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Like the oak tree, Ashokas growth can be seen in its cross-section. As the rings of an oak tree record its growth, Ashokas beginnings have formed the core of what followed, with each year expanding on the impact of the year before it. Here we share with you our top 10 accomplishments over our 10 years of growth in Canada. 10. Being entrepreneurial.
Ashoka sits at the intersection of social change and entrepreneurship. We constantly innovate, attracting entrepreneurs committed to social change.


Investing approximately $3,000,000 in social entrepreneurs and innovators since 2002.

This includes stipends to Fellows, Changemakers awards and seed grants to Youth Venturers and Be a Changemaker Challenge participants.

8. Connecting Fellows to strategic support.

In the last year, alone, we have connected Fellows with over 550 hours of pro bono strategic support from Blake, Cassels and Graydon LLP, Egon Zehnder International, H+K Strategies, McKinsey & Co., Young Canadians in Finance, our Ashoka Support Network and other senior, entrepreneurial advisors. We have also facilitated Fellow-to-Fellow peer support.

7. Contributing to a social entrepreneurship sector in Canada.

We have contributed to a collaborative ecosystem to support social entrepreneurs in Canada along with partners from all sectors.

6. Enabling changemaking on campuses.

We have built strong partnerships with post-secondary institutions and campus leaders committed to make their campuses hubs of social entrepreneurship education.

5. Establishing patterns of changemaking among young people.

We have supported young people to launch their own social ventures so they learn from a young age that they can make change. Over the last ve years, we have done this through Youth Venture and Be a Changemaker Challenges.

4. Launching our rst Changemakers Competition.

Through Inspiring Approaches to First Nations, Mtis and Inuit Learning, we heard from 266 innovators who shared their solutions to improve the learning environment and outcomes for Indigenous learners in Canada.


Diversifying our Fellowship and our network of changemakers.

Canada is extraordinarily diverse and we are committed to ensuring that all of our programming reects this rich diversity.


Building an amazing team.

We attract the most creative, talented and entrepreneurial team members. This team includes staff, interns, volunteers, funders, program partners, strategic partners, advisors and enthusiasts.


Electing 44 outstanding Canadian Ashoka Fellows.

It is exciting and inspiring to be celebrating 10 years of Ashoka in Canada, especially on the heels of Ashokas 30th birthday celebration.
Although we are celebrating, there is still much work to be done to get to an Everyone a Changemaker world. As we roll up our sleeves, we recognize the important role that Canada plays in the global changemaking movement and are anxious to enable the ongoing contributions you will continue to make. This year, we watched the unfolding of the Changemakers Competition on First Nations, Mtis and Inuit (FNMI) Learning. This was a seamless extension of our global work in empathy, especially on activating empathy in schools. We were humbled by the success of the FNMI Learning initiative and hope to see Canadian education innovators take part in the global action on empathy. We have also had the pleasure of welcoming many Canadian Fellows at global events. From the Continuity Forum in Miami to ChangeNation in Ireland and the ASN Global Summit in Miami, Canadian Fellows always have a major presence and have demonstrated the highest levels of collaboration and changemaking. And its not just the Fellows, but Youth Venturers, University partners and ASN Members, whose presence adds value and perspective to our global work. This year, Ashoka was featured in a book by Beverly Schwartz entitled Rippling. The book describes the rippling effects of change created by social entrepreneurs. Just as a stone on the surface of a lake can only create a ripple because of the ecosystem dwelling below, so a social entrepreneur relies on an ecosystem to affect waves of change. Ashokas community serves as an ecosystem that supports survival, evolution and enhancement. Ten years from now, we will look back to see the ripples and impact we have created since 2012. That change starts today. Enjoy your read and then join us to create ripples of change over the next 10 years.

