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BIBLIOGRAPHY Primary Sources A. Private Papers 1.

India Office Library and Records, London (IOLR) Chelmsford Papers Malcolm Haily Papers Harcourt Butler Papers Hardinge Papers Irwin Papers Meston Papers Montagu Papers Reading Papers Zetland Papers 2. Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) Mohamed Ali Papers M.A. Ansari Papers Zakir Husain Papers 3. National Archives of India (NAI) Jayakar Papers Rajendra Prasad Papers Tyabji Papers 4. Nehru Memorial Museum and Library Abdul Qayum Ansari Papers (in the possession of his son Nishat Ansari) AICC Papers A.N. Sinha Papers A.M. Khiraj Papers Chelmsford Papers Chagla Papers Chhatari Papers C. Rajagopalachari Papers G.B. Pant Papers (Microfilm) Halifax Papers Harry Haig Papers (Microfilm) J.N. Papers Jay Prakash Narayan Papers K.K. Datta Papers Mazharul Haq Papers Montagu Papers Moti Lal Nehru Papers Muhammad Shafi Daoodi Papers Rajendra Prasad Papers (Microfilm) Swami Sahjanand Saraswati Papers Syed Mahmud Papers B. GOVERNMENT RECORDS National Archives of India, New Delhi (NAI)

Fortnightly Reports to the Home Department of the Government of India from the Government of Bihar and Orissa, filed as Home Political. These files are divided into A, B and D (Deposit) catagories. Bihar State Archives, Patna (BSA). History of Freedom Movement Files: These files, containing government reports, individual memoires and newspaper extracts, were collected for the K.K. Dattas volumes on History of Freedom Movement in Bihar, These are in typed form. Police Abstracts of intelligence (B&O, Annual) Political Special Department Files C. ANNUAL PUBLICATION Owen, G.E., Bihar and Orissa in 1921 (Patna: Superintendent Government Printing, 1922). Prior, H.C., Bihar and Orissa in 1922 (Patna: Superintendent Government Printing, 1923). Prior, H.C., Bihar and Orissa in 1923 (Patna: Superintendent Government Printing, 1926). Prior, H.C., Bihar and Orissa in 1924-25 (Patna: Superintendent Government Printing, 1927). Collins, B.A., Bihar and Orissa in 1925-26 (Patna: Superintendent Government Printing, 1927). Jackson, J.W.C., Bihar and Orissa in 1927-28 (Patna: Superintendent Government Printing, 1929). Jagmohan, R., Bihar and Orissa in 1929-30 (Patna: Superintendent Government Printing, 1931). Mansfield, P.T., Bihar and Orissa in 1930-31 (Patna: Superintendent Government Printing, 1932). William, R.A.E., Bihar and Orissa in 1931-32 (Patna: Superintendent Government Printing, 1933). Gupta, R.L., Bihar and Orissa in 1932-33 (Patna: Superintendent Government Printing, 1934). Wilcock, J.S., Bihar and Orissa in 1933-34 (Patna: Superintendent Government Printing, 1935). Solomon, S., Bihar and Orissa in 1934-35 (Patna: Superintendent Government Printing, 1936). Narain, K., Bihar and Orissa in 1935-36 (Patna: Superintendent Government Printing, 1937). Wasi, S.M., Bihar and Orissa in 1936-37 (Patna: Superintendent Government Printing, 1938). Report of Indian Newspapers and Periodicals of Bihar and Orissa in 1920-30 (Patna: Government Printing, 1931). Report of Indian Statutory Commission, vol. I, II& III (Calcutta: Government Printing Press, 1930). Report of the Rowlatt, (Sedition) Committee, 1918 (NAI). Report and Proceedings of Bihar Provincial Congress Committee, (Annual), BSA. Report and Proceedings of the Bihar Muslim League, BSA. Report and Proceedings of Bihar Provincial Khilafat Committee, BSA.

