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Mind Map: A brief introduction

Computers come with hundreds pages of manual book. Brain, having multi-advantages than computer, come with no manual book.

From list .

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Mimics the brains work

The Mimic: mind the center ideas

It could be fun and colorful

Even kids could play with it

Yet some might still fails

Some advantages
The centre or main idea is more clearly defined. The relative importance of each idea is clearly indicated
More important ideas will be nearer the centre and less important ideas will be near the edge.

The links between the key concepts will be immediately recognisable because of their proximity and connection. As a result of the above, recall and review will be both more effective and more rapid. The nature of the structure allows for the easy addition of new information without messy scratching out or squeezing in, etc. Each map made will look and be different from each other map. This will aid recall. In the more creative areas of note making such as essay preparations etc, the open-ended nature of the map will enable the brain to make new connections far more readily.

Express yourself

Mindmap use: Note-taking

Mindmap use: Writing

Dispute: Buzans claims as being mere marketing hype to promote his Mind Maps consultation business? Farrand, Hussain and Hennessy (2002)
undergraduate students who used the mind map technique experienced a limited but noteworthy effect solely for recall (equal to 10% over baseline per 600-word text) while preferred study techniques only displayed a -6% hike from the baseline. Such an advantage by the mind map users remained strong only for the first week, after which the students were considerably less motivated to use the technique, as opposed to employing their preferred note-taking strategies. Mind mapping, they say, may not be applied with equal rates of effectiveness to all learning tasks.

Another study done by Pressley, VanEtten, Yokoi, Freebern, and VanMeter

revealed that learners absorbed data better when they emphasized soaking up content rather than trying to find a particular style of note-taking that worked.

More Intuitive?
Takes time to change our habit of taking linear notes Speaking itself, is a linear process. Taking linear notes is closest way to speaking.

Structured vs chaos
Might too difficult to find main idea Brainstorming process might have loose connection between ideas. Mind map works better for second step of brainstorming

Keywords and symbols are agreed during creation of mindmap. They might mean nothing to Anyone not involved in the process With mind maps, everything is supposed to be contained on a single page. When it grows larger, you might put anything in unappropriate places.

Explore it!

Thats it. No magic potion, though.