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"xia1chui1 exagrer +++" "cheng1zn to praise, to compliment, vanter qqn, complimenter, acclamer, fliciter (_ I applaud your efforts)" "hui1xin1

n1 defeat, dfaite, failure, to fail, chouer ( _ shi1bi : to not despaired after a defeat, ne pas perdre espoir aprs une dfaite ) " "yin4xing impression _ zui4chu1 first impressions, premires impressions/ _)" "jing4ran2 unexpectedly ++" "dan1wi unit, agence (_ / _ huo4bi4_ unit montaire) ! "ti qiao3 le quelle concidence!" "tang3 tendu sur un lit ou sur le sol" "dong3shi4 sensible, intelligent, ""thoughtful"", ""sage""" "tong4ku3 souffrir, souffrance _ be concerned about the sufferings of the patient " "jie3g ... = tre foutu la porte (to be fired)" "shi1bi dfaite" "ming2ming2 videmment _ This is obviously his doing. or There can be no doubt that it was he who did it" "gao3co faire erreurs, se tromper, to mix up, se mlanger ++( _!)" "fang1n


program, programme, plan, scheme, schema (_ zhzhong1 : plan compromis / _ ti2 : suggest, propose plan)" "ling3dao3 leader++, leadership, diriger (_ bu2li4 not exercise effective leadership)" "duo1zui3 parler trop sur un sujet dlicat, voulant faire taire un peu la personne ldessus _)" ... "ji shi4... hai2 mme si++" "ai4shi4 un obstacle, inconvnient ++ (_doesn't matter if she can't come/ _/_)" "pian1pian1 dlibremment, contraiment ce qu'on s'attendait, avec persvrance, seulement (_)" "ben3lai2 originally, l'origine ++ (_)" "fang1min aspect, sujet, ct (, on one hand on the other hand/ _ stand on our side; prendre son ct/parti)" "nong4hui dpenser, ruiner, foutre le bordel" "shang1xin1 triste++, coeur bris" "Chdexio to be able to endure or to bear, supporter un problme ( _)" "zhou1nian2 anniversary, fte d'un vnement, pas d'une personne (_ 10th anniversary)" "kou3 wi er got de qqn" "cha1hu s'immiscer dans une conversation, s'interposer par une remarque (pas trs poli)" "chn while, pendant / _ asap / _: take the opportunity to / _ quand possible _

/ _/ _)" "lguan1 optimistic, optimiste, joyful (_ / _ shenshn cautious optimism; guarded optimism, optimiste prudent) " "Gn Se depecher ! = hurry up!)+++ Conduire vehicule" "ao2 tong1xiao1 travailler de nuit _[en enlevant 1ere lettre]) " "xiang1dang1 Plutt (_) Relativement Equivalent _ peu prs mme ge) " "jli violent, imptieux svre, ++ (_, _ strenuous exercice, _)" "Fan3ying4 Raction, rponse (_ chdn : react slowly/_ guo4min3 :raction allergne/ ou xiao1ji2_ pos. ng.)" "Kai1lang3 Facile a vivre" "Jish Faire diete" "shao3sh min2zu2 minorit ethnique" "di _ emprunter, un prt" "Gunch to observe, observer ( _ xi4xin1 : carefully observe, observer attentivement)" "xiao3qu1 voisinage d'un mme centre) ou regroupement d'difices commerciaux)" "L: oublier d'apporter ou perdre, est manquant (_ manque un point ""."")" "xi1 yin3

attract ... / zhyl attract attention) " "Z Pas reussir qqch (oral surtout), smash/bris (_ / _" "fa1chou2 anxieux, inquiet" "zhi1chi2 supporter qqn ou une cause" "Jian1qiang2 mentally strong, fort, Qqn Fort dans l adversite" "Shu A saying/ un dicton" "Tian1 donner la vie ,ajouter (_ ajouter vtements/additionner)" "Dndio Monotone _ in a monotonous tone / _ Yesterday's programme was rather dull. )" "yi2xing Constamment++" "Huj piece theatre" "Rodo. Faire dtour _ " "xingm projet (_, projects under way, projets en cours)" "Yw Business" "xing2shi4 shape, form" "ying2yang3 nutrition _ fyu2 nourishing, nutritious, nourissant)"

