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Longue Sault Public School 13 Bethune Street Long Sault, ON K0C 1P0

Mrs. Sarita Anderson, Principal

Longue Sault Public School

Fall Progress Reports

Fall Progress Reports will be going home on Monday, November 5th. Please sign and discuss with your child.

Newsletter # 3, November 2012

Special points of interest: Caring Agenda Notes Remembrance Day Assembly School Council

Please note: If your child/

children will be picked up or going home by a different means, a note must be written in the agenda for the teacher to see. Communication between HOME and SCHOOL is extremely important as we work together for student success. Please try and refrain from calling the school with changes, especially towards the end of the day which is a very busy time. We understand if it is an emergency and you need to make changes regarding the way your child will be going home. You are encouraged to contact the school should you have any questions or concerns.

Character Education Inclement Weather Scholastic Book Fair Progress Reports School Trips
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Progress Reports Agenda Notes Facebook Skating School Council Book Fair Electronic Devices Remembrance Day Green Food Box We Day Memorial Run EOHU Bus Cancellations

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Longue Sault Public School is wondering if anyone has CSA approved hockey helmets that they could donate to the school. Please check to make sure the helmets are not expired. We are also in need of extra skates. Please ensure that your child has splash pants to wear for skating to prevent their clothing from getting wet if they fall on the rink. Gloves or mitts are also a necessity. Our next skating day is Friday, November 23.

Longue Sault Public School is on Facebook

Longue Sault Public School is now on Facebook. Like us and share us on facebook to get all the latest information and updates. Go to http://www.facebook.com/longuesaultps or you can log into facebook and search for us at the top. Just be sure that you select the Longue Sault Public School page with the picture of our school. There is another page that says longue sault public school/L.S.P.S. but this page is not the active page. Once on our page, click on the big S for our newsletters, calendars, or handouts, etc. Thanks to Mrs. Eamon and Mrs. Fawthrop for getting our Facebook Page up and running!

Scholastic Book Fair

Wild About Reading
The Scholastic Book Fair is coming next month to our school. By purchasing books and supporting our book fair, you enable our school to obtain new books for our Library and classrooms. The Book Fair will be held from Monday, Dec 3 until Friday, Dec 7. Thank you to Ms. Maryanne Currie, our Book Fair Volunteer for coordinating this event.

Our next School Council meeting will take place on Tuesday, December 4, 6:00p.m.-7:30 p.m. in the school learning commons. Hope you can make it!

The road to knowledge begins with a turn of the page. - Anonymous

Reading is Fun!

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Newsletter # 4, November 2012

Longue Sault Public School

Remembrance Day Assembly

Our Remembrance Day Ceremony will be held on November 9 at 10:30am. Everyone is welcome to join us!

Used Cartridges * Remember to keep dropping off your used cartridges to Staples or to the School! *
Our school is full of wonderful technology so it is not necessary for our students to bring in their own devices. If your child does bring in an iPod (for example), he or she is responsible for it. We strongly discourage students from taking electronics outside for recess and video taping of other individuals with personal devices is forbidden.

Character Always!
Every day at LSPS, through Character Education, the students learn about and are encouraged to demonstrate all of our 8 virtues. These virtues are Caring, Fairness, Honesty, Empathy, Responsibility, Perseverance, Respect and Resilience. We believe in the pursuit of learning while building a strong sense of caring and respect for all.

Next time you find yourself having a discussion with a child about resolving a conflict, why not try the questions below. We have and they work!

Restorative Questions 1.What happened? 2. How were you involved? 3. What were you thinking/feeling at the time? 4. Has this hurt or bothered anyone else? In what way? 5. What can you do to fix this?

Longue Sault Fundraiser

Longue Sault Public School fundraiser!
In October we sent home the order forms for QSP magazine sales. It is a great way to start your Christmas shopping early. Longue Sault Public School thanks you for supporting this years school fundraiser. You can still order through QSP all year long on the internet and put in LSPS code 10485. The cash or cheque orders were due on Monday, October 22, 2012.
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Longue Sault Public School

November 2012


To order a box, place your order with payment by the 1st Friday of every month at one of the following locations:


-937-2683 -932-3376

-936-0306 Payment is accepted in cash only at the time of ordering. Box pickup takes place on the third Wednesday of each month at the location your order was placed. Note: Make sure to bring another container or bag to take your fruits and vegetables home as the boxes are the property of the Green Food Box program. Orders that are not picked up by the end of Green Food Box pickup day are donated to charitable organizations. For more information: Call 613-937-2683 ext.234 or Health Line at 1-800-267-7120.
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Baked Goods/Candy in the School

A reminder to all Parents/Guardians to not send any baked goods, candy, sweets, etc. to school for the students in your childs class. Not only do we have many children in the school with severe peanut/nut allergies, we also have the Healthy Schools 2020 and the Ontario Schools New Food and Beverage Policy. Our School Board and the local health partners have signed the Champlain Declaration: Healthy Schools 2020. This confirms our commitment to creating healthy and safe school environments so that school aged children can be physically active and can make healthy food choices at school on a daily basis. Thank you for your patience with these standards. We will have to send any baked goods/candy/sweets, etc. back home uneaten as we adhere to these standards. We appreciate your cooperation in making our school a safe and healthy environment for all of our students and staff.

