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Fast and Reliable Inter-Networking Solution

MikroTik Thin Router


We offer the MikroTik TCP/IP Router for LAN-to-LAN, LAN-to-Modem (IP suite), and LAN-to-Remote-User connectivity. The MikroTik space-effective Thin Router can perform extensive Firewall, NAT, Access Point, HotSpot and other functions. With it's small, yet robust case the Router very easy to position in hard to reach places. We offer a low cost. Specifications:

Lightweight design Has all the ports you need MikroTik RouterOS installed

CPU RAM Operating System Built-in Interface Free Slots Dimensions Weight Color Solutions:

800 MHz 128MB MikroTik RouterOS installed on 64 Mb Flash module 10/100 Mb Ethernet port; One free PCI slot 29.5x27.0x6.3cm 2.45 kg (router) 3.02 kg (router with power supply Grey

HotSpot (additional feature required) IP telephony Bandwidth Management Firewall and NAT VPN and IPsec Remote addministration and upgrade

Wireless Access Point (additional feature required) Routing RIP 1 / 2, OSPF v2, BGP v4 (Equal cost multi-path routing, Policy based routing, firewall marked packet routing) PPP (ISDN, RADIUS, PPTP, PPPoE, modem pool) HotSpot (additional feature required) IP telephony Bridging (additional feature required) Stateful Firewall and NAT VLAN Tunnels (PPTP (VPN), IPIP, EoIP, IPsec) DHCP IP traffic accounting, firewall actions logging Bandwidth Management (per IP / protocol / subnet / port, CBQ, RED, SFQ, byte limited queue, packet limited queue) Tools (ping, traceroute, bandwidth test, ping flood, telnet) DNS SNMP NTP (Network Time Protocol) Remote addministration and upgrade See webpage for additional features For ordering information, contact sales@mikrotik.com
Office Address Mikrotikls SIA Pernavas 46 LV-1009, Riga, LATVIA Phone: +371 7317700 Fax: +371 7317701 URL: http://www.mikrotik.com OEM Sales Representatives USA EUROPE ASIA AFRICA See our Web Page for addresses!