Elisha Muskat Executive Director, Ashoka Canada

Diana Wells President, Ashoka

Entrepreneurial Community

Ashoka ChangemakersTM

Ashoka Fellows

Ashoka U

Ashoka Support Network

Ashoka Youth Venture

We envision a world that responds quickly and effectively to social challenges, and where each individual has the freedom, condence and societal support to address any social problem and drive change. Ashoka strives to shape a global, entrepreneurial, competitive citizen sector : one that allows social entrepreneurs to thrive and enables the worlds citizens to think and act as changemakers. To match the strength of our name, Ashoka is represented by the oak tree. A strong, sturdy tree, the oak represents the power of Ashokas commitment and contributions to building the profession of social entrepreneurship. A broad-spreading tree, it is symbolic of those dimensions of Ashokas programs that select, launch and foster collaborations among social entrepreneurs around the world.

We are redening the global citizen sector by creating a system of collaborative entrepreneurship. Connecting the work of individual social entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs in business, higher education and public sector institutions, we drive the sector forward and develop new solutions to global problems.

Ashoka supports leading social entrepreneurs. We call them Ashoka Fellows.

Ashoka Fellows have created new solutions to the worlds most pressing social problems. They are scaling their work nationally and globally.

Ashoka works with entrepreneurial individuals and their companies to support them to achieve high social impact.

This entrepreneurial community includes business entrepreneurs, corporate executives, investment bankers, venture capitalists, coaches and consultants from around the globe.

Ashoka cultivates a global culture of young people initiating positive, lasting change.

Ashoka creates experiences in which young people practice and apply empathy, teamwork, and leadership the core skills needed to make change.

Ashoka builds a world that responds quickly and effectively to social challenges, where everyone can be a changemaker.

Changemakers are people who are improving lives in their communities, schools, cities and countries and inspiring others to also create positive change.

Collaborative entrepreneurship is, we believe, well on the way to becoming the core way our eld truly changes the world. Bill Drayton, founder of Ashoka

Ashokas Venture & Fellowship program identies and elects leading social entrepreneurs into our global Ashoka Fellowship and provides strategic support, opportunities for collaboration, a community of peers, recognition and possible nancial support.

Since 2002, we have elected 44 Fellows primarily located in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, and and who are making change locally, nationally and globally. We are actively building out Ashoka chapters to strengthen local ecosystems of social entrepreneurship.

The Ashoka Support Network (ASN) supports Ashoka through unrestricted investments in our growth and entrepreneurial core. Strategic Partners offer in-kind support to Ashoka and Ashoka Fellows. We also partner with companies that share Ashokas vision and engage their employees in changemaking.

Together we are accelerating the work of Ashoka Fellows and creating an entrepreneurial community that builds bridges connecting businesses and citizen sector organizations to transform industry norms.

Ashoka U fosters, incubates, and accelerates new and effective approaches to high quality social entrepreneurship teaching, research, and action across higher education institutions. Ashokas Youth Venture inspires and enables teams of young people to launch and lead their own social ventures with the support of mentors and seed funding. By showing young people that they have the ability to change the environment around them, Ashoka believes that youth will gain the skills and belief that they can be powerful changemakers long into their future.

Ashoka Changemakers is a global online community of action where we open-source solutions to the worlds most urgent social problems. We want to make it easier to share an idea, track progress, connect with supporters, and invest in global change.

Ashoka Changemakers grows new ideas. It is a global online community of dedicated individuals, community organizers, Fortune 500 companies, global foundations and many others. More than 500,000 community builders from 125 countries participate in this online community.

Ashoka supports leading social entrepreneurs. We call them Ashoka Fellows.