"feng1d manires, bearing (allure), deportment (maintien) (_ good manners, courtois)" "Xngchngchng excitedly, nerv, joyeux (_)" "Bjng apres tout" "hao3shuo1 hu helpful, Facile a parler Dit pas de mal de smbdy, te fait une faveur ou t'aide quand besoin" "Ynjing Faire discours Debats d idees" "zhn occup (terrain, place) , _ dsol de prendre tant de votre temps" "Qia1 disconnect, dconnecter, teindre, pincer, prendre fleurs (_, _dun dinxin : disconnect the wire) " "shuai1 to fall/tomber++ _ wrestling (lutte)" "Tujin Recommander (_ : recommendation letter, lettre de rfrence/ _ personnes-rfrences, referee/_ personne recommande)" "Ji S'abstenir (__, _/ _ break an abstinence, _ bague)" "yao1qing3 inviter, invitation (_ / _ / _wan2yan2 hui2ju She declined his invitation politely. Elle a dclin l'invitation poliment) " "xian2gong1fu temps libres" "Yoq Especially particularly (,_ I love music, especially classical music. ) " "ti2yi4 suggrer (2x)" "fan3zhng

de toute faon(anyway)" "pu1 to rush at, s'attaquer qqch, to lend, se pencher (kouyu) (_/ _ )" "jiao1you2 promenade campagne/pic-nic" "yu2l loisirs" "xian3de look, seem, appear, paratre +++ (_/ _)" "ban1zhang3 leader ++(d'une classe, d'une quipe)" "da1ying answer, promise, agree (_ shnkou : He agreed without thinking/ _/ ,_?)" "tiao2jin conditions ++, qualification, requirements (_ ConditionsFavorables/_ zhao1gan1 : Qualifications For Recruitment) " "qushi4 fiable, vraiment ++ _ (nouvelles fiables) _(yes he did come)" "nngli4 habilet" "gan3jin3 to rush on something to hurry +++(_, We're going to have to hurry up now.)" "shou1shi mettre de l'ordre" "bo2mu3 tante++" "tao3ln discuter/discussion+++ (_ fenzu : group discussion) " "qi3ye3 entreprise ++" "chao1

copier++, plagier _/ _ transcrire" "ti b qiao3 le tellement malheureux!" "kua1zhang1 vanter, exagrer ++" "yojin3 Essential/Etre press de/srieux/important (_ : doesn't matter, nothing serious/ _ hurry to go to work)" "zhuan1lai3 roder autour" "fang1shi4 mthode/faon (faon de faire qqch, de trouver qqch, etc.)+++ ( _ He meant well, though he said it in an inappropriate way.)" "qing2ji circonstances, endroit, intrigue" "nike1 mdecine interne, dpartement mdical" "yan3ji4 acter" "da3dun interrompre _" "da3rao3 dranger (_)" "hai3bo poster 2+" "que1 manquer de qqch, incomplet, dfectueux, tre absent, tre perdu, innocup" "gu3li4 inspire; hearten; inspiration encourager++ _ "guo4yin3 "

satisfy a craving, satisfaire une passion, enjoy +++ fait plaisir (+ ou utilis, un peu ngatif) (_This song is a joy to hear.) " "jiang3sh parler de, relater+++" "byi1zhi4

pas d'accord++" "chao3 make noise, bruyant (_ _ make noise)" "diocha2 investiguer/faire sondage" "wixing2 apparence ++" "chuan2ran3 infect, contagieux" "pa1 se pencher, coucher sur le ventre (to lie on stomach)" "zi3xi4 careful, attentive, avec attention, prudemment, mticuleux (_)" "mao2bing4 dfaillance" "znchng to approve, approuver ++ (_ disapprove of/ _ tou2pio :vote in favor)" "nnggn comptent, tre capable" "qu3 marrier une femme (_ _xfur take a wife / _ an unmarried man at thirty)" "zhou1do attentionn" "zhi3wng esprer, compter sur, ... compter sur mes enfants)" "shou3x procdures (_simple procedures/ _ formalities)" "nong4lun dsordre" "gobi simplify the procedure, the

dire au revoir" "tuo1yn consigner (check luggage)" "zhen1xi1 to cherish, chrir (_ )" "bi lai2 fan2 wo3 ne me drange pas" "n sombre _(dans la noirceur)" "tian1 chang2 di4 jiu3 everlasting idiom)" "hnbude one wishes one could (qqch arrive vite) (_I wish I could go immediately./_I'm dying to meet him" "kong1tiao2 air climatis" "xingc album" "hen3xin1 pas de coeur" "zgui to blame, blmer ++ ([en enlevant premier mot pour tre kouyu] _ i am the one to blame, je suis celui blmer) " "wu3sh arts martiaux" "qi3you3ci3li3 Nonsense! outrageous! absurde! inimaginable! (idiom) a n'a pas de sens! ( _)" "ji to marry (a husband) marrier un homme _ zhuan3_ to remarry (_/_) " "zhuan3go

to tell somebody words, to relay a message dire qqn les mots d'une autre personne ( _) " ++ "sheng1 saignant" "xian2zhe pas occup _ I've had nothing to do for the last couple of days. " "gng qn piano" "du y superflu/inutile" "wi p grand-mre maternelle" "xuyun collge" "zhng sh formel/officiel (_ _wnben, official text / _ vetements de ville)" "xn feng enveloppe" "chng k passagers" "b dng innappropri (__ inappropriate choice of words)" "zho kn prendre soin de" "mei sh gun gallerie d'art" "xng mng name and surname" "jio q banlieue" "gu q

