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JUIlE 30.1 1945


published by the

310 Second St. Ithaca, N. Y. Editors Mary Strok Peter, 44-2" Ruth Mary Petry, 44-2



The following letter has been received from Headquarters, Office of Flying Safety, Winston-Salem 1, N. C.: "Dear Editor:

This office is interested in securing former WASPs for position as Aircraft Accident Analyst, $2000 per annum, plus overtime, for training period of three to six months; first salary advancement $2300 per annum, plus overtime. The position will be located at Hq AAF, Office of Flying Safety, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, during and after completion of training period. Inclosed is description of the duties of an Aircraft Accident Analyst in this office, and the necessary qualifications. Housing in Winston-Salem are available. is critical; however, suitable rooms

Interested persons should submit to this office Standard Form 57, which may be obtained from any Civilian Personnel Office, Civil Service Office, or Post Office. ' It is requested that if your office has any inquiries regarding this position, this information be furnished, or further information may be obtained by writing to this office, to the attention of Civilian Personnel Officer. Yours very truly, /S/ F. W. Gerhart Captain, Air Corps Chief, Civilian Personnel Section QUALIFICATIONS: Be a rated pilot. Sufficient background to intelligently analyze the causes for aircraft accidents. 3. Be proficient in flying the type and model of airplanes assigned for evaluating. 4. Sufficient educational and/or mechanical background to accurately evaluate aircraft accidents. 5. Possess qualities of leadership necessary to effectively supervise and direct military and civilian personnel in the section. 6. Sufficient literary ability to organize and publish reports pertinent to the causes and prevention of aircraft accidents. 1. 2.

- 1-

MAJOR DUTIES: Assist in processing, evaluating, and studying all aircraft accident reports submitted in accordance with AAF Reg. 62-14 on airplanes assigned to the section. Assist in supervising the preparation of work sheets which present the current accident situation of each type of airplane. Edit and review periodic reports and publications of highly technical nature on causes and prevention of aircraft accidents. Assist in investigating all recommendations submitted to OFS for prevention of accidents. Keep informed on all the latest technical information and Technical Orders applicable to the airplanes assigned to the section. Be aware of all trends present in aircraft accidents, and inform the proper persons in order that corrective action can be taken immediately. Act as consultant on any problems pertaining to aircraft accidents on the types and models assigned to the section."

WASP MECHANICS? Lorraine Lasswell, 44-6, would like to know if any ex-WASP either has her CAA Mechanics Rating or is in a position to get one on short notice. Those to whom this notice applies may get in touch with Lorraine by writing to . her at Box M, Peru, Illinois.



We have had an inquiry from the Chief of the Retirement Records Branch, AAF, asking whether WASPs who made applications for refund of their retirement deductions have received them. We would appreciate it very much if those of you who filled out Civil Service Form 3005, Application for Refund of Retirement Deductions, and are no longer in Government Service but have not received the refund, would let us know. Please include in your statement your name (and any change of name), your class, the bases at which you were stationed and dates, and your present address.

SHORT COURSE IN LIGHTPLANE FLYING FOR P-SHOOTER PILOTS Always fly close to the ground. It is safer that way - you don't have so far to fall. Always fly slowly so that if you hit anything the impact won't be so great~
- 2 -

LETTER FROM DOUGLAS AlliCRAFT COMPANY: The following letter from S. J. Ogilvie, Personnel Manager, Douglas Aircraft Company, Inc., Tulsa, Okla. was received by Miss Cochran's office and forwarded to us for publication:

"June 14, 1945 SUBJECT: TO: Placement of Former WASPs Director of Woman Pilots Pentagon Building Washington, D. C. Army Air Forces Representative Douglas Aircraft Company, Inc. Tulsa, Okla.


