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Andrea Sheehan


4411 N. Central Expressway
Dallas, Texas 75205
(214) 521-8000
(214) 521-1738 FAX
In Re:

Chapter 11
CASE NO. 10-13800(SCC)
Jointly Administered
Now comes Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District (hereinafter referred
to as "CFBISD") and files this Objection to Confirmation of "Debtors' Plans of Reorganization
Pursuant to Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code" (hereinafter "Plan") and, in support thereof,
would show the following:
1. CFBISD duly and timely filed its secured claim in the an1ount of $113,653.85 for
2010 real property taxes for CFBISD Account Nun1ber 0000070582.
The Claim was filed
against Debtor Grand Prix Las Colinas LLC, Case 10-13840-SCC-11. The current principal
CFBISD originally filed its claim on August 23, 2010 in the estimated amount of $113,257.25 pending final
assessment of tl1e 2010 taxes. This claim was subsequently amended following final assessment of the 2010 taxes in
the amount of$113,653.85.
balance outstanding on CFBISD's claim is $61,822.70.
Furthermore, CFBISD is the holder of a
post-petition secured administrative claim for 2011 taxes on real property in the estimated
amount of$113,653.85.
2. Pursuant to Texas law, a lien automatically attached to Debtors' property on
January I, 20 I 0 and January I, 2011 to secure payment of all taxes, penalties, and interest
ultimately imposed on the Debtors' property by CFBISD for the 2010 and 2011 tax years
respectiveley. TEXAS TAX CODE 32.01. Pursuant to Texas Tax Code 32.05, with limited
exceptions not applicable in this case, the ad valorem tax liens take priority over other liens and
property interests. See, TEXAS TAX CoDE 32.05. Further, pursuant to Section 32.07 of the
Texas Tax Code, the owner of the property on January I of the tax year is personally liable for
the tax. TEXAS TAX CODE 32.07.
3. CFBISD objects to confirmation of the Plan because, for the reasons discussed
herein, the Plan fails to provide specific treatment for CFBISD's secured tax claims and fails to
adequately provide for CFBISD's secured claim as required by II U.S.C.A. 1129(b)(2)(A).
4. The Plan does not specifically classify Secured Tax Claims, such as CFBISD's
claim. Therefore, CFBISD understands its pre-petition claim would be treated as a Class FF2
Other Secured Claim. The Plan provides that such Other Secured Claims will either (i) be paid
in full in Cash in an amount equal to such Allowed claim on the Effective Date; (ii) receive the
collateral securing such Allowed claim and be paid interest required to be paid under 506(b) of
the Bankruptcy Code; or (iii) "otherwise be treated in any other manner such that the Allowed
Class FF2 Other Secured Claim shall be rendered Unimpaired" or have its Claim "reinstated".
CFBISD objects to the treatment of such Other Secured Claims as follows:
The Claim amount was adjusted to $61,822.70 pursuant to the Order Granting Debtors' Fourth Omnibus Objection
to Claims dated May 25,201 I( Docket 1487).
a. The Plan is not specific as to the treatment CFBISD will receive on its
claim. While the Plan provides multiple options for treatment of Other Secured Claims,
it is unclear specifically how and when Debtors propose to pay CFBISD's secured tax
b. The Plan fails to specifically provide for retention of CFBISD's tax liens
as required by Section 1129(b)(2)(A)(i)(I). Article IV.N provides generally for the
vesting of property in the Post-Effective Date Debtors free and clear of liens. CFBISD
objects to any vesting of property free and clear of its tax liens or any priming of its tax
liens. CFBISD requests that any order confirming the Plan clarify that any tax liens shall
be retained, whether pre or post petition, until payment in full of the underlying tax
c. Other than if the collateral is surrendered to the Other Secured Creditor,
the Plan fails to specifically provide for the payment of post-petition interest on Other
Secured Claims under 11 U.S.C. 506(b) The Plan further fails to provide for post-
confirmation interest to be paid on CFBISD's claim as required by Sections
1129(b)(2)(A)(i)(II) at the rate required by Section 511 of the Bankmptcy Code.
