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How to Comply with Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 21, Subpart K Parts Manufacturer Approvals (PMA)

This webinar will provide attendees with information on submitting an application for a production approval and help current Production Approval Holders (PAH) in updating their quality system to both meet the needs of the PAH and be compliant with the regulations.

Description Why Should You Attend: This webinar will provide a high level review of FAA requirements for 14 CFR Part 21, Subpart K, PMA. The material covered will provide easy to follow guidelines on how to comply with Part 21, Subpart K, FAA ACs 21-43 and FAA Order 8120.2. This presentation will be beneficial to those who are establishing new FAA Part 21 PAH or those who are in need of updating their quality systems to the latest requirements of the Federal Aviation Regulations. The information provided will assist quality managers and those responsible for ensuring that their quality systems comply with regulatory requirements and guidance material. Emphasis of this session will be for PMA. Areas Covered in the Seminar: Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 21, Subpart K, PMA FAA Advisory Circular 21-43 FAA Order 8120.2 Application for product approval Identifying gaps and updating quality system of current PAHs Guidelines for compliance Who Will Benefit: Quality Managers and personnel responsible for establishing and complying with FAA Part 21, Subpart K PMA quality system requirements. Aerospace manufacturing businesses wanting to expand into their business by being able to produce FAA approved parts for use in civil aerospace applications. Current PMA holders needing to update their quality systems.

Instructor Profile: Greg Fredenburg, has been in the aerospace industry for 25 years with extensive experience in the maintenance area as a Repair Station Accountable Manager for more than one Boeing Repair Station as well as with the company he is currently with, CIRCOR Aerospace Incorporated. Greg was the project manager responsible for establishing two FAA Certificated Repair Stations from scratch, including the first foreign FAA certificated repair station for Boeing. Greg has provided easy to understand material to senior management relative to the establishment and continuing compliance with FAA repair station regulations to ensure proper resources were provided to establish and maintain a healthy aerospace repair business. Topic Background: Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) Advisory Circular (AC) number 21-43 provide information material for persons and organizations on how to develop and maintain quality systems for the products and articles they produce. FAA Order 8120.2 provides guidance for FAA personnel to accomplish certain agency responsibilities. These include the evaluation, approval, and certificate management of the production activities of manufacturers and their suppliers producing products or articles in accordance with Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations.