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The Phlemcraft Guidebook

Everything you need to know about Phlemcraft... In one handy guidebook

Server IP: Updated November 2012

Phlemcraft guidebook

Hey buddy! Thanks for downloading the server guidebook! I know that you will benefit from having it! -Greenphlem

Usage notes

Copyright notice

Written, edited, and compiled by Deathgleaner. Version 1 November 2012

This guidebook is licensed under the Creative Commons AttributionShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/.


Phlemcraft guidebook

Please report any errors or ambiguity in this Guidebook to a Phlemcraft Staff. The staff directory can be found on Page 6 of the next section. Thank you, Phlemcraft staff.


Usage notes

How to use this Guidebook

Thank you for downloading the Phlemcraft guidebook! You will find out shortly that this guidebook is an indispensable resource to the Phlemcraft server and website. We recommend that you keep a copy of this on your hard drive in case our website magically becomes unavailable. If you really want to, you can print out this guidebook as well. The most important thing to be familiar with are the convention for commands. All commands are printed in this font, which makes it easy to tell commands apart from non-commands. One example of a command is printed below:
/cmodify [user1] {user2} ... -{user3} -{user4}

Anything in square brackets [] is a required field. You must specify something in its place (in this case a username) for the command to work. Anything in curly braces {} is optional, and can be included or excluded as you wish. An ellipsis... (ellipsis) indicates that you can add more fields. Again, this is up to you. Some terms you should be familiar with: Phlemknight: Any Minecrafter who plays on Phlemcraft IGN: In-game name [S]: Survival World [C]: Creative World [Event]: Event World


Phlemcraft guidebook

Table of Contents
Intellectual property notice ...................................... ii How to use this guidebook ...................................... iii Table of contents ......................................................... 1 Server info
Server information, ............................................. 3 Staff directory Abbreviated rules ................................................ 8 Voting ...................................................................... 9 Donating ................................................................ 10

Survival World [S]

Portals ..................................................................... 13 TimeIsMoney machine ...................................... 13 Community chest ................................................ 14 Shops ...................................................................... 15 Block protection ................................................... 19 McMMO ................................................................. 21

Creative world [C]

Plots ......................................................................... 25 Restrictions ........................................................... 26

Other worlds ................................................................. 27

Website/forums guide
Rules ....................................................................... 30 Forum directory .................................................... 31

Mumble server guide

Installation guide .................................................. 32 Rules ....................................................................... 32 Channels ................................................................ 32

Buycraft ................................................................................. 33 Appendices

FAQs ........................................................................ 35 Full Rules ............................................................... 37
Consequences .......................................... 39

Warps ..................................................................... 40 Command index .................................................. 41 Ranks ...................................................................... 44 Phlemcraft Patrons ............................................. 45

Phlemcraft guidebook

The exquisite spawn area of Phlemcraft, designed by Greenphlem himself. Comes complete with four shops and a gigantic tree!

Our dungeon map, built near the spawn area, offers players unique challenges and hours of entertaining game play.

General server information

The basics of Phlemcrafft

Phlemcraft guidebook

Server information
Welcome to Phlemcraft! Our server is run by current owner and Youtube Partner Greenphlem. It is a hybrid server Founded: August 2012 by Greenphlem Server IP: Server host: Clanforge Server location: Los Angeles, California, USA Max simultaneous players: 25 RAM: 1GB Worlds: Survival, Creative (plotworld), and Event Website: phlemcraft.com Mumble server: west1.voice.enjin.com:60475 Youtube page: youtube.com/user/greenphlem

General information

Requesting help on the server

The Phlemcraft Staff is dedicated to your wonderful experience on Phlemcraft. If at any time you need help with anything Phlemcraftrelated, there are many resources where you can get help:

Fellow members
Chances are that there will be at least one other Phlemknight on the server to help you. Look for users with the Trusted tag, or one of the Donor tags (Master, Ultimate, Elite, Patron). They have been around for a while and can answer most server questions

Staff members
Our staff is active on the server for most of the time between 3pm and 10pm (PST) on hand to help you solve issues. Below you will find our staff directory. IGN greenphlem AlexM850 Position Owner Admin Email greenphlemscomments@gmail.com alexm850@gmail.com

Twitter (@) greenphlem AlexM850 Treestump137 deathgleaner kiwiforge N/A N/A minegurl7711

Treestump137 Admin deathgleaner kiwiforge TallNinja tubbub (inactive) Admin Mod Mod Mod

mr.deathgleaner@gmail. com ffm@kiwiforge.com



minegurl7711 Mod

If you need assistance and a staff member is online,

/helpop [problem] will alert all staff online. This is best when

there are multiple staff members online.

Phlemcraft guidebook

/msg [staff-member] [problem] sends a confidential mes-

sage to the staff member. Ask directly in the chat.

If a staff member is not online: /mail send [staff_member] [message] will send them an offline message in-game. Upon their next log-in they will be notified. Try asking a fellow Phlemknight; chances are they may know! Private message on the forums. Navigate to Member List, and find a staff member (he/she will be marked with a Mod or Admin tag.)

Who to refer to for...

Generally, our staff can answer most questions. However specific questions are best handled by staff who have experience in the respective area. Griefing incidents: any staff member Misbehaving users: any staff member Ban appeals: Post on the Ban Appeals section Plugin issues: AlexM850 and greenphlem are your best bets; however Deathgleaner and Treestump137 can help out as well. Webstore issues or suggestions: Deathgleaner, Greenphlem DDos/Massive hacker activity: AlexM850, greenphlem Server downtime: xpaw.ru/mcstatus, forums Website issues: Owner; Admins Guidebook errors/issues: Deathgleaner Website downtime: greenphlems email Internet downtime: your local service provider

General information

Server rules
A quick-and-dirty rundown
Rules exist on this server in order to ensure that every Phlemknight has a pleasant experience while on the server. We acknowledge that there are a lot of rules. However, each rule falls under one of these three categories: Respect for other Phlemknights and the server; Common sense, that is, thinking before you do something; and Morality, being ethical in your actions.

These three categories form our basic ruleset, and theyre really all you need to know. For a full list of rules, refer to Appendix II.

Consequences may include: Warning Clearing of inventory Loss of command access Mute Demotion to a lower rank Ban (1 hourindefinite)

If you have been banned, you may appeal under most circumstances. To appeal, visit the Phlemcraft Forums under Ban Appeals. For more information on our sanctions process, refer to Appendix IIa.

Phlemcraft guidebook

Voting for Phlemcraft

Why vote?
Phlemcraft is currently listed on several Minecraft server list websites. Each website has a vote function, where servers with the most votes are pushed to the front page or top page of the website. By voting, you help Phlemcraft gain exposure on the Internet and in turn, new prospective Phlemknights. As our gift to you for voting, you will receive $200 in-game cash per vote. You have nothing to lose! Most voting sites only allow one vote per day. This is not set by us and is beyond our control.

Where to vote
Bookmark these URLs and visit every day! Planet Minecraft: http://www.planetminecraft.com/ server/the-official-phlemknights-server/vote/ Minestatus: http://minestatus.net/46591-phlemcraft/ vote Minecraft server list (MSL): http://minecraft-serverlist.com/server/90787/vote/ MinecraftServers.org: http://minecraftservers.org/ vote/18678

How to vote
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Visit one of the websites above Complete the Captcha or challenge-response test Enter your username, if youd like in-game cash Click vote Youre done! Check the server chat, it should show that you have earned $200 IGC per vote.

General information

A monetary contribution is the best way of supporting our server. As you may know, running a server and website is not cheap. By contributing, not only do you keep the Phlemcraft experience great for everyone, but you get great perks as well. There are two ways of contributing to the server: donating money directly to the server through our website, or buying a perk at our web store. Both come with great benefits.

Donating through PayPal

Donating is the most popular way of contributing. To donate, please visit our website. On the right sidebar there is a donation section. Note that all of our donations are accepted through PayPal only. By donating, you will be recognized as a Phlemcraft Patron in our Guidebook. Depending on your donation amount, you will receive one of four ranks: Patron, Elite, Ultimate, and Master. For more information on these ranks, refer to Appendix V.

In addition, Phlemcraft has a plugin which allows you to buy perks individually through BuyCraft. Perks include special abilities and items such as flying, spawn eggs, instant-healing, and others. As with donations, buying a perk supports the server and ensures that everyone has a great experience. For more information about buying perks through BuyCraft, refer to page 33.


Phlemcraft guidebook



Phlemcraft guidebook

The spawn
On your first login to Phlemcraft, you will see this spawn area. Features:

We have three portals for easy access to other worlds, The portal on the right goes to the Nether. The portal in the middle (Glowstone and Water) goes to the Creative World. The portal on the left goes to the End.

The portal to the End is in fact our only portal to the End. This is because structures were not generated in the making of the Phlemcraft world.

You can get money just for playing on the server! The TimeIsMoney machine is located at spawn.


The Survival World

Before you log out of the server, you can claim your money. Heres how: Type /spawn Walk into the TimeIsMoney machine Press either button The sign will show you how much has been added to your account

You will receive $1 for every minute you play on the server. This is capped at 120 minutes or 2 hours. If you do not visit the time is money machine, you will not receive your money! However, visiting the machine is entirely optional.