Report and Proceedings of Indian National Congress, (Annual), BSA. D. INTERVIEWS Transcript at Oral History Section, NMML. Choudhary, Valmiki Diwakar, R.R. Harekrushna, Mahtab Jagjivan, Ram Kripalani, Sucheta Mahmud, Syed Narayan, Jayaprakash Shastri, Bhola Paswan Sinha, B.P. E. NEWSPAPERS AND PERIODICALS Amrita Bazar Patrika (Calcutta) Biharee (Patna) Behar Herald (Patna) Bombay Chronicle (Bombay) Comrade (Delhi) Express (Patna) Hunkar (Patna) Indian Nation (Patna) Ittehad (Patna) Janata (Patna) Leader (Allahabad) Mithila Mihir (Darbhanga) Modern Review (Calcutta) Motherland (Patna) Navashakati (Patna) Searchlight (Patna) Statesman (Calcutta) Times of India (Delhi) Tribune (Chandigarh) Yogi (Patna) Yuvak (Patna) F. SECONDARY SOURCES PUBLISHED BOOKS AND UNPUBLISHED THESIS Ahmad, Aziz, Islamic Modernism in India and Pakistan 1857-1964 (London: Oxford University Press, 1967). _______, Studies in Islamic Culture in the Indian Environment, (London: Oxford University Press, 1964). Ahmad, Imtiaz, (ed.), Caste and Social Stratification among Muslims in India (Delhi: Manohar,1978). Ahmad, Q., The Wahabi Movement in India (Calcutta: Firma K.L. Mukhopadhyay, (1966).

______, The Wahabi Movement in India (Delhi: Manohar, reprint, 1994. Ahmad, Q. and Jha, J.S., Mazharul Haq, (Delhi: Publication Division, 1976). Ahmad, Rafiuddin, The Bengal Muslims 1871-1906: A Quest for Identity, (Delhi: Oxford University Press, 1981). Ali, Ashraf, The Muslims Elite (Delhi: Atlantic Publishers, 1982). Ayde, S.R., Massage of Asiana, (Chhapra: Mazharul Haq Memorial Board, 1962). Azad, Maulana Abul Kalam, India Wins Freedom, (Calcutta: Orient Longman, 1959). Aziz, K.K., Britain and Muslim India (London: Heinemann, 1968). _____, A History of the Idea of Pakistan, Vol. I, (Lahore: Vanguard, 1987). ______, (ed.), The All India Muslim Conference 1928-35, (Karachi: National Publishing House, 1972). Balkhi, Fasihuddin, Wahabi Movement, (Delhi: Classical Publishing Company, 1983). Bayly, C.A., (ed.), The Illustrated History of Modern India 1600-1947, (Bombay: Oxford University Press, 1991). _____, (ed.), The Local Roots of Indian Politics: Allahabad, (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1975). Bose, Subhas Chandra, The Indian Struggle 1920-1942 (Calcutta: Asia Publishing House, 1964). Bose, S.R., Economy of Bihar (Calcutta: Firma K.L.Mukhopadhyay, 1971). Brass, Paul R., Language, Religion and Politics in North India, (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press,1972). Brown, J.M., Gandhis Rise to Power: Indian Politics 1915-1922, (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1972). ______, Gandhi and Disobedience1928-1934, (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1977). ______, Gandhi Prisoners Hope, (Delhi: Cambridge University Press, 1990). Broomfield, J.H., Elite Conflict in a Plural Society: Twentieth Century Bengal, (Berkeley, University of California Press, 1968). Chandra, Bipan, Nationalism and Colonialism in Modern India (Delhi: Orient Longman, 1979). Chandra, Bipan, Communalism in Modern India (Delhi: Vikas Publishing House, 1984). Chaudhri, N.C., Thy Hand Great Anarch! India 1921-1952, (London: 1987). Domodaran, Vinita, Broken Promises: popular Protest, Indian Nationalism and the Congress Party in Bihar 1935-1946, (Delhi: Oxford University Press, 1992). Das, Arvind N., Agrarian Unrest and Socio-economic Change in Bihar 1900-1980, (Delhi:Manohar, 1983). Das, Arvind N., Does Bihar Show the Way? (Calcutta: Research India Publication,1979). Datta, K.K., History of Freedom Movement in Bihar Volume I, II&III, (Patna: Government of Bihar Press, 1957). ____, Gandhiji in Bihar, (Patna: Government of Bihar Press, 1959).

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