expir" "zhu yo principal/principalement" "jngl manager/grant" "gun din point de vue (_ conservative point of view)" "wn sh r y Best wishes" "yn yu tng salle de concert" ... "j (30/40/etc)nin les annes 30/40++... " "gng jn kg" "zh y profession" "m l

table des matires" "jng gu passer par __) aprs avoir (_muscles fermes aprs entranement) " "xng bi sexe (m/f)" "yn zu concert, performance musicale" "jiny

suggrer ++" "beishng

triste (2x) " "jiey

complter un cours " "xyun thtre (lieu)" "huy se rapeller++/un souvenir" "b znme yng not up to much; very indifferent; nothing great about it; nothing good to be said about it" "shou4shng to hurt; to wound blesser" "di to lose" "tdin characteristics, caractristiques " "lsh

histoire" "zhongli espces, sortes de" "zhuju rle principal" "bu (to mend; to patch; remediation) _, _, _, _ " "xi

peur, faire peur" "yumei grce, lgance (2x)" " paysant/fermier" "sho

brler" "xioxi news abouts somebody, nouvelles de qqn (_) " "xngho

model; type (2x)" "xingi tomber en amour" "binfn repas simple" "rqng

warm-heart, enthousiast" "fengg style (_/_ excellent style)" "wn to bend, plier (_ take a detour, faire un dtour/ _ yao1: to bend over, se pencher/_ a curbe, une courbe)" "hshang

(Buddhist monk)" "ts

(characteristic; distinguishing feature)" "shf

(calligraphy)" "dinxin light refreshments; pastry dim sum" "youy

(friendship) 2x" "tunj to reunite; to gather together, se runir. (_ family reunion, runion de famille) )" "l qng qngy zhng

(The gift is trifling but the sentiment is profound) C'est la pense qui compte." "znzhng to respect; to value, avoir comme valeurs (_ valoriser science/_ hxiang1: se respecter mutuellement)" "biosh

(to show; to express)" "jngx (pleasant surprise)" "hunggng

(palace)++" "Ln tan2 Forum" "bian1ji2 to edit" "shang4chuan2 ""uploader""" "Chxin lunm apparat en ""garbage"" x" "shua1 xin1 ye4 mian4 rafraichir page" "Xizu pngti Platefore collaborative x" "biao1qian1 mettre une tiquette X" "cun2dng sauvegarder un fichier++" "ping2m screen, cran" "Xinsh yunsh montrer l'orignal (dtails courriel) x" "yong4hming2

nom d'usager" "li bi classification, catgorie++" "zheng3li3 to sort (trier), to organize (mettre ordre, dans des boites, par exemple) _ trier donnes/_ put a room in order) " "Xush susuo Recherche scolaire x" "shou1jinxiang1 bote de rception" "yi2 zhi4 dplacer vers X " "qi1zh tricher++" "cai2jing1 finances et conomies X" "kuis sht Quick view" "xian3shi4 xiang2xi4

Montrer infos dtaills du courriel x" "tong1xn l

carnet d'adresses" "shi4pin2 video++" "jia1zai4 charger (to load)" "zhuang3 shng installer, assembler" "biao1ji4 marquer (... to mark not read ...:wiwidu2) X " "L c li yujin

Filtrer les messagesX" " " "xing xn believe in , be convinced thrust avoir confiance en)" "zi1ben3zhu1yi4 capitalisme" "hn dtester+++, regretter" "Sh mn

Tir au but" " " "zhi2 jie1 direct, straightforward (_, _hui4w : meet sb. in person/ _ New-York : Je suis parti pour NewYork/_ a direct consequence)" "qu1ho code rgional" "Dang3zh Bloquer, ex. :but" " " "gn qng feeling, emotion (_ Hurt Smbd's feeling/ _He never reveals his true feelings./ _ yzh...: control one's emotion )" "jing chute ( chute de prix)" "jia1s acclration" "zhong1yu2 finalement +++" " " "zh sho at least" " " "xin xing appearance/phnomne (_ ychn... abnormal phenomena, phnomne pas normal )" "mei3zhong1 bzu2

(the fly on the ointment)/le seul inconvnient ()" 1 000 000 " yi1 bai3 wan4 1 000 000" "chuan2tong3 tradition" " " "hi yng ocean" "Yundn New Year's Day" "bao1rong2 tolrer ++ (mais le moins utilis)" " " "min2zhu

democracy" " " "rn h any (_ _ _ toujours)" "tao3yn rpugnant, dsagrable (_/ _!)" "tui4b regresser (_ )" "you2tirn juif" " chao2liu2 trend (tendances) (... nouvelles tendances)" " " "zhd system, institution (political, administrative)" "hao4qi2 curieux"

