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bicol, tHe pHilippines january 1 - 7, 2012 p 5.00

vol. XiX, no. 27

NAgA City -- Serving as the voice of the local entrepreneurs, business units, and various industry sectors, the Metro Naga Chamber of Commerce and industry (MNCCi) under the headship of its president, phillip t. imperial, looks forward for a thriving trade prospect in 2012 - a ourishing

Businessmen see public - private Partnership to ourish in naga

opportunity anchored on the vision of public-private partnership. This was disclosed by Imperial during the chambers general membership meeting held last month here. One of the highlights of the said gathering is the signing of covenant for good governance and memorandum of cooperation, binding various agencies in a commitment of service and cooperation in pursuance of the mutual endeavor for socio-economic

Trade prospect in 2012

development. Imperial said that they are confident that the upcoming year will be another venue of growth and development in as so far as business venture and linkages are concerned. He said that the chamber has forged various agreements with different agencies in

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no fireworks
650 edsa Malibay, Pasay City Tel. Nos. 227-1933; 227-2115 519-6853; 855-8040 Telefax 855-8071 ALL brAND New (Air SuSPeNSioN) AirCoNDiTioNeD buSeS wiTH wi-Fi reADY oN boArD. DAiLY TriPS To/FroM: Legazpi City, Daraga, Camalig, Guinobatan, Ligao City, oas, Polangui, Libon, bato, Nabua, iriga City, buhi, baao, Pili, Naga City. With booking offices at: Araneta Center Terminal, Pasay, Alabang, Turbina and LrT/Taft buendia.

Paje urges parents to support call for

in a move to reduce the volume of air pollution p. paje turns on parents and grandparents to support brought about by massive use of firecrackers and fire- the call for no fireworks, firecrackers in the forth(Turn to page 8) works, environment and Natural Resources Ramon J. coming New years celebration.

bikol reporter

(Atty. APA chairman of Acyatan & Co., CPAs-DFK International - PICPA past president/Hall-of-Famer, and past chair of ASEAN Federation of CPA- writes this syndicated column for selected CALABARZON & for Bikol newsweeklies). BUY-OUTS? The year will start with rumors of impending buy-outs or buyinto of top corporations, among them the GMA-7 Media Group and Philippine Airlines. It was reported that the new Mr. Pacman (Manny Pangilinan) is seriously interested in buying the majority shares in the GMA Network owned by the Duavit and Jimenez families. While the supposed sale is objected to by chairman Felipe Gozon still, anything can happen. The Philippine Airlines which used to be fully owned by the government is now almost fully controlled by Mr. Lucio Tan (also owner of Philippine National Bank) is reportedly the target of food-toinfrastructure conglomerate San Miguel Corporation (SMC). The talks are not about a buy-out, but just a buy-in which is supposedly the content of a memorandum of understanding between the negotiating parties. It will involve a due diligence audit which is usually preliminary to corporate investments. CORPORATE AFS: Accountants and external auditors are now set to finalize and then audit the financial statements of corporations, preparatory to the filing of annual income tax returns (business entities) or tax information (non-stock, non-profit corporations). The audited financial statements are being awaited not only by the owners-stockholders and tax collectors, but also by would-be investors.

january 1 - 7, 2012


Auditing Season
opinions unlimited
Since returns on bank deposits are low moneyed individuals and firms are looking at stock purchases. In the case of banks and quasi-banks, external auditing must start within thirty days from the close of the calendar year (financial institutions are not allowed to adopt any other financial year). Currently, there are two statements of management responsibility required to accompany the audited financial statements duly certified to by accredited external auditors. One is attached to the Income Tax Return (for BIR) and the other accompanies the AFS for submission to SEC. AUDITORS: Under present regulations, only those CPAs who are accredited by regulatory agencies are allowed to express their opinions on the fairness of financial statements. The BOA-PRC is accrediting CPAs based on their track record and proven skills. The Securities and Exchange Commission has more stringent requirements for (Group A to D) accreditation based on SECs review of their submitted audited financial statements. External auditors must be duly accredited by BSP-Monetary Board, depending on what type of banks are being examined (Unibank, Commercial, Thrift, Cooperative, Rural banks). Since our firm audits financial statements of electric cooperatives, we carry the accreditation of the National Electrification Administration. As we audit financial statements of insurance companies, brokers, and mutual benefit associations, we are armed with a license from the Insurance Commission. POLITICS: As early as January 2012, the air will be charged politically, characterized by the impeachment proceeding against no less than the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (and eventually against two other justices). Sitting as judges are our incumbent senators about one-third of them potential re-electionists. They will surely maximize their media exposures to serve as campaign leverage towards the 2013 elections. The president has pre-empted other leaders by announcing his personal choices for senators. It seems clear now that soon there will be a cleavage in the relationship between him and his vice president (who has also mentioned selecting his (PDP-Laban) partys senatoriables. What may be beneficial in this development is the government plan to maximize its budgetary expenditures with commitment to make releases as early as possible in 2012. Sana mapakinabangan natin lahat! WISDOM: Life is what we make it. Starting the year right will lead us to a truly progressive 2012!

Mauswag na Bagong Taon sa Gabos!

The SAJ and Deadly Firecrackers

It was reported that the impeachment trial of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona is scheduled to commence this coming January 2012. Of the eight complaints against him, the following made me curious: Failure and refusal to account for the Judiciary Development Fund (JDF) and Special Allowance for the Judiciary Collections (SAJ). So I researched on what the SAJ is since I already know about the JDF. I recall that former SC Chief Justice Hilario Davide Jr. was also charged in the impeachment complaint against him of the same issue: The Judiciary Development Fund which he refused to account for even if Article XI of the Constitution mandates in Sec. 1 Public Office is a public trust. Public officer and employees must be at all times be accountable to the people, serve them with utmost responsibility, integrity, loyalty and efficiency, act with patriotism, justice and lead modest lives. Now the complaint is not only about the Judiciary Development Fund but also the Special Allowance for the Judiciary

frOm mY wiNdOw
NeNiTA fueNTebellA-PeONes
collections. P.D. 1949 established the JDF to augment the allowance of the members and personnel of the judiciary. At least eighty percent (80%) of the Fund shall be used for cost of living allowance and not more than twenty percent (20%) of the said Fund shall be used for office equipment and facilities of the court where legal fees are collected. It does not mention any Special Allowance for the Judiciary which is taken from the sources

of the Judiciary Development Fund. Because of the Administrative Circular No. 35-2004 dated August 20, 2004 made by the Supreme Court, Special Fund for the Judiciary was established and gives All Justices, Judges, and all other positions in the Judiciary with the equivalent Rank of Justices of the Court of Appeals and Judges of the Regional Trial Courts as authorized under existing laws shall be granted Special Allowances equivalent to one hundred percent (100%) of the basic monthly salary Specified for their respective salary grades under Republic Act No. 6758 as amended. Otherwise, known as the Salary Standard Law, to be implemented for a period of four years. I am not a lawyer but I wonder if an administrative circular of the Supreme Court can amend a law which is PD 1949. I am also wondering if the rank and file in the courts receive their JDF in accordance with PD 1949?
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face of typhoons is familiar to me

I am not a stranger to killer typhoons. Many times in the past I stared into the face of the monsters. In northern Catanduanes where I spent 10 years of my married life, typhoons with over 150 kph center winds were too ordinary. Once, while a typhoon raged outside, the menfolk enjoyed their favorite ginyebra, undisturbed by tree branches flying like missiles and galvanized iron roofs ripped off from nearby houses. Absent, however, were deadly floods. The northern Catanduanes town of Caramoran which lured typhoons about 20 times a year did not experience floods. The eastern part of the town proper is hilly. Water easily escapes to the sea. There is a river, the Hilacan River, but is two kilometers to the north, too far to ravage the poblacion. Typhoons that whip Catanduanes also whip Caramoan Peninsula in Camarines Sur. My old barrio in the peninsula went through supertyphoons in my early years there. I particularly remember Trix which

A Question of privilege

sAlvAdOr d. flOr

battered Bicol in l952, killed 995 people and destroyed crops valued at hundreds of millions. It was about l0 am. The rain came in torrents. I was in sitio Omang in the house of Uncle Generoso when Trix showed up, its fury increasing by the minute. Suddenly a coconut tree fell on the main house destroying the room where minutes earlier I was napping. Terrified, Uncle Generoso and his

family rushed out of the house, leaving the food on the table. In 30 minutes, we were out of sitio Omang. It was my first taste of the terror of a typhoon, nightmarish. That experience was repeated many years later in Legazpi City. You know I almost lost my wife to Sisang which hit Bicol in November, 1987. She and about 30 elementary school teachers, attending a live-in seminar, were caught by the typhoon at a seaside resort in Tabaco, Albay. The night was approaching .The winds were howling. As the daylight faded, and the waves started to pound the building, the water began to rise inside. In minutes, it was waist deep. The terrified teachers, all of them calling their saints, climbed into the ceiling, the only place to escape from the rising water. There, they stayed the whole evening, huddled together, listening to the unearthly sounds outside.

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AUGUST 71- -13, 2012 january 7, 2011

BIKOL REPORTER bikol reporter

bought for kids. Toys are for The University of and professors from prestig- the well-being of children LegAzpi CityPhilip- ious schools in the Philip- so these must be safe and A Northeastern day (UNEP), in its Day pinesafter Christmasinces- pines. Selected media practi- according to the age and caand seven provide its to sant desire todays priorstu- tioners from different media pability of the child. Parents New with opportunities for dents years Day, the De- institutions will also partake must check toys before letpartment of provide them ting children play with them. growth and Health Center of the lectures. for alternative methods of Health Development We have invited distin- The toy must not have sharp with (DOH-CHD) Bicol is up for guished lecturers from ABS- edges, must not contain obreiterlearning, has signed ating its worthy endeavor. another advice for healthy CBN News and Current Af- jects that can pierce eyes, Jose Collera holiday the participation fairs, GMA News and Public nose, or ears; must not have This is celebration. small parts that can choke; of TheCommunication Stu- Affairs, Philippine Daily FREE HEALTH CARD its local regional health government to impoverished constituents. The distribution department office, through its Inquirer and DZMM-ABS- Nagamost Mayor poison-free shakes hand with one of the of PhilHealth cards was held on Aug. 8 in the new covered and City of all John Bongat dents to the 6th ICCS ConHealth on Media Commuespecially from of ventionEducation Promotion CBN to discuss the ethical lucky recipientslead.free PhilHealth card given by the city court at the Naga City Hall Compound. officer (HEPO) Noemi by no standards they follow in their Bron, Walk, run, dance, do regunication spearheaded enumerated 12 International respective news organiza- lar exercises to fight lethargy. pointers for a less than the GiL NArTeA happy for healthful Christ- tions. This Centerand Communication to obesity. will give the par- Physical activity is beneficial MALigAyAng PAsko President benigno S. C. Aquino iii, together with sisters Kris Aquino, Pinky Aquino-Cruz, balsy mas season. Refrain opportunity to Studies (ICCS) Manila on ticipants thefrom preparing to the heart, bone, and brain. Aquino-Abelleda (right) and Viel Aquino-Dee, lead the gift giving activity to 150 street children On top of the list is a cau- and eating fatty and salty An active and healthy life August 13 at the Henry Lee ask the resource speakers beneficiaries of Don Bosco, Saturday, (Dec. 24) at the Joy Center of Don Bosco Technical Institute tion to avoid stress in De about perceived ethical and Irwin Theater, Ateneofood foods for a healthy heart vio- adds to a persons self-esteem in Makati. preparation as this may affect over-all in different areas of and good outlook in life. lations good health. These Manila University. ones heart if not an increase foods have an unhealthy inDespite the hectic holiMr. Alexander M. Balta- journalism, Baltazar added. in blood pressure. Cook food fluence of this heart and other day schedule, a person is on the years convenPart zar, ICCS-Manila Managing for media noche earlier to tion organs. The Philippines during Director has personally ex- bodyis the 2nd Annual ICCS expected to rest well largest service from Manila to Naga ies operates a thrice daily and 15 for the IronMan event, avoid the rush. A hassle-free Award for a happy and en- national ag carrier, Cebu and vice versa. The addition- Airbus service from Ma- and on Nov. 16 and 20 for the Having Best Documenta- the season for a productive, tended his invitation to the shopping being for gro- ry. Participants will produce mentally sharp, emotionally university, whetherone of its joyable Christmas does not Pacic (CEB) is set to in- al daily ATR 72-500 ight nila to Legazpi, and a thrice Advertising Congress. We Malacanang reiterated sa ating mga kababayan ay the legislatures to decide. At cery purchases regular part- a comprehensive documen- balanced life. Healthy Naga long-time and or gift-buying mean overindulging in alco- crease its ights to adults is set to depart Manila at weekly ATR 72-500 service remain supportive of Camasana is also recommended.the said holic Their entry must show- City four times daily start- its appeal to the inpublic from pagpasok po ng 2012 ay the same time, she said there drinks. Too much alco- need at least eight hours of 06:40am and arrive Cebu to Legazpi. It also rines Surs efforts in stimuNaga tary. ners when it comes to Plan and prepare food hol complicates the heart and ing Oct. 14,night in response against the use of firecrack- ies four times ng atingfrom are existing local tourism to sleep each 2011 to function at 07:35am. Meanwhile, the kumpleto lahat weekly paa lating trade and ordinances case the students writing academic undertaking. the New year at kamay. Huwag meals which are healthy maycomprehensive skills and to their best. demand for ers during departs Naga at Manila to Virac. po nating thatprovince, Iyog added.the the completely prohibit return ight UNEP Management has and cause a stroke. When at additional of the of give more such as in foods so supportive of our drunk, his ability to develop ights. to welcome the new celebration because in Ma- salubungin nang merong da- useTo firecrackers opportuniespecially vegetables show refrain from driving as And CEB hopes to serve more 07.55am and arrives been lamhati o hindi magandang Davao City. and fruits as these are low in it may beanalysis of accidents year, families must operates risks the commodity poses. a cause on his choremem- nila at 08.50am. CEB currently passengers going to Cama- ties for passengers to avail of every activity which they credible Again to reiterate our pangyayari ang pagpasok ng The Palace would study calories with enhance their sen topic. Jurors ber Aksyon: Paputok Injury Aside from Naga, CEB rines Sur (Naga) with our CEBs trademark low fares, believe would no cholesterol and even death. will take a a thrice daily ATR 72-500 bagong taon, Deputy Presi- CEB holds a calling for a and packed with vitamins look at the toys given or Check embedded social (Turn to page 9) appeal: ang wish ko lang po additional ights. This is a any proposal 50 percent off students skills and broaden dential Spokesperson Abigail total ban for the use of fireand prociency provide retheirminerals that in their re- values and the writers adher- lot of experiences which will tine. We are just so privilege popular destination in the seat sale on all its internaValte said in sistance to illness and years ence to the International Prin- be benecial in the pursuit of that the UNEP management country, and a media briefing crackers, Valte said. Titinginfecwe hope to give tional and domestic destinaspective craft. This in Malacanang on Thursday. nan po muna natin kung ano tions. will focus on docu- ciple of journalism ethics. is so supportive of endeavors more opportunities for guests tions. The seat sale is from their future careers. seminar Early this week, Presi- yung 5-7, 2011 or until seats mga parameters, she See to makingfood is preit that which will to experience its world-class Aug. Going out of the conven- like this, Ordoez said. Ms. Melody Ordoez, mentarydent Benigno III last, pared in a clean talent, intel- UNEPthe guiseRelations Di- tional classroom typethe uni- Romars the formal lectures, events, said S. Aquino for said. for travel from Sept. 1 to and hygienic in Media of goodwill, realized the vision of lecture CEB VP After International Gases showcase the In anticipation for the posway to and resourcefulness rector said that this will be versity and came back to tell Corporation and this years appealed to the public to religence avoid food poisoning. engineer Marino Sapugay not only exposes the students the students will tour select- Marketing and Distribution Dec. 14, 2011. frain from using Buy fresh ingredients from Sr. big opportunity for the to a respective tales of suc- ed media networks welcome Candice Iyog. firecrackers sible emergencies50 percent CEB slashes during the of the participants in produc- a and his family spear- their new environment but host delivered his and will prevent injuries and loss off Year celebration, the reliable stores. Always cover headed this communication also shows them variety of have a chance to watch live to She cited IronMan 70.3 New its lowest year-round ing a documentary material, universitys years gath- cess. UNEP President Atty. address in front of the atof lives during the New Year Department of Health (DOH) food, heat food, interview. students the University of Remelisa Alfelor-Moraleda tendees. Baltazar said in anput in ice- ering ofsince it will not only methods where they can pick programs being aired by gi- Philippines this coming Aug. fares to 16 international descelebration as assessment for its box, or fridge to avoid spoil- Northeasternknowledge but unique learningto listen to the antAdding colornetworkscel- 14, 2011, and he cited a large is doing anBangkok, Beijing, philippines was also there and eventually the 22nd Phil- tinations: television to the in The conference will be widen their number of victims injured by response Busan, Guangzhou, to emergency situaage and contamination. will also expose known a inspiring thoughts daily rou- ebration was participated in by students (UNep), formerlythem to as apply them in theirand have a Metro Manila. the Awarding ippine Advertising Congress Brunei, using firecrackers during the Ho Chi Minh, The Kong, As the holiday season is Mabini Memorial Colleges glimpse of the university life of Outstanding 1959 UNEP on Nov. 16-19, 2011, as some tions, Valte said.HongDepartpast years. time for parties, weddings, (MMC) alumni , in a simple way back the1950s. Incheon, Interior and Local High School Alumni pre- of the big events in Cama- ment of Jakarta, Kota KinaAsked by reporters if the Government Lumpur, has also baptisms, and reunions, one yet significant occasion held Pastor/ Dr. Norma A. Ba- sented by no less than 1959 rines Sur. balu, Kuala (DILG) Macau, must always remember to December 27 at the Crown gasmasbad, Pastor of Jesus Senior Class President, Dr. Palace would support a total started taping the guns of poCEB added Manila-Na- Osaka, Singapore, Shanghai ban on the use of firecrack- lice personnel to prevent them only put on ones plate what park, iriga City. for the World Church was Filipinas R. Alfelor. ga-Manila ights on Aug. 12 and Taipei. (Turn to page 8) can be consumed. Avoid secThe yuletide gathering of tasked to give the invocation Cited as recipients were ers, Valte said it depends on ond servings as this will in- the 59ers was attended by while Sapugay, Founder and Engr. Sapugay and Bagcrease ones weight that leads various individuals who have Chief Executive Officer of amasbad for the business and the Religious sector reLEGAZPI CITY The Schools for elementary and (DepEd) Division Ofces to ronmental concerns among spectively. Other awardees Environmental Manage- high school categories. the EMB V ofce on or be- students, faculty and school include Ester Meceda-Yater ment Bureau (EMB) of Interested schools must fore Aug. 12, 2011. administrators. Furthermore, for the Public-Education Secthe Department of Envi- send in ofcial contest entry The contest primarily the search would recognize tor, Medardo Manrique Sr for ronment and Natural Re- forms, supporting documents aims to develop skills and environmental programs and the Private Education Secsources (DENR) regional in both printed and digital understanding in initiating initiatives of the schools. tor, Atty. Maximino Badilla The participating schools ofce here has reopened copies, as well as ofcial en- active responses and increasfor the Judiciary and Nelson the regional Search for Sus- dorsements from their respec- ing community awareness will be rated based on the folF. Serrano who received the tainable and Eco-friendly tive Department of Education and participation on envi- lowing criteria: environmentLoyalty Awards. related aspects of the schools The ever dynamic UNEP policy (20 points); environExecutive Vice of school mental dimensions President and currently the universitys operations (30 points); enVP for Finance, features vironmental-relatedMs. Deli Alfelor-Tibi also attended the of the school curriculum (30 event and personally ascerpoints); presence of vibrant tained that the occasion will eco-organizations in campus be great success. (10a points), and; linkages in foRuM on enViRonMentAL LAWs AnD PoLiCies Starting programs/projects off with a movarious The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) Regional Office No. 5 in partnership with torcade, other alumni also (10 points). the Office of the Regional Prosecutor and the allied agencies of the Sub-committee on Fishing and attendedregional nalist will Marine environment Protection of the regional Law enforcement Coordinating Committee (rLeCC) One the Grand Alumni conducted a 2-day forum with government prosecutors from the six provinces of bicol region last Homecoming each category be selected foron Decemeber December 19-20, 2011 at Venezia Hotel in Legazpi City. The resource speakers (bottom photos) 28, will Iriga Mayor Cerand with be awarded a Madinclude bFAr National Director, Atty. Asis Perez who discussed the Challenges in environmental elaine of Recognition and ticateAlfelor-Gazmens turn enforcement, Justice oswaldo Agcaoili, regular Professor of the Philippine Judicial Academy who P10,000the said occasion. reto head in cheque. The tackled the Violation of environmental Laws, writ of Kalikasan and evidence; and Atty. ronaldo Gutierrez, faculty member of the Ateneo de Manila Law School who discussed the New rules of gional nalists shall compete The attendees made the Procedure on environmental Cases (1st, 2nd and 3rd from left respectively). in full support to the at theeven more search that event national memorable activity are bFAr-5 regional Director Dennis del Socorro, regional Prosecutor Mary May De Leoz will be heldactive participawith their in EMB Central and DeNr regional executive Director Joselin Marcus Fragada. This pioneering forum by bFAr-5 Ofce, Metro Manila. that tion in various activities aims to provide updates and support to government prosecutors in handling environment cases particularly against illegal fishing in Bicol region. -JBarrameda/RCanabe This search (Turn to page 8) is a partnership program of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), JESSEL S. BASANTA EARTH SAVERS DENR Bicol Regional Executive Director Joselin Marcus Fragada calls on students and EMB, DepEd, Commisteachers to spearhead a proactive advocacy on eco-waste management. The Legazpi City sion on Higher Education government launched Earth Savers Program, a scheme that will enable students to turn (CHED), and Smart Commutheir recyclable materials into groceries and educational supplies after each semester. nications, Inc.

