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Alfred Nobel Mafia Code E = mc2 and E = h

Nobel King of Sweden and Nobel Prize Institution By First physicist Joe Nahhas joenahhas1958@yahoo.com

Sweden Nobel King

First physicist Joe Nahhas

Alfred Nobel

King of Sweden has to ask himself the question? What is Nobel physics? Big bang no one heard? Dark energy no one can find? E = m c2 and E = h but 8/9 of it is missing and called dark energy? Time travel no one can perform? Light constant velocity when light velocity never been measured? An atom made of atomic particles that have an average life - time of 1/ (trillionth of 1 second)? A universe made out of matter that lives, dies and rebirth trillion times in each 1 second? Expanding universe that can only be found on campus in "university textbooks" or can only be seen in telescope out there but nothing tested to be expanding here outside the tube of the telescope? Black holes based on light constant velocity and time travel? "Science textbooks" and "science encyclopedias" and shows on of "science" and "discovery" premiered on "Science" channel and "Discovery" channel that feature "science that can be derived in its entirety from 5th grade arithmetic of a circle? 500 years of modern and Nobel physics and physicists that can be beaten by a 5th grader using 5th grade arithmetic and a toddler four letters A, B, C, and D and beat them and call them MacDonald's physics & Physicists of Fictional Universe = 1/Fictional atom. Nobel physics is a description of 10th century documented visual illusions that can be derived from four letters A, B, C, and D and beat delete and toilet flush all Nobel illusions. Page 1

The Nobel committee in physics Bjrn Jonson (Chairman) Professor of Physics

Lars Brink Professor of Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics

Brje Johansson Professor of Physics

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Per Delsing Professor of Physics

Anne L'Huillier Professor of Atomic Physics

Lars Bergstrm (Secretary) Professor of Theoretical Physics

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Nobel physics is Einstein's E = mc2 and Plank E = h

Alfred Nobel head cut is a matter of time and not a matter of science If an object moves from a point A to a point B its visual changes from C to D

Einstein's relativity: E = mc2 and Plank's quantum mechanics E = h
1 = 1 is self evident; 2 = 2 is self evident; A = A is self evident B = B is self evident; add and subtract A B = A + (B - A); divide by A (B/A) = 1 + (B - A)/A; multiply by C (B/A) C = C + [(B - A)/B] C --------------------- Nahhas 5th grade equation- 1 D = D is self evident; add and subtract C D = C + (D - C) ----------------------------------- Nahhas 5th grade equation- 2 Compare equation - 1 with equation - 2 Page 4

D - C = [(B - A)/B)] C = measurement errors = Nobel physics

= "Macdonald" physics and Physicists

If an object moves from point A to point B measured by a human from a third place its visual changes from size C to size D Humans measure a planet orbit (1) around the Sun (2) from Earth (3) The measurement error is: D - C = [(B - A)/B)] C = measurement error = science Or (C - D)/D = (A - B)/B = Or D/D = B/B; Divide by t (1/D) ( D/ t) = (1/B) ( B/ t) Limit [(1/D) ( D/ t)] = Limit [(1/B) ( B/ t)] = +/- ( + ) t 0 t 0

Or, d B/B = ( + ) d t and B = B0 e ( + ) t = A e - / + ( + ) t B = A e - / + ( + ) t

Distance is A; real time distance is B = A e - / + ( + ) t

With = 0; B = A e - t In general if an object moves from A to B, the visual of A is B = A e - t In general distance r Velocity v

= r0 e - t

= [v0 - r0] e - t

Energy definition is: E = m v2/2; m = mass E = m v2/2 = (m /2) [v0 - r0]2 E = (m /2) [v02 + 22 r02] E = [(m /2) v02

e -2 t

e -2 t

- m 2r02] e -2 t
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E = [(m /2) v02

- m 2r02] e -2 t

A measurement is t = 0 E = (m /2) v02 E = E0

- m 2r02

- m 2r02

E0 - E = m 2r02 E = E0 - E = m 2r02 E = E0 - E = m c2; c2 = 2r02

Nobel Einstein's stupidity E = E0 - E = m c2

E = E0 - E = m 2r02 E = E0 - E = h ; h = m r02

Nobel Plank's stupidity E = E0 - E = h

E = measurement errors = m c2 = h E maximum = maximum energy definition = mc2/2 = h /2 When it is measured the measurement errors = E = measurement errors = m c2 = h This had been known since 10th century by Camel heads and used by Alfred Nobel Mafia to make money and get medals and screw humanity!
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