"shnliang2 qqn de bon et honnte (__)" "mi zh Not to be able to solve or to do about, no way to escape a problem ,_)" "yuan2fn destine" "huang3ran2dw raliser subitement (idiome)" "guan1yu2 about, concerning ( propos de) _..." "Zoum gun hu Un rapide coup d'oeil _ " "cong1mang2 la hte, prcipit (_ partir press/_ _ zuch judng : make a hasty decision, prcipite )" "chuan2shuo1 lgende" "qian1wn must, be sure to, absolument, 10 millions, un trs grand nombre de qqch (_ /_/ _)" "shao1 cuit, rti" "li3jie3 ... comprhension de l'crit (en lisant)" "Fijn take great efforts, requiert grands efforts (_)" "Ty Specialement (pour un but particulier) _-?" "Jia1 Pincer / Mettre en sandwich folder/sous le bras" "Hyng Photo groupe" (

"huai2yi2 doutes" "shi4y une cause, une priorit, change, industrie, business, carrire, facilities ( _ zhngy de_ : a just cause)" "dui4ci3 ce sujet" "you2y hsiter (_/ _)" "zhao1tie1 poster 2+" "zhen1 b xing hu what a shame! vraiment choquant, pas exemplaire." "ci4ji1 stimulus, excitation, stimulation, provoquer, irriter _ Don't provoque him. " "jian3zhi2 simplement (_ Lngfi zhme ho de lingshi _sh fnzuIt's a crime to waste such good food)" "hun1yin1 marriage" "guibude pas surprenant, no wonder (_/_,) " "xiang1fng to come across++++, meet by chance _ "dnyun "

only wish../ if only... (something could be true) _ (if only it would clear up soon)" "jsh technology, technologie (_ gxn : technological innovation/_ gmng : technological revolution)" "trn suddenly, soudainement (_: fshngnoj: An idea flashed across my mind./_ swn : mort soudaine/_ m'a surpris)" "dio

to drop; to fall, tomber (2x)" "jngs

scenery (paysage) /landscape ++" "fdou

trembler" "jubn tenir une rception, runion, etc. " "tpin

photo (2x)" "yu hu oil painting, peinture" "zhan1tie1 coller ++" "linji lien" "Shuang1ji1 Double click" 100 000 000 " yi1 yi4

100 000 000" 10 050 026 " OR yi1 qian1 ling2 wu3 wan4 ling2 er4 shi2 liu4 OR shi2 liu4 10 050 026" " " "j sh

yi1 qian1 ling2 wu3 wan4 er4

promptly, in time _ arriver dans le bon moment/ _)" "ji ming4

sauver vie de qqn" "widi4 rn personne d'ailleurs au pays (pas de la ville o on est)"

"diao1xing statue" "jisan even if, mme si+++ _ If he doesn't want to go, he doesn't need to. We'll go anyway. " "you2bian1 postal code" "bi3ci3 each other/l'un l'autre (_ They are very friendly with each other/ _ _hyng : support each other)" "mifa3er rien faire avec cela/ ne peut pas tre cela/a ne sert rien (, sert rien d'argumenter avec lui) " "yin3cang2 cacher, masquer" "ying3xiang3 impact, influence bonne influence), influencer, to disturb, faire un impact" "hok hospitable (hospitalier)" "hao3ch avantages " "wich inconvnients+++" "duo1sh most (la plupart, majorit) _... la plupart des familles utilisent)" "ziyu2 to consist in, to lie in, to rest with (consiste ) (_ la vie c'est un sport)" "shou3sh surgery, opration chirurgicale _, _)" "shi4jun exam ++"


un prix (gagner) _ scholarship (bourse)/ _ bonus au travail" "gi construire 2x (_ _xnfng build new houses/_ xi1 genou)" "zhung

to knock; to collide (_/ _/ _ try one's luck; take a chance)" "zhu

to clutch; to catch; to arrest" "bifn backup / sauvegarde donnes" "Tbio Icne / icon" " " "zhng fu government" "h fox" "sh zi lion" "zh zh spider" "lo hu tiger" "yng w Parrot" "hu monkey" "shu1fa3jia1 calligrapher" "qian1xu1

modest" "wnxujia1 writer" "lq pleasure, joy _ joys of life, plaisirs de la vie)" "zhog to look after, to care for++, to take into account (_ garder infants)" "guan1xin1 to care for _ i'm very conscerned about you)" "xin1ling2 intelligent, spirituelsoul(esprit _ jibi : a pure mind, une me pure/ _ yuxio: a childish heart, un coeur d'enfant " "gui4zi cupboard" "qiao1luo2da3gu3 to beat drums and gongsx" "hui4yi4shi4 meeting room salle confrence" "leng3jing4 calme" "cu1xin1 careless, ngligent, pas perfectionist" "ming2qu clair, dfini, clairement (_ a clear goal, un but prcis, clair)" "xin4xin1 conviction, confiance (_ :build up own confidence/_ lose confidence/_ self confidence)" "xiozhang3 directeur cole" "chao1shi1 supermarch" "you1mo4

