in Rhodes

Francisco "Kit" Tatad, an advisor of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, a Senator, a long-standing friend of LaRouche, and more recently an advisor to current Vice President Binay, was a speaker at the Rhodes conference, as was Helga Zepp LaRouche. In his regular column in the Manila Standard


US Pork Producers File New Appeal to Obama To Lift Ethanol Mandate, Citing "Frightening Prospect" of Inability To Feed Animals
Oct. 13 (LPAC)--The National Pork Producers Council, representing 67,000 pork farming operations, filed a new appeal on Oct. 11, with the Obama Administration, for a "Waiver of a Portion of the Renewable Fuels Standard," citing the current "price shock" and corn scarcity causing terrible harm to livestock operations. The 27-page filing stated at the outset, "In light of the ongoing disastrous drought that continues to afflict our nation, and the outsized impact of the RFS on the supply of ever finite levels of corn, EPA's consideration of these petitions and requests for a waiver of the RFS mandate is an urgent matter. EPA's granting of a full or partial waiver of the RFS is necessary to avert the severe economic harm that has been experienced in 2012 by pork producers and the communities and states they live in, and will continue to manifest itself in 2013 and beyond. Therefore, we recommend that you issue a waiver for the maximum duration allowed under Clear Air act section 211(o)(7)." The Environmental Protection Agency, which technically could do this at any time, is refusing to act, under the Obama subservience to the British Empire policy of creating conditions for depopulation. The Pork Producers' document gives a chart, showing prices for the main animal-feed products, corn and soybeans, from 1950 to the present, highlighting the price spikes of the last four years of economic breakdown. Unless there is a shift in Federal policy, worse is to come. It states, that under conditions where the volume of corn is not rising, and in fact, decreasing, then the food system is: "put at risk of being wholly incapable of adjusting and mitigating the worst effects of severe supply shocks like that resulting from this year's drought, particularly if such a supply shock is repeated two-years in a row...Indeed, the severe harm that will occur in 2013 will become even more manifested in 2014, should there be any kind of supply shock in corn production in 2013... "The severe harm pork producers will suffer in 2012 and 2013, however, pales in comparison to what it would be like in 2014, where this harm would be compounded by explosively higher prices and crippling credit and liquidity shortfalls, and creating the frightening prospect that many producers will find themselves unable to assure stable access to an adequate local supply of corn to feed their animals."

pork in meat-lockers, as a buffer against shortages to come. * CALIFORNIA. A long-standing poultry producer, Zacky Farms LLC filed for Ch. 11 bankruptcy Oct. 10, citing the cost of grains used in animal feeds. Processing for mostly private labels, Zacky, founded in 1928, accounts for nearly 2% of U.S. turkey production. OBAMA TELLS WORLD LEADERS {NOT} TO ACT ON FOOD CRISIS; AGRICULTURE MINISTERS MEET IN ROME OCT. 16 Oct. 13 (LPAC)--The Obama Administration on Oct. 4 decreed that the world's governments should {NOT} move to intervene in the fast-worsening crisis of food scarcity and hyperinflation, because, it lied, "markets are functioning." This is a straight depopulation pronouncement. The full text is below. The intent was made clear in the report on low world grain stocks, issued by the Administration's own Agriculture Department, infamous in recent years for understating the situation. World grain stocks--that is, grain on hand in any form, under the control of any entity, usually the mega-grain cartels--are plunging. U.S. corn stocks as of 2013, are headed to levels of 17 years ago; soybean stocks going downward to 8 years ago. Bins are emptying. The rush is on, from those with funds, to line up the remaining, scarce food. It's down to bushels and tons. For example, Africa imports about 30 million tons of wheat a year. Where is it to come from? There is no foreseeable let-up in culling and liquidation of herds. World farm ministers will meet in Rome on Oct. 16 on the situation, during what is scheduled as World Food Week. Oct. 15-20, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization's Committee on World Food Security meets in Rome. The Obama Administration's statement against any of these groups or member governments of the Group of 20 taking action, was issued Oct. 4, by the United States Mission to the UN Agencies in Rome (three of which are the world's top food organizations). The statement follows in full: "United States, as chair of the G-20 Agricultural Market Information System Group, Confirms Agricultural Commodity Markets are Functioning "Rome, October 4, 2012 "The United States, as Chair of the G-20 Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS) group, has consulted with G-20 and other experts at the October 3-4 regularly scheduled AMIS meeting in Rome. The U.S. concurs in the judgment of the G-20 AMIS representatives that in light of the information available to us today, agricultural commodity markets are functioning and a meeting of the Rapid Response Forum is not necessary at this time. "Governments around the world, including large agri-cultural exporters in G-20, have exercised prudence and responsibility in policy-making, including by avoiding export bans that exacerbated volatility in 2007-2008."