DoH bicol studes advisory UNEP comm gives for healthful holidays attend media confab
By Aida Alcazar-Naz

Cebu Pacic Air to y Naga palace reiterates call Manila 4x daily

against use of firecrackers

uNeP reunites graduates, alumni

Search for eco-friendly schools still ongoing


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bikol reporter

Message for Christmas 2011 and New Year 2012
The Word of God became man; we have seen his glory. (Jn. 1:14) (Roman Missal, Christmas, Communion Antiphon for the Midnight Mass) Dear brothers and sisters! It is Christmas once again! I know you have prepared your belen; you have hanged your parol. But, have you sincerely emptied yourselves, ready for Jesus to be born in your hearts? Have you truly proclaimed Jesus really present in your own personal lives, in your homes, institutions, and communities? The heart of Christmas is that gOD, in his immense love for us, became man; He came to dwell among us. GOD is not distant; GOD is with us, Emmanuel. And we encounter Him in the person of Jesus, the love personified. Jesus, then, is the reason of Christmas, not just the feeling of joy because of gifts, of parties, of reunions. It is Jesus. He is the Word who became flesh, the Word of hope in a world who continues to sin and suffer. How can we truly live this spirit of Christmas? One, prepare your belen with sincere repentance! Meaning, emptying our hearts by conversion; we can openly accept Jesus. And second, hang your parol through witnessing! With Jesus born in our hearts, we can faithfully be concerned with our family and friends; we can hold on with our commitments to our spouses and persevere in our religious vows. With Jesus burning in our hearts, we can honestly sacrifice for the common good in our government and community services, we can even reconcile with our enemies. So, dear brothers and sisters, accept the child Jesus by CONVeRSiON, proclaim the child Jesus by WitNeSSiNg. With these, we can joyfully sing: The Word of God became man; we have seen his glory (Jn. 1:14). With Ina, Our Lady of Peafrancia, I pray, may you have a Jesus-filled Christmasto joyfully tread the New Year ahead. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! + LeONARDO z. LegASpi, O.p., D.D. Archbishop of Caceres

january 1 - 7, 2012

jokee boTor-reYeS

Weekly reflection

fr. AllAN s. feNiX

12 Stars
Many of us are not good in mathematics. However, we love to count. In our country, we have this habit whereby as soon as the month of September arrives, we start to make a countdown of the days running up to December 25, Christmas, a holiday and holy day, the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ, the happiest day of the year. And soon, after that, we again go on counting down the hours and the seconds up until the clock struck at exactly twelve oclock midnight of December 31 to welcome another new year into our lives. Now that we are on the, ever virgin, first day of the year 2012, let us start counting down again. The year 2012, whether knowingly or unknowingly, is a very auspicious time for all Catholics who believe in the Blessed Virgin Mary. For she, herself, on her crown is surrounded by 12 stars. No one has 12 stars but her. Even in the military, the highest ranking general has only 5 stars, who is already the president of the country. 2012? 12 stars? For many, who dont profess a belief in her, this might just be a wild consequence or a number. However, with our faith in her Son, Jesus Christ, let us see what golden gifts she has in store for us, her most beloved children, in the next coming 12 months in our lives, as a church. While waiting, let us make it more very exciting and colorful by assigning one decade of her rosary for each three weeks, representing the Blessed Trinity- the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit- of the year. There are 20 decades from the Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and the Light mysteries. So, let us not think twice and delay it more. If we start now meditating on the Annunciation mystery and so on for the next three weeks..., by the time we reach the last decade of the Light mystery, which is His institution of the Eucharist, as the sacramental expression of the Paschal mystery , it will already be December 2, the first Sunday of Advent. We, then, again wait with much expectation for the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ. What a very terrific Catholic annual plan we have right before us. Believe and pray to the Blessed Trinity. And, at the same time, have a devotion to the Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary by praying and meditating on her rosary. BRAVO !!! Have a fantastic 2012 !

The Year that was

At the end of every year, we always look back and also look forward. How was year 2011 and how it will be this 2012. 2011 might not have been very fruitful and always we say well make 2012 brighter, meaningful and fruitful. That is a very normal statement. In our younger days, in high school, we never miss writing a theme entitled My New Years Resolutions. It was an annual event. and at the end of the year, we realized our new years resolutions were never carried out. Human frailty. 2011 was not exactly were fruitful. Most of us have had our shares of good fortunes. Maybe a raise in pay, a promotion, an additional child in the family, new relations like in-laws, wonderful acquaintances, etc. Personally, my family was blessed with good health and just the right amount of resources to make us live reasonably comfortable, with some IOUs and still left unsettled even up to this time, at least 2011 spared us from serious illnesses and therefore medical burdens. I, however, underwent eye operation and a few months ago, had six stitches on my forehead when I slipped face down the ground while cleaning the yard. My grandchildren have had their share of light illness like common coughs and colds, headaches, etc. Life in the province has made my grandchildren healthier and it becomes very obvious now. They had spent their early years in the city and now living in the province made them realize it is healthful to eat green leafy vegetables, wait their way to school in the morning (but must take a ride in going home after a hectic school life; that is a must). This is something wonderful. Of course, they had experienced a typhoon or two. We are very grateful because Iriga City is not much prone to floods, My son-in-law rock star Dong Abay of now defunct Yano and his wife and only son spent the christmas holidays with us and Dong spent his vacation doing our garden with me doing weedings and planting ornamental plants. He is such a wonderful gardenerand is gifted with a green thumb. All the ornamental plants he planted promise good. The former Yano soloist is leaving for New Zealand mid January for a concert in Auckland, and later will move to Australia for a concert tour. Incidentally, my daughter, Ninj was a national winner in the 2011 Doreen Gamboa Fernandez Food Writing Award sponsored by the International Wine and Food Association. Her winning article was about Pansit Bato. For these wonderful happenings, needless to say, I am very grateful. Iriga is looking forward to February when the local government unit through the effort of the indefatigable Mayor Madelaine Alfelor-Gazmen hosts the DOT Gayon Bicol Festival of Festivals, a regional cultural event that gathers the best festivals in one setting and the International Davis Cup Tennis Tournament that will feature the best international tennis players who will be in town already very soon. The University of Saint Anthony is also celebrating its 65th foundation anniversary in February and a long line of events have been lined up. Expect Anthonians from all over to come and join the grand celebration. For now, Happy New Year and look forward to a peaceful year. Email jokeebotor-reyes@yahoo.com

inner cHess

Teachers are soldiers too

by eFreN M. SALVADorA Master Teacher i, ZAHS

Soldiers protect the state against foreign and internal aggressions. They protect the people and preserve peace and progress of the country. They promote growth and national development through active participation and interaction to community programs and projects. They secure the community against lawless elements of society such as bandits, criminals, insurgents and rebels. Thats why the Legislative Department and the Chief Executive himself gives full attention to their welfare. While soldiers carry guns and ammunitions to fight enemies of the state, teachers carry pens and papers to fight the worst enemies of the Department of Education which are ignorance, illiteracy and poverty. If soldiers molds a man among men, teaching molds a mean among men. However, both have one thing in common, the training of character and values and the preservation of national culture and pride. If determining force of the soldiers are quantifiable arms, teachers force are qualifiable brains. Ergo, teachers are soldiers too in their own right.

january 1 - 7, 2012

bikol reporter

bikol reporter
The Status of the CY 2011 basic education Facilities Funds (beFF) School building Program in region V
by eNGr. roNALD C. ASiS EPS I -RPFU DepED ROV, Rawis, Legazpi City

january 1 - 7, 2012

New Years resolutions: A Commitment

by DANNY FLoreCe Guibahoy elementary School Lagonoy District
A lot of people talk of the New Year as a new life, a new hope, something good and wonderful to look forward to. That is why even children in school are asked to write about their new years resolutions. It is some kind of a promise to change for the better, a commitment to change. Year in and year out, they do it. Always, the tone is towards improvement... better grades, better habits and better relations. And at the end of the year, the question crops up. Did I stand committed to my new years resolutions. Unfortunately, the answer is negative. Resolutions forgotten, never done. And one comes out with another set of resolutions as another new year comes and promises to fulfill them. New years resolutions should not just be written and talked about. They should be done and fulfilled. They should be promises to keep. They should be a commitment. Unless one gets committed to do the resolutions, there is no promise of a better life, a better tomorrow. And new years resolutions become one futile exercise. They mean nothing and because they are, there is no hope for change and daily routines become one meaningless activities. Children should be taught at an early age to understand the meaning of commitment, to make promises that they know how to keep. In short, to write new years resolutions that they have to keep to their mind as much as they have to keep to their hearts. It is teaching them to become better adults. There is a common adage which runs...the Child is the father of the Man. Children in their early age must realize that what they are now as children will be who they are when they grow up. That is why, they should learn to know and understand the meaning of commitment. And what simpler and easier way but to begin another year in their young lives with the old acceped act of keeping new years resolutions. That way, they begin the year with something to start building a good future. To study more and get better grades, to become respectful and God fearing, to relate better with classmates, not to be pains on the neck to teachers, to go straight home and help their parents, not to spend needlessly, not to ask for things their parents could not afford to give, to live frugally . . . these are resolutions that are easy to commit and therefore serve their purpose. I am personally amused at a television commercials featuring kids expressing what they would do if only to merit a brand of noodles... sabihin ko sa mommy ko, you are number one, hindi na ko makulit, matutulog na ko pag tanghali, mag-aaral ako, wala munang tv...fresh from the mouths of kids....amusing but think what they would do and get themselves rewarded. All of us, children and adults must formulate things we would want to do this coming new year and keep them to heart and mind, and get the assurance that the new year promises a better life, a brighter light, a better country. Happy new year everyone! May new years resolutions ka na ba?

Pursuant to DepEd Order No. 1, s. 2011 re: Guidelines for the Implementation of the 2011 Basic Education Facilities Funds, Bicol Region strictly follows the guidelines in its implementation. The Basic Education Facilities Funds (BEFF) is categorized into the following to wit ... 1. School Building Program for Areas Experiencing Acute Classroom Shortage (Red and Black Schools) 2. Repair/Rehabilitation of Classroom Including Water and Sanitation Facilities 3. CY 2011 School Furniture Program For the School Building Program, priorities were given to the areas experiencing acute classroom shortage. The lists of the Red and Black Schools were drawn from the updated Instructional Room Analysis of the BEIS. The allocation list per legislative district/school division is tabulated below ...

