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The Comparison of Fight Club Novel and Film: An Analysis of Leftish Idea Left and Right have been

a usual term we often hear when we are talking about politics and movement. They are the most common dichotomy in political term. The term Left and Right actually emerged during French Revolution. It referred to the seating arrangement of States General. Those who sat on left generally support the radical changes of the revolution, including support to create republic and secularization. In general, left-wing or leftish is known as a notion which support to create more egalitarian society. It usually has a concern for people who are disadvantage in society, those who are marginalized by the economic system. Left-wing conceives that it must be caused by injustice system while Right-wing or rightish conceives that it is something natural. Left-wing has some varieties. They are centre-left or far left (ultra-left). Left-wing then was applied in some revolutionary movements, like anarchism, communism, socialism, social democracy. Fight Club movie and novel, are great novel and film. The novel is created by Chuck Phalahniuk and the movie is directed by David Fincher. Both the novel and movie are admired by many people. Moreover, they are admired by people involved in radical movements, like anarchy. They have been reviewed in some social radical movements magazine in the world. Many anarchy magazines review Fight Club novel and movie. Precisely there is a little distinction between the novel and movie. Actually the movie is an interpretation of the director to the novel although the writer, Chuck Phalahniuk, paid much attention to the creation of the movie plot. Many critics argue that Fight Club is a representation of white masculinity in 90s; some thought that it is about the using Jean Baudrilard Simularca theory. I actually have a different opinion with them. Here I am going to analyze the leftish ideas of Fight Club by comparing between the novel and movie.

First of all, the leftish idea which is depicted in Fight Club novel is anti-capitalism. Leftish idea is to create an egalitarian society. It opposes the rightish idea. Capitalism is one of the rightish ideas. Capitalism is---------------------------------. In Fight Club we can see that the narrator and his alter ego, Tyler Durden, try to oppose the capitalist system. As the narrator met Tyler Durden first time, they talked much about the bad things of capitalist system. Tyler Durden said to the narrator that capitalism makes people tend to be consumptive; capitalism makes people feel incomplete. The narrator is a white-collar employee. He works in a famous car company. He depicts the ideal man figure in 90s. He lives in a condominium, has complete IKEA furniture,and drives an Audy car. From the narrators figure I conclude that he is one of victims of capitalist system. He is so perfect. He owns many branded things, like Johanessov armchair, The Rislampa paper lamps, The Klips Shelving unit. The narrator said, the things you used to own, now they own you (Fight Club, 44). It proves that the stuffs make the narrator alienated from him.