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Offshore Wind China 2010

Bergen, 15th March 2010

Olivier Angoulevant Nexans Norway AS

At the core of performance

At the core of performance : a worldwide leader

Worldwide leader in cables, cabling systems and related services Sales in 2008 of 6.8 billion Euro Listed on the NYSE Euronext Paris

Sales by destination *
South America Asia-Pacific

Middle East, Russia, Africa


North America

* Based on sales at current metal prices (Proforma Madeco cables and Intercond over 12 months)

At the core of performance in infrastructure, industry and building markets

A global player in the infrastructure, industry and building markets with energy as the basis of its leadership development

Sales by key market *




* Based on sales at current metal prices (Proforma Madeco cables and Intercond over 12 months)

At the core of performance : a worldwide presence

Industrial presence in 39 countries and commercial activities worldwide 22,400 local experts Mastery of national and international standards

Nexans Norway AS 1915 -

Nexans Norway AS
Employees January 2008: 1139


Oslo (HQ)





Telecom and Building

Energy Networks


Nexans Norway in Japan

Tokyo Bay


A submarine history as long as applied electricity

1500 submarine power cables in 100 years Submarine Cables ranging from 12 to 550 kV Power cables and umbilicals for the offshore industry for 35 years

Challenging coastline, deep Offshore exploration inwater (500 m)

35 years, water depth >2000 m

Halden, Norway

Specialised in submarine projects Cable and Umbilical systems for Offshore applications

Overview of offshore cable system 0 - 2000 m water depth

The task: Power, telecom from here to here
Cable Accessories Hang-off, jointing & termination

Transport & Laying

Oil & gas Umbilical design and manufacture

Platform or Onshore
Protection by Trenching

Offshore wind power generation

Additional Protection

Cable design and manufacture

State of the art and latest technology developments in HVAC transmission

2002 Horns Rev 1 and 2 Offshore Wind Farm, 170kV 3x630 mm2 2003 Smola Wind Farm, 132kV 3x500 mm2
Armour wires

Fibre optic cable


2005 Barrow Offs Wind Farm, 132kV 3x300 mm2

XLPE insulation system

Outer corrosion protection

2006 Lynn and Inner Dowsing 36kV 3x185-240-630-1000 mm2 2008 Wolfe Island Wind Farm, 245kV 3x500 mm2

Lead sheath

Combined cables: 3-core Power Cable with Fibre Optic

Cable Technology AC possibilities

Per circuit (3-phases): 400kV 1-core cable:1000 MW to 100 km 230kV 3-core cable: 300 MW to 200 km 400 MW to 75 km
1200 MW
Un=400 kV

1000 MW

Voltage quality: + 10% change between no load and full load

Max. 10% loss

800 MW

600 MW
Un=230 kV

Buried 1 m
Temp. 10 C

400 MW
Un=150 kV

200 MW

Un=132 kV


0 MW 0 km 50 km 100 km 150 km 200 km 250 km 300 km 350 km 400 km

State of the art and latest technology developments in HVDC transmission

Three in one cable.
Mass Impregnated (MI) DC cable with Integrated Return Conductor => eliminates the use of Sea return electrodes. Fibre Optic element integrated

500 kV 800 MW Mass Impregnated

Next step : 500 kV extruded polymer alloy => lighter in weight and reduced cost

AC submarine cables Horns Rev 1 and 2 experience

Technological status
Nexans installed the worlds first 170 kV 3-core XLPE insulated submarine cable to the Horns Rev offshore wind farm in 2002. Cable length 21 km Power transmission capacity 160 MW Step 2 (210 MW) of this wind mill farm Horns Rev II (43 km) was installed in Oct. 2008

AC submarine cables

Wolfe Island Submarine Power Cable

Location: Canada

Customer: Canadian Renewable Enregy Corporation (CREC)

Description / Challenge Worlds first 3-core 245kV XLPE submarine cable Supply of related accessories Nexans Solution / Technology 8 km of TKRA 245kV 3x1x500mm2 Spare cable joints Onshore accessories

Hywind Project
Location: Norway Customer: Statoil Hydro Description / Challenge Supply of subsea cable for the worlds first floating windmill Supply of related accessories Nexans Solution / Technology 11 km of XLPE 24kV + 24 FO submarine cable Spare cable joints Other accessories Marine installation

London Array
Location: UK Scope of work: 4 export cables TKRA 170kV 3x1x630mm2 TKRA 170kV 3x1x800mm2 800mm2 at each 3km end 47-48km 630mm2 main length Delivery: 2 Cables in 2011 2 Cables in 2012

Lincs, Offshore Windfarm

Location: UK Customer: Centrica (Lincs) Ltd Scope of work: 250 MW TKRA 145kV 3x630/1000mm2 Two lengths of 49km, 98km total Including a Fiber Optic element 84 fibers Joints, drum for spare length and accessories

Sheringham Shoal, Offshore Windfarm

Location: UK Customer: SCIRA, Statoil (50 %) and Statkraft (50 %) Scope of work: 315 MW 2 x 21km TKRA 145 kV 3x1x630 mm 2 x 0.2km TKRA 145 kV 3x1x1000 mm Including a FO element Joints, spare length and accessories

Ormen Lange Grid Connection

Location: UK Customer: Statnett Scope of work: 1000 MW TKRA 420kV 1x1200 mm 4-500m land sections on both sides 2.4km submarine cable Maximum water depth of 210 m
Transformer station

420 kV cable

Nyhamna Transformer station

Chong Ming Chang Xing

Location: China 2x80 MW capacity 2x9km, TKRA 123kV 3x1x400mm2 Chinas largest XLPE submarine cable (78 kg/m, 189 mm) Nexans design, manufacturing, transport

Location: China 600 MW capacity 3x31km, 525kV, 800mm2, single core Chinas largest submarine cable system Nexans design, manufacturing, installation and transport
Primary coated fibre Steel tube Inner sheath polyethylene ,

3 cables 2009

4 cables 2014?

Armour steel wire , Outer yarn serving

Dynamic applications
Dynamic AC cables Nexans Norway has experience with dynamic MV XLPE AC cables since 1980ies Platforms, FPSO

In-house expertise on dynamic analyses and cross section analyses by Riflex, UFLEX

Marine Installation Laying

Very long cables
(> 120 km, 7000 MT)

Protection against hazards, such as Anchoring


Dropped objects

Protection The CAPJET ROV system, by Nexans

Trenching in soft to hard sediments Trench depth 0.5-3 m Operation to 1000 m water depth
Very small risk of cable or pipeline damage during operation

No external forces imposed to cable or pipeline during trenching Operational close to cables/pipelines/platforms without risk of damage Trenching of pipeline crossings

Extra protection

Concrete bags


Rock dumping

Thank you for your attention!

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