The least appropriation was given to Naga City with 4 physical targets amounting to P3,362,000.00 and the greatest were appropriated to Camarines Sur having five congressional districts with a total of 207 physical targets amounting to a total of P138,976,287.00. The whole Bicol Region have physical targets of 643 amounting to P450,716,787.00. The accomplishments of the BEFF as of November 4, 2011 in the different divisions can be gleaned in the table:

Consul general Pedro o. Chan led wreath laying in toronto

Canada Region, Central Area celebrated the 115th Rizal Martyrdom. Sir Con Gen Pedro. O Chan, KCR, led the wreath laying on the Rizal Monument at Earl Bales Park, Toronto, Canada, with Region Commander Sir George R. Poblete, KGOR, Sir Lapulapu Cana, KGCR and Host Commander repr. Sir Dong Mineque, KCR. They were followed by the Region Council, Area and Chapter Commanders and the Knights and Ladies. It was a bitter cold day. Sir Con Gen and wife braved the cold weather, to pay respect to our National Hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal, on the sesquicentennial of his birthday and 100 year of the founding of the Knights of Rizal. Scarborough Chapter continued the Martyrdom celebration in Carnegie Hall, where they had a short Program. Sir Jose Luzadas, KGOR welcomed the Knights and Ladies. Sir George gave the opening remarks. Sir Dong Mineque, KCR , introduced the Commanders and Knights present. Rev. Deacon Bob Rosales, recited the Invocation. Sir George expressed appreciation to the Life Members present. Sir George also presented an award to Lady Mila Lupango and KR Certificates to the new Knights Sir Glen Guida, Sir Isagani Castillo and Sir Ildefonso Javelosa. Sir Bert Mondragon, KCR, made sure that the guests had a delicious warm dinner. Consul General Sir Pedro O. Chan delivered his commemorative address. Sir Manny

115th rizal Martyrdom

Shown in photo (left to right) Sir Jun enverga, KCR, Lady Bing Marasigan, Lady Dolly poblete, Sir Nick Alo, KCR, Host Sir Dong Mineque, KCR, Region Adviser Sir popoy Cana, KgCR, Lady Asun Ramos, president of Aspirations of Rizal, Consul general Sir pedro O. Chan, KCR, Region Commander Sir george R. poblete, KgOR, Lady Odette Virey, Central Area Commander Sir ed prillo, KgOR, Sir Joe Damasco, KgOR, Region Chancellor Sir Jaime Marasigan, KgOR and Region Archivist Sir tom Ng, KCR..

Counterparting is a scheme where the interested Local Government Unit (LGU) can have a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) where they will also appropriate equal or greater appropriations appropriated by the Department of Education, however, they will be the implementing agency of the project. The table shows that some divisions have no counterparting scheme while others adopted the said scheme. As of October 2011, for the divisions which are not counterparted by their respective LGUs, most of them have already 100% accomplishments. Almost all the one-storey school buildings are already 100% completed while the two-storey school buildings are approximately on the 70% and above work accomplishments. Expectedly, at the end of December, all the divisions without counterparting will have the 100% completion of all their constructed school buildings. For the divisions with counterparting scheme, only the divisions of Ligao City and Albay were able to implement on time. Ligao City Division had 100% accomplishments while Albay Division had approximately 37% accomplishments. The rest of the divisions have yet to show remarkable accomplishments but negotiations with the respective LGUs is being facilitated to push through with counterparting scheme of CY 2011 BEFF school building program.Division of Tabaco City have started already, Legazpi City and Naga City will soon start while Camarines Sur Division conducted a final negotiation with the Provincial Government in the Regional Office to commence the procurement activities the soonest time possible to finish at least the one-storey school buildings up to December of this year. To ensure the quality of constructed school buildings, the regional office issued a memorandum on the supervision, monitoring, inspection and validation of CY 2011 BEFF school building program. For divisions without counterparting, DPEs shall supervise the construction while the DPFCs shall regularly monitor and inspect the projects. For divisions with counterparting scheme, the DPFCs and DPEs shall coordinate with their counterparts in the LGU implementing the project and shall have a once a week inspection and monitoring of the school buildings being constructed. The RPFU and the RLE shall monitor, inspect and validate the school buildings constructed under CY 2011 BEFF in all the divisions in the region. After the completion of the school building projects, the DPFCs shall submit the final report to the respective Schools Division Superintendents copy furnished to the Regional Physical Facilities Unit following the format given by the RPFU Team Leader. Through all these efforts plus the advocacy of the Bayanihang Eskwela where the main interest is to properly monitor the status of implementation of the school building program, the outputs of this project is highly expected to be of good quality.

Bade, KCR, delivered the Ultimo Adios in Spanish. Further to the concern expressed by our Consul General regarding the flooding victims in Cagayan de Oro and Northern Mindanao, Sir George mentioned that Rizal Canada has launched a fund raising for the victims and survivors in the stricken areas in Mindanao. The Knights in Canada is raising funds to express their financially and morally support to the affected people in the area. With the immediate response of the Knights, Canada Region was able to raise $970.00 to this date. Among those who donated are Markham Deputy Mayor Sir Jack Heath, Sir George & Lady Dolly Poblete, Sir Popoy & Ligaya Cana, Bro. Renato & Tessie Guerrero, Canada Region Council, Sir Dr. Tom & Lady Odette Virey, Sir Tom and

Lady Tina Ng, Sir Bert & Nellie Mondragon, Sir Dr. Romy & Grace Sinajon, and Mr. Jun Palcuesa. More donations are expected from the Chapters, once they obtained their Chapters approval. Collection shall continue to January 06, 2012. We will bring our collection to Rizal Headquarters by MidJanuary, so as to reach the people of Mindanao early enough to meet their needs. The success of this Martyrdom celebration at Earl Bales Park and in Carnegie Hall was made possible by the efforts of Host Commander Sir Manny Yanga, KCR and his Scarborough Chapter. His committee includes Sir Bert Mondragon, Deacon Bob Rosales, Sir Dong Mineque, Sir Jose Luzadas, Sir Alexcs Trinidad not in photo is Sir Willie Paragas and Sir John de los Santos, of Toronto Chapter who handled the presentations.

january 1 - 7, 2012

euclidian Circle: An Avenue of Learning

by eFreN M. SALVADorA Master Teacher i, ZAHS

LRay to upgrade rural health units

pili, CamSur - in yet another novel and innovative initiative to enhance delivery of social services to CamSur constituents, governor LRay Villafuerte directed the prioritization of the renovation and upgrading of rural health units (RHUs) in the province. This local initiative will ideally complement a national program dubbed by the Department of Health (DOH) as Basic Emergency Maternal Obstetrics and Newborn Care BEMONC. Thus, a major feature of the renovation drive will be the provision of modern and hygenic birthing facility in every unit, an essential health service that has been discovered deficient in many localities particularly those with no hospital facilities. Once the project is institutionalized in CamSur RHUs, the health facility-based deliveries will increase and maternal morbidity and mortality will be reduced. Since assuming the stewardship of CamSur, Governor Villafuerte has always firmly believed that human resource development, particularly the promotion of health and wellbeing of the constituents, as indispensable in the overall thrust to bring about development and positive change. BEMONC will thus also be integrated as a component of Governor Villafuertes ongoing Provincewide Investment Plan for Health (PIPH), in partnership with the DOH/ Health Facility Enhancement Program and other agencies, among them Agencia Espaola Cooperacion Internacional para el Desarrollo (AECID) whose advocacies include the promotion of health services at the countryside. Leading the list of facilities slated for renovation are the RHUs in the towns of Ragay, Lupi, Libmanan, Pili, Canaman, Camaligan, Bula, Buhi, Balatan, Baao, San Jose and San Fernando. Prior to Governor Villafuertes directive to renovate RHUs, upgrading of three provincially-administered hospitals in the towns of Ocampo, Caramoan and Tinambac have been completed. Upgrading of eight other provincially-run hospital facilities - Libmanan District Hospital, Sipocot District Hospital, Ragay District Hospital, Garchitorena Medicare Hospital, Siruma Municipal Hospital, San Ramon Municipal Hospital, Partido District Hospital and Buhi Community Hospital are slated to follow.

