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The idea of the Pirate Party is simple - the government should encourage, rather than smother, creativity and

freedom. Copyrights are now stretching into hundreds of years, and fair use is under constant attack by attorneys who exploit the vagueness of the law. Fifty years ago there was no great uproar at creative "pirating" of works without the permission of the original artist. Similar legitimate creative derivative works are now smothered by the excessive terms, restrictions and punishments. But it is not just Copyrights that need reform. Patents are suppressing innovation in the digital age by making it possible to monopolize methods and practices. Seemingly obvious methods are being patented making it impossible for people to start up web companies without being sued out of existence. Every single software patent begins "A method in which" because algorithms (which programs all are) cannot be pa- tented. AT&T and other internet service providers wish to double tax the internet, destroying our current setup of Net Neutrality. Not only will you have to pay to get on the internet through them, Google will have to pay AT&T to allow you to see Google's page at the full speed YOU paid for Those of us in the Pirate Party want to change that. We've chosen to adopt the Pirate name so as to pay homage to the creative artists of the past, or as they would now be known, Pirates, thieves, and copyright infringers.

However we do not believe in the unlicensed distribution of copywritten materials. We believe in changing laws, not breaking them

On the official website (www.pirateparty.us/) you can find a list of active state parties. However there are many states still unincorporated that you could be the first to help build up. Social media sites are a great place to begin. Search Facebook for your states Pirate Party and see if there is a group of like-minded people who you can join and work with to build up your state. The Pirate Party is small and we need new members all the time. This flyer can be reproduced and distributed. Spreading information and encouraging people to read about the Pirate Party is a great way to get started. Keeping up to date on the news in areas that relate to the party will also keep you involved. Dont forget to register as a Pirate Party member on your voter registration. There are regular meetings on IRC to dis- cuss the party and ways to improve it, for more information check out the PNC Wiki. (www.pirate-party.us/wiki )

We the people choose and change our government. We vote, elect, promote, and speak out, but currently we are in an era of silence. People sit in their homes with the idea that their voice will make no change, that they are unheard and that there is no option. They are convinced that the most effective route to change is through voting. Other ways of discussion, of change, are being ignored. We have to get involved, the government we have in place now is very concerned with the people in it, not the people of the country. We need new blood, new ideas, a fresh perspective. For lack of a better phrase, we have to rock the boat.

Change is hard and there will be those who op- pose changes, but unless we the people stand up and tell our government that what they are doing is wrong, they will continue to perpetuate a system where they are not concerned, as the people have not spoken. The time for change is now. Welcome to the
Digital Age.

In order to find a pirate party near you check out the official party website at www.pirateparty.us or the wiki at www.pirateparty.us/wiki

Open Culture
We stand for open culture. No one should have the power to prevent free exchange and expression of ideas, tools or works.

Government activities should not be hidden from the public. Transparency and accountability are key to maintaining democracy and freedom. To protecting human rights.

Another great tool to utilize is the forum (at www.pirate.party.us/forum) or drop by the irc in #uspp (more information about connecting at the official website).

The amount of oppression in a society is inversely propotional to its privacy protections. Individuals must be free to make personal decisions that do not harm another person.

No monopoly should be able to limit the production and use of works. Nor should they violate human rights or individual privacy.

Individuals over institutions

Universal human rights apply only to human beings, not corporations or limited liability organizations.

Post-Ideological Meritocracy
Decisions must be made on evidence and scientific reasoning. We avoid making decisions based on tradition or ideologies.

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We accept all people equally and accept information from all sources. We believe in equality and a level playing field.

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