Over the past 10 years, Ashoka Canada has invested approximately $3,000,000 in social entrepreneurs and innovators

Ashoka invests in leaders. We search the world for leading social entrepreneurs and through an intensive human-centred process, select and engage them with our global network of Fellows. The Ashoka Global Fellowship network provides strategic support, opportunities for collaboration, a community of like-minded individuals, recognition and possible nancial support. Since 1980, Ashoka has elected over 3,000 social entrepreneurs in more than 72 countries. In Canada, 44 Fellows have been elected across the country since 2002. We are working with business entrepreneurs, corporations, government agencies and universities to make Fellows solutions become the new reality. To nominate a leading social entrepreneur for the Ashoka Fellowship please visit http://canada.ashoka. org/selection-criteria

Thanks to Ashoka, I realized that I belong to a large network of people who in their own way, are working to make this world better. Ashoka has allowed me to dedicate myself entirely to the development and the growth of Wapikoni Mobile with a free spirit. And Wapikoni is really ying on its own now. Manon Barbeau, Ashoka Fellow Founder Wapikoni Mobile

Fellows orientation, May 2011

Because of Ashoka, I wake up every day feeling like the most fortunate person in the world. With Ashokas support and network I walk stronger in dedicating my lifes mission to implement bold and effective systems to eradicate extreme poverty. Daphne Nederhorst, Ashoka Fellow Founder of Sawa World

Engaging with Ashoka and its Fellows is about engaging with a remarkably diverse and exceptional network of people who all share a common urge to manifest solutions to our most challenging social and environmental problems thank you Ashoka. Peter & Nancy Mortifee, ASN Members

Ashoka provides a strong network that opens great opportunities, diversied expertise to help us strengthen our organizations and signicant support on rainy days.Thanks Ashoka for being there! Lucie Chagnon, Ashoka Fellow Founder, Median Solutions

Jean-Franois Archambault La table des chefs

In November 2011, Jean-Franois was invited by Ashoka to attend the Americas Business Council (abc*) Continuity Forum for a chance to scale his work in the Americas. He was one of three Fellows to win $100,000 in prize money and the opportunity to scale his model with the strategic support of an advisory council of abc* entrepreneurs. As a result, Jean-Franois is now scaling his work to Mexico City.

Gabriel Bran Lopez Youth Fusion

Through Ashokas network, Gabriel Bran Lopez recently secured a ve-year partnership with a private foundation in order to counter dropout rates in other disadvantaged regions of Quebec and Canada. As a result, Gabriel is currently scaling his work to over 50 schools, including 8 in the First Nations and Inuit communities in the James Bay and Hudson Bay regions.

Nicole Rycroft Canopy

In May 2012, Nicole was one of a handful of international Ashoka Fellows invited to the Global Ashoka Support Networks inaugural gathering in Miami. Out of that forum Nicole has started to build an international advisory team to support the global scale-up of Canopys campaigns and initiatives with priority on the emerging markets of India, China and Brazil. Also, thanks in part to the support of Ashoka Canada, Nicole was awarded the Alan Thomas Fellowship of 2012-2013. This will enable her to develop an innovative scaling model for Canopy, to move to that next level of global impact.

Ashoka works with entrepreneurial individuals and their companies to support them to achieve high social impact.

96% of Fellows have accomplished at least one type of systems change within 5 years of election. (Ashoka Global Survey, 2012)

The Ashoka Support Network (ASN) is a global community of more than 300 successful business people who share our belief that entrepreneurs are the primary engine for economic and social development. ASN members are business entrepreneurs, top executives, investment bankers, venture capitalists, and consultants from around the globe. The network extends throughout Europe, North America, South America, Asia and beyond as it continues to expand. Through Ashokas global partnerships with organizations such as Young Presidents Organization (YPO), Ashoka offers business executives and entrepreneurs the chance to work directly with the worlds leading creators of change.
Strategic Partners

Changemaking companies
Ashoka Canada partners with companies that share Ashokas Everyone a Changemaker vision. With our partners such as Starbucks Canada and Boehringer Ingelheim, we enhance the social entrepreneurship experience and opportunities for their employees. Our goal is for the companies with whom we partner to play a greater role in society, incorporate social and environmental impact into the way they do business, and become leaders in demonstrating the power of these changemaking experiences at the corporate level.

Ashokas Strategic Partners provide Ashoka Fellows with access to high level expertise, professional services and investment and have allowed Fellows to establish revenuegenerating ventures supporting their causes.