bikol reporter

The 1987 Constitution mandates that the state shall give priority to education, science and technology, arts, culture, and sports, to foster patriotism and nationalism, accelerate social progress, and promote total human liberation and development. The right of the people, including those employed in the public and private sectors to form unions, association, or societies for purpose not contrary to law shall not be abridged, is also guaranteed by the fundamental law of the land. In congruence to the policies and bill of rights of the state, the University has laid down its goals and objectives, one of which is to develop its students into well-balanced person of high physical, mental, spiritual and moral qualities; able, willing and ready to overcome the vicissitudes of life and to face the exacting problem of modern living with intellectual, spiritual and moral courage. It further envisions that students enjoy the maximum freedom in the search for knowledge in the discovery of new learning, in the exploration of higher and finer sphere of thought to improve or revise ideas, and thought; and above all in the creation and cultivation of the spirit of discovery and service to the community, to the nation, and to the people. In line with these legal bases and policies, the organization of Euclidian Circle came into being. Euclidian Circle originated from the name of the Father of Geometry, EUCLID - this is supposed to be the name that I should have proposed to my son but my wife instead named him John and before my name. It has been formed and organized in summer of 2006 and accredited in July of the same year that was a year before I planned to organize the same. The proliferation of Mathematics education has prompted me to draft this Constitution and By-Laws aside from my basic principle of bringing students in the limelight of challenges of this ever changing world. It is my fervent hope to bring them into the complexities of life brought up by growth and development through the acquisition of knowledge and the application of the concept they have learned. This will serve as the students avenue of learning in the field of mathematics.

ViLLAFuerTe Last year, new doctors were hired as well as nurses, medical technicians, pharmacists, midwives and social workers to complement the manpower requirement in these hospitals, thus provide the much needed medical services. Governor Villafuerte disclosed that there will be additional hiring of medical specialists to further upgrade hospital capabilities. -gbclaveria

DPwH bicol saves P130M in infrastructure projects

LegAzpi City -- the Department of public Works and Highways (DpWH) regional office here reported that the agency was able to generate a savings of more than p130 million in the implementation of its 2011 infrastructure projects in Bicol. DPWH regional director Danilo E. Dequito said the savings were generated from the more than P4.044 billion released to the region as of the end of September for this years regular infrastructure program. He said that the savings was generated as a result of competitive and transparent bidding of all the 160 projects for implementation

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january 1 - 7, 2012
paje urges parents . . .
Air pollution is a health hazard. Our health department has been very vocal about it that it particularly impact on our children and senior citizens because of their fragile health condition. This is the reason why I am calling on parents and grandparents for their support because in our culture, we always accede to the wisdom and pakiusap of our parents and grandparents, Paje said. At the same time, he also called on vehicle owners to take advantage of the holidays to have their engines tuned up not only in preparation for next years vehicle registration but also to bring down the contribution of vehicles to air pollution. Paje made the call as he announced the operationalization of an automatic air quality monitoring station in Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City, the third to be established this year which is capable of monitoring in real time pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, carbon monoxide, benzene, toluene and xylene. The first two were installed near the De La Salle University in Taft, Manila and at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Valenzuela in Valenzuela City. Another one will be set up early next year along EDSA near the office of the Department of Public Works and Highways, also in Quezon City. Leading the launching of the air monitoring station in Commonwealth, Quezon City last week were Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chairman Francis Tolentino, Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista, and Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) Director Juan Miguel Cuna, representing DENR Secretary Ramon Paje. These stations will provide us not only with timely information on the state of air quality in the vicinity but also some meteorological data like wind speed and wind direction which are useful inputs to strengthen our air quality management program, Paje said. Aside from the four fully automatic stations, whose readings can be gathered and analyzed online and in real time, the DENR has nine manual monitoring stations set up throughout Metro Manila to measure TSP levels. All stations are maintained and monitored by EMB personnel. According to the DENR chief, current inter-agency efforts like the anti-smoke belching operations and the closer monitoring of private emission testing centers have contributed in improving the air quality in the metropolis. This is evidenced by the decline in the level of total suspended particulates (TSP) in the metropolis, from an average of 166 micrograms per normal cubic meter (g/Ncm) at the end of the second quarter of 2010 to 116 g/Ncm as of the third quarter of 2011. But still, Paje emphasized that these levels are still beyond the World Health Organization (WHO) standard of 90 g/Ncm. DENR data indicates that 80 percent of air pollution in urban centers comes from motor vehicles, with industries and other stationary sources contributing at least 20 percent. However, Paje explained that air pollution also gets worsened as well during the year-end holidays due to massive use of fireworks by the people to welcome the new year. Relative to this, he reiterated his call on the public to make use of other environment-friendly alternatives in their New Year revelry. If we need to go back to how our grandparents welcome the New Year, why not, Paje stressed. Among the traditional yet environment-friendly merrymaking activities of yesteryears that Paje suggested include the banging of batya or planggana, biking around the neighborhood with the bikes tailed with used cans, torotot, sounding of police sirens as they goes around checking on the neighborhood, ringing of church bells, etc. Paje said that breathing clean air is a basic human right that the government must ensure, but that right must be responded with equal responsibility among the citizenry to do their share in the effort. I suppose this is going to be the smartest way to start the new year, and the most doable and sustainable New Years resolution one can ever have, Paje said.

innovative Scheme of MTAP Saturday Mathematics Program Yields Positive results

by eNGr. roNALD C. ASiS
EPS 1 - Mathematics Division of City Schools, Iriga City The Mathematics Teachers Association of the Philippines (MTAP) started the MTAP Saturday Mathematics Program many years ago inviting the schools/divisions to implement the said activity at their respective schools/divisions. The objectives of this program are as follows: a. Provide pupils/students the opportunity to explore mathematics without the threat of tests. b. Review the materials covered for the previous years. c. Prepare the grade six pupils and fourth year students for entrance examinations for first year high school and college level. d. Prepare the talented students for the Metrobank-MTAP DepED Math Challenge Competitions. The above-cited program is a yearly activity which is divided into two (2) phases. Phase 1 - for Regular Pupils/Students which is given for six (6) Saturdays, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 nn usually for the months of July and August with a nominal fee of P200.00 per pupil/student. Phase II - for Mathematically talented Pupils/ Students which is given for seven (7) Saturdays, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 nn usually for the months of October and December with a nominal fee of P250.00 per pupil/student, in both phases a written parental consent from the parent/guardian is compulsory. When the author was designated as the OIC-EPS 1 - Mathematics and the Division MTAP Coordinator in the Division of City Schools, Iriga City last July 2008, he adopted the old scheme of utilizing the three (3) central schools for elementary and big private schools for secondary as MTAP centers for Phase I for S/Y 2008-2009. The numbers of center was reduced in Phase II during that year. This prompted the author to innovate to be able to address the decline of the enrolment in the program and to improve the achievement in Mathematics. With the other programs, projects, interventions incorporated in the conduct of MTAP Saturday Program there were significant increases in the NAT, RAT, NCAE results in Mathematics. For the S/Y 2010 NAT, Mathematics got the highest MPS in Grade III and Grade VI among the subject areas being tested which helped the Division of City Schools, Iriga City to become the rank 1 among the divisions in the whole region. Likewise, there was a considerable increase in the NAT of second year students and the NCAE of fourth year students specifically in Mathematics. Even the number of Honors in the Math Challenge Eliminations also increased. It was also important to note that the Division of City Schools, Iriga City got both first places in elementary and secondary level in the Regional Math Challenge 2008-2009 and also got First Runner-up in Secondary Math Quest in the same school year behind big divisions such as Camarines Sur and Camarines Norte. With these outstanding accomplishments and successful undertaking in changing the attitude of pupils/students, teachers and parents towards Mathematics where the culture of hate Math was changed to love Math perception among stakeholders. There was a significant increase in the enrolment in the MTAP Saturday Program. It is continuously increasing because the author made it a point that the centers would be nearer to the pupils/students by increasing the number of MTAP centers and MTAP trainers. More teachers have been able to review the mathematical concepts and improve a lot on their mathematical strategies. They became more confident, motivating and creative in teaching Mathematics. Likewise, the number of MTAP centers was increased so that the parents would not be spending much for the fare of their children in attending Math review classes. Although, they have the freedom to choose in which center they want to enroll, most of them chose center which is nearest to their residence. The expenses that they will incur in the fare were paid instead for the nominal fee. The enrolment in the far-flung barangays tremendously increase because they save a lot when the MTAP center is just within in their vicinity. It is also significant to note that No Registration scheme on all Mathematical contests and activities have been implemented. All contests have been charged to the MTAP savings for the current year. The remaining amount was spent for operational expenses, review and enhancement of computational abilities of teachers, procurement of instructional materials which are given to all schools and other programs and projects. The financial aspect was transparently and systematically done, financial reports were submitted by the MTAP Center Coordinators and designated Contest/Activity Coordinators. Said financial reports were duly audited by AMMA Auditor. The financial reports of the savings were also audited. The sharing of the percentages strictly followed the guidelines with some modifications by giving also meager amounts to the PSDSs, Division/District Coordinators, Class Advisers, Janitors, and Math Clubs of the different schools. Another innovation was to give a final test to the participants, then get the top examinees and give a free registration fee for top performers in Phase II. The schools with the highest enrolment in the MTAP were also recognized and were given additional instructional materials. As for the moment, the MTAP Saturday Mathematics Program Phase I for S/Y 2011-2012 was successfully implemented and the positive result is highly expected from all the participants in this program. With the success that the program had attained since S/Y 2008-2009 up to the present, it is but fitting to continue the implementation of the program.

