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November 2012

The Future's Growth Today

Forecasting the future of business in Technological change can shift the d Geographic preferences could lead t uncertainty continues as many states gain a footing in the economic malais Recession. Although some indicators increase in economic growth, this gro tenuous at best. The key to sustainin identifying advancing industries and ensure their long-term economic hea

For those searching for clear signs th itself out from under the weight of the have to look far beyond the Baltimore metropolitan region. Studies show th Baltimore area is growing considerab employment and in the production of region is home to one of the most hig the United States. Reports have rank area as one of the top places in the c growth and innovation, while a 2011 Community Survey lists Washington, fourth for the percentage of the popu professional degrees

How has the Greater Baltimore area period of uncertainty, and what migh future of business and business scho J. Thomas Sadowski, president and Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimo Washington is well-positioned to com market. Sadowski discusses the futu and other cities, growth industry tren graduate business students and bus

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Reflections from the Dean

Karyl B. Leggio, Ph.D.

Higher education, both in its construc under scrutiny in the media and has Is it still worth it? Its a valid questio answering. As businesses identify and adapt to s business schools must do the same investment for their students. Its a q answer, but also one that will require Tom Sadowksi of the Economic Allia points out in this months Sellinger fe Washington, D.C., metropolitan area transformation into one of the top ma technology sector. He notes how the workforce has contributed to this gro expected to arrive in organizations w skills. It is a given that students shou technologies that businesses are usi looking to business schools to gradu business into the use of some new te curricula will need to be "work ready" classroom, they can immediately tak work. Continue Reading the Dean's Reflec

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