A few current headline events document the livestock-meat chain breakdown crisis:
* CANADA. The second-largest pork producer in Canada declared bankruptcy in September. Saskatchewan-based Big Sky Farms filed; and also, Manitoba-based Puratone Corp. Both cited the factor of high feed costs, specifically that it takes C$180 to raise a hog, which is fetching only C$150 on the market right now. Canada is the world's third largest pork exporting nation. In China, steps are being taken to stockpile


LaRouche Webcast

A Pathway Out of Our Greatest Crisis

Lyndon LaRouche gave this address on Oct. 5, 2012, as the first in a series of Friday evening webcasts leading up to the Nov. 6 elections, to be aired at larouchepac.com. Matthew Ogden of LPAC-TV moderated; a dialogue with viewers follows LaRouche's opening remarks. Visit www.larouchepac.com for the full video. Thank you. We shall get at the business.... We need a new national policy, a new national policy perspective. We're in the process of a general breakdown crisis of the trans-Atlantic economy in particular, with emphasis on the United States, which is in a financial breakdown crisis at present. Western and Central Europe are entrapped in an increasingly hyperinflationary breakdown crisis. And if Europe continues to function in that way, with this hyperinflationary program, which has been recently installed on top of a previous hyperinflationary program, you're not going to see much of Europe. We have to change that. Now, the only solution for the problems of the United States, in terms of economic and related problemswhen I say related problems: economics, physical economics in particular, is central to the economy of the nation and its people as a whole. Glass-Steagall law. They have in Europe a ringfencing version as a so-called substitute for GlassSteagall. It doesn't work. It's just suicide on a slower basis. So therefore, Glass-Steagall is the first action. Without Glass-Steagall, there's not going to be a United States, because we're now engaged, ourselves as a nation, in a hyperinflationary acceleration, which would mean that whatever happens in a few months, if it continues in this way, under Obama, for example, there isn't going to be a United States. There's going to be a piece of wreckage, where there once was one. The rate of starvation is there. The rate of a great, crucial food shortage for the people of the United States will continue, if Obama remains in office. That does not say that I know what the other candidates are going to do. There are several of them in the wings presently. But the point is that if Obama remains President, you're going to see mass starvation increasing in the United States, especially in areas which used to be the foodgrowing areas. And people are going to start dying en masse, out of the effects and side effects of hunger. When people have no food at all, they tend to eat all kinds of things just to survive. And they often die of the effects of what they eat. That's the condition that the continuation of the Obama Administration represents for the United States in the coming period. So Glass-Steagall is the only thing that can save the United States, as it saved the United States before, with the Franklin Roosevelt Administration. Go back to it. That gets us out of the mess. But, Glass-Steagall of course means not cancelling the non-included debt, but it means that nonincluded debt is going to go bankrupt all on its own, because most of it is going to be wiped out. It's purely speculative. It's worthless. It's hyperinflationary.

Recovery Begins with Glass-Steagall

So, the first thing we have to doand there is no alternative, and the same thing is true for Europethere is no possibility of the survival of the United States and/or of Europe, without a

And to bring the system under control, you just have to say that Glass-Steagall will take care of, on behalf of the government, the private-public [commercial, non-speculative] banking system; and the other kind of banking [investment banking] will just have to learn how to survive on its own good behavior which will happen, as it happened under Roosevelt. But there is a much more serious problem.

