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CUSTOMER Adobe® Acrobat®

Adobe InDesign®

1185 Design
Efficiencies increase, costs drop as leading Silicon Valley design firm streamlines
document delivery, review, and printing with Adobe Acrobat and Adobe PDF

Award-winning creative firm 1185 Design The compact, platform- and application-
• Award-winning Silicon Valley understands the power of engaging, informative independent Adobe PDF files contain all elements
design firm communications. Using just the right mix of of designs in a single file. Using Acrobat, 1185
• Employees: 50
• Location: Palo Alto, California images, text, space, and color, 1185 Design Design clients, who frequently don’t have the
• www.1185design.com creates memorable Web sites and corporate same design and layout applications on their
BENEFITS SUMMARY marketing and identity materials for many of computers, can open Adobe PDF files, review
• Instant, electronic delivery of Silicon Valley’s largest companies. Experienced and mark up the documents using electronic
designs in Adobe PDF to clients
saves the firm thousands of dollars designers are key to the firm’s success, as is 1185 commenting tools, and then e-mail the edited
annually by eliminating the need
to fax and courier documents. Design’s commitment to using the best available files to co-workers for additional comments
• Designs in Adobe PDF look technologies, including Adobe Acrobat software, or back to 1185 Design.
exactly like the originals and
maintain their integrity, whether Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format), and
e-mailed to clients, posted online,
or printed.
Adobe InDesign software. Saving thousands of dollars annually
• Rapid delivery of designs in Adobe The costs of constantly mailing design drafts to
PDF and Acrobat commenting “Adobe solutions are integral to our design
tools shorten review and approval clients add up quickly. For instance, one packag-
workflow,” says Millie Hsi, a design director at
processes from days to hours for ing design job required 1185 Design to distribute
1185 Design staff and clients. 1185 Design. “We create Adobe PDF files directly
• Platform- and application- multiple layouts to many reviewers at a client site
independent Adobe PDF files from Adobe InDesign or using Adobe Acrobat
and licensing company. In the past, this would
support all 1185 Design clients. and send design drafts to clients for review and
• Acrobat features, including have required outputting more than 100 color
electronic commenting tools and approval. With Adobe Acrobat and Adobe PDF, we
zoom in/zoom out, improve the
laser proofs, at considerable cost to 1185 Design
have an efficient, visual way to communicate the
quality of feedback on designs and its clients. With Adobe Acrobat and Adobe
from staff and clients. exact elements of designs—colors, images, text,
• Use of Adobe PDF during the PDF, these documents can be distributed elec-
and overall layout—with our staff and clients.”
preflight and printing processes tronically more quickly and at virtually no cost
at 1185 Design reduces errors and
results in reliable, quality printing. just by clicking a button.
• A suite of Adobe tools—Acrobat, An immediacy unmatched by paper
Photoshop, Illustrator, and Even the most creative designs are wasted if “Acrobat and Adobe PDF revolutionized one of
InDesign—speeds design
creation by enabling staff to work the workflow can’t keep up with a client’s tight our most basic and time-consuming processes,”
in an integrated environment.
deadlines. For 1185 Design, Adobe Acrobat explains Hsi. “Getting clients to quickly review
offers a competitive advantage by bringing to the and approve designs previously required a lot
design process an immediacy that was previously of faxing and express mailing of materials. This
impossible with paper. Design drafts, from the increased the costs and time needed to complete
earliest sketches of ideas made using Adobe projects, plus faxing ruined the look of designs.
Illustrator to final layout of approved materials,
Now, we can convert materials to Adobe PDF
can be routed electronically in Adobe PDF for and e-mail them exactly as intended to clients.”
immediate feedback from everyone involved in
the design process.

an Adobe PDF file and open them instantly for
last-minute touch-ups, speeding design workflows
and enabling designers to stay focused in an
integrated design environment.

Easy conversion of materials created with

InDesign, such as brochures, ads, and data
sheets, to high-resolution Adobe PDF files is an
At 1185 Design, Acrobat soft- additional benefit of the firm’s use of Adobe
ware and Adobe PDF enable
fast, efficient design review tools. Adobe PDF files provide reliable printing
processes. Designers and clients
can mark up documents using
and eliminate many prepress problems, includ-
commenting tools in Acrobat, ing missing fonts and graphics, that occur when
and then e-mail the edited files
to co-workers for additional designs are submitted to printers as native appli-
comments or back to 1185
Design. When the edited files cation files.
are returned to 1185 Design,
the firm’s staff can copy all the
comments they receive into one Ahead of the competition
file to make changes. Acrobat In addition to speeding access to designs, Adobe
features, including electronic For 1185 Design, Adobe Acrobat and Adobe
commenting tools and zoom Acrobat and Adobe PDF allow staff and clients
in/zoom out, improve the qual- PDF are a part of the everyday design and busi-
ity of feedback on designs from to zoom in on any element of designs and check
staff and clients.
ness processes, from sending initial project bids
the accuracy of the smallest details, which is
to clients to reviewing and approving designs
impossible to do with faxes or printed copies.
and submitting final designs to print production
“The result,” says Hsi, “is that every part of a
facilities. Concludes Hsi, “Acrobat opens doors
design is accessible to a client, so we can catch
to more savings and more efficient workflows. In
potential problems up front.”
the design world, where time and money are at a
“In the design world, where premium, Adobe Acrobat and Adobe PDF give us
Often, clients will make electronic comments
time and money are at a directly in Adobe PDF files, using commenting a competitive edge by enabling us to quickly and
premium, Adobe Acrobat tools in Acrobat such as strikethrough, high- reliably share information with staff and clients.”

and Adobe PDF give us a lighting, and sticky notes. When the edited files
are returned to 1185 Design, the firm’s staff can TOOLBOX
competitive edge by enabling
copy all the comments they receive into one file Adobe Acrobat
us to quickly and reliably Adobe GoLive®
to make changes. Says Hsi, “The idea behind Adobe Illustrator
share information with delivering materials exactly as intended works Adobe InDesign
Adobe LiveMotion™
staff and clients.” both ways with Acrobat and Adobe PDF. We Adobe Photoshop
know that clients can view the materials as we Mac OS 9
Millie Hsi
Microsoft® Windows® 98 and Windows 2000
Design director want them to be seen, and they know that their
1185 Design PCs
edits are perfectly clear to us.” Power Mac G3s

Integration with leading design tools

The tight integration of Adobe Acrobat with
Adobe Photoshop®, Illustrator, and InDesign
software aids 1185 Design staff as they rush to
meet client deadlines. Designers can click images
created with Photoshop and Illustrator within

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