Community Chest
Contains items donated by the PhlemCraft community. Feel free to use items and drop off items in the chest. Take only what you need, and be sure to leave something behind for other users!

Server shops


Phlemcraft guidebook

Shop information
Phlemcraft has four main server shops which sell most of the items in -game. These shops are divided into four categories: 3 shops that sell general, magic, and tools, and one shop to buy back your items for cash. To buy or sell an item at the shop, right click the slab that the item is on. To buy or sell a stack of an item at the shop, shift and right click the slab. To view sell/buyback price and other info about an item, left click the slab. On the following pages you will find the general set up and inventory of our shops. Main shop (/warp shop) The main shop is the largest on the server. It has three floors and contains many essential items such as building blocks and food. Basement Nether blocks Obsidian Ore blocks Stone brick and variations Utility blocks Vegetation Minecarts and rails Ground floor Wood Sand, gravel All stairs All slabs Stone, cobblestone, mossy cobble, stone brick Clay blocks Upper floor


The Survival World

Food items Animal and mob drops Plant items Redstone Bowl Flint Snowball

Tool, armor, and weapon shop (/warp tools) Contains all tools, armor, and weapons contained in the game, with the exception of chain armor. 1st floor: Wood tools Stone tools Raw leather, wood, stone 2nd floor Gold tools Diamond tools Swords (all types), bows, arrows Raw iron ingot, gold ingot, diamond gem Leather, leather armor Iron armor Gold armor 3rd floor Diamond armor Compass Clock Flint and Steel Fishing rod Shears Buckets (empty, water, lava, milk)


Phlemcraft guidebook

Wool shop (/warp wool) Contains all 16 colored dyes, all 16 colors of wool, and a couple of wool products. 16 dyes of wool 16 colors of wool Shears String Bed Painting Spawn sheep egg

If you are looking for leather armor for dyeing, it can be found in the tool shop at /warp tools. Magic shop (/warp magic) Here is where all the potions, potion ingredients, and paraphernalia are sold. 1st floor: Enchanted sword and pick All major ingredients Brewing paraphernalia 2nd floor: Base potions All primary potions Most secondary potions Most tertiary potions 3rd floor: Remaining tertiary potions: Regeneration (II and ext.) Strength (II and ext.) Night vision Invisibility


The Survival World

Splash potions are currently unavailable because of a bug that does not support certain data values. However, gunpowder is sold on the 1st floor for brewing splash potions. Buyback shop (/warp sell) If you have excess items in your inventory, you can sell them back to the server and make some money! 1st floor: Common blocks: wood, dirt, stone, cobble Saplings Cactus Flint 2nd floor: Ores (coal, iron, redstone, gold, diamond, lapis lazuli) Sandstone Obsidian, clay Nether blocks Flowers, mushrooms 3rd floor: Raw food Plant items


Phlemcraft guidebook

Block protection
If you wish to protect your chests, furnaces, and other blocks from being accessed or used by other players, youre in luck! With the LWC plugin, protecting personal items is easy.
/lwc is the general plugin command, which will bring up the help

menu. As of Minecraft 1.4, LWC will protect these blocks from being accessed or destroyed except by the owner: Chests Furnaces Dispensers Doors Signs Trap doors

The most common way of protecting blocks is with a simple lock. Step-by-step: a personal protection 1. Place your block, if you have not already done so. 2. In the chat, type /lock, or /cprivate. A message should appear saying punch your block to apply protections 3. Left-click on the block. 4. A message should appear saying Item successfully registered! /lock is the most basic command, but there are others too:
/cpassword [pass] will protect the block with the

password provided. To access a locked chest, do /

cunlock [pass] /cpublic Allows everyone to access your block, but

allows only you to remove the block


The Survival World

You can also modify your existing protections with /cmodify. Syntax: /cmodify [user1] [user2] ... allow listed users to access your blocks. /cmodify -[user1] -[user2] ... removes listed users from access /cmodify @[user1] @[user2] ... allow listed users admin access to your blocks. This means they can use the /cmodify command on your block, but they will not be able to remove you as the owner. Note that you can mix-and-match with /cmodify. E.g. /cmodify deathgleaner Notch @greenphlem @BlueXephos. To see information about any protection, use the /cinfo command and left-click on the protection. If you attempt to access a protected block that you are not allowed to access, a message will appear saying This [block] is locked with a magical spell. To remove any of your protections, type /unlock and punch your block. Advanced features The /cpersist command comes in handy when you are trying to protect multiple blocks, such as in a storage room. /cpersist will cause commands to be sticky. Drop transferring is a great way of sending items to your chests from long distances. To enable it, type /cdroptransfer select, and leftclick your chest. Until you type /cdroptransfer off, items that you drop will automatically teleport into the selected chest until the chest is full. To read more about these advanced features, visit the LWC Wiki at https://github.com/Hidendra/LWC/wiki.