threats of dessication in North America, by itself. So the idea of having people trust the Federal government to guarantee the projects, will mean that we can put, on that account alone, 14 million people to work, in highly productive employment. That changes the character of the United States. Now, there are many other things. There are areas, for example, in the northern part of the Eastern states of the United States: We used to have an auto industry, and accompanying an auto industry and a manufacturing industry, we had many others; we had aircraft industries. During World War II, we had built up the make-everything-industry, including for warfare. We must go back to that. That's a couple more million jobs to be added to the 14. And there are other programs, of the same type; which means we have to go to this conception, which is the original conception of credit of the United States under its Constitution. So simply going back to that Constitutional provision will be sufficient to get, not riches for everyone, but a recovery and a genuine rate of growth, and a prospect of the future. The greatest problem in the United States today is the fact that people have become more and more ignorant in every practical way. Because they don't, first of all, have employment of the type that bespeaks productive power, and productive power is very close to intellectual power, to mental power. And that's been lost. People are dumped on the streets, they're dumped out of their jobs. They don't have a future under the present system; under the Obama system, and the two toad-like systems [G.W. Bush Administrations] before that.

A National Credit System

So now, the problem is, we have to have a national credit system. Once we have cleaned up the banking systembecause, remember, most of the banking system represents worthless assetsmost of the Wall Street and similar kinds of entities, represent worthless assets, which the United States can not, under Glass-Steagall, bail out. Now that means that the total amount of banking capability, of reserves and credit available, would be limited. But there's a remedy for it. We have to create a national banking system, which has another feature. A national banking system will be based on the borrowing of credit which is secured and guaranteed, as an asset, by the Federal government; which means that wherever the banking systemor the proper banking systemcomes up with a case which is, in terms of the government, going to work to the good of the economy of the United States, that will be taken seriously into account.

One of the biggest projects we have in mind is the NAWAPA [North American Water and Power Alliance][1] project. Now this has been kicking around since the assassination of John F. Kennedy, or shortly after that. If that program had been implemented, you would not have a water crisis in North America today. You would not have most of the problems of the western area of the United States. And most of the shortage of the ability to grow crops and all these sorts of things, would have been cured. But that would be one of the greatest driver programs, with about 14 million people employed suddenly, in this process of creating a North American water management system, which will solve the general


So this thing has to change; we have to go back to what we were doing as long as John Kennedy was alive as President. Because in the history of the United States, the assassination of Kennedy and failure of relevant powers to investigate the actual crime of his assassination led to a decline in the U.S. economy; in its physical economy, in the condition of life of our people, which has been going for all this period since the time that Jack Kennedy was assassinated. We have never had a period under any President since the assassination of John F. Kennedy when there was actually a net per capita improvement in the economy of the United States. So what this means is, going back to the NAWAPA project, which is one of the projects which was on the agenda in the period when Kennedy was assassinated. And 14 million jobs would have been put into work at that time, had Jack lived or had the investigation of his assassination been taken into account. So, we're going back to the time we started to take a nosedive. We have some things which were going on then which were good, but they were not sufficient to compensate for what happened after the Kennedy assassination. The space program: There was a high-tech driver program around Massachusetts; they had a good time with it because they wanted it; one of the big beneficiaries of that. But that project now, of course, has been crushed by Obama. But it was never sufficient to make up for the loss of productivity which followed the assassination of Jack Kennedy; and of course, the long war, the ten years virtually, of war in Southeast Asia, which should never have happened. Actually, Kennedy was killed primarily because he opposed the war in Southeast Asia, which Douglas MacArthur, who was a key advisor on this, said, "Don't do it. No land wars in Asia for the United States." And what that did, that war killed off the morals and future and happiness of a good part of our population. It put us really on the slide, and that decade went down to the dirt. We didn't do too well under another President. Another President came along, and he had some good ideas, he did some good things, but he wasn't allowed to do too much. So, the United States has

actually been in a process over these successive generations, since the assassination of Kennedy, has been in a downslide morally, culturally, and every other way. And each generation tries to make it out for themselves, but they don't see the pattern. They don't see the pattern, that we have been going downhill. And with the Green policy, which had already started at the time that Kennedy was pushing things up, the Green policy has destroyed the United States morally as well as physically, economically. So these things have to be changed.

Money Does Not Have Intrinsic Value

But the other part of this thing is, people make the mistakeand Glass-Steagall points in that directionpeople make the mistake of thinking that money has an intrinsic value. Money does not have an intrinsic value. The use of money as a presumed value goes back a long ways, it goes along with what is called the oligarchical system. It goes back actually to the siege of Troy, where the killing of a whole people, a mass murder of a whole people occurred. And this has happened a number of times in European history since that time. Just mass killing of people. Why? On the basis of what is called a monetary system, a money system. And a money system which is of the form called an oligarchical system, where a small ruling classfat, sloppy, skinny, whatever, but useless and murderoushas reigned over nations in the European region. Now, the remarkable thing about the United States is not so remarkable. There was a fellow Nicholas of Cusaa Cardinal, one of the most famous minds in all modern history. As a matter of fact, he almost invented modern history. And before he died, his commitment was to induce Europeans who wanted to do so, to cross the great oceanand he knew where the ocean was, and he knew where the land on the other side was, because the scientists at that time knew that information. They knew the size of the Earth; they knew the approximate size of the ocean, and Columbus was able, based on the information developed for him by Nicholas of Cusa and others, to plot a course, which he met. He arrived when he expected to, and he arrived as he expected to. So, there was a development.

Out of this came, eventually, with a lot of mishaps here and there, there came a point where we started a new civilization, by Europeans, as colonists, moving across the Atlantic Ocean into the Americas. Now the particularly most successful case was that in North America, and the greatest concentration of success in the early days of that century was Boston. That effort, which was in Massachusetts, which was the foundation of the creation of the United States, and everything that our system meant, was crushed by the British, by William of Orange and his types. So that, for a time, our Massachusetts Bay Colony and its ancillaries continued to function, but they were crushed. But nonetheless, the effort came back with a struggle since 1763, the Peace of Paris. And suddenly there is a division; the Americans began to assemble again against the British Empire. The British Empire had been first installed as an empire on the planet. It was not the royal family, the royal system had not been changed; but that had changed in 1763. At that point there was a struggle that began with the ending of the French and Indian War, which coincided with that first Peace of Paris. Out of this came a struggle from within North America, within what became the United States, to establish a republic, based on the same principles which the Massachusetts Bay Colony had brought into being with its own automatic currencynot based on a monetarist system, but based on a credit system. When the U.S. Constitution was first formed, the provision was for a credit system, not a monetarist system. Monetarism came in because of the loans and debts of the United States at that time, in which other people were using money to assist the United States or to collect debts from the United States. And that is where this problem came up. But intrinsically, in our constitutional principle, the United States was founded on a tradition which goes back to Nicholas of Cusa, which goes back to the Massachusetts Bay Colony's development, and went to the idea of a credit system, which is the definition of our constitutional monetary system. It's not a monetarist system. It's a credit system, not a money system.

And therefore, our return to those principles of that American Constitution, that understanding of its historic significance, is what is required. So therefore, we make these changes: Glass-Steagall, no compromise, Glass-Steagall as Roosevelt defined it; ironclad, no change. That's the precondition for our recovery and our survival. And any future Presidency of the United States at this time must adopt that policy, or they're not fit to rule. We have to be clear on that. There are other problemsnational credit: We have to organize the national credit system as a national credit system, the way it was intended by John Quincy Adams, not that maddened nitwit who replaced him [Andrew Jackson]. And we need large driver projects, which include chiefly NAWAPA, the biggest one, and the other things; and the space programwhich I'll come to in the closing part of my reportis a crucial one, and for reasons which many people may not yet know, or haven't caught up with.

End the Political Party System

Now, all this means that Obama must be swept out of office now. This is not a partisan situation or question. This is not a partisan issue. The greatest error in the United States, as was understood by George Washington and others, was the establishment of a political party system, a national political party system. That was the greatest piece of stupidity ever imposed upon the United States by itself; and Andrew Jackson was the most typical of the infected creatures who participated in that. But the idea of a Republican and Democratic Partythis procedure was wrong, because what it led to was all these other kinds of management problems. So we have to get back to a credit system under our Constitution. There's no change in principle in order to do that. And as George Washington understood, and others, repeatedly, the problem of the United States was the introduction of a party system, a national party system. And there should be no national party system, and that should be done now under the incoming Presidency of the United Statesthe end of the party system as such.


