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ae Tm Citas bated svelte Kinds of Sentenca. Grammars*§ Punctuation Previde regular practice with important grammar and punctuation rules and watch your students’ writing improve! Grammar and Punctuation, Grade 3 presents 25 grade- ‘appropriate rules fallowed by three activity sheets for practicing each rule, Contents Rule Parts.of 0 Sentence... conccmnnnmniinnnneinnrnnncnninnan Rule 2 Kinds of Sentences. pestiagenatcrle Rule 3 Conjunctions. Siena W Rule § Common & Proper Nouns... Sena Rule 5 Singular & Plural Nouns — eve WW Rule 6 Forming Plural Nouns nen nena BD Rule? Trregular Plural Nouns. eae Rule 8 PROMOURS on coon certecammecusrraine Rule9 Using T & Me 35 Rule 10 Forming Possessive NOUNS... 39 Rule Tl Possessive Pronouns ...... 43 Rule 2 Verbs... ne as weeps che Rule 13 Subject-Verb AgreemeNt on connnsenerneneen Rule 1H Verb Tenses... 55. Rule 15 Forming Present Tense Verb... enn 5 Rule 16 Forming Past Tense Verbs... 63. Rule 7 Adjectives ane er Rule 18 Comporative & Superlative Adjectives... TI Rule 19 Articles (a. an, the)... a 75 Rule 20 Comma Usage {Wards in a Series)... ma Rule 21 Comma Usage (Dates and Addresses}. 83 Rule 22 Comma Usage (Introductory Words and Names) 87 Rule 23 Comma Usage (Letters)... aan Rule 24 Quotation Marks... Rule 25 Word Usage [Can and May} Notes to the Teacher. Grammar ond Punctuation Review. Student Record Sheet , Answer Key... - Congratulations on your purchase af some of the finest teaching materials in the world. or information abevt other Evan-Moor produets, d Cat YSOOTTIah8e or FAX vh0OT eae Correlate Vit ou Web eke sonmavanencoccom te State: or additional product information. = rte contr 2002 ty EVAN-MOOA CORP. 8 Lame Ragscai Ove, ertaey, CA 99940-5748, Permian etay grec tr ria pura 29 Ieprosica stent manatee bone or hanes ‘ans own nescence Becca ee raed Visit this site 10 view a correlation of | Gre: caylee peep this book's activities to your state's Firman sa standards, This is irae service. About the Book The features of Grammar and Punctuation, Grade 3 inchude: 25 Rule Charts Reproduce these charts on everhead transparencies for ease of presentation. Choose the rules and the order of use that are appropriate to the needs of | your students. Review the charts regularly 3 Practice Pages for Each Rule Use as mony repreducible practice pages as appropriate fer your students. These pages may be used with the whole class or as independent practice. You may wish to do a single practice page each time you review a rule. Grammar and Punctuation Review This four-page review provides a means of evaluating your students’ ‘acquisition of the grammar and punctuation skills presented. With young students, you may wish to use the review pages one at a time, perhaps using the entire review again at year-end. Student Record Sheet On the student record sheet, the g marand punctuation sklls are keyed te the practice pages and test items. Answer Key A complete answer key begins on page 108. About the CD-ROM Loading the Program 1 2 3 Put the CDin your CD drive, This On'some computers, the ‘After the program starts, you will CD-ROM contains both Windows program will automatically start | orrive at the main menu and MacOS programms ‘up. Tithe program does not start Your computer will recognize the 2utomattically. correct program. Windows—go to My Computer, double click on the CO drive, then double click on Begin.exe, ‘MacOS—double click on the €D icon on your desktop, then double click on Begin. 102002 by Evan-Moor Corp 1 Grarear ond Punetustion, Grade 3 + EMC 2713