On November 20th a group of junior students along with Mr.Callan will attend We Day in Montreal. We Day is an event hosted by Free The Children, a childrens charity founded in 1995 by childs rights advocate Craig Kielburger. We Day was created to empower, educate, and above all, inspire. Since 2007, this annual event has featured a lineup of social activists and speakers as well as musical performances. It is the start of a year-long initiative encouraging students to participate in Free The Childrens campaigns, which raise awareness and funds for local and international projects. For more information see the web site: http://www.weday.com/ we-day-events/we-day-cities/montreal/

Heather Saaltink Memorial Run

Longue Sault Public School community invites you to participate in the Heather Saaltink Memorial Run sponsored by the Cornwall Multisport Club. This event takes place on Saturday, November 3rd starting from Longue Sault Public School. Bib pick up is from 8:30am-9:45. Events are as follows: 10 km Run starts at 10:00am, 5 km Run starts at 10:05am, 2 km Run starts at 11:15am. (Please register your childs name only, you can still run with your child, but space is limited) Only 500 race participants allowed. There will be Post-Race Refreshments and chili starting at 10:30am awards and draws at 12:15pm. Visit www.cornwallmultisportclub.com to register or for more information. Donations will be accepted in lieu of registration on behalf of the Boys and Girls Club of Cornwall.

Dairy Presentations
On Thursday, November 22, the whole school will be involved in Dairy Presentations by Valerie McDonald from McMaze.

Newsletter # 3, November 2012

Longue Sault Public School

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Due to safety and security reasons, it is very important that you sign in at the office to drop off your child or to pick them up. We will gladly bring your child to class, or bring forgotten lunches or homework to the classroom. Please dont send any food that has nuts/peanuts or contains the warning of may contain nuts/peanuts in it as we have many students who have anaphylactic allergies! Also, remember to write in the agenda if your child will be going home by a different means, ie normally takes bus home but getting picked up. Thank you for your cooperation with this!

Inclement/Cold Weather A reminder to make sure your child is dressed warm enough for the weather as students do go outside for morning and lunch recess. This is the time of year that coats, hats, mittens and boots are recommended!

Eastern Ontario Health Unit

Energize: Eat Breakfast Every Morning!
In our busy lives, we often skip breakfast because were rushing in the morning. But studies show that kids who eat a good breakfast learn better, do better on tests, and are less likely to eat junk food during the day. Make some time for a balanced breakfast each morning, choosing foods from at least 3 of the 4 food groups. Need some quick and easy ideas?

whole grain toast with peanut butter, and a glass of non-fat milk whole grain cereal with non-fat milk, and a hard-boiled egg, oatmeal and an orange.

A simple way to stay healthy

It may not be very high tech but it works! Washing hands often is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick or spreading infections. You can help your family stay healthy this winter by reminding your children to wash their hands often, especially:

before and after handling food; before eating; after using the washroom; after blowing their nose, sneezing or coughing; after playing with pets; after playing outdoors; when their hands feel or look dirty.

Eat for Energy!!

For more tips on how you can help keep your family healthy, visit www.eohu.ca or call 613-933-1375 1 800 267-7120 Ask for Health Line.
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Head Lice
Thought for the Day! Cheerfulness gives sweetness to life!
Please check your child regularly for head lice infestation and their nits (eggs). Knowing the life cycle of lice will help in treatment and prevention. A single adult female louse can lay more than 100 nits over its 20 day adult period ( 6 to 10 per day). The nits incubate for 7 to 10 days. Once they hatch they take 10 to 14 days to become adults and the cycle starts all over again.

Philippine Proverb

It could take 20 days or more before you notice an infestation!

Christmas Concert
Our School Christmas Concert will be on Monday December 17, (snow day, Tuesday, December 18) and on Wednesday, December 19, (snow day Thursday, December 20) at 12:45pm for all days. In an effort to ensure proper seating for all audience members, we are asking that if your last name begins with A-L, please attend the Monday performance and M-Z, please attend the Tuesday performance if possible. This will also ensure that our children have an audience to perform for on both days, while managing the space constraints we encounter.

This cycle is why it is very important to retreat your child 7 to 10 days after the initial treatment.

Volunteers for the Book Fair

Mrs. Currie is looking for Grade 4, 5 or 6 Student Volunteers to donate some of their time to help with the Scholastic Book Fair that will be on during the week of December 3 to December 6. If any student is interested in volunteering for this worthwhile event, please let your teacher or Mrs. Montgomery know.
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Longue Sault Public School

13 Bethune Street Long Sault, ON K0C 1P0 Phone: 613-534-2415 Fax: 613-534-2850 http://www.lsps.ucdsb.on.ca

Inclement Weather/Bus Cancellations

STEO would like to advise students and parent(s)/guardian(s) that we have three methods in which you can check for bus cancellations: 1. Announcements regarding the cancellation of school bus and special vehicle transportation will be aired on local area radio and television stations, beginning at 6:15 a.m. 2. Access STEOs website at www.steo.ca, and click on the Bus Cancellation Status button. School bus cancellations will be posted by 6:15 a.m. 3. Call 1-866-629-0629 to access a prerecorded message. During inclement weather, if busing is cancelled, the message will be posted by 6:15 a.m.

A Learning Jewel in the Seaway Valley!

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Upper Canada District School Board

*If transportation is cancelled in the morning, afternoon transportation will not operate.

School Trips/Events
Only 53 shopping days left until Christmas! WOW!! Time sure flies by quickly.
We Day - Tuesday, November 20 Dairy Presentations - Thursday, November 22 Skating - Friday, November 23 Ultimate Chicken - Friday, November 30

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Newsletter # 3, November 2012

Longue Sault Public School

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