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Role of Barcodes, RFIDs & Voice Picking Technology in

Saiyed M. Fauzan Ali
(Year: 2012)

This report expounds the role of the technology of Bar-codes,
RFIDs and voice picking utilized as a part of ware houses today.
It clarifies how this innovation makes it simple for specialists
to distinguish and keep record of particular items amid stacking
and emptying of stock.

Ware houses are imperative to producers, it is a spot where they
can keep and store expansive measure of inventories. Putting away
stock is not such a major issue however dealing with that stock
is troublesome as well as it is a major issue for the producer to
convey stock at the perfect spot, keep record of stock and get
particular items or setting them back on the privilege hold.
Different makers confronted trouble in dealing with their
inventories, they obliged a lot of labor and still there were
slips included during the time spent overseeing, grabbing stock
and conveying it to the client. They obliged an innovation that
would ease up the weight of labor, lessen the shots of mistake
furthermore enhances the stream of stock. Numerous ware houses
identifications, Radio recurrence Identification and voice
picking gadgets. These innovations have satisfied the greater
part of the necessities included during the time spent overseeing
stock furthermore expanded precision as it were.
Role of Barcodes
There are different steps included during the time spent
assembling an item that oblige extraordinary precision and the
most vital step is following the crude material via deliberately
and precisely recognizing every item without the shots of
blunder, organizations concocted the innovation of utilizing
standardized tags which made the methodology all that much savvy
and lessened the possibilities of lapse to a 1 in a 3million.

These codes indentify an item by the numbers and letters in order

demonstrated on the item mark, it likewise made it simple to keep
record of particular items on the grounds that every item is
given a different standardized tag. Scanner tag scanners and
standardized identification printers are utilized to recognize a
particular item and these standardized tags give complete data
about the item.

Role of RFIDs
Radio frequency identification devices join the representatives
of a ware house to the administration application server; the
majority of the exercises are observed and recorded on the server
through wire-less gadgets. The RFIDs help the workers to pick, to
place, number or alter the course of a particular item inside the
ware house. These gadgets have a decent control in overseeing
stock furthermore enhance the productivity of supplying products
to shoppers, successfully streamlining the space of the plant and
help the staff keep up a decent client administration level.

Role of voice picking

A voice picking gadget is a sash worn gadget utilized by a
representative to correspond with the administration server. It
has a radio recurrence of 802.11b and it recognizes and
distinguishes the voice of a worker. Introducing this framework
obliges preparing and voice recording, every worker is asked to
peruse out a few letters in diverse voice tones so the framework
can undoubtedly identify his voice regardless of the possibility
that he's having a sore throat. Additional preparing is needed
for substantial mechanical product houses where there exists an
extensive variety of stresses. It speaks with the administration
server through RF and Local area network (LAN)

Benefits of the Technology

These latest technologies play an important role in ware-houses
and provide the company a wide range of benefits.
Benefits of Bar-Coding

Inventory can be easily controlled.

Products like fast food or slow goods can easily be
identified, the bar-code system will easily identify fast
moving consumer goods and those that are slow in demand.
It helps to manage the inventory more effectively by
identifying and replacing the unwanted stock.
It reduces the error rate to 1 in 3 million.
This system keeps track of goods under process of
manufacturing and keeps detailed information of each piece
or batch.
It helps the supervisors resolve any sort of problem that
may occur during any step of the process of manufacturing
thus it improves quality.

Benefits of RFIDs

An employee does not need a line of sight to observe and

read an RFID tag; they can easily be read through wood,
plastic or a human body using a RFID tag scanner.
Moving objects are easily tracked by RFID tags and the
required information is sent to the management server.
Although RFID technology is costly but it provides the
company an efficient return on investment.

Benefits of Voice Picking Technology

It works very much like a face-to-face communication.

The technology has relinquished the need of paper work.
It has made order picking easy and increases accuracy to
Improves the level of customer service.

Drawback of the technology

Ware houses utilizing these advancements have enhanced dispersion
productivity and productively deal with their stock however
research demonstrates that despite the profits that these
advances have for the assembling associations they have a couple
of weaknesses also.
Drawbacks of Bar-Code system

Research has not shown any disadvantage of a bar-code system

except that if its damaged or smudged it may cause scanning
problem however, a damaged bar-code can be scanned up to a
40% visibility.

Drawbacks of RFID system

RFID tags become unreadable once placed on a metal or liquid

because such a surface tends to reflect radio frequencies.
In case of multiple tag reading an employee may end up
reading a tag that does not exist, thus a read verification
is required.
Its highly expensive, and a software and support personnel
maybe required for an additional cost.

Drawbacks of Voice Picking Technology

Training for each word recognition in different voice

tones is required before the system can be used which
is, time consuming.
These devices may not perform as good as they did
before when they were originally built, tuned and
optimized for voice recognition, because they are now
built on general purpose hardware and not on special
purpose hardware.


All in all of the point by point research done on these

advances we found that, notwithstanding of a couple of
downsides these innovations may have, they help the
organization enhance their level of client administration by
expanding effectiveness in appropriation and logistics. They
help in staying informed concerning and recording data of
items proficiently and adequately. RFID and voice picking
are two innovations without which the distribution center
can never minimize the time span augmenting the proficiency.
Bar coding helps the business in ascertaining the items
section, value and detail in the right way and to give the
right information in most brief time.
RFID is discovered to be a superior innovation than
assembling organizations incline toward RFIDs over bar
coding on the grounds that a RFID can read more than fifty
labels in a second making it more proficient and TimeEffective. Voice picking innovation minimizes the slips in
familiarity of work and gives the privilege and online
heading; it diminishes the rate of slip and it makes the
business prepare all that much financially savvy.