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Hello. Ill point you here to various spiritual and mind power techniques that wor k...

and that is all you should know...they simply work and do so pretty quickly, I wold dare some work faster than instant (and you will know what I mean when y ou experience it). And the reason they work that way is because they actually wo rk, and are powerful, so no need to do it endlessly to realize they dont work for you right now (like a lot of people experience when doing visuaizations, affirm ations, etc...wich actually do work if you are ready for it, believe in them and do it from the correct frame and state of mind). Since you are probably reading this while connected to internet I will share with you some links directly from the sources I learned all of these techniques(and theory too). Read everything that is in the links so you work from a better frame of mind, understand everyth ing and get as much as you can from the teachings(you know, just reading helps a s it seems that the authors have written from the state that they talk about and it seems to pass from them to you...seriously). So well start by experiencing ou r essential nature (are you getting excited already?): http://www.headless.org/ - This blowed my mind(at least my head)literally(my hea d not so much,relax) and faster than instanly the first time I did it(and I was a kid at the time). http://www.kinslowsystem.com/learn.html - Download the Pure Awareness audio and the gate technique if you want. Also, search videos of the man in youtube...you can really learn this stuff for free...forget the healing techniques and just do the Pure Awareness and meditation thing. And I shouldnt tell you this, but you c an 'ilegally' download his first books...they are all over the internet. From here, you can just read about everything about meditation and understand it ...you can and will probably find your own tricks and mind experiments to make m editation easier. Everything written about meditation are just the tricks and ex periences people get while meditaing...most will be useless to you without a rea l foundation and experience(or non-experience)like the one this exercises and ex periments will give you. This is essential...the rest just fun(or useless withou t the essential, you know). This is easier and more applicable than Tolle...but you can try reading him afte r you have some experience with this and see how everything clicks. As some guru said...being in the now is the first step to evolve...this is playi ng with awareness and consciousness...you can even go further and deeper than ju st being in the now with these tools(Im talking healing and normalnatural powers such as OOBE). (Actually, check it out: http://canweevolvenow.wordpress.com/2011 /08/29/six-exercises-to-expand-and-evolve-now/ )

Now the second step is owning and exercising your power to create. So if you wan t fast, powerful results with the LOA I have found no better method. Be careful thought, this method is great for 'inner work' and 'transformation', so sometime s you may have frightening or just plain uncomfortable experiences...and they ca n be intense. But dont let this warning dissuade you of using it...when you read what it is youll know its perfectly safe and powerful. The best start to this method you can have here: http://www.mindpowermp3.com/Dreams-And-Dream-Programming.html - Download the fir st report called MindSurge. Try recording yourself(I seriously recommend you get some way to recording audio (there is free audio editing software like 'Audacity' and probably better or new er than it...this is what I used years ago)or repeating a simple program first s o you prove its power to you(it normally works the first time you do it, if not,

keep doing it until it works...it wont take much time...infinitely less time tha n other techniques). Then, start using it for more specific or general things bu t that you truly desire; this is actually about getting what you want anyway. A good start may be: I will have dreams tonight that make me feel happy and relaxed" or I will have dreams that cause me to wake up tomorrow morning feeling happy, motiv ated and excited. I will feel fresh and alert and look forward to the rest of th e day. This excited feeling will last all day. I will feel lucky and expect good things to happen to me .I will be cheerful and helpful and others will go out o f their way to help me.Whenever I have a drink of liquid this program will reinf orce itself. Then you can apply with something as easy as : "I will have dreams that fill my life with / create more - abundance peace fun / transformation magic miracles in my life" or whatever you want! If you repeat this to yourself you can use the 'I', and if you record it and the n listen to it passively use 'You will have dreams...', as this is generally the best way to do it. Now this method is very based on suggestion, which is what hypnosis is based on, so let me suggest you try self-hypnosis too...and by the way do some search on what a double induction and EMDR is, I think(this is just a personal opinion)it is the most powerful method one can do on their own, at least better than just r elaxing and saying affirmations. And if you want to add a most powerful techniqu e for self-change and manifestation and Subconscious optimizing, do some researc h on sleep programming. As you can see, this Manifestation thing is actually pre tty easy, as you do almost everything sleeping :P. Now when doin Dream Pre-Programming use the 'I will' format, meaning use the fut ure tense. When doing Sleep Programming use present tense like in 'I am'.You can add some p resent continuous like 'I am growing more and more X every day', but focus on th e present simple. You can also use 'I become x now' which is present but doesnt c reate the same sense of absoluteness; again, you can add this but the main progr am should use present tense. With double induction and EMDR you can add more progressive affirmations like 'I am getting better and better' or even 'I start to' or 'Im starting to' and even 'Im in the process of'...but again focus on presente tense. You should use the progressive affirmations more when just repeating them throug hout the day. But for repeating it at random times or to get to a more focused, receptive state I really recommends 'Afformations', which simply are self-direct ed questions. Now some people think they may have problems doing this because they have no ref erence point for what they are asking, for example 'Why am I a wildly social per son?' and they dont find any memory in which they were social so they end up rein forcing the belief that they are shy or something. This is no problem when you realize thought is the origin of your reality not an effect. When you ask questions it isnt a matter of whether you are social or not , what you are asking the universe is to show you how wildly social you are. You dont search for memories, you ask and then stay open and trust the universe and

your Inner Self to show you that it is so. Also, questions powerfully direct you attention, use them as a tool for that, an d be aware when using them that you are focusing on that reality, making it grow and are directing energy there to manifest it. Experiment tonight when you go to sleep, and ask yourself why you are relaxing s o much and see. I actually use it to go to level, I simply ask myself why am I c onscious while in theta and in a few minutes Im in a controlled trance. Or simply use it on what you really want, because this technique work, you dont r eally need to build belief in it. And this is about it...my two inmediately working techniques: finding pure aware ness and dream pre-programming. This is a start, but do thorough research on how to phrase your sleep programmin g, hypnosis, subliminals,etc...as it is of utmost importance. Also, keep reading spiritual stuff as it is 'the way' to most powerfully phrase suggestion, combin ing your mind power with powerful principles to fullfill your desires...your tru e desires, because with spiritual principles you will probably not manifest fals e desires programmed into you by society and your negative life circumstances, b ut will surely manifest your heart desires and make you way happier than you cou ld ever get by getting meaningless stuffs. Well, if I were to recommend more effective techniques for self-improvement they would be the sedona method/release technique that has never worked for me but t he principles are sound. Zpoint to relase emotions, beliefs,etc or Be Set Free Fast wich is more focused on belief reprogramming but actually quite powerful. And if you are planning to study some NLP, find out who Michael Hall is and give Neuro-Semantics a go...it is way better that what you usually get in NLP books or seminars. And a last tip, combine Neuro-Semantics, self-suggestion and just about everythi ng you do with metaphors/symbols. Its pretty powerful and youll find out in Zpoint basic book and everywhere...its like dreams guys, so do some research...and agai n, be specially careful when working with metaphors, ask your Subconscious Mind to do everything and dont try to do anything consciously yourself as its impossibl e to interpret what they mean since the Subconscious Mind works with so much mor e information that you are not aware of that you may mess yourself pretty badly. ..so dont think you know what anything means in your Unconscious Realm and simply ask for what you want and let your Subconscious Mind do the work. You may start working with this with image-streaming. And this is all for now, I intend much success and happiness in your life, my so on to meet friends ;).