We wish to take this opportunity to thank you for referring to us for employment discharged WASP Pilots in accordance with our request. Many former WASPs have been hired at this facility and have proven very satisfactory in their work assignments. Due to major cutbacks in aircraft production at this facility, we are not in a position to offer employment to any future applicants. Therefore, we ask that the service you have been offering be discontinued. DOUGLAS AIRCRAFT OJMPANY , INC. /S/


J. Ogilvie Personnel .Manager"

OFFICEnS OF THE ORDER OF FIFINELLA Chairman - Clara Jo Marsh, 3504 Courville Rd., Detroit 24, ~lich. Secretary-Treasurer - Ruth Mary Petry, 104 Devon Rd., Ithaca, N. Y . Business Manager - Hally Stires, 3633 Lavell Dr., Los Angeles, Cal. Membership fees - $5.00 per year, payable to the Secretary-Treasurer. Membership includes subscription to the WASP N~iSLETTER. Further information about the Order of Fifinella and its organization and projects may be obtained by writing to the officers listed above.

- 3 -

LETTER FROM HALLY STIRES: To Members of the Order: Included in this Newsletter is the Order Blank (page 9) for you to use in placing orders for articles pertinent to the Memorial Scholarship Fund. We have been fortunate in getting our articles for you to purchase at wholesale prices, because the firms with whom we have placed orders are in complete accord with what we are trying to accomplish, and because we are a non-profit organization. The articles are, of course, costing you more than their initial cost to the Order and the surplus is put into the Memorial Scholarship Fund. You will be posted each month on your progress. We had hoped to have drawings of articles to be purchased, but this would have involved quite an expense. We do, however, have sample copies of the engraved stationery letterheads. The two outside drawings (WASP wings and parachute drawings) will be placed about half an inch closer to the center. We think Fifi is pretty dainty and you will note, she is not cross-eyed~ We sincerely hope that these designs meet with your approval. We have had them engraved on a sample sheet of the stationery to be sent to you. It may be had in either blue or a very light cream shade. We have had numerous requests for lost WASP wings and Service Pins. We have written to the firm which made these items and hope to have costs for you soon. A list of those eligible for WASP wings and Service Pins is being forwarded to us from Miss Cochran's office in Washington. This is the only way we could have the authority to place the order for replacements. It is difficult, at this time, to speed production on some of the articles. We just have to wait our turn. But you may rest assured that you will have your order filled immediately if the items you order are available. We have all articles placed under order except the patches, WASP wings, and Service Pins. The other form for you to fill out that is included with this Newsletter, is very important as we will, from information contained in it, be in a position to organize Chapters of the Order of Fifinella. I know that there are several tentative chapters that have been formed. -~We will, before the year is out, have groups allover the United States. In cases where a member finds herself the one and only WASP in a city or town, she may become an "out of town" member of her nearest group. We will find a way to make everyone of you feel that you are an active part of the Order of Fifinella. All of these provisions will be taken care of through the bylaws, which are being drawn up now. The Articles of Incorporation have al-


To those of you who have written asking about officers for Chapter Organization, may I suggest the election, by majority vote, of a President, Vicepresident, and Secretary-treasurer. By electing the above named officers you will have a Vice-president to take over in the event of the absence of your President and a Secretary-treasurer combination to take.the minutes of your meetings, take care of sending out notices of your rneet1.ngsand also the chapter collection for expenses incurred in notifying members of meet ings and other expenses relative to your particular chapter.

- 4 -



ready been drawn. By way of explanation. regarding the "Qualification Form" - we have been terribly confused by so many of you gals getting married. We know you by one name and you write to us by another. Thus the two lines for names, - we will always have it correct then. Also, the reason behind the two lines for addresses, - some of you members are still having your Newsletters mailed to the home of a parent or relative, for you haven't really settled down as yet, (do you honestly think we ever will?) but are living in another state. We would like you to fill out both addresses, so we may place you in a division for Chapter organization. Also, each one of you appoint yourself a committee of one to keep me posted on your whereabouts, so if you do move, you may become a part of the group nearest to you. In this way, when important things come up from time to time, you will all be in a position to take part in discussions. After all, that is our ultimate goal, isn't it? - to be a strong, unified group. We want the girl who is the only member in a particular city to be as important in the Order of Fifinella as a member of a group such as we have here in Southern California where we have over sixty members. In the space marked "Positions Held" list the five you consider to be the most important to you, the five you preferred the most. Guess this is about all for this time, I cept if those of you woo are concerned with the work entailed in organizing chapters would drop me a line I'd be most grateful. Sincerely, Order of Fifinella