There are other ways of approaching this. Besides, you look at the party system: They're messes anyway. The Democratic Party, it's a mess. There's no coherence there; it's simply a bunch of gangsters with a bunch of fools following them, each trying to win for their baseball or their football team or whatever it is. And you have these football teams, and they're all impassioned to beat the other team. What about doing something for the nation, rather than trying to defeat the other team? We don't need this stuff, and the time has come to quit. Rebuild the system based on a non-party system in which the citizen has the authority, not some party. The citizen does not have to give up his independence as a citizen, but we have to have a government which is based on discussion of ideas, not this kind of lechery that we get now, and the obscenity that we just saw in the recent efforts. And Obama couldn't exist except under that kind of corrupt system. He couldn't be made President. He was losing, and then suddenly, the way the drugs are flowing across from Mexico into the United States, and in that area of the world Obama made a big victory and knocked out his competitor in the Democratic Party, and that's all he had to show for it. And he had some big muckety-mucks from Britain who are noted as the biggest thieves in the world, and they financed Obama, arranged this financing, and we've been subjected to this corruption and destruction all these years under Obama, and some clown is trying to say vote for him again. This must not happen. We can reorganize the system and its secondary features to go back to the original principle of the Constitution. Because there are two things we don't want to do, which have been done. One, is you don't want to go back to a party system. Because when you make the issue one of partisanship, like a football team or a baseball team competition, on the question of deciding policy of government, that is a piece of idiocy. You want the citizen not to vote for a team, like somebody in the stadium thinking he's investing in something, and finding what he's bought on the way out or sold on the way out. You want a thinking citizen; you want the citizen to accept the habits of thinking, of thinking through decisions, of demanding the education needed for

them to make the decisions that they've been called upon to make, as George Washington had intended.

Not Worth a Troy Ounce

And the other thing we have to get rid of is the idea that money has an intrinsic value. Money has no intrinsic value. Money is no better than governments that are able to organize money, in a way that fits the national needs. Now, the idea of the money system comes from Troy. Troy ended upthey tore the whole joint down, killed most of the people, except a few kiddies and old ladies and things like that. And they set into a motion a system which is the oligarchical system, which has cursed Europe, European civilization, in one way or the other, and now the United States as well, and other nations. With this came the idea that there was gold, or silver, or something else, that had an intrinsic value, as a metal, or something of that sort, an intrinsic value. And this intrinsic value was value, and money would be based on the control of this, particularly copper, zinc, gold, silver, whateverthis thing that was used as a physical object was assigned a certain value, and the whole society was imprisoned to that money value. We don't need that. We never did. And what we saw in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, with the pinetree shilling that was introduced in that period, was a demonstration of that. And Benjamin Franklin's conception of a money system was based on that precedent, with his paper currency conception. The foundation of the system of economy of the United States, the Federal system, was based on the same principle. And it's only when we gave up the principle to outside forces that we got into trouble with our system.

The Massachusetts Pine Tree Schilling

We do not need a monetarist system. As a matter of fact, you've come to a time when everybody in Europe is bankrupt. They're totally bankrupt. Because the inflation under which they're living, bespeaks something worse than what existed in Germany in 1923, in the collapse of the currency then. So, we're in the process of a global collapse. Money, of whatever denomination, is no longer a control mechanism, but rather politics and political power is. And therefore, we have to go a credit system, which is well understood in history, or should be. And that means this reform, around these three principles of: Glass-Steagall; A national credit system (as opposed to this kind of banking system we've had now); and A return to production, through projects typified by NAWAPA. This is what makes sense, and what we can do. And we can just get other things out of the way.

thermonuclear war. In other words, all you have to do, is continue the process of the Obama policy now, his military and related policy, and we are going to find ourselves, in a very short time, relatively, weeks or months, you're going to seeif we don't stop ita thermonuclear war. And a thermonuclear war leads to what's called a nuclear Winter, this time a thermonuclear Winter. What happens then, is the U.S. Navy, and its submarine fleet, in particular, and other forces, combine forces to conduct a war against Russia, China, and others. Russia and China are very capable in these weapon systems. The United States is very well equipped in terms of, say, the naval system. And the naval submarines of the United States, if they take on this assignment, would very quickly reduce a good deal of this planet to nothing. It would probably take an hour and a half, and the expenditure of thermonuclear forces from the United States, from China, from Russia, and from Europe, and so forththat amount, which are probably two general waves, would turn the whole planet into what's called a nuclear Winter. A thermonuclear Winter. Because you would create weather conditions, cold weather conditions, from which it is doubtful that we would be able to maintain a population, even of the survivors of the war. And therefore, the time has come that we have to take on two things that are our enemies. One enemy is the monetarist system, which is one of the principal modes which lead us toward our destruction. The second thing is the related system to the monetary system, which is typified by the British Empire tradition, and by those within the United Kingdom, and within Saudi Arabia, who created 9/11, under an Obama who is 9/11 Twoif he gets a chance.