from my window . . .
***** Every Christmas especially New Year, so many are reported injured by firecrackers. I have been wondering why are these people who are enamored with firecrackers when it gives nothing but noise, endangers lives and wastes money, etc. Some people say it makes Christmas and New Year merry. That the noise it creates drives negative elements away. Frankly, I disagree that it drives negative elements away. On the contrary, it invites them. When we look back at our past years where there were less noise from firecrackers, there were less crimes in the country. The editorial of this newspaper last week aptly describes the past and how I long for those by gone years - the safety, tranquility, the simplicity, the friendship and spirituality in our land. Now, there is an overdose of commercialism and modernism. We have many more thieves, robbers, hold-uppers, carnappers, carjackers, rapists, murderers, etc. If the noise of firecrackers drive negative spirits away, why do we have all these? Maybe because we forget that Christmas is a religious occassion celebrating the birth of Jesus who came down to redeem the world from sin. If we welcome him in every home and in our hearts, the negative spirits will run away from us. One of my favorite Christmas song is Count your blessings instead of sheep. New Year is a time for us to do this. Lets thank God for our lives; that we survived different typhoons, for the good things, big and small that He gave us, for having our families and friends and for surviving the hard times. We, in Bikol are much more lucky than our calamity victims brothers and sisters in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City. Lets send them any kind of help to ease their suffering. I think God kept us alive so we can help others even in a small way.

a question of . . .
The winds howled some more. But the building did not yield. In San Roque, Legazpi City, that same evening, our house shook and rattled and swayed with every gust.The sounds were like a hundred aircrafts taking off. At about 7 pm, sea water began to enter our house. Tidal waves, our neighbor cried. I was stunned. With me in the house was my l8-year old son, Edgar. My youngest, Herbert, 9, was at a neighbors house. I prepared myself for the worst, hoping that my two sons would survive. At l0 pm, the typhoon subsided.The giant waves rolled back to the sea. We were saved. Hiking the over 27 kilometers to Legazpi, my wife could see our house flattened. Most of the houses on both sides of the highway were destroyed. Reaching San Roque and seeing our house still standing and our two sons unhurt, she rushed towards us, thanking God for our deliverance. Trix and Sisang were considered the deadliest. But they were outmatched by Reming which came in December, 2006. Killing 754 in Bicol and nearby areas. The l0 deadliest from Uring, November, l991 to Reming killed an estimated 20,000 people and caused billions of pesos damage to agriculture. Most of the victims drowned in floods. Reming overtook me in Our Ladys Village where we moved from San Roque. As the strong winds blew accompanied by torrential rains, my wife and I stayed at a corner, shivering not from the cold but from fear of the seeming end of the world.The floodwaters were rising very fast. My worst fear was that at 5pm if the typhoon would not lessen, our house would submerge. But at 3pm, the winds ceased and the water receded. Some kilometers to the north, the floods wiped out a whole barangay. Padang was erased from the map, its inhabitants, gone, carried out to the sea. Before, it was Bicol. Now it is Mindanao. What is next, nobody knows. Natures fury comes with little warning. Your place may be next. But I believe you are ready. Filipinos have a remarkable way of dealing with disasters. We mourn for the victims. And we offer help, all available help, money, used clothing, food, words of comfort, everything to lighten the loss . But people do not do much to prevent disasters from occurring. They move fast, very fast only after many have lost their lives Is this not very queer?

palace reiterates call . . .

from using their firearms. Nag-a-update po arawaraw ang DOH doon sa mga firecracker-related injuries and ang PNP [Philippine National Police] naman po natin, ginawa na po nila yung yearly na pagte-tape nung kanilang mga firearms para siguraduhing wala po tayong mga miyembro ng kapulisan na magpapaputok ng kanilang baril ngayong Bagong Taon, Valte said. Valte added that Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo is doing rounds to monitor the sale of firecrackers to make sure that dealers comply with government regulations and prevent them from selling prohibited firecrackers. In his message, the Chief Executive said he is fully supporting the DOHs campaign dubbed as APIR - Aksyon: Paputok Injury Reduction which is aimed at reducing firecrackerrelated injuries in the country. The President, likewise, encouraged everyone to observe the APIR campaign for their own safety. Also, the President issued a directive to the PNP to strictly enforce the law on firecrackers and pyrotechnics and arrest not only the sellers but also the revelers using the merchandise.

unep reunites graduates . . .

Gazmen has prepared. Prizes and surprised greeted everyone and made the gathering really a memorable one. Gazmen, banking on the reunions theme: Kindness in giving creates love, believes that indeed it is in giving wholeheartedly that we truly give. This in turn will create a ripple of good deed and will send off a message of love to every heart that receives it.

NOTICE is hereby given that the named parties are the surviving heirs of the late MiGueL VeNTurA who died on Nov. 8, 1997 at Nabua, Camarines Sur without any will and with no known debts, left certain real properties situated at Topas Proper, Nabua, Camarines Sur covered by OCT No. 28771 containing an area of 0.4005, ARP NO. 97-0410644; while widow MAMERTA P. VENTURA waived her rights to said properties and heirs MIGUEL VENTURA JR. and JAY CARLO VENTURA sold their respective shares to JOCELYN G. FIGURA for the sum of P50,000.00 in the manner stipulated in a Deed of Extrajudicial Partition of Estate with Sale, acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Dominador S. Torres per Doc. No. 132, Page No. 22, Book No. XII, Series of 2008. biKoL rePorTer Published: JANuArY 1, 8 and 15, 2012


january 1 - 7, 2012
pHivolcs appeals for return . . .
volcanic earthquake during the past 24 hours, while steaming activity and crater glow could not be observed due to thick clouds covering the summit, according to Phivolcs latest bulletin. Mayon Volcanos alert status remains at Alert Level 1. Although this means that no eruption is imminent, Phivolcs explained, it is strongly advised that the public refrain from entering the six-kilometer radius Permanent Danger Zone (PDZ) due to the threat of sudden steam-driven eruptions and rockfalls from the upper and middle slopes of the volcano. The institute also warned that active stream/river channels and those identified as perennially lahar prone areas on all sectors of the volcano should also be avoided especially during bad weather or when there is heavy and prolonged rainfall. Bulusan Volcanos (12.7667N, 124.0500E) in Sorsogon province, on the other hand, Alert Level 1 status is strongly reiterated over Bulusan Volcano following manifestations of some restiveness recently. Phivolcs reminded anew the local government units and the public are reminded that entry to the four-kilometer radius Permanent Danger Zone (PDZ) is strictly prohibited due to the possibility of sudden steam and ash eruptions. The institute also advised civil aviation authorities to warn pilots to avoid flying close to the volcanos summit as ejecta from sudden eruptions may be hazardous to aircraft. Furthermore, people living within valleys and along river/stream channels should be vigilant against sedimentladen stream flows and lahars in the event of heavy and prolonged rainfall. -Marlon A. Loterte