Phlemcraft guidebook

Wonder why, every so often a message comes up saying [some_skill] skill has been increased by 1 (#)? That is the McMMO plugin, rewarding you for a certain action! McMMO stands for Minecraft Massively Multiplayer Online. Its a plugin written by Nossr50. It brings the experience of MMORPGs to Minecraft, rewarding your player with skills, experience, and power that cant be obtained in Vanilla! Also included are parties, which allow private chat with other players and instant teleportation.

There are currently 14 skills in McMMO: Mining Woodcutting Herbalism Excavation Fishing Unarmed Archery Swords Axes Taming Repair Acrobatics

Each skill has a different set of actions that will give you Experience. When you gather enough experience, you will level up in that skill. The higher your level in a skill, the harder you must work to progress to the next level.


/mcmmo the about page /mcc displays a list of McMMO commands /mcstatsshows overall statistics and your power level (the sum

of all your levels in all skills /[skill] {page} shows detailed information (experience, level, guide) about a particular skill /mctop shows the ten players with the highest power level


The Survival World

/mctop [skill] shows the ten players with the highest level in skill /mcability toggles right-click activation of abilities

In addition to skills, there are abilities paired with certain skills. Some abilities are active, some are passive. Active abilities can be toggled by the user with a right-click, while passive abilities have a random chance of happening. Berserk Green Thumb Green Terra Tree feller Skull Splitter Giga Drill Breaker Super Breaker Serrated Strikes Chimaera Wing Beast Lore Call of the Wild Repair

There are eleven active abilities, all activated by right-click: Passive abilities are beyond the control of the user. Their chance of activation and behavior depend on your skill level in a particular skill. They are: Deflect arrows Disarm Iron arm Skill shot Arrow retrieval Daze Treasure hunt Insta-wheat Farmers diet Axe Mastery Impact Critical strikes Double drops1 Conunter-attack Bleed Roll/Graceful roll Improved Wolves


Phlemcraft guidebook

Parties are the McMMO way of playing with your online buddies. When you form a party, you have access to commands that enhance the co-operate players. As of version 1.2.00 there is a Master/ Apprentice system in the Party system, this will grant players who are in a party extra experience for a certain skill if someone in their party is a higher level in that particular skill. Party commands:
/party view information about Parties /party [name] {pass} joins the party name with password pass, if required. /party q leaves the party that you are in

/p toggles party-only chat /invite [player] invites player to the party which you are currently in /accept accepts an invite to a party /ptp [player] instant teleportation to player (only if player is in your party) /party lock locks the party (party host only) /party password [pass] sets a password required to join the party (party host only)

There is of course, more to McMMO than has been listed in this guidebook. You can visit the wiki for more verbose information on abilities, skills, and parties at mcmmo.wikia.com.



Phlemcraft guidebook

Creative [C]
We have a great creative world! Heres what you need to know. To access the creative world, you may go through the Creative Portal at spawn or /warp creative_world, which will take you directly to the Creative world.

Plot usage
Phlemcrafts creative world is divided into plots, with the PlotMe plugin. Each plot is 75 by 75 blocks and extends from bedrock to build limit. Each user gets one plot, though he/she may request additional plots at the discretion of an administrator. Claiming a plot can be done in two ways: 1. Fly to an empty plot, do /plot claim. If a message shows this plot has already been claimed, then sorry! Choose another 2. /plotme auto is the easiest way to claim a plot. You will be taken to the first empty plot.

Plot commands:
NB: Each command can be substituted with /plot at the beginning.
/plotme home Takes you to your home plot /plotme claim Claims an empty plot /plotme clear Resets your plot. WARNING: CANNOT BE UN-

/plotme comment [comment] Will leave a comment for the

owner of the plot you are currently at /plotme comments Views comments for the plot you are at /plotme add [username] Allows [username] to build on your plot


The Creative World

Block restrictions
To prevent griefing, exploiting, and world corruption, we have disabled some aspects of creative mode. Certain blocks as well as certain actions are prohibited by the CreativeControl plugin. If you try to do something that is blocked, you will see a message saying You cant [action] in creative mode! Actions blocked include, but are not limited to: Placement of TNT Ice Ender chest Dispensers Usage of Lava buckets Experience bottles Potions Minecart with Furnace Minecart with Chest Portals Spawning of mobs, via Spawn eggs Chickens (via eggs) Snow Golem creation Iron Golem creation Dropping items Picking up items Attacking other players Commands Buycraft /money

If your creation in the Creative world require one of the actions above, please contact an administrator.


