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India is a place of huge population and innumerably branched-out never-ending roads. And it is in these roads that the modern Indian brands are fixing out their modes of ambient advertising which promotes the out-of-home breeds of alternative media. This research is based on the travelling characteristics of the Indian crowd and how their traffic activities affect the productivity of billboard positioning of Indian advertising content. The study will mainly be focused on the crowd of Bangalore City. The positioning of the brands creative content with due respect to the lighting, obstruction to view, viewing angle, hoarding type and size may be factored on the traffic and travelling characteristics of the crowd of that specific environment. The billboard advertising strategies of the outdoor advertising agencies and the factors on which consumers response to billboard advertising gets affected are the main igniters which helped me initiate this particular project. The advantage with billboard advertising is that you can create the brands top-minded recall exposure through innovative creativity but the disadvantage attached to it is that the number of exposures to the creative message of the brand is impossible to measure.

Statement of the Problem


Objectives of the study

1. To find out the factors which make the billboard advertising highly visible in top designated market areas. 2. To find out which forms of billboard advertising are most favourable in terms of target audience exposure. 3. To find out the factors required for successful positioning of the billboard advertisements . 4. To find out whether there is any connection between consumer travel characteristics on Indian roads and consumer response to billboard advertising on the roads.

Research design
The Research design selected for this project is exploratory in nature. Following are the steps for conducting the research : Studying about billboard adverting on Indian roads and its success in Indian markets in the recent past in order to derive secondary data through various journals , magazines ,feature articles and columns on the papers and the internet. Understanding the outdoor advertising Indian market through a quick dry-run travel on the top most designated markets throughout Bangalore. Studying about various forms of billboards advertisings through the expertise information derived from various advertising agencies and opinion experts. Construction of a structured questionnaire and conducting the research through face to-face and telephonic interviews. Delivering the primary data for data analysis. Reporting on the findings of the research and giving suggestion to the problems.

The research will be done on Bangalore city only .

Sampling Plan
Sampling units :- The research will be done on busy marketing professional cross the Bangalore city who are involved more with the field work and travelling on the roads. Sampling technique :- The sampling technique is Systematic as the samples are the marketing professionals from various companies across Bangalore. Sample size :- The sample size chosen for this project is thirty marketing professionals from various companies.

Data collection Method

There are mainly two types of data collection methods which are as follows:

Primary data Primary data is the one that is being collected by the researcher itself and is being collected for the first time. Researcher has collected this data with a specific purpose of studying the problems. Primary data in the research process would be collected by filling up questionnaire from the respondents- in this case, the marketing professionals from the various companies across Bangalore.

Secondary Data Secondary data is the data that already exists in ready to use format and is gathered by someone else. This data can be in the form of articles in magazines, journals, government reports or any other historical data. It might be the different articles in newspaper and on the internet blogs. Secondary Data that was used by me are delivered from the journals , reports , videos , through the net and other relevant published material.

Instruments used to collect the data :-

The instrument selected for the primary data is a structured questionnaire which includes queries regarding which types of billboards can easily catch the audience , is it really a brand recall advertisement or what are the major obstruction to view and how does the consumer responds to billboard adverting on road? The research or the study will help to understand the success factors of positioning billboard advertisement with respect to the travelling crowds on Indian roads.


Beneficiaries of this research would be the advertising agencies dealing with outdoor advertisements and the brand communication managers of different brands who seeks for exposure for the ambient message content. This project will also be helpful to the teachers and student who have ADVERTISING as a subject in their syllabus.

Limitation of the study

The major barriers in conducting the survey are the following: Time limitation o For a researcher time has always worked as b barrier to his or her research process, as we are conducting the survey in different areas of the Bangalore city and observing the marketing professional, time is always worked as a limitation to this research.

Geographic limitation o As we all know that the various industry in Bangalore where the marketing professional work is quite scattered s cover big distances from one company to the other. So geography is a major barrier.