Nuclear Winter
I think the very existence of the United States demands that Obama be swept out of office. I know what he is. I know what his mind, so-called, is. I know what he does. And I know what his role has been. He, together with certain people who own him in England, and elsewhere, and Saudi Arabiabecause remember, this goes back to 9/11. What we're living through right now, in the United States and throughout the world, as in the recent assassination of our diplomat [Amb. Christopher Stevens], is, under Obama, we're dealing with this problem. And this is headed toward what? It's headed toward a reduction of the world population, which is decreed by the Queen of England, and a whole mass of her associates, who have decided to reduce the population of the planet from 7 billion people, estimated today, to approximately 1 billion. That process has actually been in progress. We're seeing in the world precisely those conditions which can bring on that rate of death among populations, in the United States and elsewhere. What they intend to do, as Obama makes it very clear, is launch a war, a war which would lead to a



So, therefore, the time has come that what Obama representsit's not just he himselfit's what he represents that must be swept out of office, for the sake of the very lives of every damn citizen in the United Statesand I say "damn" advisedly. Because that's what we're up against.

capability, who was assassinated. Assassinated by somebody coming across from, say, a westerly direction. And at the same time, a key figure of the French government, a servant of Mitterrand's, said, effectively, that if Germany tried to unify, France would go to war against Germany. And this was backed up by the prime minister of Britain [Margaret Thatcher], and by the President of the United States, poor George Dumblebum Bush. So therefore, this process led to the euro system, which looted and destroyed these nations of Europe. And the attempt to maintain the euro system, means that Europe will not survive. Europe has now entered into a deadly hyperinflationary explosion, and it cannot survive under those policies. The euro system simply should be regarded by all Americans as an unwanted entity. Not because of the nations and people, but because of what it implies. The euro system is now hopelessly bankrupt and in a state of hyperinflationary collapse, and there's nothing in sight that's going to change that, except the will of the people. If the will of the European people says, "we're going to get rid of this, yes, fine," the United States should take a very sympathetic view of the success of that restoration of the system of sovereign nation-states, rather than the socalled euro abomination. This is not a matter of interfering in their governments, because they don't have governments any more. How can you threaten the government of a nation, when the nation has no government? And that's the case in Europe, in fact, right now.

The Natural Wealth of the Nation

So therefore, what we have to do, the idea that the United States must go to a Glass-Steagall policy, cannot be argued against by any competent, sane person. The idea of going to a national credit system, in terms of a banking system, cannot be argued against by any competent person who understands this. We cannot ever develop the monetary basis, as a simple monetary basis, to sustain a recovery of the U.S. economy from its present conditions. The only way we can do that, is by using national banking as a method of creating a credit system, which by the issue of credit, against a government debt responsibility, enables us to fund projects which are going to contribute to the natural wealth of the nation. And it's the natural wealth, not the money wealth, which is important. The natural wealth of the nation and its people. We've come to that point. The myth of money must be cancelled. The money changers must finally be discharged from government. Now, there's another problem. Europe is a problem. Europe is on the threshold of disintegration, Western and Central Europe. Because it's now entered into a phase of hyperinflation. And if that continues, hyperinflation worse than 1923 Germany, how long is that going to last? So, therefore that's our problem. We have to recognize that the euro system was a crime against the human species. The attempt to force a group of nationsand this was started actually by London, but Mitterrand, the President of France, was the key instigator of it. Germany was on the verge of being independent again, as a unified nation. And then suddenly, Chancellor Kohl, who was the leader of Germany at the time, had a friend of his [Alfred Herrhausen], who was the greatest banker in Europe at the time, the greatest in skill and

A Planetary System of Cultures

So, therefore, we have to think about how we're going to reorganize the world. We're now going through a great crisis; we're on the verge of the extinction of humanity, threatened by the nuclear weapons crisis, thermonuclear weapons. Bankruptcy all over the world. Africa, which has been murdered over and over again, as a whole continent, by the British in particular, over these periods.