Phlemcraft guidebook

Other worlds

The central tower in our brand-new PvP arena, soon to be on the main server!


Other Worlds

Nether [N], End [E]

The Nether and End worlds are part of our survival world. You can access the Nether by creating a Nether portal, and you can access the End through the End portal at /spawn. Both worlds share an inventory with Survival.

Event world [Event]

Our Event World is only used on special occasions. When we have server-wide events, the world will be open and all events will be held there.

Past events
Past events have included: The Walls PVP Some other events All events begin as ideas n the Phlemcraft Forums, where users submit their ideas for an event. If it is approved by staff, a time and date is set for the event. Unless specified otherwise, times will always be given in Pacific Standard Time, or GMT-08, the time zone in which the server is located.

Mumble Server
Our Mumble server has a special channel for Events. This is so that teams participating in an event can voice chat with each other. Its very helpful during intensive events such as PVP or races. For more information about Mumble, visit page 32.


Phlemcraft guidebook

Phlemcraft on the Web


On the Web

Phlemcraft Website
Our official website is http://phlemcraft.com. Whats on the website: Server information Updates Donation links Member list Forums Voting links Web Store

Our forums serve as the discussion board and the announcement board for all users on the server. It is highly recommended that you register on our forums. The forums are powered by Enjin, so if you have an account on another Enjin website, just use the one-click sign up and youre done! Forum rules: Like the server rules, the three main rules are: be respectful, be ethical, and use common sense. 1. Do not spam the forums, or any user via posts, private messages, chat, etc. 2. Write your posts and replies in the appropriate sections of the forums 3. Irrelevant posts or pages may be moved or deleted on sight 4. We HIGHLY recommend that you use your IGN as your forum name 5. Keep it civil: no personal attacks or flaming 6. Advertising of any kind is not allowed, except in the Whatever lounge 7. All posts must be Safe For Work (no porn, excessive gore, nudity)


Phlemcraft guidebook

Sanctions may include, but are not limited to the following: Temporary or permanent ban from the forums Loss or limiting of posting privileges Loss or limiting of forum viewing privileges Loss or limiting of private messaging privileges Demotion (for Donor, Mod ranks)

Forum directory: News and announcements Official server news and important announcements regarding the server or website. 911 Our emergency service for reporting urgent problems, such as mass hacking, DDoS-ing, griefing team attacks, game-breaking glitches, etc. Events Information about upcoming events, and registration for events General discussion Anything pertinent to the server, which doesnt fit in the below 4 categories: Request for Moderation If there is a dispute between two or more parties where the efforts of both parties to resolve the dispute has failed, post a request here and the staff will take a look at it. Bans This forum is divided into two sub-forums: Requests: For ban requests Appeals: For ban appeals Suggestion box Got a plugin that you want on the server? Or maybe some improvements youd like to see? This is the place to post your suggestions Staff applications If you feel like you have the qualifications for being a Phlemcraft staff, read the sticky on this thread and go for it. General Gaming Anything game-related, including Minecraft. NB: Server topics should not go here. Whatever lounge Post whatever, say whatever (cats, politics, floor sweeping techniques) but keep it within the rules.


On the Web

What is Mumble?
Mumble is an open-source, low-latency chat client (that means low lag). It has many applications, but its main use is for gaming. We have a mumble server at west1.voice.enjin.com:60475. The server is capped at 10 users, but there is almost always space left over. To download the Mumble client, visit the website at. Its completely free and there is no charge to use it. However, you will need a microphone and ideally a headset.

1. No excessive yelling 2. No spamming the chat or voice 3. Racist, sexist, and offensive remarks towards a user or group of users is strictly prohibited. 4. Please refrain from using the text chat for chatting. It should only be used to paste links to pertinent information.

Channel directory:
AFK silent lounge Event Used for special events Team1 Team2 Team3 Team4 Minecraft The default channel for Phlemcraft Vanilla Chat for our vanilla server Other games as in, other than Minecraft


Phlemcraft guidebook

What is BuyCraft?
BuyCraft is our plugin that accepts your generous monetary donations, and rewards you with special perks in-game of your choice! These perks include the ability to fly, heal oneself instantly, or access to creative-only materials. BuyCraft can be used in-game, or online.

