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Group A - Advice created by the Korean government for foreigners coming to South Korea.

1) Most of Korean foods are very spicy. 2) People are usually kind, but sometimes not to African Americans and South-east Asians. 3) Speak slowly and clearly to people you meet because most Koreans, especially elders, cannot speak English well. 4) You may be disgusted by some food such as dog meat or dog soup if you keep a dog as a pet but they do not eat every kind of dog. 5) Age is an important factor in Korea, so that you may be asked of your age because Koreans respect elders. 6) Take your shoes off when you enter usual Korean house. 7) Asking about age and marriage are not seriously personal questions. 8) Koreans sometimes share food in the same bowl or plate. 9) Individualism is not preferable. Community spirit comes first. 10) Schedules and plans are often subject to change. 11) You may be insisted to drink alcohol beyond your capacity. 12) Korean men like going to a public bath (spa/sauna) together for friendship. 13) You may be bothered by children and youngsters who want to speak to foreigners, now and then with bad words which are not intended badly. 14) Koreans are against America politically, not socially. 15) High school students are focused on reading and listening because of the Korean SAT.

Group B - Advice created by the Korean government for foreigners coming to South Korea. 16) Some schools have very strict discipline, where students are given corporal punishment 17) There are often traffic jams on the roads during rush hours. 18) You cant find easily where you want to go unless you remember landmarks because maps are drawn out in terms of landmarks not address-based. 19) You can take a walk at night more safely than western countries because guns are not allowed to possess according to law. 20) Blowing nose is not polite while eating. 21) Youd better not start eating before the eldest does on the dining table. 22) Girls and ladies walk sometimes hand in hand or arm in arm. But they are not lesbians. It means kind of affection. 23) American brands will be much more expensive than in the US. 24) You dont have to give tips except expensive hotels. 25) Takes are already included. Pay the price on the price tag. 26) You can ask for more side dishes anytime because they are free. 27) Small store owners are sometimes reluctant to refund or exchange items you buy. 28) You have to recycle according to instructions (esp, food waste) So you have to buy designated plastic bags at a grocery store near your house. 29) Korean English can be heard frequently such as a meeting as blind date. 30) Some Koreans are less punctual than Americans but they are more tolerant than westerners. 31) When you drink alcohol with seniors or elder persons, youd better turn your head around. 32) There are rarely polite excuse mes when people bump into you on the street. 33) Koreans sometimes say yes, when they are confused in speaking English.