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Geography Paper 2 Environmentalism and Possibilism

2011- Discuss man-environment relationship in the light of Determinism and Possibilism. 2009- What do you understand by the term possibilism? How far has man changed the environment in his favour? Give examples. 2006- Suggest ways in which: a. The natural environment affects human activities; b. Human activities affect the natural environment. 2005- Discuss man-environmental relationship in the light of Physical Determinism and Possibilism. 2004- Give a lucid comparison between Environmental Determinism and Possibilism. 2003- Critically examine the concept of Environmental Determinism. Population

2010- Present the spatial distribution of population over the globe. 2009- "South Asia has many places where people are few and few places where people are very many". Discuss. 2008- Critically examine the Malthusian view of population growth. How does high rate of population adversely effect the economic and social development of any country? Discuss with special reference to India. 2008- To what extent can the major features of the world population distribution be understood in term of physical environment? Discuss with special reference to South Asia. 2007- What is meant by population growth? Compare the pattern of population growth between the more developed countries (MDCS) and less developed countries (LDCS) since 1950? 2005- The River basins and Coastal Plains of South Asia are reckoned as one of the densely populated areas of the world. Discuss. 2003- Bring out the salient features of population of South Asia under the following heading: (a) Population Distribution (b) Population Growth (c) Employment 2002- Explain process of demographic transition comparing the % areas and populations of either Canada or the United States of America (USA). 2001- Divide the world into Population Resource regions and describe the major characteristics of any one region. 2000- Enumerate the salient features of Population Distribution in SOUTH EAST ASIA. Migration

2009- Write down the various kinds of migration and describe the effects of intra-urban migration. 2007- An age old phenomenon, forced migration across international borders has become exceedingly widespread during the recent past. Discuss? 2004- Discuss critically Types of Migration. Culture and Diffusion

2009- What is meant by cultural diffusion? How is the culture of an area affected by landscape? Settlements

2009- How did settlements originate in the world? Describe the central place theory. 2004- Classify settlements on the basis of from and size. Urbanization

2011- Define urbanization. Give a critical assessment of the process of urbanization in Pakistan. 2007- Define urbanization. Give a critical assessment of the process of urbanization in Pakistan since its inception? 2000- What are the major factors responsible for increasing urbanization? Highlight the main problems from this increase facing by these urban centers. 2001- Explain urbanization. Give a brief history and present pattern of world urbanization. World Economies and Activities

2008- Economic activities can be classified into five groups and highly developed economics can be identified on the basis of their economic activities. Discuss critically. 2007- Delineate the hierarchy of economic activities. Give a detailed account of any ONE of the secondary activities in the world? 2006- Summarize Western Europes historic contribution to the development of the present world economy. 2002- Write a comprehensive note on world economic activities, their geographic,'significance, extent and recent globalizing trends 2001- Differentiate between various types of Economic Activities. Describe the world patterns of any one activity with special reference to Pakistan. Farming

2010- Discuss grain farming in South Asia. Did you notice agriculture change in the region recently? 2003- How does subsistence farming effect differ from Extensive Herding? Make a Comparative analysis. 2000-Explain different farming types such as subsistence farming, dry farming, terrace farming and mixed farming. Crops (Cereal and non-cereal)

2010- Explain Geographical requirements, distribution and production of cotton in South Asia. 2007- Describe in detail the production and trade of rice in the world with specific reference to south Asia? 2000- Write short Geographical notes on the production, trade and distribution of any TWO of the following products; (a) Cotton, (b) Sugar cane, (c) Rubber, (d) Coffee. Fishing

2004- Explain the physical and economic factors which control the distribution of Fisheries in the world. Forestry

2008- Give an account of major forests types of Pakistan. What are the factors involved in deforestation of Pakistan? 2004- Give a comparison between tropical forests and Temperate forests. Industries

2010- Describe Industrial Revoution. how far it has helped in economic development as well as increasing economy disparity in the world? 2008- Explain the role of cotton textile industry in the economy of Pakistan. 2006- Bring out the importance of the manufacturing belt of USA. What effects does the Appalachia area have on the rest of the country? 2005- Give an account of the major industries of South Asia based on Non-Metallic minerals. 2004- "Development of industries and agriculture depend on each other". Discuss with reference to Pakistan. 2000- Analyze the location of Iron and Steel industry in the U.S.A and U.K. Resources