Centre for Social Innovation

Ashoka has supported the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) in the launch of new CSI locations, which connect more than 800 social innovators. When Ashoka Fellow Tonya Surman had the opportunity to expand CSI to its rst U.S. location in New York City, Ashoka provided her with the legal support necessary to make the move possible. Ashoka has helped to bring CSIs world-changing strategies to global audiences.

Through its vision of Everyone a Changemaker and its renowned selection process, Ashoka is lling a crucial need in Canada for direct, lifelong support for social entrepreneurs. Bill Young, ASN Member, founder of Social Capital Partners

ASN Member Peter Mortifee has has been so readily available, thoughtful and insightful as we have developed a social enterprise to support our charitable mission. We are now getting ready to launch, which would not have been possible without his engagement and expertise, along with that of many others in the Ashoka network. Ashoka provides such truly invaluable resources and support. Jayne Stoyles, Ashoka Fellow, founder of Canadian Centre for International Justice

Ed Waitzer
A long time champion of social innovation, Ed Waitzer rst learned about Ashoka through William Kelly, a colleague in the legal profession and a member of Ashokas global Board. Ed sought out a meeting with Bill Drayton where he learned that the Jensen family had just committed funds to start electing Ashoka Fellows in the United States. Ed jumped on the opportunity to extend this to Canada. By mobilizing additional partners, Ed helped bring Ashoka to Canada in 2002. He continues to serve on the Board of Ashoka Canada, is an ASN member, provides strategic support to Fellows, and has helped a number of other organizations scale to Canada.
Photo courtesy of the Waitzer family.

Congratulations Fellows Johann & Sandrine

Canadian Ashoka Fellows Sandrine Faust of All Prof and Johann Olav Koss of Right to Play International were this years recipients of Ernst & Youngs Entrepreneur Of The Year Special Citation award for social entrepreneurship.

Sue Griggs, (far left), attends the graduation of new Sawa interns in Kampala, Uganda. Sue is an ASN member and works closely with Ashoka Fellow Daphne Nederhorst at Sawa World.

Ashoka cultivates a global culture of young people initiating positive, lasting change.

Canadian Youth Venturers are a part of global community of over 5,000 Youth Venture teams across 17 countries.

Ashokas Youth Venture enables young people to learn early on in life that they can lead social change. Currently operating in 17 countries, Youth Venture inspires and invests in teams of young people to create and launch their own sustainable, communitybeneting ventures. Ashokas Youth Venture then connects them into a global movement of young changemakers who are together redening the youth years as a time of leadership and positive social change. Ashoka U works with the educational eco-system admissions, coursework, senior leadership, faculty, extracurricular activities, research, career services, and alumni programs to embed, incentivize and reward changemaking. Ashoka Canada is partnering with the J. Armand Bombardier Foundation to launch the Ashoka U program in Canada.


Be a Changemaker Challenge
In fall 2011, Starbucks Canada and Ashoka Canada launched the Be a Changemaker Challenge with more than 70 student participants. The Challenge was hosted by University of British Columbia (UBC) and Simon Fraser University (SFU) with the vision to enhance the social entrepreneurship experiences of all students.

Fusion Kitchen Chantelle Bufe & Sonam Swarup, Founders

Fusion Kitchen was a winning team in the 2011 AshokaStarbucks Be a Changemaker Challenge

Being one of the winners for the Ashoka Be a Changemaker Challenge helped propel Fusion Kitchen into the direction it has taken this year. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals at the competition, encouraged and motivated us to dream, think, and do big in order to provide the most value for the immigrant women we work with.

I have enjoyed building a relationship with Ashoka Youth Venture over the past three years and appreciate the opportunity to be involved with their social programs and help support our youth. The Be a Changemaker Challenge held last year at SFU and UBC was not only impactful to the students but also for me to inspire change within my community. Shannon Vanderwoerd, District Manager, Sunshine Coast & West Vancouver Starbucks Canada

Eden Full Founder/CEO, Roseicollis Technologies Inc.