humour ()" "ji1dong4 agit, excit (_ / _ be unable to suppress one's excitement " "xing1fn excited, excit ++ (_,He was too excited to fall asleep. Trop excit pour dormer) " "shi1wng du" "curu de fragile" "qin1wen3 to kiss, embrasser" "yuan2ling to forgive smb, pardonner qqn" "jisheng1yi1 life jacket (veste de sauvetage)" "pilio ingredients" "homa3pai2 car license plate (plaque d'immatriculation)" "shao2zi spoon / cuillre" "zhong1shi2

faithful, fidle (++)" "qi3dong4 to start (a machine)" "shi4zhang3 mayor/maire" "jishi3zhng driving licence (permis conduire)" "shou3fa3 techniques++, tricks"

"gngchn zhuy communisme" "shi2ji4 ralit, pratique (_, li3ln lian2xi4_, to integrate theory with practice/ _ actually/ _ practical)" "feng1f riche, abondant (_ ,zyun rich in natural resources / _, be very experienced) " "gan3ji1 se sentir reconnaissant/to feel grateful ( je vous suis trs reconnaissant)" "shi2fen1 beaucoup, extrmement ++ (/.../.../...,,, etc.)" "shuo1ming2shu1 user manual" "que1dian3 inconvnients++, lacunes (shortcomings, drawback) " "you1dian3 avantages ++" "qi4hou4 climat (meteo et ambiance)" "bli3 ignore smb/ignorer qqn" "shngjing3 Bible" "ji1du1tu2 christian, chrtien" "fan3f again and again " qian2ho ( se produit encore et encore)"

about (vers le), in front and behind (en avant et en arrire), du dbut jusqu' la fin" "xiao3zu3 groupe ++" "Zor kngf Get well soon (Prompt rtablissement!)" "xiang3nin

s'ennuyer de/to miss smb" "guo4q le pass, the past(_ fnteng Don't rake up the past, ne fouille pas le pass/_ past tense/_)" "shu1chng confortable" "feng1shou1 bumper harvest (rcolte)" "bian1po feux d'artifices" "dling a large number (_ beaucoup d'amour/_ beaucoup de faits)" "zeng1jia1 to add ++ (le plus utilis) increase, raise (_/_/_)" "zeng1tian1 to add ++(_)" "rdi tropics" "gshigyng all kinds of(_)" "gong1din palais++" "hmxiang1chu3 to live in harmony (_)" "zui4shao3 au minimum (_5 )" "gua1feng1 windy/venteux" "shi4ji4 century/sicle _ shen3pn : century trial/procs du sicle)" "ling3tu3 territoire (_)" "minji1 area/superficie (_) " "shou3du1 capitale nationale"

"jinpan2 clavier" "shi1zi lion" "nong2li4 calendrier lunaire" "Tnqn fng you visiter parents et amis" "xin1xian1 frais (lgumes)" "shi4ying4 adaptabilit/s'adapter hunjng adapt oneself to circumstances" "nozhong1 rveille-matin" "fngqi4 to give up, to renounce, to abandon (_/_ biojuqun: abstain from voting /_ yunz : forsake one's principles)" "bdb to have no choice but , to have to (_/ _ xiang3shou4 we have to do it . try to enjoy it) " "zhuang1zuo4 to feign (feindre), faire semblant de, disguised as (dguiser en) (_ pretend to be asleep / _ be disguised as a shepherd)" "do d to the end; to the finish; indeed; ever; aprs tout++ _" "fn _ every; _ extraordinary (_ / Mozart _)" "boch (V) keep; maintain; preserve (_ ,_lenjn : keep calm )" "du2mzhou1 canoe (canot)" "Biwngl memos/ calepin de notes" "cixing

to suppose (supposer que) +++" "lln theory (_, _lian2xi4 shi2ji4, to integrate theory with practice/ _ in theory, en thorie)" "Yngchou2 Activite de job, 5 7, etc." "guo2chan3 fait au pays" "shq (V) lose, perdre (_ zhi1ju, perdre conscience/ _ xin4xin1 perdre confiance)" "qnglng fine, sunny " "you3xin1 have a mind to. (avoir l'esprit, l'envie pour faire) _" "kuan1rong2 tolrer ++ (le plus utilis)" "zhi4chng tre fait de (made of an alloy of copper and nickel. _ yu tng h ni...)" "hcai2 to cheers/to acclaim (acclamer, encourager en criant)" "jiao4han3 to shout (crier+++) (les caractres s'inversent)" "zhming2zhe3 famous person (personne connue)" "yang2sheng1qi4 speakers (haut-parleurs)" "er3ji1 headphones (couteurs)" "tu1tou2 bald head (tte chauve) (_)" "ben3yi4 original intention, original meaning (_ He meant well, though he said it in an inappropriate way. )" "qungo