H:;;'~ir:-.Business 1~nager

WASP B-2ger: From a newspaper lowing: clipping sent in by Virginia Stell, 44-1, we quote the fol-

"Mrs. Dorothea Marie Moorman, a former Miami resident, is one of two women pilots who have been checked out as first pilots of B-29's. Resigned in October, 1944 as a WASP after more than a year of towing aerial targets for anti-aircraft firing practice, she is now living with her husband., Lt. Henry D. Moorman, at Laurinburg-Maxton AAB, Maxton, N. C. Mrs. Moorman was serving at Eglin Field when she was chosen by Lt. Col. Tibbets to be checked out in a B-29. She and another WASP, Dora Dougherty, were the only women in the country picked. They were taken to Birmingham, Ala. in July, 1944, and after eight hours of preliminary training, each flew b-~9' s and made a tour of B-29 bases. Mrs. Moorman's husband is pilot of C-47 transports used as glider tows. He is with the First Troop Carrier Command."

- 5 -

The landing signal officer is my shepherd, I shall not crash. He maketh me to land on narrow decks, He waveth me off in rough waters, He restoreth my confidence. Yea, though I come stalling into the groove at sixty knots, I shall fear no evil. For thy Flags and thy signal, they shall comfort me in the presence of many dangers. He attacheth my hook on a wire My deck space runneth over. Surely safety and caution shall follow me All my days in the fleet, And I shall dwell in a Fool's Paradise forever.

WASSUP GOSSIP To help you keep track of your flying-mates, here is more news of their whereabouts: - Ruth Steel, 44-5, is now the wife of Army Lt. James S. Wilson, III, and Ann Tepas, also 44-5, was married back in December, to whom we don't know. Irene Raven, of the same class, is now Mrs. C. M. Robertson, - her husband, Capt. Robertson, leaves for points west in a very short time with his B-29 crew, so Irene plans to go to Lovell, Wyoming, to live for awhile. Sue Van Daell, 44-10, has announced her engagement to Ensign H. T. Doerglas and is busy planning for the future. Rosa Lea Fullwood, 43-4, was married to Lt. (jg.) Carl D. Meek on March 14, and her new address is 200 W. Desoto, Pensacola, Fla. Margaret Diffin of 44-4 announces the arrival of Barry Craig Diffin who was born on May 15, 1945 at the Naval Air Station on North Island, Calif. Pauline Cutler tells us that Patty Collins, 44-6, is wearing a beautiful diamond, and plans to be married before long to Lt. Joseph Hughes who was at her station, Foster Field. She is now at home in Washington, but has been ferrying for DPC. Dotty Beard, 44-5, is now the wife of Major. Reginald Burns and is living at Douglas, Ariz. where Major Burns is getting transition time prior to P-61's. Both were formerly stationed at Foster Field. Jane Brownfield, 44-5, married Lt. Jack Shirley when she graduated from Sweetwater last June and was at Big Springs the last we heard. Peggy Werber, 44-10, is now Mrs. William C. Persinger as of the 17th of Jan. and is now living in Cuero, Texas. Her husband is a Lt. in the Air Corps. Cecily Elmes, 44~3, is now Mrs. Bruckner and is living in Hattiesburg, Miss. Virginia Dulaney of 44-2 is also married, - her new name is Campbell. Betty Eagan, 44-7, was married a short time ago to Capt. Frank Joseph Jordan, Jr., flight surgeon at Craig Field, Selma, Ala. - 6 -

