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November | December 2012 Company profiles 2012/13

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The industry tell us what they think about the year that has gone by and what the future may hold

Aqua feed - Whether for fish or crustaceans, whether sinking or floating feeds for every aqua feed product Bhler offers the perfect solution from raw material processing, mixing and extruding to drying. Process expertise combined with cutting edge technology solutions guarantees a cost- and energy-efficient process solution from stand-alone machines to complete plants.
Fatten up your bottom line. Bhler high-performance animal and aqua feed production systems are used by leading companies around the world. These producers know they can rely not just on the technology itself, but also on the support that accompanies it. A service combining local presence with global expertise both lowers feed mill operating costs and increases capacity utilization. To find out more, visit www.buhlergroup.com

Innovation - Our innovation is based on the art of engineering. Yet innovation can occur in every job, everywhere around the world. In this connection, the issue of job rotation is very important to Bhler. Exchanging ideas and experiences among different cultures and work styles is a must today. Global reach - Bhler has been a global player for many decades, with a multicultural team and a local presence extending across all the major markets of the world. Our service organizations have more than 1,000 people on the road everyday in the different markets. Bhler reacted early to the need of offering local adapted solutions, especially for the emerging countries. We have built new plants and expertise in China, in India, in South America and in South Africa to engineer and produce solutions adapted to local needs and requirements. Quality leadership - This attribute is manifested in quantifiable and transparent quality targets which are defined in an open dialog with our customers so that promised performance is achieved and the edge in confidence can be further increased.

Bhler AG, Feed & Biomass, CH-9240 Uzwil, Switzerland, T +41 71 955 11 11, F +41 71 955 28 96 fu.buz@buhlergroup.com, www.buhlergroup.com

Innovations for a better world.
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Global consumption of seafood and fish is increasing world-wide. This increasing consumption cannot be met by fisheries which are stagnating since decades. Aquaculture is filling the gap and today already 50% of the fish and shellfish consumed worldwide is farmed. Global aquafeed volume reached 29 million mt in 2010 and is expected to grow to 70 million mt in 2020. Aquaculture is a young industry and many aspects are still under development, including feed formulation and disease prevention strategies. Therefore, the aquafeed market offers great opportunities for the development of novel feed additives to improve feed efficiency and health prevention. This is exactly where Nutriad sees its potential ! Nutriad has further increased its focus on aquaculture by setting up a specific Business Unit with a clear mission to make Nutriad a global leader in specialty additives for aquafeed. The Aquafeed industry is highly specialized and Nutriads Business Unit Aquaculture counts with dedicated teams for product innovation, product registration, production, and customer service. Customers are supported by experienced aqua experts located in the main aquaculture regions. Nutriads Business Unit Aquaculture emerged in 2009 from joining know-how and expertise from two core business units of the INVE group: INVE Aquaculture and Nutriad. The current product portfolio is focused on specialty additives developed through years of research under lab trials and field verification under production conditions in the field. Key products include species specific digestibility enhancers to reduce feed cost and improve performance (AQUAGEST), RESOLVING THE BOTTLENECKS palatability enhancers and attractants (AQUABITE), specialized IN AQUAFEED additives reducing the impact on productivity of diseases and parasitic through innovation and expertise infestations (SANACORE, AQUASTIM, APEX AQUA), smart aqua additives mycotoxin inactivators (TOXY-NIL AQUA), additives to preserve for sustainable and cost-efcient aquafeed aqua feeds and marine ingredients (OXY-NIL, SALMO-NIL, AQUAGEST AQUASTIM MOLD-NIL), and low inclusion pellet binders (NUTRI-BIND). AQUABITE SANACORE

Digestibility enhancers


Attractants and palatability enhancers

Natural growth promoters


Low inclusion binders

Bio-active herbal extract



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Always Changing To Meet Customer Needs Back in 1935, when Wenger was established as a local manufacturer of mixers and feed milling machinery, the companys main objective was to add value and palatability to low-quality feed. Today, as the worlds leading supplier of aquatic and pet food processing systems, Wenger is helping customers meet a new, more-timely list of objectives, like increasing production rates, lowering energy costs and expanding viable recipe options. In 2010 alone, Wenger introduced 23 new innovations and was issued 11 new patents in response to rapidly changing needs in the industry. Innovative designs - Available in both single screw and twin screw configurations, Wenger extruders boast capacities as high as 22 tonne/hour. Two new innovations - Wenger diverging cone screws and oblique die technologies - make extrusion the superior choice for production of even high capacity micro aquatic feeds. Knowledge, research, training and support - Wenger customers have access to the 2,500-square-meter Wenger Technical Center for testing ideas and formulas. Wenger technical support also includes preand post-installation engineering assistance, operator training and on-site attention to quality control and operational needs. Extensive inventories of replacement parts are maintained for prompt shipment to customers. Service after the sale is standard with Wenger products. Operating around the globe - Wenger engineering, manufacturing, research and administrative facilities are located at the companys Sabetha, Kansas, USA headquarters. Plus, Wenger extension research sites are available at a number of universities and research centers around the world. Sales and service is available through Wenger offices in the USA, Belgium, Taiwan, Brasil, China, Turkey, and India, as well as independent agents in strategic locations around the world. In fact, Wenger serves producers of hundreds of different agri-food products in more than 90 countries.