advise (conseil) (_ Always remember my advice.)" "hu2jiao1 pepper (poivre)" "rncai2 handsome, talented (beau, talentueux) " "you3 ji3fen1 (_ be rather good-looking )"

a bit, somewhat (un peu) "hu

to get worse, worsen, rempirer (_ His health condition has worsened./ _ Jsh The situation is getting worse and worse. " "shao3bud cannot be avoided, cannot do without, ne peut tre, ne peut tre fait que ( _ reference books are indispensable in scientific studies)" "wnmeiwque parfait en tout point (_ / _)" "pi2jia1 wallet (porte-monnaie, porte-feuille, wallet)" "ju2shi4 situation (_ La situation empire, situation worsened)" "wnmeizhuyi4zhe3

a perfectionnist, un perfectionniste (_)

" "lk (adv) immediately; at once; right away (_I'll go right away. /_ I'm dying to meet him.)" "p (v,adj) broken; damaged (_! /_ banqueroute/_ ruin/ _ _ln worn out, en lam beaux)" "jun1rn soldier/soldat" "yi1 jin zhong1qing2

fall in love at first sight, coup de foudre" "bing1xiang1

fridge, rfrigrateur " "wei1bo1 microwave" "xin1jiotu2 Protestants" "tian1zhu3jio (de) catholic" "zi4zhcan1 buffet" "jiyi4 to take offence, s'offusquer de (_)" "l _ gu_, _ j_ encourage/ _ jing_ reward" "shoubshjun avoir toujours un livre dans la main : tudier de manire trs assidu, to study hardly, very studious, trs studieux" "tong2yi1 tian1 ce jour-l +++, ce mme jour " "q utensil, _ machine; _ wu_ weapon, arme_ _xi apparatus, appareils, plus pour mesures et pour sport; _ musical instrument)" "you2yu2 because, parce que" "bai3tuo1 to get rid of, se dbarasser de. (_! / _ _ xywichng de ji xngwi)" "yu2chun3 silly, foolish, stupid, fatiguante (_ to get rid of this foolish custom)" "fan2duo1 various (_ : a wide variety of goods/ _ : a great variety )" "bln whether; regardless of no matter, peu importe (_ dun4: bouilli jian1: to pan fry / _)" "binli4

convenient++, pratique++" "qzhng among, parmi _)" "quesho (V) lack; be short of; manque de" "qin (V) owe devoir qqn _? / _ 20 /_ 10000 " "qian1zhng visa (_ shen1qing3 : to apply for a chinese visa, faire la demande pour un visa chinois )" "zao3yi3 long ago, il y a longtemps, for a long time _" "hobyuy without the least hesitation, sans la moindre hsitation (_) "shuo1buding4 can't say for sure, maybe +++, peut-tre +++" "Bo zu ho de xwng, zu zu hui de zhunbi Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Esprant le mieux, mais on se prpare au pire." "xun2qiu2 to seek, to search for, chercher _ _ (to look for the truth)/ _ continuously" "nong4buqing1 unable to figure out, peut pas dterminer qqch _ / _" "chai1kai1 to disassemble, dmonter (_ dmonter une machine)" "hui1xin1sngqi4 to disheartened, to discourage, se dcourager (_ : easily disheartened by difficulties)" "zhu2zi4zhu2j word by word, mot mot (_/ _)" "rai4 aimer beaucoup+++ pour certains trucs seulement (_, _ dong4w [animaux], _)" "h (V) call, appeler (skype, etc.) )" "chdo (v) "

be late, en retard (,_fouz...) " "fouz (CONJ) otherwise sinon (,_) " "ychng (ADJ) unusual; abnormal, pas normal, pas usuel (_ abnormal phenomena/ _ he is not his usual self today) " "wn to smell, sentir, to hear, couter (_ news, nouvelles/ _ smells terrible)" "Lodao1 Repeat always smthg" "yi4zhi4 to restrain, retenir (_ fnn, to restrain one's anger, contrler sa colre)" "ji2shi3 even if, mme si +++ (_)" "bao3shou3 to protect, to guard, to keep, protger, garder (_ dang3 Conservative Party/_ conservative point of view)" "B gunxn bzih don't care a damn, s'en fout (dernire partie moins vulgaire)" "wnrn famous person, personne clbre" "wiwzhuyzhe3 materialist, matrialiste" "hou4guo3 consequences (_ / _ chngdn... accept the consequences, accepter les consquences ) " "sheng3qu to save (time), sauver, to spare, to get rid of, se dbarasser de (worries) (_ sauver des ennuis)" "bi4bke3shao3 it's absolutely necessary, ncessaire, indispensable_)" "cai2nng _-?/