We have word of the weddings of several B-26 drivers at Harlingen, all 43-5: Shirley Slade is now Mrs. Bill Berkel~y as of January 2, 1945. Major Berkeley is Director of Training at Harlingen. Edna Modisette, married Lt. Jack Davis not long ago, and 1~rjorie Sanford married Capt. Thompson about a year ago. He is now in France and she has taken a position as an aircraft accident analyst. Skip Saunders, 43-6, received her instrument rating recently at Brownsville, Texas. Jeanne d'Ambly and Julie Ledbetter, both 43-6, have been checked out on 37,500 lb. bulldozers at Rancho Mirage, Indio, Calif. Lola Perkins, 43-6, is working for Douglas in Los Angeles, and Jane Wilso'n, same cle.ss, is working in a war plant in Michigan. In Calie Kurten's mimeographed newsletter, we find a most interesting letter from Rut~~ry Buckley, 43-5, telling about a trip she made from Monrovia, Calif. via Blythe, Tucson, El Paso, Big Springs, Wichita Falls, Joplin, St. 'Louis, to Kalamazoo. She mentions seeing lIT. Lamoureaux, former advanced instructor at Sweetwater, in Tucson; Emily Coulter Ware, 43-3, in El Paso; talking to Vir ginia Clair, 43-4, in Wichita Falls, and seeing Inez Vioodward, 43-4, in st. Louis. Emily is expecting to go to Puerto Rico soon to join her husband. Inez has her instructor's rating now and has been doing some PT ferrying. Ruthmary mentions that they flew over Sweetwater on their trip and saw a bunch of P-47's from Abilene on the field. A WASP dinner was held at the home of Eileen Evans, 44-3, in Los Angeles on June 7th. Among those present were Betty Archibald, Jane Tallrr,an,Sonny Burns, Dot Avery, Dot Kielty, and Hally Stires. Ann Baumgartner of 43-5 was married on May 12th to Lt. William Carl, Jr., an aeronautical engineer with the National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics at the AAF Liaison Office at Langley Field, Va. Barbara Erickson, WAFS, is now Mrs. Jack London, and lives in Long Beach, Calif. Anna Lee Hopkins, 44-1, was married way back in August to Capt. Samuel Dance. Lee Leonard, 43-6, is now married, - she is Mrs. David Page Wheelright, Jr. Her husband is flying the Hump. Elinore Owen, 43-3, was married to Lt. Vlilliam S. Pyle on May 20, 1944. At present he is flying fighter escort in the Pacific. And now we. have an announcement of a junior Pyle - Elodie Joy, born June 18, 1945. And now for other news besides that of marriages and engagementsl Hazel Stamper, 44-4, writes us that she has settled down to an office job in New York, after having done some PT-19 ferrying. Come winter, she continues, and she intends to join the Red Cross or perhaps the WAVES for overseas duty, unless something interesting in the way of flying turns up. Four WASPs are working at the Winston-Salem, N. C. Headquarters, AAF Office of Flying Safety. They are Norma Sisler, 44-5, Florence Niemiec, 43-6, Marion Jackson Edwards, 43-4, and Eleanor McLernon, 44-9. Betty Eames of 43-2 who used to work there has just left to go overseas' with the Red Cross, - to China, she hopes. Eleanor Feeley, 43-6, has been going to a six-weeks TWA hostess school at Kansas City and is almost finished. She will be assigned a run soon. - 7 -