The world is a mess. It has elements in it which are viable, and valuable. These elements must be protected, and systems of cooperation among sovereign nation-states must be established, to ensure stability. We have to go, in one case, to a global policy: a policy of global sovereign nation-states, entered into systems of cooperation, and deliberation on cooperation. That's what we require. We're now faced, as I said, not only with a nuclear Winterand Obama's existence, his policy, what he did in Benghazi, in fact did, is headed toward a nuclear Winter, a thermonuclear Winter. And what they're trying to do in pushing something against Iranagain the same thing. What they're doing in Turkey, the same thing. These things are chiefly coming from the United States, and from the Obama Administration under British direction, and Saudi direction. The British empire is actually partly the Saudi empire. And these forces are there. So, what are we going to do? We're going to reestablish our system of sovereign nation-states; secure agreement among nations to go to a credit system, rather than a monetarist system; set up systems of credit which enable nations to rebuild, and to create stability; re-establish sovereignty. Now, sovereignty means this: It means that in the history of mankind, you have a variation in cultures, and people function, not only on the basis of their nationality, but they function on the basis of the culture that nationality is assumed to represent. We need a planetary system of cultures, of national cultures. It just means, that we restore the best we had earlier, and put some more growth in it. Now, how do we get to a world without war, without world war? Yes, you can have all kinds of quarrels and so forth, up to a rather intense state, if things are managed properly. But world war, or general war approximating world war, is no longer feasible in the age of thermonuclear weapons and similar kinds of weapons. We can't have it.

But we've got another problem before us. That's not the only problem. We've got a problem with a lot of big rocks, called satellites; and they're swarming, particularly to our attention, between the orbit of Mars and the orbit of Venus. We know a small percentile of these asteroids, and they come in all kinds of flavors and sizes. And if they hit the Earth, as they do occasionally, they will take out an area, say, comparable to San Francisco Baysomething like that getting wiped out, and all the people in it getting wiped out. That can happen. Smaller events of that type can happen. Larger ones can rarely happen. And a really big one, if a really big satellite hits the Earth, then no more people. So therefore, the defense of Earth, while it has not been much discussed, was actually being pushed as an issue and a project at the time that I was pushing for the SDI. And that effort has continued. Today we find ourselves in a position where we do not have the kinds of information we need, let alone the equipment we need, to get out there and steer some of these asteroidsfirst of all, locate them; steer them in such a way they do not collide with Earth. Because they would either do damage to life on Earth, or they totally destroy human life on Earth, and all life on Earth.

A Defense of Earth

So therefore, we have a mission now, and it's becoming more acute as time passes, that we must get out there, between the area of Earth and Mars in particular, and build up systems of cooperation, as with Curiosity on Mars; and by using the speed of light of communication between the systems we establish on Mars and the systems on Earth and so forth, we're going to have to develop a system by which we can detect these satellites that are floating around, and intervene to steer them away from a collision with Earth. And this is typical of the kind of problem that we have to deal with in the coming period. We have to totally reverse the idiocy and the crimes that were done by Obama, in terms of the space program. The problem with the space program already, was we were not doing enough to meet this challenge. We weren't giving it sufficient support to meet this challenge. And now the time has come that Obama has tried to destroy it all! And that is a crime against humanity: When a head of state acts to intervene in world affairs, to block and halt a means necessary to preserve the very existence of the human species, that is what we will not tolerate. And Obama, for that reason alone, should be just quickly ushered out the gate, or probably impeached. We probably can't wait longer. We should probably get him out of there now. But that's the challenge.