talent, ability, habilet (Mozart _)" "sheng3shi2sheng3li4 save both time and energy, sauver du temps et de l'nergie" "dfng generous, gnreux (_)" "rngwo3 xiang3do it makes me think, cela me fait penser..." "jie2sh to finish, terminer (_ zhngzheng1 after the war has finished)" "gao3hn

to confuse++, to mix up, se mlanger avec_" "tan3shui frankly, honntement, to be blunt, pour dire vrai, pour tre honnte, pour tre franc (_, _)" "weihi (V N) endanger; jeopardize; harmnuire, mettre en danger_)" "shengyi (N) business; trade, affaires (_)" "wile (prep) for, for the sake of, for the purpose of, in order to, pour (_)" "dwi (N) position; status (_, qu3juyu2 : depending of your status, you could dpendamment de votre statut, vous pourriez...)" "kngzh (V) control, dominate, command, control panel, dominer, contrler, (__/_ controllant)" "fei bke must (__ : must come, doit venir/ __: must go, doit y aller)" "jiotng (N) traffic; transportation _ public transport, transport en commun)" "cntng (N) restaurant; dining roomsalle manger" "qi2shi2 in fact, in reality, en fait, en ralit" "yng gng Hardworker in studies bourreau de travail dans tudes, assidu, fait gros

efforts" "l f haircut; hairdressing,coiffure, une coupe de cheveux" "bang3yng an example as a person, un example dans la vie (_/ _ to be a role model)" "pngchng (N ADJ) generally; usually+++; ordinary; common; habituellement, d'habitude" "jingyu (N) soy sauce" "xingtng (ADJ) identical, same, alike, pareil, semblable, identique ( __)" "h pngsh yi1yng as usual, comme d'habitude" "sh stupid, idiotic (_ : idiot/ _ gu: idiot/_ ya1tou2 silly little girl [humoristic])" (F ) "hu (_ _w goods, marchandises/ _ b: money, currency, monnaie)" "bj (N) notes_ i'm taking notes, je prends des notes)" "bozhng (V N) ensure, assure, guarantee, promise, promettre, garantir (_ I promise you my best effort, je te promet que je ferai de mon mieux)" "juxn (N V) be determined, determination, dtermin, dtermination _ be determined to, tre dtermin de/ _)" "cho stir fry, saute; chofn fried rice; chomin ""chow mein"", fried noodles (_ fired person, personnes vires, = dit par les vieux)" "zi4hao2 to be proud, tre fier (_/_)" "gu1du2 alone, solitary, solitaire, seul" "ci3k now, at the moment, ce moment, main tenant (_ he ought to have arrived at this time/_ci3shi2 at this very moment)" "jioxu ka3pin flashcards, cartes-mmoires" "chu2fei1 unless, only if, seulement si, moins que_)" "sho huan1ying2

popular, populaire (_)" "min3gan3 sensitive, fragile (_ i have a sensitive skin, j'ai une peau fragile)" "bke go rn kept secret, divulged, hidden, tenus secret (_, _" "ben3di4 native, natif (__)" "Rokoulng tongue twister, mot difficile prononcer" "hao3shi2ji1 a moment of joy, un bon moment, un moment agrable" "xin1shi4 worries, preoccupation, ennuies, proccupations" "ynryouxn to keep one's word, tenir parole. Chose promise, chose due." "jia3sh let us suppose, suppose that, supposons sue +++ _,)" "ni b zh xngzi lose patience, perdre patience (_)" "can2kui4 to be ashamed, avoir honte "zuo4y xi4tong3 (_! jai honte!)"

operating system, systme d'exploitation" "qu3juyu2 be decided by, depend on, dpend de, dpendamment de (_)" "shu1minyu3 written language, literary language, language crit, littraire" "zhi2min2di4 a colony, une colonie (_)" "mei f sh hairdresser, coiffeur"


twins, jumeaux ( __ " "Ly xiolo my pleasure, c'est un plaisir, glad to help, heureux d'aider (__ happy to help you)" "xizi uninstall, dsinstaller" "jin4qi1 soon arrived, in the near future, trs bientt, prochainement (_)" "Zo shu zoq to get up early and go to bed early, se coucher tt, se lever tt (_)" " 6 ou 6 " "cai2 6 dian3shui4 ou 6 dian3 ji shui4 le Il a dormi 6h (c'est tt)" "chang3h occasion (_) " "Fngshi shung

sunburn protection, sunscreen, crme solaire" ".... as soon as I/we/they " "guo4shi2 obsolete, pass date (_ Hsh cdi y ...)" "you2ji4 travel notes, notes de voyage" "xing2shu1 handwriting le plus pop., l'criture la main la plus pop. _ )" "zhnn

guide, guidebook (_ / _ Yngh... user manual)