Pursuant to Section 33.01 of the Texas Tax Code, unpaid taxes incur interest at a rate of
1% per month. TEXAS TAX CODE 33.01. CFBISD, objects to the Plan to the extent it
does not provide for accumulation and payment of interest at the state law rate, and
objects to any provisions in the Plan (including, but not limited to, Articles VI.A and
VI.D.l) which would prohibit CFBISD from receiving post-petition interest on its claim
should the claim be Disputed and then later Allowed.
5. CFBISD further objects to Article VI.G of the Plan to the extent it may be deemed
applicable to CFBISD and require refunds be made within two weeks of receipt of certain
payments or interest will be incurred. Texas law provides procedures for refund of taxes,
including timelines and interest provisions. Therefore, CFBISD requests that any order
confirming the Plan clarity that Article VI.G is not applicable to CFBISD.
6. The following language and treatment would resolve CFBISD's Objection to
confirmation ofDebtors' Plan:
The pre-petition tax claims of CFBISD shall be paid in fi.ill, with any interest
thereon, on the Effective Date. Notwithstanding anything in the Plan or the
Confirmation Order to the contrary, the claims of Carrollton-Farmers Branch
Independent School District are Secured claims under 11 USC 506, and shall be
deemed Allowed under 11 USC 502 unless objected to within the time provided
by the Claims Objection Bar Date. In the event the Debtors dispute any claim of
CFBISD, the Debtors shall pay the undisputed portion of the claim and reserve
fi.mds in the disputed portion of the claim plus interest that accrues until the
objections are resolved. Upon resolution of any claim objection, either by
agreement of the parties or Court order, Debtors shall pay any unpaid, allowed
amount of the claim within thirty (3 0) days of allowance. CFBISD shall be paid
interest on its Claim under 11 USC 506(b) from the Petition Date until the
Effective Date, as well as from the Effective Date until paid in full pursuant to 11
U.S.C. 1129, at the statutory rate of 1% per month as provided in 11 USC 511.
Article VI.G of the Plan shall not apply to CFBISD.
CFBISD shall retain all statutory tax liens that secure prepetition and postpetition
ad valorem property taxes until all amounts owed are paid in full. These liens
shall not be primed or affected by any means under the Plan, the Confirmation
Order, or otherwise.
Taxes for post -petition tax years shall be paid by the Debtors in the ordinary
course of business prior to the delinquency date under state law and CFBISD shall
not be required to file administrative expense claims for such post-petition taxes.
If not timely paid, post-petition taxes shall incur full penalties and interest under
state law as provided in 11 USC 503(b). Failure to pay post-petition taxes of
the CFBISD prior to delinquency shall be an event of default under the Plan upon
which CFBISD shall be entitled to pursue its state law remedies without further
recourse to the Bankruptcy Court.
WHEREFORE, PREMISES CONSIDERED, CFBISD respectfully requests confirmation
of the Plan be denied unless appropriate treatment is made for CFBISD' s pre and post -petition
secured tax claims, and prays for such further relief to which it may show itself justly entitled.
Respectfully submitted,
Is/ Andrea Sheehan
Andrea Sheehan
Texas Bar No. 24002935
Law Offices of Robert E. Luna, P.C.
4411 North Central Expressway
Dallas, TX 75205
(214) 521-8000
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General phones: (212) 221-5700 I (212) 344-2929
Telecopier: (212) 422-6836
I hereby certifY that I have forwarded a true and correct copy of the attached Objection to
Debtors' counsel listed below and to all parties on the attached service list via electronic delivery,
facsimile, and/or first class mail this 16th day of June, 2011.
Brian S. Lennon
601 Lexington Avenue
New York, New York 10022-4611
Facsimile: 212-446-4900
Anup Sathy, P.C.