Peter F. Drucker

Why retire a workhorse thats still doing the job?

Simply put, your old dryer may be costing you a bundle. In fact, todays Wenger dryer could save you enough in operating efficiency alone to cover the replacement of your old dryer. Additionally, our new advanced dryer designs give you less potential for cross-contamination and bacteria build-up; feature new direct drive spreaders for level product bed and uniformity of final product moisture; and afford quicker, easier inspection and cleaning. Contact us now. With new concepts and fresh initiatives, were ready to help you develop the product possibilities of the future.

Turning ideas into opportunities. PROGRESSIVE AQUAFEED PROCESSING

What will tomorrow bring


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Wynveen International BV is a Dutch based producer of a high professional range of machines for production of fish feed, pet food and animal feed. Our versatility in feed processing allows us to advise and recommend the correct solution for your applications. From raw material processing, mixing and extruding/pelleting to drying. Our dual approach of being both a machine manufacturer and/or a turn key supplier, enables us to provide our customers with a wide product range and the solution(s) they need. We deliver hammer mills, cryloc sifters, mixers, coaters, dosing systems (micro, midi and intake), all kinds of conveying equipment and complete pellet/cooling/drying lines. Beside delivery of our equipment we also install it on site making use of a broad team of highly skilled and experienced supervisors. Within our organisation we facilitate our projects with an experienced engineering staff, working with both 2D and 3D designs. Whether it is a sole engineering job or a complete feed mill design, our expertise will serve you to the best. Our production facilities make use of latest technologies to ensure high quality finish, to suit the demands in aqua feed industry. These are a.o. dust tightness, pellet friendly and yet high capacity. Reflection of 2012: Wynveen International BV. managed to continue her growth by obtaining major contracts for building complete field mills. Next to that the developments around her scope of machines has continued, this resulted in a growth of sales of individual machines as well. With this approach, we look forward to present to you our possibilities on a word wide level. Of course you are also most welcome to visit us or have a look at our renewed website. Thoughts for 2013: Wynveen International BV is looking forward to launch new innovative and cost effective products for the aquaculture and livestock industry. Hereby we focus on upgrades of the machines to meet higher capacities. Special attentions will also be given to fine grinding and to find new solutions for the vacuum coating principles in the Pet food and Aqua feed industry. suitable to stand vacuum without making use of an under hopper.
Tel : +31 (0)26 479 06 99 Fax : +31 (0)26 479 06 98 info@wynveen.com www.wynveen.com

Your partner in technology, equipment and plants for animal- and aqua feed and petfood.
Wynveen for: Dosing and weighing of raw materials Grinding and mixing Pelleting lines Extrusion lines Finished product handling Wynveen International b.v. Postbox 38 6666 ZG Heteren The Netherlands


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Supporting sustainable aquaculture, enabling growth

Aquaculture is the fastest growing food production system in the world and it places high demands on sustainability and safety. Meet these challenges and capitalize on growth opportunities with our BOLIFOR products for sustainable aquaculture. Our BOLIFOR AQUA, BOLIFOR MSP and BOLIFOR MCP feed phosphates ensure the highest available phosphate sources for aquaculture diets with the highest biological digestibility. This lets you accurately meet, without exceeding, the requirements of fish and shrimp minimizing excretion of excess phosphorous into the water environment, and reducing feed supplement cost and environmental impact. Our BOLIFOR FA 2300S is the optimal feed acidifier, consisting of a unique formula of organic acids precisely encapsulated by a carrier of Diatomaceous Earth and protected by a sorbic acid coating. Developed by a dedicated team of chemists and nutritionists, this patented system acts as an excellent feed preservative and promotes better overall animal health and performance. Yara international ASA is the worlds leading chemical company in converting energy, natural minerals and nitrogen from air into essential products for farmers and industrial customers. Yara Feed Phosphates, a division of Yara International ASA since 2007, produces and sells inorganic feed phosphates under the BOLIFOR trademark. Global sales presence: Yaras complete, world-class global sales, sourcing and distribution network enable us to create sustainable solutions for your business and to capitalize on the future together. Business model: Our self-sufficient business model, with our fully integrated mine-to-market concept, enables reliable availability and outstanding quality control. Quality: Yaras mining operation in Finland makes Yara Feed Phosphates the most reliable supplier in market and guarantees a final product with the lowest content of undesirable elements available on the market.


