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French the verb to listen is entendre, from the same root as entender, to understand in Portuguese.

entendre sen;re

The Italians go a step further. They use the verb sen;re, both for listen and feel.

The Listening Agency is a consultancy specialized in helping brands to understand and engage with people in the digital age. We employ ethnographic and innova;ve qualita;ve research methodologies to get closer to the lived experiences of people allowing our clients to beFer understand their aGtudes and behaviors as consumers and as communicators. Based in So Paulo we are also an aliate of TWResearch in London.

Our name reects what we do: listen, observe and analyze the behavior of individuals and society as a whole. It is also a reec;on of the cultural context in which we operate. On a daily basis we are impacted by new communica;on technologies. Given this crescendo of conversa;ons and sharing of experiences and opinion, we believe that the greatest challenge for decision makers is knowing lies in the challenge of listening. Not just to hear, but the strategic use of the insights provided through ac;ve listening.

Our name also reects who we are. We are part of a country that is rapidly changing, rediscovering itself and emerging as a global reference. Our mix of backgrounds, skills and languages allow us to be part of a growing dialogue between Brazilians, our culture, our brands and the outside world.

The Listening Agency

DISCUSSIONS Focus Groups Depth Interviews Street Interviews (Vox-Pops) DEEP LISTENING COLLECTIVE VOICES CROWD LISTENING Ethnograhic Research Diaries, Vdeo Portraits, Digital Research Collaborative Projects Online and Ofine panels Quant Studies face to face / online

BRAND EXPRESSION TREND AUDIT INSIGHT BRAZIL BUSINESS STATEMENT Brand Essence Presence and Positioning Market Trends and consumer behaviour Reports about the Brazilian market and Brazilian consumers Benchmarking & Desk Research Media Planning Pitch Preparation


Digital Debates
Open has revolu;onised everything we do culture doesnt exist in a vacuum and thats what our open plaWorm gives us is a conversa;on and theres really only a point to a conversa;on if its two people listening to each other Catherine Shoard, The Guardian, Reino Unido

Our clients reflect a broad range of market sectors both here in Brazil and internationally

Media & Technology Culture & Sport FMCG The Youth Market Marketing & Communications

We provide that inform decision making and brand strategy across various market sectors

NPD all stages and from new mobile aps to new clothing lines Product evaluation from TV programmes to cultural events Trends & benchmarking comparative studies Branding studies values, competitive mapping Communications marketing, events e campaigns Audience Profiling behaviour, needs, segmentation studies

We use an array of methodologies speciofic the needs of each individual project

Traditional Methodologies Focus groups and depth interviews Ethnographic participant observation, video diary & scrapbooks Desk e Desktop research & insight from secondary sources Collaboration creative methodologies such as panels and forums Digital Tools online discussions, monitoring of online behaviour

Listening +
We also undertake our own projects exploring a range of changes in Brazilian society

Brasil@Home: an ethnographic project exploring the dierences and transforma;ons in the rela;onships between Brazilians and the concept of home.

Digital Lives: an ongoing project which explore issues of ethics, e;queFe and the opportuni;es and challenges associated with digital media

3iT: An exploratory project to understand the rela;onship between an ageing popula;ons and new media technologies

Ethnographic Research
When people talk listen completely. Don't be thinking what you're going to say. Most people never listen. Nor do they observe. You should be able to go into a room and when you come out know everything that you saw there and not only that. If that room gave you any feeling you should know exactly what it was that gave you that feeling

Ernest Hemingway: "Mister Papa", LIFE magazine (1949)

The Da Silva Family, Londrina, Paran

We dont just react to trends. We also like to ini;ate interes;ng conversa;ons for our clients. Recently we bought Piers Jones of The Guardian to discuss their Digital First strategy and Facebook applica;on with the Brazilian media.

Conversations with The Listening Agency

The challenge of crea;ng engaging content isnt just something which confronts our clients. We also regularly contribute to academic literature and publica;ons such as Meio & Mensagem, Proxxima (Brazil) and Contagious (UK)

Conversations with The Listening Agency

We also like to par;cipate in debates about contemporary culture via our par;cipa;on in events such as... - Social Media Week, So Paulo - The Transforma;ve Power of Digital Terra - New Brand Communica;ons, SP - TV Social, Braslia - The Marke;ng Society Annual Conference, London

Conversations with The Listening Agency

Cultura Barulhenta
Ouvir o percurso mais seguro e mais eciente para ajudar na tomada de decises que execu;vos seniores devem fazer. Ouvir bem pode em l;ma anlise signicar a diferena entre uma carreira mais longa e uma mais curta McKinsey Quarterly