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Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal
Arvind Kejriwal


16 August 1968 Hissar, Haryana B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering IIT Kharagpur Parivartan () Public Cause Research Foundation India Against Corruption

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Political movement Anti-Corruption Party 2012 Indian anti-corruption movement 2011 Indian anti-corruption movement Right to Information Jan Lokpal Bill Children 2 Website http:/ / www. pcrf. in/

Arvind Kejriwal (born 16 Aug 1968) is an Indian social activist turned politician [1] [2] .He was an Indian Revenue Service official [3] He was awarded Ramon Magsaysay Award for Emergent Leadership in 2006, for activating India's Right to Information movement at grassroots and social activities to empower the poorest citizens to fight corruption by holding the government answerable to the people.[4][4][4][4] Kejriwal is also a Saathi (fellow) of the Association for India's Development,[5] a Global Impact award winning NGO.[6] In 2006 after resigning from IRS,he founded an NGO Public cause Research Foundation[7] by donating his Magasaysay award money as corpus fund.In 2010, he along with a few like minded people formed India Against Corruption which aimed at enacting of strong and effective anti-corruption law in India.[8]

Arvind Kejriwal

Early life
Arvind Kejriwal was born on 16 August 1968, Haryana. His father was an engineer and he spent most of his childhood living in small northern Indian towns like Sonepat, Mathura and Hissar. He did his schooling from Campus School.[9] Kejriwal graduated from IIT Kharagpur with a B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering in 1989.[3] He was a resident of Nehru Hall of Residence.[10][11] In PAN IIT 2011 speech, Kejriwal recollected how IIT Kharagpur shaped him as a person saying, "I was at IIT Kharagpur from 1985 to 1989 and I think that was the most critical period of my life". "Whatever I learnt at IIT has stayed with me .. the entire culture, environment has laid the foundation in my life... and I am very grateful to my alma mater ". "I urge all fellow IITians..you are the cream of this country .. please go and influence the politicians to pass the Jan Lokpal bill ".[12]

Kejriwal joined Tata Steel right after his graduation from IIT Kharagpur. Kejriwal quit his job with Tata Steel in 1992 and spent some time working with Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata, the Ramakrishna Mission in the North-East India and Nehru Yuva Kendra.[13][14] Kejriwal joined the Indian Revenue Service in 1992 after qualifying through the Civil Services Examination.[14] In February 2006, he voluntarily resigned from the IRS as Joint Commissioner in Income Tax Department.[15] After voluntary resignation from job, he founded Parivartan, a Delhi based citizens movement which works on ensuring a just, transparent and accountable governance. In December 2006, Kejriwal along with Manish Sisodia and Abhinandan Sekhri started Public Cause Research Foundation, which works for promoting better local self governance and RTI related campaigns[16]

Right to Information
He along with Aruna Roy and others, campaigned for the Right to Information Act (RTI), which soon became a silent social movement, Delhi Right to Information Act was passed in 2001[10] and eventually at national level Indian Parliament passed the RTI in 2005. Thereafter, in July 2006, he spearheaded an awareness campaign for RTI across India.[17] To motivate others Arvind has now instituted an RTI Award through his organisation.[18] Kejriwal has been using RTI in corruption cases in many government departments including the Income Tax department, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, the Public Distribution System (PDS), the Delhi Electricity Board and others.[13][19]

Jan Lokpal Bill

After spearheading the Right to Information Act, 2005 campaign, it became clear that corruption could be exposed using Right to Information Act, 2005 (RTI). However, to prosecute and punish corrupt people, an effective anti-corruption law was needed. Arvind Kejriwal along with Prashant Bhushan, Shanti Bhushan, Santosh Hegde and Kiran Bedi drafted Jan Lokpal Bill. As the bill was edited and revised time to time after country wide public consultations, it was known as Jan Lokpal Bill i.e.Peoples's Lokpal bill. Though Anna Hazare was the leader of the movement for Jan Lokpal, Arvind Kejriwal is regarded as the architect behind the movement. Janlokpal bill movement actually started when Anna Hazare started a fast at Jantar Mantar on 5 April 2011. This got immense support from all over the country and government was forced to form a joint drafting committee for Lokpal Bill.India Against Corruption had announced indefinite fast from 15 August 2011 if government would fail to bring the lokpal bill in the monsoon session of the parliament in August 2011. On August 16, 2011, key members of the India Against Corruption including Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi, and Manish Sisodia were arrested four hours before the planned indefinite hunger strike by Hazare.[20] Rajan Bhagat, spokesman for Delhi Police, said police arrested Hazare under a legal provision that bans public gatherings and protests at the park in Delhi where Hazare was planning to begin his hunger strike. Activists were later released same day although they spent two more days in the Tihar jail negotiating conditions put on protest.[21] Kejriwal left the jail on August 18 and the protests started the following day from Ramlila Maidan in Delhi.[22] After twelve days of protests and many discussions between the

Arvind Kejriwal government and the activists, the parliament passed a resolution to consider three points in drafting of Lokpal bill.[23] Indefinite Fast from 25th July 2012 After referring the bill to a standing committee, the bill was presented to both houses of parliament in the winter session. However, according to India Against Corruption it was a weak bill that lacked effective measures. The bill was passed in the Lok Sabha, but it could not be passed by Rajya Sabha. In the budget session the bill was decided to be referred to select committee for further recommendations. Now India Against corruption has come to a conclusion that 15 tainted ministers in the central cabinet are behind the delay in the process of passing of a strong Lokpal bill. India Against Corruption demanded establishment of Special Investigation Team to investigate corruption charges against the 15 tainted cabinet ministers and establishment of fast track courts to prosecute MPs against whom grave criminal charges are pending. These demands being rejected by Government, Arvind Kejriwal along with Manish Sisodia and Gopal Rai, sat on an indefinite fast at Jantar Mantar from 25 July 2012. This agitation was supported by thousand of people nationwide.Even after 10 days of fasting, government did not respond to any of the demands. When a group of 23 eminent citizens of this country including Ex Army chief/Naval Chief, retired Chief Justice of supreme court,retired bureaucrats requested them to break the fast and give a political alternative to this country.After consulting popular opinion, Anna Hazare and his team decided to go ahead with forming a political party.