themselves, because they don't even trust themselves, I guess. But the point is, we have to build up a new political system which is based on, for us, our national tradition. I don't think that most people in the world would disagree with us on what the United States system was, the conception of the political system. They might have some disagreement with what we've been doing, and what our policies are, and what our thinking is in many cases, but the principles are not at risk. And therefore, I think that's where we stand. If we can do that, I think we can make it. So therefore, where are we? We've got a Democratic Party and we've got this piece of junk, called Obama, who's stuck on top of it, running for President. You have the other side, and other sides inbetween. We have to have a sort of an understanding, of coming together, and instead of taking issues and issues are deadly: When you take issues and make bargaining over issues a stake, it's the choice of issues which you have to agree upon. In other words, you don't want to have more football rivalries, or basketball rivalries, as politics. You want to say, "What is the total combination that this nation needs as a whole, that the world needs as a whole, as a composite policy?" Without that, then we don't have a solution. But Obama must go. This is not a partisan issue. This is a human issue: Obama must go! We've had, 9/11 number 1; we're getting number 2 now, under Obama. And Obama is one of the people who's been blocking the exposure of the evidence of who did what, in number 1! The evidence is there. Throw this SOB out of office now! Get the voters to do that, too. Throw the guy out! And partisan loyalties do not provide any excuse for tolerating Obama any more.

The Worst of All Possible Governments

So now, that's where we stand. We have, on the one hand, the worst government in most parts of the world that we've seen in a long time. And the U.S. government under Obama is the worst: The worst of all possible governments! You wouldn't think that anybody could do that, but that's it. He is. Only the Saudis, if they were capable, would be equally evil. So, we're at that point. We have an understanding of what this nonsense is. We have a system in which you don't have clear party solidity. The Republican Party is not a solid creature; the Democratic Party is not a solid creature. And you have a lot of other loose groups around who don't really agree with either! Or they don't agree even with

The Canadian Patriot

We have now come to the point that mankind must either grow up and accept his destiny as a galactic species, or perish. This choice is not an exaggeration, but rather a fact defined by the reality of humanitys modern relationship to the atom. After the highly dense interval of creative discovery during the second half of the 19th century and first half of the 20th, mankind had found itself facing a degree of power that was unimaginable by all previous generations. Finally, the limits of imagination governing a world of fixed energy, fixed motion, fixed resources melted away through the radiative power emanating from seemingly material rocks. After the death of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Wall Street stooge Harry Trumans dropping the bombs onto a defeated Japan in 1945, the thought consuming all scientists was : can humanity ever be trusted to use such power responsibly? We have now reached a point of decision which will define the unfolding of human history for a very long time to come. As another Wall Street-London Stooge sits in the White House, an encirclement of Russia and China is underway with a large deployment of U.S. Military capabilities, including two Ohio class submarines carrying Trident nuclear warheads in the Pacific theater. Provocations for war are artificially enflamed throughout hotspots the world over and an economic meltdown of the bubble economy is revealing to a sleeping world that the physical economic foundations so necessary for humanitys continual survival have been utterly dismantled. Within this seemingly impossible conflagration of events, leading officials across Russia and China have warned starkly of the danger of thermonuclear war but have also echoed the programmatic solutions of American economist Lyndon LaRouche, in turning this crisis into a revolutionary paradigm shift towards the future. Were the policies advocated by Dmitry Rogozins Strategic Defence of the Earth and the greater challenge of space exploration and colonization adopted in the brief time ahead, an opportunity to bring the power of the atom into conformity with humanitys needs be assured. The acceptance of this mission would entail not only reversing the current drive for war and aggression with the eastern alliance, but a forceful implementation of the Glass-Steagall bank separation would be required of a large body of cooperating sovereign nation states. The following application of productive credit via Hamiltonian national banking and a New Bretton Woods-type fixed exchange rate monetary system would be required. The majority of Shanghai Cooperation Organization nations as well as nations of the Non-Aligned Movement are enthusiastic to join such a program. Many South American Nations would love nothing more than be given a chance to develop into sovereign nations outside of the City of Londons systemic shackles. All that awaits this new possible world of progress is the cooperation of western governments, who are only now beginning to awaken after decades of post-industrial decadence. The Committee for the Republic of Canada, and our friends around the world are convinced that it is not yet too late to change destinies from one of nuclear dark age to nuclear renaissance. The creative leaps from advanced fission to thermonuclear fusion and to our necessarily inevitable harnessing of MatterAnti-Matter processes is calling humanity to do nothing less than bend the shape of physical space time in a way never before dreamed before. Two thirds of the worlds population are ready. Are you?