Eden was the grand-prize winner of the 2011 Staples/Ashoka Youth Social Entrepreneur (YSE) Competition.

Ashoka changed my life. Bill Drayton was one of my role models growing up, and continues to be a great mentor to this day. Its an honour to be supported by an organization like Ashoka, and to have a chance to visit with Fellows in Indonesia, Kenya and Egypt as a part of my opportunity with the Staples Youth Social Entrepreneur Competition.Their work inspires me to continue my aspirations to become a social entrepreneur, and I am very grateful for the chance to learn about how these Fellows work.Thank you for everything!

Laxmi Parthasarathy Founder of MY ROOTS and Global Media Manager, Ashoka

Laxmi was a member of the rst Canadian Youth Venture team

Nearly seven years ago, I had a big idea to change the way my community was perceived by the rest of the city. Ashoka Canada believed in our big idea, invested in our vision and opened a door for us when so many others were closing. Several years later, I have now found my way back to Ashoka, as a staff member at Ashoka Global. MY ROOTS is now a community organization and newspaper that continues to grow today.

Inspiring Approaches to First Nations, Mtis and Inuit Learning: Partners Canadian Education & Research Institute for Counselling (CERIC) Canadian Teachers Federation Community Foundations of Canada Congress of Aboriginal Peoples Donner Canadian Foundation First Nations Child & Family Caring Society of Canada First Nations Education Council Fondation Lucie et Andr Chagnon Girls Action Foundation Indspire Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami Mamow Sha-Way-Gi-Kay-Win Martin Aboriginal Education Initiative Mtis National Council Moving Red Canoe Native Womens Association of Canada Ontario Trillium Foundation RBC

Ashoka builds a world that responds quickly and effectively to social challenges, where everyone can be a changemaker.

Ashoka Changemakers provides the tools and resources to empower everyone, anywhere, to contribute to a better world. Changemakers mission is to grow new ideas through transparency and collaboration, a process of Open Growth. Changemakers is building a global community of action that grows the impact of ideas from dedicated individuals and community organizers to Fortune 500 companies and global foundations. In 2011, Ashoka Canada launched Inspiring Approaches to First Nations, Mtis and Inuit Learning. This initiative included a search for new ideas, awards to innovators and a summit to bring together partners, innovators and inuencers of change: 20 organizations and foundations collaborated on the initiative 266 entries were submitted from every province and territory in Canada 30 award winners were selected with nearly $100,000 invested in community innovations The FNMI Changemakers Summit was held in April 2012 in Gatineau, Quebec. The summit featured keynote presentations by President Mary Simon of Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, President Clment Chartier of the Mtis National Council, the Right Honourable Paul Martin, former National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations Phil Fontaine and Commissioner Wilton Littlechild of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

FNMI Changemakers Summit, Gatineau, Quebec, April 2012

Regroupement des centres damiti autochtones du Qubec Small Change Fund The Counselling Foundation of Canada The J.W McConnell Family Foundation The Lawson Foundation The Margaret & Wallace McCain Family Foundation Inc. The RBC Foundation The Vancouver Foundation

BC ideas: Partners ArtsBC Ashoka Changemakers British Columbia Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres BC Social Innovation council BC Sport Agency Capilano University Columbia Basin Trust Community Council Community Living BC

Community Living Innovation Venture Decoda Literacy Solutions Enterprising Non-Prots Federation of Community Social Services of BC ISIS at the Sauder School of Business LIFT Philanthropy Partners PLAN Institute Province of British Columbia Selkirk College

The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation The Land Conservancy of BC United Way of the Lower Mainland Urban Systems Vancity Vancouver Foundation

I am honoured to be one of the award winners and feel blessed to participate in this exciting and inspirational event. I shall represent myself as a changemaker proudly. Changemakers Summit participant

