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Darida 1 Chelsea Darida English 1003 Ms. Ingram Annotated Bibliography Branden, Nathaniel. A Woman's Self Esteem.

San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1998. Print. 14 Sept 2012. This book is in some ways a self help book. It talks about how women can conquer certain problem strategies and ideas about how to get past these things. It also gives a lot of examples about women who have been through these problems before and how they overcame them. It talks about how having good self esteem can be achieved. This book will be helpful towards my inquiry question because it gives specific examples of women who have struggled with self esteem before. The book also does a really good job of defining self esteem and explaining the importance of it. The book talks more about how to overcome self esteem issues and not really the affect it has on a womans health, though.

Caspi, Avshalom. "Low Self-Esteem During Adolescence Predicts Poor Health, Criminal Behavior, And Limited Economic Prospects During Adulthood." Developmental Psychology 42.2 (2006): 381-390. Web. 24 Sept 2012. This article is about an experiment that was done on children to test if having low self esteem during adolescence predicts bad health. The results show that adolescents with low self esteem were more likely to develop mental health problems later in their life. It proves that low self esteem predicts negative real world consequences. This is very helpful towards my inquiry question because it shows throughout a life time how self esteem can affect someones health, mentally and physically.

Eisenbarth, Chris. "Does Self-Esteem Moderate The Relations Among Perceived Stress, Coping, And Depression?" College Student Journal. 46.1 (2012): 149-157. Web. 14 Sept 2012. This article is about an experiment that was performed on college students to see if the level of their self esteem had any effect on their stress and depression. Within the group of college students more categories were created, such as their sex. This article comes to the conclusion through the experiment that self esteem plays an important role in depression, coping, and stress in college students. It suggests that if a student does not believe they are capable, stress can be expected to occur. The article also showed that when students are placed under high stress, they are likely to have their self esteem levels brought down. This article is really helpful towards my inquiry question, because it shows proof that low self esteem levels show higher risks of depression and overwhelming stress, and there is proof that stress and depression have huge effects on a persons health. This article is also helpful because it is aimed towards college students, so its easy to relate to. On another note, this article shows a different point of view, in that stress is the cause of low self esteem, not the other way around.

Lipschitz, David. Having High Self-Esteem Is Essential to Good Health. (2007). Web. 24 Sept 2012. This is website with an article that talks about high self esteem is essential to having good health. It talks about how having low self esteem causes negative affects on your health. It says having low self esteem leads to stress, destructive relationships, and behavioral disorders, which all lead to psychological health problems. It also talks about how high self esteem can cause you to have good health later on life. This article is really helpful towards my inquiry question because all of my sources so far have talked about how low self esteem affects your health, and this one focuses more on how high self esteem affects it.

MacInnes, D. L. "Self-Esteem And Self-Acceptance: An Examination Into Their Relationship And Their Effect On Psychological Health." Journal Of Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing 13.5 (2006): 483-489. Web. 14 Sept 2012. This article is about a study that was done showing the relationship between self esteem and its affect on a persons psychological health. The study was done a group of people who have been diagnosed with severe mental health problems. Their levels of self esteem, self acceptance, anxiety, depression, and psychological well being were recorded over a period of time. The results showed the sample of people had low self esteem and high levels of anxiety, depression, and psychological ill health. This article also quotes many researches of this topic and what they have discovered. This article is very helpful to my inquiry question because it proves that self esteem does affect your health, and also shows that many people are talking about and studying this subject.

NetDoctor. 8 Problems Caused By Low Self-Esteem. (1998). Web. 24 Sept 2012. This is a really interesting website that lists eight problems caused by low self esteem. For example, fear and anxiety, anger, and self hate. It talks about why these are problems, how they affect your health, and the way to turn these problems around. This is more of a self-help website, but it points out that self esteem causes problems which causes negative affects on your health.

Yokozuka, Nori. "Stress At College: Effects On Health Habits, Health Status And Self-Esteem." College Student Journal 34.2 (2000): 217. Web. 24 Sept 2012. This article is about stress in college students and how it is harmful to their health. It talks about the causes of stress. One of the causes is low self esteem in students. This article states that it is unclear whether stress is the cause of students having low self esteem and self worth, or if

the high level of the stress they are under is the cause of their low self esteem. Even though this article is mostly about stress, which is unrelated to my inquiry question, it offers a different opinion on self esteem and its relation to health.