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FUNCTIONS OF PCI IN THE HOSPITAL SETTING Demonstrates and teaches patient care in classroom and clinical units to nursing

students and instructs students in principles and application of physical, biological, and psychological subjects related to nursing: Lectures to students, conducts and supervises laboratory work, issues assignments, and directs seminars and panels. 2) Supervises student nurses and demonstrates patient care in clinical units of hospital. 3) Prepares and administers examinations, evaluates student progress, and maintains records of student classroom and clinical experience. 4) Participates in planning curriculum, teaching schedule, and course outline. 5) Cooperates with medical and nursing personnel in evaluating and improving teaching and nursing practices. 6) May specialize in specific subject, such as anatomy, chemistry, psychology, or nutrition, or in type of nursing activity, such as nursing of medical or surgical patients. 7) May conduct classes for patients in health practices and procedures.

Preceptor Responsibilities Identify a variety of population-based learning opportunities for the students clinical experience with agency administration, student(s), and faculty Collaborate with faculty in selection of specific educational experiences and the amount and type of supervision to be provided by faculty Assure ongoing communication with agency administration, faculty and student Provide orientation to facility and equipment to student and faculty Be available to student as determined, and contact student if unable to make a scheduled meeting Assist student in developing knowledge and skills for population-based practice Act as agency and community resource for the faculty Model professional practice Provide feedback regarding students progress, identify problems, and suggest

ways to resolve issues Evaluate the preceptor experience with the student and faculty member

For me, Practicing Clinical Instructors (PCI's) are just students. They aren't really clinical instructors. They are still learning to be one. They should admit that they aren't fit enough to be called a nurse yet because they still are student nurses. But it really annoys me when some PCI's think that they are far more superior than us and that they are equals with our clinical instructor. But I beg to differ. They still have a lot to learn before they can be a CI. There are PCI's thought that are very approachable and respectful. They treat us as equals rather than subordinates and they never say side comments that are not only useless but degrading too.

Definition of a Head Nurse A head nurse is the one who assumes responsibility for managing the Human and material resources of a nursing unit and takes lead in developing to provide quality patient care and an environment conductive to staff growth and satisfaction.

General Objectives: Student nurse will be able to develop their potentials of being efficient and productive Leaders by nurturing and enhancing their leadership skills by providing training in management in team handling. And be able to familiarize with the different nurse responsibility.

Specific Objective: As a student head nurses they will be able to: Apply principles on head nursing and provide nursing standards and policies, and procedures regarding patients care to guide the subordinates. Promotes and utilize quality assurance of the program standards. Motivate the nursing staff to provide quality nursing care and improvement in nursing care. Manage the flow of activities by implementation of the nursing plan based on the nursing care. Develop a skill in decision-making and other qualities of an efficient head nurse. Coordinate and communicate with the other members of the health team inproviding patient care. Document accurately the observation of the services rendered to the patient. Supervises and evaluate the quality of patient care provided by the staff by observing them through frequent rounds guided by the evaluation check list.

Subordinates: Student staff nurses

Responsibilities of a Head Nurse Assumes the responsibility for the delivery of quality patient care to patients within the unit. 1. Provide nursing standards and policies regarding patient care to guide the staff nurses 2. They have the responsibility of orienting and updating the staff of the systems and standard of patient care. 3. Responsible for the implementation of the health care programs, and standards of patient care. 4. Assumes the role of patient advocate. 5. Assumes the role of staff members advocate. 6. Acts as liaison with the medical staff to coordinate medical and nursing management of patient care. 7. Serves as resource person to nursing personnel under him in assessing, planning, implementation and evaluating nursing care provided

OBJECTIVES: Head Nurse General Objective: As a student nurse, she will be able to acquire knowledge and atthe same time practice her own leadership and management skills, and understand thoroughly the importance of being systemically in rendering nursing care the patients. Specific Objectives: As a student head nurse, she will be able to: 1. Learned and identify the concept of management and leadership 2. Application of Nursing principle as a basis in managing her subordinate 3. Appreciation and evaluation on the work of his/her subordinate through the use of performance checklist. Subordinates General Objective: As a nursing student, he/she will show a better knowledge, skills and attitude in rendering their task while working with their fellow students and able to acknowledge the value of having a director. Specific Objectives: 1. Be able to know the proper collection of data and using of nursing process, in assessing the problem of patient and the cause of his disease. 2. Possessing an attitude of being objective and work with their co-student in Camaraderie. 3. Be able to impact useful health teaching to client specific disease to they can apply it in their respective lives.