Linking agents of change within our communities to resources and the broader community of innovators from various elds across Canada is an excellent way to enable, support and rapidly increase the rate and pace of innovation and change among all First Nations right across Canada. I applaud and support this effort and wish to express our appreciation for the leadership shown by the Ashoka Canada Changemakers Initiative. National Chief Shawn A-in-chut Atleo Assembly of First Nations

BC Ideas: Solutions for Stronger Communities

In May 2012, Ashoka launched the BC Ideas Changemakers competition. This competition encouraged British Columbians to bring forward innovative ideas and programs that address the challenges facing the province. More than $250,000 in investments will be distributed to support creative solutions to health, social, and environmental challenges in communities across British Columbia. We are excited to continue to grow the BC Ideas community to strengthen the local ecosystem of social entrepreneurship.

For a community foundation, the Changemakers Initiative offers a vehicle to connect local innovation and expertise to a national network of people and organizations with a desire to surface, appreciate, support and learn from outstanding approaches to First Nations, Mtis and Inuit learning. Mark Gifford, Program Director, Vancouver Foundation

Prizes are just the start the real impact of the competition is realized when funders and policymakers get behind the best ideas and support their dissemination. Stephen Huddart CEO,The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation

In FY12, eight leading social entrepreneurs were elected Ashoka Fellows in Canada. As lifelong Ashoka Fellows, they join a global network of leaders who are implementing groundbreaking systems-changing solutions for tackling major social challenges at their roots, impacting millions of people in Canada and abroad. The Ashoka network will support them to accelerate their impact, taking their innovations to new levels.
Frank Escoubs - Imagination for People (IP)
@IPvoices | Civic Engagement Harnessing the power of civic creativity to create a new market for citizen experts to contribute to public and private policy change. Currently, 1,000 social innovation projects from 45 countries are featured on the online open innovation platform.

Steve Leaoor Blueprint for Life

@ArcticBuddha | Learning/Education Using Social Work Through Hip-hop programs to guide over 4, 000 youth in 40 First Nations and Inuit communities to address prevalent mental health crises and create comprehensive networks of support and solutions.

Scott Gilmore (Senior Fellow) Building Markets

@BuildingMrkets | Economic Development Creating new markets for local businesses in conictprone countries to stimulate economic growth by linking them to international aid organizations and multinational corporations. Over 120,000 jobs have been created and more than $1.1 billion of new spending has been redirected into some of the worlds poorest economies.

Judith Marcuse (Senior Fellow) International Centre of Art for Social Change
@ICASC_JMP | Civic Engagement Increasing the effectiveness with which disparate communities use the arts as tools for promoting social change by connecting arts-based social change organizations and leading practitioners in the eld within Canada and abroad. Judith has created a global hub for collaboration, research, teaching and knowledge-exchange.

Ashoka Canada Fellows

Jean-Franois Archambault Band of Chefs/ La Table des Chefs @TableedesChefs Manon Barbeau Wapikoni Mobile @Wapikoni Cindy Blackstock First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada @Caringsociety Geoff Cape Evergreen @EvergreenCanada Lucie Chagnon Median Solutions Jessica Clogg West Coast Environmental Law @WCELaw Usha Tamba Dhar Sage Youth Ilona Dougherty Apathy is Boring @apathyisboring Nadia Duguay Projet Exeko @projetexeko Frank Escoubs Imagination for People @IPvoices Al Etmanski Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN) @plannedlifetime Sandrine Faust All Prof @Alloprof Tatiana Fraser Girls Action Foundation @_GirlsAction Scott Gilmore Building Markets @BuildingMrkets Mary Gordon Roots of Empathy Carlos Eduardo (Larry) Silberman Grinblat Grupo 55 Taylor Gunn Student Vote @studentvote Gilles Julien La Fondation du Dr Julien @FondDrJulien Marc Kielburger Free the Children @freethechildren Brent Kopperson Windfall Ecology Centre @WindfallCentre Johann Olav Koss Right To Play @RightToPlayCAN Claudine Labelle FitSpirit @ClaudineLabelle Steve Leaoor Blueprint for Life @ArcticBuddha Gabriel Bran Lopez Youth Fusion/ Fusion Jeunesse

Mike Morrice Sustainable Waterloo Region

@SustainableWat | Environment Advancing sustainability by creating local networks companies, citizen sector organizations, and governments to co-create ambitious, yet realistic, public commitments to address global environmental challenges. Since 2009, the rst Pledging Partners have reduced their emissions by 840 tonnes.

