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Arab Creativity Awards hosted by "The Cultural and Scientific Association" in Dubai

According to prevailing customs, Creativity Awards will be distributed to winners at the end of Arab Thought Conference FIKR, and this year FIKR11 awards will be handed Thursday, November 27, 2012. This time, however, award presentation is different and even better since it would be hosted by The Cultural &Scientific Association in its head office in Dubai. All reputable scientists, journalists, intellectuals, literature and authority figures along with prize winners will attend it. On behalf of His Royal Highness and Arab Thought Foundation President Prince Khalid AlFaisal, Mr. Hamad Abdullah AlAmmari, Deputy Secretary-General of the foundation and FIKR Executive Director thanked the persons in charge of The Cultural &Scientific Association for hosting the ceremony of Creativity Award distribution, event that many are impatiently waiting for because it pays tribute to creative Arab persons in 7 domains namely science, technology, economics, sociology, media, literature and arts. In this occasion Mr. AlAmmari stated: It stands to reason that these two Arab cultural institutions who strive to strengthen cultural and scientific capacities and honor Arab creative figures in order to leverage science and intellect in the Arab world are cooperating. Needless to say that Arab Thought Foundation hopes that all Arab intellectual institutions join efforts, and broaden cooperation among each other for the interest of the Arab nation and future generations who are in dire need of support in order to achieve their big and legitimate ambitions. His excellence Mr. Sultan Saqr Al-Suwaidi The Cultural &Scientific Association Chairman declared: It is worth mentioning that the Association has hosted his Royal Highness Prince Khalid AlFaisal and his Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai in a poetry evening. The association published afterwards a book of poems exchanged between them. *Arab Thought Foundation is an international, independent, non-profit organization; it has neither governmental affiliation nor sectarian or partisan orientation. It strives to support intellect with capital in order to reinforce pride in the nation constants, principles, values and morals conformingly with the responsible freedom approach. It is involved in different areas of

knowledge such as science, medicine, economics, management, media and literature. It seeks to unite the intellectual and cultural efforts advocating for, promoting and maintaining Arab solidarity and identity.

* The Cultural and Scientific Association is a leading one. It endeavors to highlight UAE civilization, and is working vigorously to explore the spirit of heritage and future prospects in the same time, in order to enhance culture and science in the UAE. Therefore, it encourages talent in all areas such as culture, literature and science. Furthermore, it supports and stimulates cultural movement and contributes to its development and upgrading.