Irene Norris, 44-7, plans to work in the operations office of Delta Airlines in Fort Worth. Jean Hixson, 44-6, and Cappy Morrison, 44-10, are going to Dallas Aviation School studying for their instructor's tickets. Jane Page of 43-7 stopped in at Ava Hamm's in Fort Worth on her way to Arizona to pick up a UC-78. Vivian Gilchrist, 44-3, is now Assistant Aircraft Communicator at LaGuardia in New York. Jean M. Taylor, 43-6, is taking a training course in radio engineering at Augsberg College in Minneapolis, preparatory to a job at Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio. Florence Emig of 44-10 is doing a little instructing out at the local airport in San Jose, Calif. She says that things have really been moving fast since the opening up of the Western Defense Zone to civilian flying. Ailsa Connolly, 44-10, is back in her home town of Trempealeau, Wisc. working in the Citizens State Bank as assistant cashier. She expects to go to California sometime in June. EtheloLytch, also 44-10, is working for the Red Cross in Laurinburg, N. C. as a secretary. She, too, plans to go to California shortly. Barbara Russell Darnell, 43-2, is living in Orlando, Fla. now, and is anxious to see some former WASPs. Red Cross has claimed more WASPs - among the latest to join are Polly Cutler, who is at the Naval Hospital at Quantico, Va.; Jane Dyde, Earlene Flory, Peggy Moynihan, all 44-5, and Justine Fletcher, 44-6, are recreation workers and may be overseas by this time. Jen Hill, 44-5, is a tower operator at Alamo Field, San Antonio, Texas; Etta Mae (Holly) Hollinger, 44-5, is at Albuquerque, N. M. studying air traffic control work, as is Lillian Calkins, also 44-5, in Washington, D. C. In air communications are Jimmy Foster and Gwen Clinkscales at Norfolk, Va. Municipal Airport, Lucille Carey at the Washington National Airport, and Dotty Ehrhardt at the Richmond, Va. Army Air Base. All are 44-5. From Peg Parish's mimeographed 44-7 newsletter we have some more news. Mrs. Shaw, whom we all remember as one of our favorite E. O.'s,is selling real estate in Fort Worth with the firm of Llewellyn and Adams, and doing very well at it, too. Miss Webb is in Dallas and has her own dress-making business. We remember the fittings Miss Webb gave all of us on our uniforms, - she should do well. Vyvian Williams has her instructor's rating and is also conducting ground school classes at the Charleston Navy Yard on the side. Betty Jo Streff and Ellen Wimberly who started work at Douglas Aircraft as mechanics, were "discovered" and Ellen is now a radio operator and Betty Jo is a flight dispatcher. Pat Blackburn, Doris Anderson, Edna Maginnis, and Lynn Boyd are all in Seattle taking the aircraft communicator course. Destination is Alaska. Pat says they live together on an island in Puget Sound and they have a 1935 Terraplane that sounds like a BTl Bette Richards, 44-5, is instructing in seaplanes at Hall's Seaplane Base at Lake George, N. Y. and Pat Hopkins, 44-6, is also instructing, but not in seaplanes, - she is with the Williams Aviation Service in Syracuse, N. Y. Annabelle Kekic certainly is in a most unusual occupation. She and her sister, Marion, comprise the K and K Exterminator Company, making war on roaches, bedbugs, silverfish, waterbugs, rats, and moths. Annabelle is 43-3. Anna Hopkins Dance, 44-1, is working for an instructor's rating and hopes to instruct in Alice, Texas where she is now living. Maxine Edmondson, 43-8, is flying for a'man connected with an oil industry. Mary Coon Canavan, 43-7, is a pilot for a rancher in Texas. Geraldine Tribble, 44-6, is at Corpus Christi Naval Air Station working as a link instructor. - 8 -


. I

-------------------------_ CLASS _ DATE



Item Sterling Ring 14K Gold Ring Fifinella Pin Patches Decals

Price $ 6.00 (tax inc.) 15.00 ( 2.00 (


Amount $

@ @


) )


.10, 3 for $.25

Stationery @ 1.50 per box (25 sheets and envelopes per box) Color Engraving Wings Blue Cream


Clouds Parachute

WASP Wings. Service Pin

@ @

Total Mail to Hally Stires, 3633 Lavell Drive, Los Angeles 41, California.

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