" "kui do soon arrived, in the near future, trs bientt, prochainement ++ ( _ soon the weekend " "shzhi4 to set up, configurer" "fen1sh notes (score) (_)" "huai2yn pregnant, enceinte" x "hai ji hai2 you3 san1 tian1 wo3 ji q du2jia1 le Il reste 3 jours et je pars en vacances" x"... ... wo3 chi1 shnme ci dou1 ke3yi3 No matter what I eat it. Peu importe ce qu'il y a je le mange." "jiqi1 vacation, holiday, vacances, cong (_ / _)" "Zhungsh pn decorations, dcorations" 12 "12 dian3 cai2 shui4 Il a dormi minuit (c'est tard)" "xi3j a comedy, une comdie" "hwi outside, dehors, l'extrieur (_, _)" "tong1chang2 usually+++, habituellement" "Wn shu wn q to get up late and go to bed late, se coucher tard et se lever tard (_)" "lou4dong4 a computer bug, un bogue informatique" "fu2wqi4

server, serveur" "xian3shi4ka3 graphics card, carte vido" "ling2jin spare parts, pices informatiques" "geng1xin1 kai1shi3

restart (computer), redmarrer (ordinateur" "dai4jin4 er interesting++, intressant (_ simply wonderful to listen to it/ _/_)" " as soon as i don't feel well, I go to see the doctor" "ci2zhi2 to resign, dmissionner (_/ 1989 _/_)" "xin4jio religious, religieux (_)" "gao1qing1 HD high definition, haute dfinition" "chang2shi4 to try, to experiment, essayer, faire une exprience avec (_ ci2zhi2...)" " " "lao3shi always, forever, toujours, constamment (_ gai3 he always changes his mind)" "ji4yi4

memory, souvenir ( _ beau souvenir)" "zong1jio religion" "tou2pio to vote, voter (_/ _)" "qian1zi

signature (_ to sign a contract [only the first letter])" "ynchng (V) lengthen; prolong; extend, prolonger, extensionner (_ extension cord)" "yi1zhi2 always, continuously, continuellement (+++) _" "jzhng (V ADJ) focus, concentrate; amass; centralized, se concentrer sur" "shi4fou3 whether or not, si oui ou non (_" "np (CONJ) even if, mme si +++" "yshng (N) more than; abovede plus _" "yxi (N) below; under, de moins _" "slio (N) plastics (_ plastics bags, sacs de plastique)" "yoshi (conj)

in case; if; suppose supposons +++, si +++" "ci2hui4 vocabulary, vocabulaire (_ vocabulary list, _ vocabulaire commun)" "b yo qian2 it's free, gratuit ++" "zheng3xing2wike1

plastic surgery, chirurgie plastique" "dioxin the call had dropped, l'appel a coup" "quxio (V)

cancel; abolish; call off (_ annuler un rendez-vous)" "jin4ri4 the past few days, il y a quelques jours" "djio

to shout, crier +++" "xiao3gu1zi sister-in-law, belle-soeur (husband's younger sister, plus jeune soeur du mari)" "zuo4xi1 work and rest, horaire (_ gui1l" gui1l "liz (V)

come from, provenir de, venir de, originaire de (_)" "bifen seniority in the family, rang dans la famille _)" "shi2jian1biao3 agenda, schedule, timetable, hoarier" "cou4he cou4he

passable, so-so, pas si mal, pas si pire" "wo3zi xiang3 shi4qing i'm thinking, je suis en train de penner" "shuai1jiao1 to trip and fall (trbucher et tomber, senfarger, au figur ou en vrai) " "izi1bing4

aids, sida" "qiang2zhung

strong, fort " (F ) 1872: [yn] faint, swoon; s'vanouir tuyn dizzy; [yn] dizzy, faint, halo; hngyn blush "shao1 xiang1 burn incense, brler encens" "zhngtu (n)

hour, heure (mainly used in oral Chinese)" "wend (N)

temperature _ 16 26 ) "


to this this opportunity to, en profiter pour " "dngrn (ADJ)

moving; touching, touchant ++(_)" "you yng

usefulutile ++ (_? )" ... "you2ni3 it's up to you, youre the boss, cest toi qui dcide, cest comme tu veux (_ /_! believe me or not, its up to you!) ***" "huo2dolao3 xudolao3 Never too late to learn, jamais trop tard pour apprendre" "hai2 you3 bi de shi4

An other thing I want to talk, aussi, autre chose ( dire) " / "quan2(h/chi1)guang1le everything was drink/eaten, tout a t bu/mang (_ / _)" "lguo4 to pass a place on the way, passer par une telle place (_ )" "jiao1tong1gong1j means of communication, moyens de transport" "shuynj (N)

radio (receiver)" "you3ji1

organic, biologique (_ filio : organic fertilizer, compost)"