2010- Define Resources. Give most workable classification of resources citing explicit examples 2009- "Economic geography is the study of location, distribution and use of scarce resources". Discuss. 2002- Discuss ancient, river based regional structure of South Asia with special access to its resource realm. Water Resources

2011- To what extent are water resources likely to act as a limit to economic development in Pakistan? Elaborate your answer with a futuristic outlook. 2011- The twentieth century witnessed the war for oil. The twenty-first century will witness the war for water. Discuss the statement with special reference to Indo-Pak scenario. 2008- The twentieth century witnessed the war for oil. The twenty-first century will witness the war for water. Discuss Critically. 2006- To what extent are water resources likely to act as a limit to economic development in Pakistan? Elaborate your answer with optimistic outlook. 2001- Enumerate the Salient features of the "Indus Water Treaty". Power Resources

2009- Give an account of power resources of south asia with special reference to pakistan. 2001- Analyze the Power Resource of "SOUTH ASIA". Oil Crises and Politics

2006- Compare the advantages and disadvantages of dependence on oil production by countries of SW Asia and North Africa. 2005- Give an account of the Petroleum production in Middle East. Also throw light on its economic and political importance. Agriculture and its problems

2011- Agriculture is the linchpin of the economy of South Asia. Discuss critically with special reference to Pakistan. 2005- Agriculture sector is the linchpin of the economy of South Asia. Discuss in detail with special reference to Pakistan. 2003- Why is irrigation necessary in Pakistan? Describe the irrigational methods practiced in the Western Highlands of Pakistan? 2000- Discuss the problems of Water Logging and Salinity especially in Pakistan. Explain the important remedial measures to be taken to control this problem.

Transportation and Communication

2008- Our Planet has shrunk as a result of modern revolution in transport and communication. Discuss with reference to South Asia and with special focus on Pakistan. 2005- Explain the importance of the means of transportation in the development of a region. Also throw light on Pakistans transportation Network. Relationship between MDCS and LDCS

2001- Enumerate the Politico-economic relationship between the developed countries and the less developed countries. 2007- Write an analytical essay on the politico-economic relationship between MDCS and LDCS? Environmental hazards

2000- Discuss the Environmental hazards facing at present to this World. What adverse affects are being visualized from this problem? 2002- "Geographers have to rethink their approach to regional studies in the light of increasing environmental stress from local to international levels." Assess this statement.


2011- Discuss the Crises of numbers in South Asia with special reference to Dilemma in Pakistan. 2010- Bring out the importance of Pakistan in the current geo-polity pertinent to Global Affairs. 2006- Compare different urban and rural landscapes with which you are familiar. 2006- Compare the economic and social geographies of the Central Asian countries. 2004- Discuss how far climate relates to topography, with reference to Pakistan. 2003- Discuss the role of socio-economic and physical factors in the development of hydroelectricity. 2003- Describe the physiographic features of the following areas of Pakistan: (a) Mountainous North (b) Intermontane Plains (c) Pleistocene terraces (bars) 2002- Bring out the importance of geographic differences within Western European region and Eastern European, the Baikans and the former Soviet Union region. 2002- In what ways does regional knowledge actually lead to improve self and mutual

understanding of people and places in Pakistan? Short Notes

2011- Petroleum production in Middle East 2011- Tourism in Pakistan 2011- Cultural Diffusion 2011- Migration 2010- World's major fishing grounds 2010- Trade patterns in China 2010- Singapore--Her Economic success 2010- Urbanization in Latin America. 2007- Possibilism. 2007- Population/Resource regions 2007- Shifting cultivation 2007- Tourism in Pakistan 2007- Pakistans strategic Importance 2005- Strategic importance of Pakistan 2005- Gwadar Port 2005- International Trade Pattern 2005- Environmental and Economic importance of Forests 2003- SAARC 2003- OPEC 2003- European Union 2002- Economies of the oil producers in Arab South West Asia. 2002- Geopolitical role of the Central Asian Countries. 2002- Urban landscape of Latin America 2002- Future of the ASEAN countries. 2001- Wheat in Temperate Grassland 2001-Rice in Monsoon Asia 2001- Iron and Steel Industry of Japan 2001- Environmentalism