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Diesel Generator Sizing Voltage Dip Calculations Worksheet

Load summary Here you just add your load connected to DG bus. Make sure the load is in kVA, if it's in kW then divide it by system power factor. Make sure to also include largest motor kW in this. Load kVA Total power consumption 1665 kVA 2081.25 kVA @ 0.85 power factor

Largest Motor Connected to DG Data Rated power Power factor Efficiency Full load current Starting current Starting power factor Rated voltage Starting capacity 450 0.89 0.962 632 2 0.2 480 kW

A times V


1051.181 kVA Angels Section 1 0.554811 31.78833 degree sin 1 cos 1 1.369438 78.46304 degree sin cos 0.897192 51.40534 degree sin 2 cos 2

Power consumption of all other loads tan 2 A B C D 1.252918 1210.623 210.2362 750.2766 1029.943 2

1424.262 kVA 0.897192 51.40534 degree

0.526783 0.85

0.979796 0.2

Minimum DG size

2277.723 kVA

0.781579 0.623807

data to be entered by user calculated data

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Diesel Generator Sizing Voltage Dip Calculations Worksheet

Generator terminal voltage Transit reactance X'd initial pu current final pu current a b Vg Vdip 0.26125 0.171958 0.905503 pu 0.094497 or

480 0.25

V pu

Voltage dip at DG bus formula:

0.625301 pu 0.95 pu

(use 1.0 pu)

Calculations of motor per units currents 9.449717 % for full pu current you can always use 1.0 pu current, assuming that the system runs at full load at its rated kW. the initial pu current is the total load connected to the DG without including the largest motor. Initial power Initial current Total power Total current Initial pu Current 1424.262 kVA 1713.121 A 2277.723 kVA 2739.675 A 0.625301 pu

the above reading is the voltage dip at the main bus connected to the DG, which also will affect all other connected loads. 10% voltage dip due to starting of the largest motor while all other loads connected, is acceptable reading. Next step, should be to calculate the voltage drop at motor terminal during motor starting. And this reading should not exceed 20% of system rated voltage. Refer to worksheet #3 for the final step in the calculations.

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Diesel Generator Sizing Voltage Dip Calculations Worksheet

Cable voltage drop at largest motor terminal: Cable length Cable resistance Cable Rreactance Vd 180 0.0495 0.045 m /km /km or

Cable resistance data must be entered manually from manufacturer's catalogue. Cable reactance data must be entered manually from manufacturer's catalogue. 4.433915 %

0.044339 pu

Vd is the voltage drop on the cable caused by motor starting current.

Total Voltage Drop at Largest Motor Starting


and this value should be at all times kept less than 20%, otherwise re-do the calculations again. Maybe try different cable size (larger cable, or double run per phase).

This worksheet is brought to you by Rajab. (http://thepiratebay.se/user/rajabmm/)

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