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Is/ Andrea Sheehan
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55 Elm Street
Hnrtfonl, CT06141
FAX: 860-808-5389
Office ofthc AttornL-y Genernl
900ll\.lail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-900 I
FA.X: 919-716-6750
Morrison & Foerster, LLP
t\tm: Oren 1-1.
Counsd for Official Committee ofUnsccured Creditors
1290 A\emtc ofthe Americas
New York, NY 10104-0050
FA.X: (212) 468-7900
Email: BMiller@mofo.com
Ouk Roofing, Inc.
210 Hemlock
Wood Dnle, JL 60191
FAX: 630-238-0288
Office ofthe Attorney Genernl
100 West Rnndolph Street
01icago, JL 60601
FA.X: 312-8143589
Office of the Attorney Geneml
Suite 810
Dallas, TX 75202
FAX: 214-969-7615
Email: grcg.abbott@ong.statc.Lx.ns
Office ofthe Attorney Gencrnl
25 Market Street
Trenton, NJ 08625
FA. X: 609-292-3508
Office ofthe Attorney General
6 Stnte House Station
Augusta, ME 04333
FA.X: 207-626-8518
Office oftl1e Attorney GCltern1
Cnlifomin Department of Justice
Attn: Public Inquiry Unit
PO Box 914255
CA 94241-2550
FA.X: 916-323-5341
lnnli.ccpcrs USA Trust, ct nl.- Master Scnicc List
Office ofth!! Allorney Generul
Deputy AG JdfKorinr
25 l\.lnrket Street
Trenton, NJ 08625
FA,'\: 609-292-3508
Office ofth!! Allomt.y Geneml
McConnack Building
One Ashburton Place
Boston, MA 02108
Office of the Anorncy Ocncml
The Capitol- 2nd Floor
A!b!Uiy, NY 12224-0341
Puu1, Weiss, Rifkaml, Whnnon & Garrison, LLP
Attn: Alnn W. Kornberg, Esq.
Counsel to Apollo Investment Group
1285 Avcnnc ofthc Americus
New York, NY 10019-6064
FAX: 212-757-3990
Email: nkomberg@paulwdss.eom
Pdq Consulting, Inc.
107 Wood Luke Drive
Allen, TX 75013
FAX: 972-767-3472
Perkins Coic LLP
Ann: David Neff
131 South Dearborn Street
Suite 1700
Chiello, IL 60603
FA.X: 312-321-9689
Email: DNeiJ@perkinscoie.com
Quoizd, Inc.
do Hoflu:imer Oartlir & Gross, LLP
Ann: Allen M. Levine
530 Fifilt Avenue
New York, NY 10036
FA.\':: 212-897-4980
Email: ulcvine@ltgg.eom
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Ollice ofthc Attorney Geneml
G. /l.lcnnen Williurns Building, 7th Floor
525 \V. Ottowa St.
Lrutsing, !vii 48909
FA. X: 517-373-30-12
Office of the Anomey Geneml
POBox 120
Hnnford, cr 061-11-0120
FA.\':: 860-808-5383
Email: auomey.gcncml@ct.gov
Office oftlte Attorney Gcncrul
The Capi10l, Room 116
700 Capitol A'cnuc
Frankfort, KY 10601-3449
FA. X: 501-696-5389
Email: anomey.generul@ug.hygov
Puul, Weiss, Rilkurul, Wharton & Garrison, LLP
Attn: Andrew J. Ehrlkh
Counsel to Apollo Investment Group
1285 Avenue of the Americas
New York, New York 10019-6064
FAX: (212) 757-3990
Email: achrlieh@pnulweiss.com
Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney Oeueml
16th Floor, Stmwbcny Squnrc
Harrisburg, PA 17120
FA.\':: 717-787-8242
Promus Hotels, Inc.