Using In-game
Using BuyCraft in game can be done with a few simple navigation commands:
/buycraft Help page for BuyCraft /buy Shows the first page of available packages (we call them

/buy page [#] Navigate through pages of perks. /buy [ID] Generates a link to buying the perk with the specified ID. For example: /buy 1 will buy the [Fly] 1 day perk. Click

on the link to continue. /ec Turns chat back on. Use this after you are done buying perks.

Using the Website

Our website interface is the ideal interface for buying perks on the server. The shop is located at http://phlemcraft.buycraft.net. There, you can browse through packages. We are adding new packages all the time, so check in every couple days!

Problems / Suggestions
If you bought a perk but did not receive it, or received the wrong item/ perk, contact Greenphlem with your verification email and any applicable details. If you would like a perk to be added, please contact Deathgleaner or Greenphlem and provide a description of the perk.



I. II.

FAQs Rules the full list a. Consequences III. Warps popular destinations on Phlemcraft server IV. Commands V. Ranks VI. List of Donators


Phlemcraft guidebook

I: Frequently Asked Questions

/tp isnt working for me, why? You must use /tpa [username]. The user who you wish to TP to must ac-

cept your request prior to TP. How do I earn trusted rank? Its very similar to how youd earn trust in real life. Be respectful to other users, help out others, and dont break any rules. How do I donate to this server? There are two ways to donate: 1. 2. Through our official website (Phlemcraft.com) Through our webstore at phlemcraft.buycraft.net. This one will give you special perks in exchange for your generous donation.

How do I buy in-game perks? We have a plugin called BuyCraft. All in-game perks may be purchased through there. How do I post on the forums? You must sign up for an account on Phlemcraft.com. If you already have an Enjin account, just log in and click the join site button. Can you add [insert item here] to the shop? It depends. We intentionally leave items out of shops for a reason: either because theres limited space in the shop, the item is way too common (like dirt), or the item cannot be obtained legitimately in survival mode. If you believe that there is a strong reason for adding an item to the shop, feel free to contact a staff member. I cant build in the creative world! Our creative world is plot-based, which means you can only build on your own plot unless another user gives you permission to build on his/her plot. To claim your own plot, find an empty plot and type /plot claim. Who griefed my house? First of all, dont attempt to fix the grief yourself! Its like sensitive evidence in a crime scene that could yield clues to who the culprit is. Second, report it to the staff right away, via mail or through the forums.



How do you craft [insert item here]?

We recommend you check out minecraft-crafting.net for a quick list of recipes. Feel free also to ask a fellow Phlemknight. Why cant I buy/sell [insert item here] at the shop? If a message shows up saying: Sorry, the owner cannot afford to buy this item at the moment.: Check the price of the item by left-clicking its slab, and then check your money (type /money) . You may not have enough money to buy the item. If a message shows up saying: You are not carrying any matching items: This may be due to an error while an admin was setting up shop. Contact Deathgleaner and he will fix it ASAP. Can you ban this user for me? It depends. If you believe you have a valid reason for another user to be banned, please post it in the Ban Requests section of our forums. Why was I banned/Can I get unbanned? If you were permanently banned, the ban reason should show when you attempt to log-on to our server. If you were temporarily banned, it is most likely due to a minor rule violation. Contact a staff member if youre not sure why you were banned. As for an unban, it depends on the circumstances. If you believe you have a valid reason to be unbanned, please post it in the Ban Appeals section of our forums. Why is the server down/Why cant I connect? There are several things that may cause this, including:

ALL minecraft servers down > check xpaw.ru/mcstatus Clanforge, or its machines, are down. Server is full (has never happened before though) An administrator has turned off the server to do some maintenance.

If the server has been down for an extended period of time (3 days or more), please contact an administrator right away.


Phlemcraft guidebook

II: Full listing of rules

This list will be referred to when dealing with player-to-player conflicts or player-against-rule conflicts (e.g. Rule 1-a-iv.) 1. Do not grief or modify any building or structure without the permission of the owner of the building or structure A. Griefing is defined as the modification of a structure with intent to anger or irritate other players B. Griefing includes but is not limited to: i. Destroying all or part of the structure ii. Intentionally luring and making creepers blow up a structure or part of it iii. Flooding the structures with lava or water iv. Placing unwanted blocks inside the structure v. Modifying the terrain immediately surrounding the structure vi. Building offensive structures, such as penises, swastikas, etc. C. Griefing your own structures is highly discouraged. If you would like your personal structure to be removed, please ask a staff member. D. Report any griefing incidents as soon as possible, but do not fix the grief yourself. PvP with the intent to kill is prohibited. The only exceptions are if: A. The player gives you consent to PvP B. The player is continuously harassing or intimidating you. In this case, give the player a warning before killing. Do not flood the server chat. A. Flooding is defined as the sending of large amounts of unwanted messages to the server chat in a short time. Usually, more than 2 messages per second. B. Flooding includes, but is not limited to: i. Spamming the chat with messages ii. Spamming the chat with commands that produce messages, such as /afk and /me iii. Spamming the chat of another user or users with a private-messaging command (e.g. /msg) iv. Sending large amounts of teleport requests to another user or users C. If a user is flooding the chat, you may ignore them using the / ignore [player] command.






