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Week 7 Practice Test

Remember to read all the questions carefully.

A. Read the clues below and then put the correct missing word in the boxes. The first letter of each word is given. 1. Deciding how much time to spend on training is often a . (difficult decision) for many companies. 2. I really enjoy representing my company at .. (respected and admired) business events. 3. Financial markets in Europe are extremely .. (not steady) at the moment. 4. When he told me I was slow and methodical, I think he meant it in a . (negative) way. 5. When managers . (work together) they become much more productive.

B. Complete the following text using a suitable word from the box below. You will not need all of the words.







Body language is culture and context specific, and very few . (6) are universally understood and interpreted. For instance, in most parts of the world, . (7) your head is used to show agreement. However, in Bulgaria this gesture means no. In the West, a high level of eye . (8) is regarded as a sign of sincerity. Yet, in many Eastern cultures, it can be considered rude and aggressive.

Question 6 7 8


C. Fill in the gaps in the table below with the correct verb or noun related to training. Verb (infinitive form) to train to allow 11. 12. 9. 10. employment placement Noun (can be person form)

D. Rewrite the following sentences, putting the parts of the sentence in the correct order and using one of the verbs from the box below to complete each sentence.




13. for signals of boredom and misinterpretation / when speaking / you should 14. distraction to the audience / so that they dont become a / your gestures 15. the whole room / use eye contact to / not just the first row

E. Put the adverb in brackets in the correct place in each of the following sentences. There may be several places that the adverb could go, just mark one of them. (mark the place where the adverb goes with an arrow) 16. Dont rely on Powerpoint. People come to see you, not the slides. (heavily) 17. Its important that your own personality comes across in the presentation. (hugely) 18. Check that all the multimedia equipment is working beforehand. (properly)

F. Read the text below and then decide if the statements that follow are TRUE or FALSE. Among the winners of this years Seedcamp event were Geoff Watts and Julia Fowler, who met racing cars in their native Perth, Australia, before moving to London to set up EDITD, a fashion-industry data provider that describes itself as a Bloomberg for clothing brands. The positive attitude of all involved in Seedcamp provides a wealth of networking opportunities, Watts said, noting that he and Fowler have been invited to Vienna Fashion Week this Wednesday by fellow Seedcamp winner Garmz, another fashion industry start-up, based in the Austrian capital. People are just so willing to introduce you and it often turns out that their friends friends cousin is a potential customer of yours, Watts said.

19. Geoff Watts and Julia Fowlers business idea involved racing cars. 20. They met in Australia. 21. Their start-up is a fashion house. 22. They are going back to Australia in the next few days. 23. They have been invited to Vienna by an investor. 24. Julia said that getting to meet useful people is easy in the world of start-ups. Statement 19 20 21 22 23 24 TRUE or FALSE