9336 Civic Center Drive
Attn: Gcnerul Counsel
Beverly Hills, CA 90110
FAX: (310)205-7655
Quoizcl, Inc.
c/o Holltcimer Gnnlir & C'JTOss, LLP
Ann: Nicholas B. Mnlito
530 Fifih A,cnue
New York, NY 10036
FA.\':: 212-897-4980
Email: runulito@hgg.com
Oflice of the Anomey Gcncrnl
Jndirum Government Ccmcr South-5th Floor
-102 W. Washington St.
Indinnapolis, IN 46204
FA.\':: 317-232-7979
Email: Constimcnt@mg.in.gov
Oflice of the Attorney Gcncrnl
Raleigh, NC 27602
F;\X: 919-716-6750
Onyx Seulconting. Inc.
Midlothnn, lL 604-15
Paul, Weiss, Rifknnd, Wharton & Garrison, LLP
Attn: Lauren Slmmcjda
Counsel 10 Apollo Investment Group
1285 Avenue ofthc Americas
New York, New York 10019-6064
FA."X: (212) 757-3990
Email: lshumejda@pnulwciss.com
Perkins Coic
Counsel for CWCapitul Performing Lonn Man!ICmcnt- C/\IIBS
Attn: Beth Understnhl
2901 Nort11 Ccntrnl Avenue
Suite 2000
Phoenix, AZ 85012-2788
Email: BUmkrstnhl@pcrkinscoic.com
Quoizcl, Inc.
6 Corporntc Ph>vy.
Goose Creek, SC 29-1-15
FAX: 631-231-7102
Rhs Commercial LLC
1003 Stafford Road
Knlnmnmo, MI 49006
Innkeepers USA Trust, et ul.- Master Sen ice List
Romnln Stone, Inc.
315 S. Beverly Drive
Suite 506
Beverly Hills, CA 90212-4316
Saul Ewing LLP
Ann: Jeffrey C. Hrunpton
Counsel for U.S. Foodscrviet!, Im:.
Centre Squnre West
1500 l'llmket Sm:et, 38th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19102
FA.X: (215) 972-1848
Email: jlmmpton@saul.com
Sheppard Richter & Hampton LLP
Cmn:n Shulmnn, Esq.
30 Rockefeller l'illZll, Suite 2-100
New York. NY 10112
FA.X: 212-653-8701
Email: eshulmnn@sheppardmullin.corn
Stnrwood Hotels & Resorts World1\ide Inc.
Attn: Sandy Olson
9841 Airport Blvd., Ste 812
Los Angdes, CA 90045
FAX: 914-640-8310
Sunset Pools, Inc.
!80S-I I Street NW Ste 201
Wnshington, DC 20006
FA.. X: 703-933-0077
ll1e Shcmlon LLC
600 Gnllcria Pmkway
Suite 1700
Attn: Geneml Counsel- Frnm:hise Division
AtlMtu, GA 30339
United States Tmstees OffiCI!
Region 2
33 Wl1itehall Street, 21st Floor
New York, NY 1000-1
FAX: (212) 668-2155
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Romero Law Firm
Ann: Martha E. Romero
Counsel for SU!l Beronrdino County, a California TttUng Authority
BMR Professional Building
Whinier, CA 90601
FA.X: 562-907-6820
Email: romero@mromerolawlinn.com
Saul Ewing LLP
Attn: Mdissu W. Rmul, Esq.
Counsel for U.S. Foodservicc, lm:.