Insults will not be tolerated on this server. A. Insulting is defined as harassment, intimidation, or embarrassment directed toward a user or a group of users. B. Racist or sexist remarks will NOT be tolerated. The use of unauthorized mods or hacked clients is STRICTLY prohibited. A. Prohibited mods and client-side hacks include, but are not limited to: i. Fly hacks ii. Speed hacks iii. X-ray hacks or texture packs iv. No-clip (passing through blocks like thin air) v. Brightness hacks vi. Kill aura hacks vii. Mob/Player radar viii. Auto-clickers ix. Macros that spam the chat B. Mods that are allowed include: i. Mini-map mods, as long as they do not reveal the location of players, mobs, or precious ores ii. Optifine, for performance enhancements iii. Custom texture packs, as long as they are not for xraying iv. Mods that do not function in multiplayer (e.g. Single Player Commands) v. Macros, as long as they do not flood the chat (see Rule 3) vi. Mods that a staff member has allowed you to use No advertising of: A. Websites B. Products C. Minecraft servers Abusing any bugs in Minecraft, the server, or its plugins is strictly prohibited. A. Bugs are defined as unintentional errors in the game code B. Abuse of bugs is defined as knowingly using or manipulating a bug to ones own advantage. C. Report any bugs to a staff member right away. Do not beg for a higher rank. Ranks are earned. See next pages for consequences






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IIa: Consequences
A = 1st offence, B = 2nd offence, and so on. Consequences fall into five categories: I. Griefing, unauthorized mods or hacks, or abuse of bugs A. 1-day ban, or warn, depending on the severity of grief B. permanent ban II. Unwarranted PVP, insults A. warning. B. kick from server C. 1-day ban D. permanent ban III. Flooding server chat, advertising A. mute and warning B. 1-day ban C. permanent ban IV. Begging for rank A. Response from staff: no B. Kick from server C. 1-day temp ban D. Permanent ban V. Other* A. Warning/reminder of rules B. Temp-ban (1 hour1 week) C. Permanent ban Staff reserve the right to bypass punishments (e.g. banning on first offence of griefing.) This may be done if the offence is exceptionally grievous or if the offence is done in flagrant defiance of the rules. Staff may also modify the duration of punishments to account for minor offences. If you have been permanently banned from the server, you may appeal for an unban at our forums.

*general offences that do not fall into the above four categories



III: Warps
On Phlemcraft, you can access the most popular points of interest through warps. These warps are set by our server staff for easy access to points of interest in every world of the server. Note that there is a five-second delay when warping to any location. Do not move during this five-second delay or you will not warp.

Usage: /warp followed by the name of the warp.

AnvilMar the splendid village of AnvilMar creative takes you to the portal which takes you to the creative world creative_world takes you directly to the creative world donate information on donating to the server and ranks dungeon_1 Try your skills with this super hard dungeon. Lots of prizes! magic Takes you to the magic shop sell Sell your excess items shop The main in-game shop spleef Takes you to the spleef arena. Read more about spleef here tools Tool, weapon, and armor shop near spawn wool Wool, wool dyes, and wool products shop


Phlemcraft guidebook

IV: Command index

This is an alphabetized of all available commands, excluding staff-only commands. Note that some of these commands can only be accessed by certain ranks, which are indicated as follows: Trusted: Patron: Master: Elite: Ultimate: T P M E U

For a complete list of ranks, go to Appendix V.

Marks you as away from keyboard Returns to your previous location P /buycraft help command for BuyCraft /buy View first page of perks /buy page [#] Navigate through pages of perks /buy [ID] Generates a link to buy Package # ID. /ec Turns your chat on when you are done buying /clearinventory, /ci deletes your inventory, but keeps your armor /d {subtype} [mob/playername] Disguises you as an animal or a
/afk /back

player. See the command help for more info on usage. M /delhome {name} removes your home {name} /fly En/Disables your fly mode. Flying works like in creative. P /hat Puts the block which you are currently holding in your inventory on your head. T /heal Heals you and feeds you instantly. U /help {page} shows the help menu for all commands /helpop [message] sends a message to all online server staff /home {name}Takes you to your home (named {name}) /kit [kitname] gives you the items in [kitname]. NOTE that some kits are restricted to higher ranks. P /list returns a list of online players /lwc shows player commands for the LWC plugin.



