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Assignment # 4


Get To Know Us:
1. 2. About UltraSpectra Our Board Members

Team Members:
1. 2. ZunNurain Khalid (Pakistan) Shazia Yaqub (Pakistan)

Board Members:
1. 2. 3. 4. Chelse Benham (USA) Jacob Mack (USA) Steven Dibold (USA) Tedi Petrova (Denmark)

UltraSpectra Team
ZunNurain Khalid:
Hi, I am ZunNurain Khalid from Pakistan. I am an Entrepreneur with a start-up named: UltraSpectra Pte. Ltd. Its an Internet Marketing and Corporate PR consultancy. My major interest is in Organizational Management and Marketing. I am serving clients from around the globe. I am here to learn depths of Entrepreneurship and adapt anything that'll help me get my venture a step ahead in the competitive global market. - People say me Zun

UltraSpectra Team
Shazia Yaqub:
Hi I am Shazia Yaqub. Management consultant with a multi disciplinary exposure to a number of technologies, functions and industries. My work experience is focused on:

Business strategy development and implementation for entrepreneurial ventures

I have ample experience working with big organizations in the field of mobile applications, marketing research, financial applications, event management, web and media technologies, green tech.

UltraSpectra Board Members

Chesle Benham:
I am multi-EMMY, AAF-ADDY, & TELLY awardwinning producer and creative director with nearly 25 years of experience and accumulating more than 30 international, national and regional awards. I have extensive experience in television program development, online video streaming, promotions and marketing with an emphasis on social and interactive media, and mobile application creation. I am principal and co-founder of VM2. For more information visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chelse_Benham

UltraSpectra Board Members

Steven Diebold:
A creative/analytical/strategic hands-on Business Coach, Brand Strategist & User Experience Consultant creating experiences that drive profits and delight customers with extensive experience that has helped such well-known companies as Apple, NBC, TV Guide, 20th Century Fox, MGM, Sony Pictures includes: Seven years as a Business Coach, Brand Strategist, Product Developer, User Experience Consultant for small-mid sized businesses. Five years as a founding principal/team leader of IT consultancy spearheading major initiatives in high-tech. Five years additional experience includes writing, story analysis & development, directing, producing, editing animations, demos, pitches, commercials/videos, presentations.

UltraSpectra Board Members

Jacob Mack:
My name is Jacob Mack and I am 34 years of age. I have a B.S. in Psychology from Walden University, and I have completed one year of an M.S. IT/Software Engineering program as well. I have received a certificate in Gamification from Coursera course and I am waiting to receive certificates in Machine Learning and Model Thinking as well. I currently program in the different programming languages, and I have been working in other programming paradigms as well. My area of current research/ work involves algorithm analysis, application and design. My specific interests are in web intelligence and Neural Network predictive analysis. I am currently team lead on a 10 member team in the Technology Entrepreneurship class.

UltraSpectra Board Members

Tedi Petrova:
Hi I am Tedi Petrova. I am 27 years old and have profound interest in online media. I am often said to be confident, self-motivated, organized style with strong interpersonal, cross-functional, and communication skills. Up till now, I've spend half of my life living abroad, and so my network range from Dublin to Sydney. My major interests include Web analytics, SEO, SEM, Internet marketing, blogging and outsourcing. I also write practical "how-to" articles with a splash of entertainment aimed at helping marketers with the how-to of content marketing. Likewise, I am able to help out with promotion, branding and web design. For the time being, I enjoy being responsible for Ultraspectras brand position.

A Word on Team
They All Are:
Creative | Entrepreneurial Spirits | Jelling to get Work Done | Have required Technical Skills | Experience | Solution Oriented