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IV. FUNCTIONAL HEALTH PATTERNS The data below are stated by her daughter. A.

Health perception Health management pattern Before hospitalization The patient had history of hospitalization due to vehicular accident. He was also diagnosed 20 years ago of hypertension and was given take home maintenance drugs Losartan and Metropolol but due to prolonged use and financial instability the patient skips and missed the medications until the patient decided not to take any medications at all. The patient is a nonsmoker but he drinks alcohol beverages occasionally. He has no known allergies on drugs, foods or dyes. He does not go to a local health center or hospital for regular check-up but when he feels sick he go to the nearest hospital. The patient maintains his personal hygiene by taking a bath every day, brushing his teeth twice a day. The patient was taking some food supplements like vitamins and energy drink. The patient eats all kind of food. He eats 3x a day, 2-3 cups of rice per meal but sometimes he forgot to take his breakfast. He has a good appetite. Pork is commonly served during mealtimes while fruits and vegetables are seldom served and sometimes he eats sweet and salty food. The typical daily fluid intakes are coffee, soft drinks and water. He drinks soft drinks 2-3x a day, either with lunch/dinner or snacks. He drinks coffee 2-3x a day and he drinks 8-10 glasses of water a day. During hospitalization This is the first time that the patient was hospitalized. He does not maintain his personal hygiene care due to immobility. He maintains being nonsmoker and nonalcoholic. He has not experienced any allergic reaction to the medications prescribed by his physician. They also hope that he will get fast recovery.

B. Nutritional Metabolic pattern

The patient eats 3 times a day, but on the first confinement on LPGH, he was put on a nothing per orem (NPO), for her blood screening. The patient is still on NGT (1,600 Kcal./ 4 = 400 Kcal. q 6 hrs.) His weight is 210? He has poor skin turgor or positive for skin dryness and (2+) edema in the lower extremities.

C. Elimination pattern

The Pt. defecates at least once a day or sometimes once every 2 days. His stool is soft in consistency and lightbrown in color. The patient urinates frequently (5-6 times a day), amber in color without any odor.

Patient is on a diaper since he cannot get out of bed for toileting. He frequently voids of about 3 to 4x a day. His frequency of bowel movement is 1x every morning. His stool is hard and light-brown in color

D. Activity Exercise pattern

The patients form of exercise is doing the household chores. He considers walking as his form of exercise. He is the one who cook food regularly and sell it to the market because he has carinderia.

E. Sleep Rest pattern

He just stays at his bed. The clients self-care ability is poor may often require assistance from person and equipment. Expected decrease in selfcare ability will be on bathing, dressing/ grooming, toileting, bed mobility , transferring and home mngt. He sleeps 3-4 hours a day, irregular His sleep hour has increased to 6-7 sleep due to noisy environment. He hours a day. usually sleeps at 9 pm and wakes up He sleeps every time he wants but his at 5 am. He also takes his nap every regular sleep is 9pm and wakes up at 6 afternoon. He watches television am. Every time he lay down, he easily while she is resting. gets asleep.

F. Cognitive Perceptual pattern He was not able to do everything. He has no problem in terms of hearing. He use eye glasses and he was diagnosed with cataract. G. Self-perception, Self-concept pattern He views himself as a kind, industrious, patient and peace loving person. He expresses worry about his condition and concern to his family. H. Role-Relationship Pattern His family is intact and close with each other. Conflicts arise between them but they manage to resolve them easily. He has a good relationship to his family, friends, neighbours and relatives. I. Sexual-Reproductive Pattern He is married with 5 siblings. J. Coping Stress/ Tolerance Pattern Before hospitalization he seeks his familys advice whenever he has problems.

K. Value-Belief Pattern He is a Roman Catholic. He sometimes attends mass religiously and he use to pray before going to sleep. He doesnt believe in any superstitions but he respects these beliefs. He perceives God as the center of their lives and the source of strength whenever he is not in the state of good health.

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