/cdroptransfer Drop transferring command. See page 19

for details

/cinfo views information on any protection /cmodify Modifies a protection that you own. See page 20
for usage

/cpassword Locks a block with a password /cpersist Auto-repeats the last LWC command entered.
See page 20 for details

/cpublic Makes a block accessible to everyone but not destroyable

/lock, /cprivate Locks a block so that only you can access /unlock, /cunlock Removes all protections from a block
that you own

/mail Manages inter-player, intra-server mail:

/mail clear Deletes all messages in your mailbox /mail read Displays all unread messages in your mailbox /mail send [user] [info] sends a mail to [user]. Can
be used while [user] is offline.

/mcmmo shows McMMO information and credits

/[SKILLNAME] views detailed information about a McMMO


/accept accepts a party invite /mcability toggles the use of right-click ability activation /mcstats shows your McMMO stats and levels /mctop [skill] {page} shows top overall McMMO levels in [skill]

/mctop {page} shows top overall McMMO levels

/me [action] Describes an [action] in 3rd person /money, /balance checks how much cash you have on the server /msg [player] [info] sends a private message to [player] /nick [nickname] Changes your display name on the server. P /party help for the McMMO party command

/invite [player] invites [player] to your party /p q leaves the current party /p toggles between server and party-only chat


Phlemcraft guidebook

/party [party-name] {password} Joins [party-name]

(with {password}, if required)

/ptp [player] instantly teleports you to [player] (in party


/pay [player] [amount] Pays the player from your own balance /ping lag test (server will say Pong!) /r [info] replies to the last player who messaged you /rules {page} Views the server rules /sethome {name} Sets your current position as your home with optional {name} . Overwrites your existing home if {name} is not specified and if you have not used /sethome before. /suicide kills yourself /timeismoney checks how long youve been logged on to the server. /tpa [player] Requests a teleport to [player].

/tpaccept Accepts an incoming teleport request /tpdeny Denies an incoming teleport request
/u Undisguises you if you are disguised. U /warp [name] Takes you to warp [name]



V: List of ranks
Ranks on Phlemcraft determine the privileges that a user has. Squire: The default rank where all Phlemknights start out. Trusted: Earned after playing regularly on the server and earning trust among the community. Builder: Has creative mode and WorldEdit in the creative world. Donor ranks: These ranks can be earned through a monetary contribution to Phlemcraft.

Patron: $5-19 USD donation. You will receive Iron kit, 1 protected home, /hat, $100,000 in-game cash (IGC) Elite: $20-34 USD donation. You will receive Diamond tools kit, /fly, /heal, 2 protected homes, $500,000 IGC Ultimate: $35-49 USD donation. You will receive Diamond tools kit, Diamond armor kit, /fly, /heal, 3 protected homes, $750,000 IGC Master: $50+ USD donation. You will receive Diamond tools kit, Diamond armor kit, /fly, /heal, /d, 5 protected homes, $1,000,000 IGC

Staff ranks: These special are given to only the most dedicated and qualified Phlemknights.

Mod: Manages disputes between users, acts as judge when question about rules comes up. Keeps the server clean of griefers and troublemakers. Admin: All of the above, PLUS management of select plugins; staff administration. Operator: has access to all commands. Earned separately from other ranks, denoted by a salmon-colored name. Queen: Reserved for Greenphlems special friend. May change depending on time Owner: The one and only Greenphlem. Has power over all!


Phlemcraft guidebook

VI: Phlemcraft Patrons

We greatly value the contributions that each of these fine Phlemknights has made to our server. With their generous contributions, we have been able to keep the server running smoothly, and provide a great crafting experience for all. Master ($50 or more) vangradomor $55 minegurl711 $50 Ultimate ($35-$49) Poggalicious $35 Elite ($20-$34) Treestump137 $20 BadSuzy $20 Donor ($5-$19) Clockworkalex666 $15 yomamadud77 $5 DGregster $5 To find out how to contribute to Phlemcraft, visit page 10.



Image credits: Title page: GP logo by Greenphlem pp. i, 3, 5, 17, 27, 40, 43: Screenshots of Phlemcraft by Greenphlem pp. 12, 13, 14, 24: Screenshots of Phlemcraft by Deathgleaner p. 28: mumble.sourceforge.net p. 29: de.lostpedia.wikia.com Back cover: www.aadl.org/


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