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Assignment on Servicescape

Submitted to Dr. Mohan N J Monteiro

Submitted By Varun Mishra PGDM No. 11118 Sec. A

SERVICE ENVIRONMENT OR SERVICESCAPE Servicescape is a concept that was developed to emphasize the impact of the physical environment in which a service process takes place. The concept of servicescape can help in assessing the difference in customer experience like between a fast-food franchise restaurant and a small family-run restaurant. The physical setting can aid or hinder the accomplishment of both internal organizational goals and marketing goals. The effect of servicescapes on customers and employees are widely underappreciated and underutilized. Managers frequently change physical surroundings without taking into impact the design changes will, or could have, on customers and/or employees. Personal experience at ITCs FORTUNE JP PALACE, in terms of cognition, emotional and physiological aspects. Fortune JP Palace and its servicescape in Mysore Facilities offered Pre-Arrival Arrival Check-in Experience during Stay Check out Visual Cues Color -different colours stimulate varying personal moods and emotions Fortune employs the shades of red and yellow inside its rooms most of the time Most of these in-house colours are put to ensure luxury and comfort to the customers The restaurant areas, the common spaces, lounges are basically in deep lustrous colours, which add to the grandeur of the luxurious ambience Auditory cues MUSIC can be a positive auditory cue stimulating specific consumer behaviours and emotions. At Fortune JP the music normally played is slow and melodious mainly jazz and classical. These cues give a sense of happiness and relaxed atmosphere Customers are tempted to splurge more and more on the facilities and as such spend more time. Space & function The furnishings in a servicescape link the space with its occupants and convey the personality of the servicescape through form, line, colour, texture, and scale The textures at JP fortune are delicate and beautiful, all serving the part of sophistication and extravaganza.

Managerial Implications When service providers make decisions about the overall layout and design of a service environment, the purposive visual targets should be taken into account and put together so as to form a perceptual figure that stands out from the background. Servicescape provides a first impression. These servicescapes are an important element that customers will use to guide their beliefs, attitude, and expectations of a service provider.