Entry in politics
After split of team Anna,he entered in active politics in spite of differences with Anna and Kiran Bedi.Anna even told him not to use his name for political purpose.However Anna later met Kejriwal along with social activist Manish Sisodia on october 1st and retaliated by saying that even though there ways are different ,their goal was the same.[24] [25] Its been predicted that he can catch the flag and lead less corrupted nation. Accusations on DLF and Robert Vadra In October 2012 in a press conference kejriwal alleged of a nexus between realty firm DLF and Robert Vadra(son in law of Sonia Gandhi).He accused Vadra of taking an interest-free loan of 65 crores and heavy bargains on land from DLF Limited in exchange for political favors.He even said that Harayana government has become agent of DLF.He said Haryana government gave 350 acres of land meant for hospital to SEZ.Robert Vadra had 50% of shares in SEZ project in Haryana.[26] [27] [28] Kejriwal has also been associated with Youth for Equality, the anti-reservation (that opposes affirmative action on the basis of caste) movement. [29]

Personal life
Kejriwal is married to Sunita, who is also an IRS officer and his batchmate from National Academy of Administration in Mussoorie.[11] Presently she is working as an Additional Director in Serious Fraud Investigation Office,Ministry of Corporate Affairs. They live in Ghaziabad near Delhi with their two children.[14] Arvind Kejriwal has written a book "Swaraj".[30][31]

2004: Ashoka Fellow, Civic Engagement.[13] 2005: 'Satyendra K. Dubey Memorial Award', IIT Kanpur for his campaign for bringing transparency in Government.[10] 2006: Ramon Magsaysay Award for Eminent Leadership.[4][4] 2006: CNN-IBN, 'Indian of the Year' in Public Service[32] 2009: Distinguished Alumnus Award, IIT Kharagpur for Eminent Leadership.[3]

Arvind Kejriwal 2010: Policy Change Agent of the Year, The Economic Times Awards for Corporate Excellence along with Aruna Roy.[33] 2011: NDTV Indian of the Year along with Anna Hazare[34] Arvind Kejariwal has also won an IIM Gold Medal.

Flip-flop Attack on Kejriwal

Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal was attacked with flip-flops during a program in Jhulelal Park Lucknow, India under India Against Corruption (IAC) anti-graft campaign.[35] After the incident, the accused was caught by the IAC volunteers and handed over to the police. Later, Mr. Kejriwal asked that the accused be released and did not file any FIR against him.[36] The accused was identified as Jitendra Pathak of Uttar Pradeshs Jalaun district, who worked for the Indian National Congress from 2006-2009 and is a former member of Congress Sewa Dal.[37] He was not a mere party worker but was responsible for key areas in Jhansi. As per the accused acceptance, he considers Rahul Gandhi as his role model.[38][39] Kejriwal's attacker Jitendra Pathak has been sacked from his job. He is working in a private construction company Ansh Project Service, Lucknow.[40] On the other hand, Arvind Kejriwal has written a letter to the chairman of the company to take back their decision and to retain the accused. As per Kejriwal's ideology, violence can be stopped by non-violence only and taking Jitendra's job is violence against the accused and his family.[41] In a Sting operation done by India TV in Lucknow, the attacker threatened a bomb attack during Anna Hazare's anti-graft movement in Uttar Pradesh .[42]

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Arvind Kejriwal
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Arvind Kejriwal

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'Parivartan' Official website (http://www.pcrf.in) 'Arvind Kejriwal' website (http://www.arvindkejriwal.net) - This link is broken 'Public Cause Research Foundation' Official website (http://www.pcrf.in) 'The Insurgent' by MEHBOOB JEELANI, The Caravan (http://www.caravanmagazine.in/Story. aspx?StoryID=1050&Page=1) Arvind Kejriwal Interview BBC Hindi (http://www.bbc.co.uk/hindi/regionalnews/story/2006/08/ 060806_information_talkingpoint.shtml) Arvind Kejriwal Interview BBC Hindi - Audio (http://www.esnips.com/doc/ 676bf34c-098b-434f-9827-b1ac3e05fa3c/RTI---Arvind-Kejriwal---Magsaysay-Prize-winner) Jaago Re! (http://www.jaagore.com/blog/usse-kuchh-farak-padega-kya/) "Usse kuchh farak padega kya?": Arvind Kejriwal on fighting corruption in India An Interview with Arvind Kejriwal (http://www.indiatogether.org/2006/aug/ivw-arvind.htm) 'Lokraj Andolan' (http://www.lokrajandolan.org) 'India Against Corruption' (http://www.indiaagainstcorruption.org/) 'Valmik Thapar Interviews Arvind Kejriwal' (http://ibnlive.in.com/news/ changes-can-be-made-in-jan-lokpal-bill-kejriwal/148843-3.html)

Follow Jan Lokpal Bill Movement (http://www.janlokpal.net) Swaraj(English/Hindi):Arvind Kejriwal Swaraj (http://iacmumbai.org/sadmin/images/system_documents/ category_files/13/Swaraj - By Arvind Kejriwal - English.pdf)

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