Centre Squnre West
1500 Mtuket Street, 38th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19102
FA.X: (215) 972-1872
Email: mrnnd@saul.com
Skadden. Arps, Slme, tvleug.her & Flom LLP
New York, NY 10036
FA.X: 212-735-2000
State of Michigan, Department ofTreasury
Michael A. Co.'(, AUomey General
Junndislm M. Harris, AssistMt Attorney Genernl
Cadillac l'lncc, Ste. 10-200
3030 W. Grant Blvd.
Detroit, 48202
Email: hnnisjm@michignn.gov
Swnnk Audio Visunls, LLC
639 E. Gar..-ois Bluffs
St. Louis. MO 63026
FA. X: 636-680-2898
'llte Shemton LLC
do Sturwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide
!Ill Westchester A..-e
Ann: General Counsel
White Plains, NY 10604
Us W1dl Decor
7703 Kingspointe l'nrkwuy
Suite 600
Orlnndo. FL32819
Royal Cup
PO Box 170971
Binninghnm, AL 35217
Sheppard l\.'lullin Richter & Hampton LLP
Attn: Jnne Qin
30 Rockefeller PlllZU, Suite 2400
New York, NY 10112
FAX: 212-653-8701
Springfield Corporation
PO Box 620 I 89
Atlanta, GA 30362
FA."X: 770-729-0995
Summerfield Hotel Company LLC
Attn: SVP Franchising
71 S. Wacker Drive
Chicago, JL 60606
TeXIlS Attorney General's Office
Hal F. Morris & Ashley F. Bmrnm
Bankruptcy & Collections Div.
PO Box 12548, MC-008
Austin. TX 787 I 1-2548
FA..X: 512-175-2994
Triangle Renovations
3760 Louisville Road
Louisville, TN 37777
Wachtel!, Lipton, Rosen & Katz
Attn: Cnith Kushm:r
51 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019
FA. X: 212--tOJ-2326
Email: Ckuslmel@wlrk.rom
lnnlccpcrs USA Trust, ct al. -Muster Ser\'icc List
Wm:htdl, LipTOn, Rosen & Katz
Atm: Scmt K Charles
51 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019
FA.."\:: 211-403-2202
Email: SKCharles@wlrk.cotn
\Vii)TJC CountyTrcusurer
do Kilpatrick & Assodates, P.C.
Attn: Richnrdo I. Kilpatrick
903 N. Opdyke Rom!, Suite C
Auburn Hills, 1\.U 111326
Email: ed@knalnw.com
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A
do Perkins Coie I...LP
Attn: Schuyler G. Carroll- Jdfn.:y D. Vanncore
30 Rockefeller Plnzn, 25th Floor
NewYork,NY 10112
FA..X: 212-977-1649
Email: scnrroll@perkinscoie.com
Western State Design, Inc.
25616 Nickle Place
Hnywnnl, CA 9-1515
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Wustc Mnnngement
PO Box 9305110
Atlanta GA 31193
FAX: 630-2111-1560
Wells Fargo Bnnk
Carol Anderson, Asset t-.Irumgcr
1901 Harrison St, 2nd Floor
Oaklrutd, CA 9--1612
WcUs Frur,o, N.A.
do Capmark Finnnce Inc.
Atnt: Ponfolio Mrumgcrs
Three Rnvinn Drive, Suite 200
Atlanta, GA 30346
Wilmer Cutler Pickering HaJe & Dorr LLP
Counsel for York Credit Opponunities Fund, L.P. nnd
York Credit Opponunities Mll'iter Fund, L.P.
Attn: Philip Anker, Esq.
399 Pork A\'enue
New York, NY 10022
FAX: 212-230881111
Emuil: pltilip.nnker@wilmerltaJe.com
WutccheU, Lipton, Rosen & Katz
Attn: Du\id Fischm1111
51 Wcst52nd Street
New York, NY 10019
FAX: 212-403-2311
Email: Dfischman@wlrk.c:om
Wells Fargo Bnnk N.A
Portfolio Manngcn;
do Cnpmark Finance Inc.
Titree Rnvinn Drive, Suite 200
Atlnntn, GA 303--16
WeUs Fargo, N.A.
do Otristoplu:r J. Hart, Esq.
Locke Liddle & Supp LLP
701 8TH ST. NW # 700
WASHINGTON, DC 20001-3854
FA..X: {202) 220-6945
Email: chnrt@lockclord.com
York Credit OpportLmities Flllld, L.P
York Credit Opponunities Mll'iter Fund, L.P
r:Jo York Cnpitnl Management
Atm: Geneml Counsel
767 Filih Avenue, 17th Floor
New York, NY \0153
Creditors: 159