George Roter Engineers Without Borders Canada

@ewb | Civic Engagement Transforming Canadas approach to global development. Since late 2011, EWB has seen Canada join the International Aid Transparency Initiative, $350,000 in productivity tools rented in Zambia and a water decision support system recommended for national adoption in Malawi.

Jason Potts Finance Alliance For Sustainable Trade (FAST)

@FAST_Intl | Economic Development Building a global community of nancial service providers, sustainable producers and supply chain partners, dedicated to facilitating access to investment in sustainable agricultural production in the developing world. In 2011, FAST facilitated partnerships committing more than USD$20 million in loans to SMEs.

Lis Suarez-Visbal FEM International

@Feminter | Economic Development Strengthening the economic independence of immigrant women by providing them with opportunities to be successful entrepreneurs by exchanging their knowledge and skills with their peers in the global south. Lis has created a local, national, and international network of women entrepreneurs.

Octavio Duque Lpez Asociacin para el Desarrollo Campesino @ADCampesino Judith Marcuse International Centre of Arts for Social Change @ICASC_JMP Eva Marszewski Peacebuilders International @PeacebuildersCA John Mighton JUMP Math @JUMP_Math Mike Morrice Sustainable Waterloo Region @SustainableWat Donna Morton The Centre for Integral Economics (CIE) First Power @First_Power Peter Nares Social and Enterprise Development Innovations (SEDI) @SEDIorg

Daphne Nederhorst Sawa World @SawaWorld Arnold Noyek Canada International Scientic Exchange Program (CISEPO) Anil Patel Framework @Timeraiser Jason Potts Finance Alliance For Sustainable Trade (FAST) @FAST_Intl Sidney Ribaux quiterre @equiterre John Richardson Pivot Legal Society Party X @Party_X George Roter Engineers Without Borders Canada @ewb

Nicole Rycroft Canopy @Canopyplanet Jayne Stoyles Canadian Centre for International Justice @CCIJ_CCJI Lis Suarez Visbal FEM International @Feminter Tonya Surman Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) @csiTO Michel Venne Institut du Nouveau Monde @inm_nouvelle Stanley Zlotkin Sprinkles Global Health Initiative

Read more about all Canadian Ashoka Fellows http://canada.ashoka.org/fellows-map



*Canadian Fellows Stipends paid by the Global Office REVENUE Donations Ashoka Global Funding for Programs (note 1) Fees for Service Other Total Revenue EXPENSES PROGRAM EXPENSES Venture & Fellowship Excluding Stipends Fellow Stipends Total Venture & Fellowship Changemakers University Partnerships Youth Venture Total Program Expenses Management & General Fundraising (Ashoka Support Network) Total Supporting Services Total Expenses Excess of Revenue over Expenses Net Assets, beginning of year NET ASSETS, END OF YEAR



541,679 89,723 52,145 159 683,706

187,580 325, 561


199,993 50,727 250,720 234,281 3,968 0 488,969 130,313 14,797 145,110 634,079 49,627 46,675 96,302


231,104 117,142 77,967 426,213 44,846 4,192 49,038 475,251 37,890 8,785 46,675
* Some Ashoka Fellows elected in Canada receive stipend support from Ashoka ofces outside of Canada. In Fiscal Year 2011, the total stipend support for Canadian Fellows from Ashokas Global ofces was $286,500. These funds do not appear in Ashoka Canadas Statement of Operations. Note 1: The organization received funding from Ashoka Global of $89,723 for program and operating expenses. Ashoka Global is the sole member of Ashoka Canada. Ashoka Canada is a registered charity. Our Charitable number is 87193 8736 RR0001

