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Respected madam/sir, As a part of my project I would like to gather some information from you which will help me in an in depth study of project. The information provided by you will be kept confidential and will be used for academic purpose only. I would be obliged if you co-operate with me in filling the questionnaire.

Name: ____________________________Contact no. _______________

Age: ______ Gender: ________ Department ___________________

1. Which brand of shirts you prefer? ______________________ 2. What is your expected price range of the brand of shirt you use? ___________________ 3. Rate your favorite brand of shirt on the basis of following attributes. Color Excellent [ ] Design Excellent [ ] Material Excellent [ ] Variety Excellent [ ] Comfort Excellent [ ] Very Good [ ] Good [ ] Fair [ ] Poor [ ] Very Good [ ] Good [ ] Fair [ ] Poor [ ] Very Good [ ] Good [ ] Fair [ ] Poor [ ] Very Good [ ] Good [ ] Fair [ ] Poor [ ] Very Good [ ] Good [ ] Fair [ ] Poor [ ]

4. Need of branded shirts for a) Recognition b) satisfaction c) value of money d) prise from friends

e) social capability f) others ________ 5. On which occasion usually you buy shirts? a) Festival b) Gift c) Offers d) Marriage

e) Others (Please Specify) ___________ 6. From where do you aware about clothing brands? a) T.V. b) shopping mall c) posters d) newspaper or magazines e) others ______

7. Rank the brands according to your preferences Brands Peter England Levis Numero Uno Pepe Jeans John Player Nike Mufti Puma Polo Koutons Lee Arrow Raymond Provouge Killer Ranks (1 to 15)

8. Who influences your purchase decision for buying shirt? a) Family b) Friends c) colleagues d) Peer group

e) Others (Please Specify) ___________ 9. where do you like to go for shopping? a) super market b) mall c) traditional shop d) online shopping

10. what are the types of fabric do you prefer most? a) Cotton b) Polly cotton c) denim d) silk e) other_____

11. How many shirts do you buy while shopping at one time? a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4 and more e) none

12. would presentation & packaging of the shirt help pressurized you in your purchase decision?

a) Yes

b) No

c) May be

13. Will you intend to purchase the same brand that you have previously purchased? A) Yes b) no c) may be

14. Do you think the advertisement of branded shirts has a major influence in your buying decision? Strongly agree Disagree Agree Strongly disagree Average

15. How often do you go for shopping? a) Every Weekend b) Every month c) Every six months d) None of these

16. Please rate the following factors which influence your purchase decision. (Strongly agree-5, Agree-4, Neutral-3, Disagree-2, and Strongly Disgree-1) No i. Price of the product Factors Rate

ii Quality of the product . ii Availability of the product i. i v . v. Previous Experience Brand name of the company

vi Advertisements . vi Family/friends opinion i.

vi Sales promotional activities ii.

17. Some advertisements featured the celebrities, would it has an impact on you? a) Yes b) No

18. Do you recommend brands that you have purchased? a) Yes b) No

Thanking you for spending your valuable time