Aqua Nor 2013

Over the past 40 years, the Norwegian aquaculture industry has developed into one of the most modern and advanced in the world. Norwegian production of farmed fish has grown from just 100 tonnes in 1970 to over 1.1 million tonnes in 2011. Science and technology have been important contributors to this success, and at Aqua Nor, modern aquaculture technology is presented to the world. The exhibition, which is held every other year, alternating with the Nor-Fishing exhibition, is organized by the non-profit Nor-Fishing Foundation. It was the desire to exhibit aquaculture technology that was one of the main forces behind establishing the Aqua Nor exhibition over 30 years ago. In 1979, a conference on aquaculture was held in Trondheim, Norway, and some of the equipment suppliers were given permission to show their products outside the conference hall. This became very popular, and it was soon decided to organize an aquaculture exhibition every other year in Trondheim, alternating with the Nor-Fishing exhibition. Since then, Aqua Nor has developed into the largest aquaculture exhibition in the world, attracting some 450 exhibitors and 15,000 20,000 visitors from about 60 countries.



During four days in August, the exhibition halls are busy with visitors from all over, and the visitors have a chance to get up-dated on all the latest technology and knowledge in modern fish farming. Aqua Nor is more than just an exhibition. Numerous seminars, presentations and miniconferences are held during the exhibition, and technical as well as commercial topics are discussed. Just a few days before the exhibition itself, the European Aquaculture Society (EAS) will hold their annual conference, Aquaculture Europe in Trondheim, from the 9th until the 12th of August.In addition, Aqua Nor offers a unique opportunity to enlarge your network in the aquaculture industry.



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YSI - International Aquafeed Contributor Profile (300 Words) Overview

Increased environmental regulations, decreasing clean water availability, and increasing costs (to name just a few) are impacting the sustainability of the aquaculture industry. YSI can help you solve these challenges by providing the innovative, cost-effective products and services that make your job easier and improve the efficiency of your facilities. Solutions - The brand you trust for world-class water quality sampling instrumentation and customer service has expanded and improved its Aquaculture Monitoring & Control product line. Our 5200A, 5400, and 5500D monitors are designed just for aquaculture systems from RAS, raceways and ponds, to cages, tanks, live hauls, aquariums and research. Dependability - Monitoring and controlling is managed locally by the instrument, not at a central PC or device assurance that the entire system won't fail. Scalability - Unlike typical PLCs or DCPs, our monitors are user-scalable as your facility needs change. No engineers or programmers are needed to make changes to your system. Multiparameter and Multilocation You can design a total facility solution with the ability to measure multiple probes, virtually any parameter, and multiple locations. Feed Management - Feed Smart conditional feed timer software is included with every monitor. Powerful feeding capabilities interface with most powered feeders. Improved Management Tools - With AquaManager, you'll have access to quality data, allowing you to better manage your operation and improve efficiency. SMS and email alarms will quickly notify you if parameters exceed user-defined limits. And your data can be accessed remotely using AquaManager or the new iPod app. We encourage you to contact us and learn more from our world-class employees friendly, knowledgeable, customer-focused technical advisers who are here to help you find new and better ways to do your job.


Sonac: Improvement by nature

Sonac is a leading producer of reliable ingredients of animal origin. Thanks to an active R&D programme, reliable processes and sustainable products, Sonac continuously responds to the changing market needs. By helping in improving recipes, techniques and processes, Sonac adds value in every case. A good geographical spread in locations and a wide range of fats, proteins, minerals and specialties make Sonac a partner for many international producers of medicines, food, pet food, compound feed and fertilizers, worldwide. Natural ingredients for aqua feed Whether youre looking for a natural EU and USDA approved pellet binder for your production of stable pellets or natures best alternatives for fish meal, you can contact Sonac. Sonac produces valuable and essential ingredients for the production of aqua feed. Pro-Bind Plus a nutritional, gelatin based pellet binder, especially for pelleted (shrimp) feed. Blood meal a fish meal alternative, especially for carnivorous fish species. Muco-Pro high contents of natural proteins, amino acids and peptides. Hemoglobin Powder high protein content and good digestibility, for better feed conversion.

Natural ingredients for aqua feed

Improvement by nature

Whether youre looking for a natural EU and USDA approved pellet binder for your production of stable pellets or natures best alternatives for sh meal, you can contact Sonac. Sonac produces valuable and essential ingredients for the production of aqua feed. Pro-Bind Plus a nutritional, gelatin based pellet binder, especially for pelleted (shrimp) feed. Blood meal a sh meal alternative, especially for carnivorous sh species. Muco-Pro high contents of natural proteins, amino acids and peptides. Hemoglobin Powder high protein content and good digestibility, for better feed conversion.


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