Revenue by Source
Business Entrepreneurs Global Funding Foundations Corporations Fee for Service

Expenses by Program
Venture & Fellowship (Stipends*) Changemakers Operations Fundraising University Partnerships

Ashoka Canada would like to thank all our donors and committed leaders for their generous gifts in FY 12. Their contributions have ensured that Ashoka Canada will continue to have lasting social impact nationwide. We look forward to continuing these partnerships and forging new relationships with organizations and individuals who believe in a world of Everyone a Changemaker.
Global Strategic Partners Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP The Boehringer Ingelheim Group Egon Zehnder International Hill+Knowlton Strategies McKinsey & Company Ashoka Canada Visionary & Program Partners Air Miles for Social Change Anonymous Ashoka Changemakers Bataleur Enterprises Inc. Brian Gottheil Coryell Boffy Resel Daphne Nederhorst Donner Canadian Foundation Eva de Gosztonyi Fondation J. Armand Bombardier Fondation Lucie et Andr Chagnon Ilan Muskat Isabelle Le Breton Jayne Stolyes Jean-Loup Brault LIFT Philanthropy Partners Lauren Mortifee Lucie Chagnon Paul McKay Peter Chellew RBC Shauna Trainor Starbucks Canada The Counselling Foundation of Canada The Covenant Group The Fleck Family Foundation The Hamilton Community Foundation The J.W McConnell Family Foundation The Jesse & Julie Rasch Foundation The Lawson Foundation The Margaret & Wallace McCain Family Foundation Inc. The RBC Foundation The Vancouver Foundation Ashoka Support Network Sue & Harvey Griggs (The Griggs Family Foundation) Bill Young (Bealight Foundation) Cathy & John Phillips (The Northpine Foundation) Edward J. Waitzer (Stikeman Elliott LLP, The Waitzer Family Fund) Joan Vanduzer (The Harbinger Foundation) John Nicola (Nicola Wealth Management) Nancy Mortifee (The Somerset Foundation) Peter Mortifee (The Somerset Foundation) Serge Martin (Martin International Communications) Strategic Advisors Allen Hirsh Andreas Souvaliotis Bob Fleck Creative Bob Fleck Jane Cooke-Lauder Kim Clark Venture Deli Board C. William Carter (Consultant) Edward J. Waitzer (Stikeman Elliott LLP) Mar y Gordon (Founder and President, Roots of Empathy) William Drayton (Founder and CEO Ashoka) Staff Alex Audet Claudia DeSimone Elisha Muskat Yeleka Barrett Volunteers Adam Waitzer Amanda Armstrong Anne Andrews Ben Losman Brandon Jacoby Deena Douara Durka Kumarathasan Jean-Christophe Cuttaz Jillian Rodak Julie Vaudrin-Charette Lindsay Hillcoat Lucy Gao Marilia Assiz Mina Akrami Natalie Deschamps Navi Brar Nikhil Khanna Rachel Harris Rachelle Marmur Riyad Mobeen Sara Stavchansky Shauna Trainor Sophie Mechin Yong Gi Lim Changemakers Team & Advisors Alex Beyard April Dutheil Brandon Jacoby Carolyn Doyle Charles Tsai Chris Heald Christy Bressette Connie Burke Crystal McGregor Cynthia McKinney-Drayton Delyse Sylvester Dilys Leman Jasmine Learning Jaz Bruhn Johl Ringuette John Sharpe Kelly Lendsay Levinia Brown Marc Saindon Nathan Matthew Noella Steinhauer Pauline Shirt Sarah Mintz Senator Alis Kennedy Shawna Snache Sonia Bianchi Tania Koenig-Gauchier Terry Fortin Udloriak Hanson Victoria Grant

Ashoka Canada is grateful for all the volunteers and advisors who have helped us grow over the past 10 years! This annual report was funded by:

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