bikol reporter

Stop eating fatty, salty, sweet food this holiday season - PHo
By iRMA A. gUHit SORSOgON City -With the holiday season, people are more likely to take in too much of fatty, salty, and sweet foods, which are bad for the health, said Dr. edgar Garcia, provincial health officer here said. It is during this season that the provincial health office registers an alarming increase in non-communicable diseases. Garcia said that people should be aware of the effects of consuming fatty, salty, and sweet foods that if cumulatively consumed, may affect the heart, blood pressure, and blood sugar that will ultimately cause some health problems. The rainy season had also resulted in the increase of people, especially children, catching colds. We should enhance our immune system by eating more fruits, vegetables, and by drinking lots of juice and water, Garcia explained. Garcia also reminds families to be more aware in food preparation where children will be conscious of consuming only healthy foods and avoid junk foods that are high in salt, additives, and preservatives. He also reminded the public to refrain from getting wet since the erratic weather now the province has been experiencing for the past two months has made everyone susceptible to water and air borne diseases. Admitted here now here in the hospital are cases of people with high fever, colds that may lead to pneumonia if not properly treated, Garcia explained. The provincial office through its Health Education Management System (HEMS) has been conducting information drives regularly in their barangay health clinics , municipal and district hospitals so that health consciousness should be one of the best awareness to mitigate health problems. Fliers and information materials have also been distributed in health centers where mothers are provided interpersonal education especially those who are under the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) who regularly visit health center. The provincial office as part of the holiday seasons celebration IEC has been intensified and regular reminders to the public health tips especially these Christmas and New Year when consuming food as a culture of the Filipinos is a way of celebrating the season and where abundance of food served in our table has been part of our tradition,let us celebrate it in more of a healthy way, Garcia reiterated. National Railways (PNR) corporate charter which is due to expire this 2013. The railways, they believe, is vital tool for the promotion of local business and in forging important networks with future business endeavors. MNCI will continue to live by its mission of providing a good business environment for the socio- economic development of Naga City and its adjoining municipalities in the Bicol Region. -Lizel S. Macatangay

bsp warns public on fake money . . .

These phony bills now kept at the BSP are 105 pieces of P1,000 bill, 103 banknotes of P500 denomination and 138 pieces of P100 bill. The BSP has reminded the public as early as September that fake peso bills usually circulate during the holiday season. It has advised once again the population to be watchful of paper banknotes that they accept from stores, malls or retailers. The populace has been advised to always remember that fake bills are different from authentic money. Public are reminded that counterfeit money is currency produced without the legal sanction of the government and is made to resemble the official bank note . Among the basic things the masses must be watchful of are the following-Philippine banknotes are not smooth but a bit rough when touched because they are made of cotton and abaca; serial numbers are composed of one or two prefix letter followed by six to seven digits; there are red and blue fibers embedded in the banknote; watermark shows the shadow of the image of the portrait and the banknote denomination on the blank space when viewed against the light from either side of the note; the paper glow under ultraviolet light, the glow can be seen using a money detector device. At present, the BSP is monitoring some serial numbers which they suspect as bogus like AX922849, HB685736, J8668785, and PD1070705 especially in the provinces of Albay, Sorsogon, Catanduanes and Masbate. These provinces are the coverage areas of BSP Legazpi. The BSP alert is focused on retailers and consumers. If one is in doubt individuals are advised to see the nearest commercial or rural banks or any BSP office located in the cities of Legazpi and Naga. Banks though will not exchange fake bills as these have no value and not the legitimate legal tender. -Aida Alcazar-Naz projects, 33 are being implemented by the regional office with the cost of P1.997 billion pesos while 127 is being implemented by the district offices with a total cost of P2.047 billion pesos. He said 84 of the projects have been completed while 63 is still on-going while 13 has not yet been started with an over-all 45.05 percent accomplishment or 1.64 positive slippage. -Ed de Leon tion by way of promoting and participating in community fireworks display; celebrate safe holiday with family and loved ones with the use of alternative noise-makers to welcome the new year like torotot, car horns, cans, pots and pans, loud radio or stereo music; join merry-making activities such as street parties, concerts, games and reflect on the lessons of the past year and make resolutions for a better 2012.

trade prospect in 2012 . . .

line with President Benigno Aquinos directive on public private partnership. The chamber had sponsored various legs of the Bicol Business Week which has proven to be an excellent venue for national and local investors, exhibitors, and business enthusiasts. It showcased not only products but also technologies, services, and business prospects. It also helped in strengthening the foothold of various businesses in the growing regional market. Imperial said that they will abide by the national governments campaign to get rid of corruption and will adhere to the template of good governance as mandated by law. Among other things, the chamber will also strongly seek President Aquinos approval to renew the Philippine

dpwH bicol saves p130m . . .

by the regional and the 15 DPWH districts engineering offices in the six provinces of Bicol. Dequito said that competitive bidding was one of the major policy reforms of DPWH Secretary Rogelio Singson, in line with the Tuwid na Daan policy of the Aquino administration. He added that because of the greater transparency in the bidding process, the cost of the projects went down by 4.23 percent. Dequito said that P80.925 million pesos of the savings was generated by the regional office while P49.836 million was saved by the district offices. The DPWH regional director said that out of 160

Lugod an pagkamundag ni Hesukristo magtao satuya nin maogma asin matuninong na pasko asin mauswag na bagong taon! Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

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doH bicol gives advisory . . .

Reduction (APIR) to avoid accidents brought about by firecrackers. DoH Bicols William Sabater said the advocacy is also dubbed as Give me five campaign. The project hopes to reduce the number of 62 firecracker-injury cases reported in 2010, which was more than double than 2009s 28 cases. The APIR campaign emphasizes five reminders that the community must remember: these fireworks cause injuries and endanger health; children should not use any fireworks; keep away from exploding fireworks; never pick used nor unspent fireworks; and for all fireworks injuries, seek immediate medical treatment. To complement these reminders, DoH advocates simple happy, complete, and stress-free holiday celebra-

Sa samuyang mga parokyano an pagpaabot niamo nin Maogmang Pasko asin Magayagayang Bagong Taon saindo gabos!
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Phivolcs appeals for return of Mayon monitoring gadget

BsP warns public on
january 1 - 7, 2012
LegAzpi City -- the philippine institute of Volcanology and Seismology (phivolcs) and disaster authorities in the province of Albay appealed for the nth time for the return of the volcanic monitoring instrument stolen recently. Phivolcs research analyst Alex Baloloy said the digital tilt meter installed in Barangay San Roque has missing since last week, not transmitting data, prodding personnel from the institute to inspect the instrument, but it had been stolen. The digital tilt meter is an instrument owned and used by Phivolcs to measure slight changes in the inclination of the earths surface, especially volcanic and seismic activities of the Mayon volcano. With the loss of the instrument, Baloloy said, the observatory center can not and will not be able to detect activities of Mayon in that specific site, furthermore, it will hamper the issuance of more precise reports and advisories that may help save the lives of residents nearby. In the wake of the incident, observers urged barangay officials, including residents, with similar monitoring instrument in their area to be

fake Money
LegAzpi City -- Bangko Sentral ng pilipinas (BSp)Legazpi branch urged anew the public to be vigilant in accepting paper bills as bogus money have been reported circulating in the provinces in Bicol this holiday season.

also more vigilant and protect the instrument for their own good. Phivolcs in Mayon Volcano Observatory Center meanwhile remains optimistic that the instrument would be returned. Phivolcs, on the other hand, has already requested headquarters for funding of the replacement of the instrument, according to Baloloy. Meanwhile, Mayon Volcanos (13.2500N, 123.6833E) seismic network did not detect any
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Cynthia Ariola, assistant manager of cash operations division of BSP disclosed to Philippine Information Agency via its radio program Aramon Ta Daw that fakepeso bills such as P1,000, P500 and P100 have found its way into public hands. Ariola said to date there are 346 pieces of counterfeit bills equivalent to P170,300 that have been forwarded to BSP by commercial banks and some individuals.
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